April Lewis Big Brother 6
April Lewis
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Ashlea Evans
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Beau Beasley
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Eric Littmann
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Howie Gordon
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Ivette Corredero
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James Rhine
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Janelle Pierzina
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Jennifer Vasquez
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Kaysar Ridha
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Maggie Ausburn
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Michael Donnellan
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Rachel Plencner
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Sarah Hrejsa


Big Brother 6

The Gold Room

Rachel was given the remote to the spy screen in the HoH room. She then found out about a hidden gold room. The camera zoomed in on some books in the gold room. Rachel eventually looked at the books that were in her HoH room, finding a clue inside of one of them.

Rachel was congratulated on finding the first clue to the secret room. She was told that she could keep the information to herself or share it with others.

The clue read “North, South, East, West. Without a sense of direction, you can’t complete your first quest.”

Rachel eventually determined that the compass in the living room was what she needed to find. The clue was written backwards on the inside of the compass.

The clue read as follows:

West - Southwest from the subway doors. Forward ten steps and it will soon be yours. Go Southeast ten steps more, will lead you through the secret door.

Rachel eventually found the gold room.

Luxury Competition - “Big Brother Cineplex”

Quarters were hidden around the house. They were used in the gum ball machine. Six houseguests got movie passes from the gum ball machine. Those six houseguests were Sarah, Beau, Maggie, Ivette, Jennifer and Rachel. They will compete in a luxury competition. Three of them will get to see a screening of the movie “Four Brothers”.

Blue Team: Jennifer, Rachel and Sarah.
Red Team: Beau, Ivette and Maggie.

Each team had a marquee board. They needed to gather light bulbs from one side of the yard and screw them in to the marquee board. The object of the game is to have the entire hidden message light up. Once you think that you have the entire message lit up, you must run to the switch as a team and turn it on. The first team to have it lit up with the full message will get to enjoy the movie.

The blue team won the competition.

America's Choice (Episode 27)

America voted for Janelle to get a trip out of the house to visit the set of "Two And A Half Men" in order to meet the cast and attend a taping.