Big Brother 4 - The X Factor

Luxury Competition - “Shiny Heinie” (Episode 2)

In order to win usage of the hot tub, the houseguests will have to fill the plastic box with enough slime to tip the scale and reveal the key to the hot tub.

The houseguests cannot remove the slime from their own bodies. It must be done by their fellow houseguests.

The houseguests successfully filled the box with enough slime to earn the key to the hot tub.

Luxury Competition - “Spin-O-Matic” (Episode 10)

Each houseguest will fill their champagne glass and will be required to spin in the chair for 30 seconds. When it has completely stopped, the houseguests will have to carry their tray with the champagne glass still standing and place it on the podium. They will then have to ring the bell. The houseguest with the fastest time will win a gourmet dinner for two.

Results: Alison 11.40 seconds, Erika 14.81 seconds, Dana 16.25 seconds, Robert 21.03 seconds, Jee 27.50 seconds, David DQ, Jack DQ, Jun DQ, Justin DQ, Nathan DQ.

Alison won the competition and chose to take Nathan to dinner with her.

Luxury Competition - “Foam Party” (Episode 16)

Each of the houseguests has a letter hidden inside of a patch in their bathing suits. The houseguests must create a word using those letters. Each houseguest must remove their bathing suit and hang it on the clothesline to help spell out the word. If the houseguests complete the task in less than five minutes, the word will be their luxury.

The houseguests successfully spelled “laundry” in less than five minutes. As a result, the houseguests were rewarded with a fluff and fold service.

Luxury Competition - “Attack Of The Gnomes” (Episode 22)

Gnomes were placed throughout the backyard. A few of the gnomes have hidden gold tickets. The houseguests must smash the gnomes to pieces to find them. However, some of the gnomes contain black tickets which will eliminate you from the competition. The first houseguest to find three gold tickets and buzz in will win the competition. The winner of the competition will get one McDonald’s meal per day with the houseguest of their choice.

Jee won the competition and will be able to have the McDonald’s meals with a houseguest of his choice.

Luxury Competition - “Fashion Fire Pit” (Episode 22)

Each houseguest had to sacrifice an item of clothing at the suggestion of the others. Should everyone participate, they will receive a special reward.

Seeing as everyone participated, the houseguests were given a 90 second shopping spree at the Big Brother Boutique. Whatever they could put on before time ran out would be theirs to keep.

Luxury Competition - “Escape From Big Brother” (Episode 28)

The houseguests have been locked up inside of the Big Brother house for 64 days. As prisoners, they must run the course to escape the walls. The houseguests must attach a ball and chain to their ankle, then make their way through the obstacle course. The two houseguests to do so in the fastest amount of time will be rewarded with a ride over Los Angeles in the Goodyear Blimp.

Results: Alison 1:02, Jun 1:20, Robert 1:58, Erika 2:49.

Alison and Jun won the competition and will be taking a blimp ride over Los Angeles.

Luxury Competition (Episode 30)

The houseguests found a box in the backyard. Inside of it was a mime. The mime eventually revealed a key that opened up the previously locked up bedroom. Once inside, the houseguests were told that two of them will win a private screening of “Runaway Jury”. The winner of the competition and their guest will also walk the red carpet in October at the film’s Hollywood premiere.

Each of the houseguests has a supply of velcro balls with their own colour. The first houseguest to hit the mime three times and have the velcro balls stick to him will win the competition.

Robert won the competition. Robert chose to bring Alison along with him.