Host - Julie Chen
Adria Klein
Diane Henry
Drew Daniel
Jase Wirey
Karen Ganci
Lori Valenti
Marvin Latimer
Michael "Cowboy" Ellis
Mike Lubinski
Nakomis Dedmon
Natalie Carroll
Scott Long
Will Wikle


Big Brother 5

Luxury Competition - “Margarita Madness” (Episode 2)

In order to win, the houseguests must correctly prepare the Big Brother Margarita, fill the glass to the red line and find the key within 10 minutes. There are six steps to making the drink.

Step 1: Salt the rim of the glass - Holly, Karen and Lori.
Step 2: Get the ice from the bucket in to the glass - Marvin and Mike.
Step 3: Tequila station, filling the jugs and empty them in to the glass - Drew and Scott.
Step 4 and 5: Sugar and margarita mix stations - Adria, Diane, Nakomis and Will.
Step 6: Adding lime - Cowboy.

If successful, the houseguests will win a margarita party, food and access to the hot tub.

The houseguests successfully completed the competition.

Luxury Competition - “Admit One” (Episode 18)

The teams must complete three tasks. Two members of each team must piece together their red carpet puzzle. Once the red carpet is complete, the third team member will run down the carpet and search through the bowl of M&M’s to find the special golden M&M. The houseguests must then all be seated. The first team to successfully complete the tasks will win the private screening of “Without A Paddle”.

Teams: Adria, Nakomis and Natalie, Cowboy, Karen and Marvin, and Diane, Drew and Will.

Diane, Drew and Will won the competition and earned the chance to watch the private screening of “Without A Paddle”.

Luxury Competition - “The Web” (Episode 21)

One at a time the houseguests must entered the web and grab one ball with a letter on it. Once they are done, the letters must be unscrambled to make up a word. If they are successful, will reward the houseguests with a shopping spree. If they accomplish the task in three minutes or less, they can choose 18 items from For every 30 seconds that they go over, they will lose an item from the shopping spree. The person with the quickest individual time through the web will get a $1,000 Amazon gift certificate.

The houseguests retrieved the balls and unscrambled the word “internet” in a time of 5:03, earning them 14 items from

The winner of the $1,000 shopping spree was Diane with a time of 16 seconds.

America’s Choice (Episode 22)

The viewers were given the opportunity to reward one of the houseguests with a walk-on role on “The Young & The Restless”. They chose Marvin.

America’s Choice (Episode 23)

The viewers were given the opportunity to reward one of the houseguests with a phone call from home. They chose Cowboy.

Luxury Competition - “Trashin The Fashion” (Episode 28)

One at a time, the houseguests will grab one item of clothing from each houseguest’s rack. They will then hang the clothes next to the Wheel of Destruction.

For each article you will spin the wheel to determine its fate. The wheel has four methods of obliteration: Deep Fried Duds, Sling Shirt, Tarred & Tailored, and Flaming Fashion. If the wheel lands on houseguests’s, choice, you must choose the method of obliteration. The houseguests will earn 10 seconds towards a shopping spree for each item that is destroyed.

The houseguests earned a 2 minute shopping spree. They were offered an extra 15 seconds per person if they would destroy the clothes off their backs. Cowboy, Diane and Drew agreed, earning the houseguests another 45 seconds towards their shopping spree.