Host - Julie Chen
Adam Jasinski
Alex Coladonato
Allison Nichols
Amanda Hansen
Chelsia Hart
Jacob Heald
James Zinkand
Jen Diturno
Joshuah Welch
Matt McDonald
Natalie Cunial
Neil Garcia
Parker Somerville
Ryan Quicksall
Sharon Obermueller
Sheila Kennedy

Big Brother 9

Luxury Competition - “Big Brother Blackjack” (Episode 18)

In each round the houseguests will be dealt a series of cards. Each card will have a houseguest’s face and a number. Be the first to ring in and name the houseguests whose cards add to 21. If you are right you will earn a Big Brother chip. If you are incorrect you will be eliminated from the competition. The first houseguest to get four chips will win the competition and will receive four movie passes for them and three of their fellow houseguests to watch a private screening of “21’.

Round 1: Ryan earned his first chip.
Round 2: James was eliminated from the competition. Adam earned his first chip.
Round 3: Sheila was eliminated from the competition. Ryan earned his second chip.
Round 4: Joshuah was eliminated from the competition. Natalie earned her first chip.
Round 5: Ryan earned his third chip.
Round 6: Ryan earned his fourth chip.

Ryan won the competition. Ryan chose to bring Adam, James and Natalie along with him to the screening of “21”.

Adam then informed Ryan that Big Brother is raising the stakes and is offering Ryan the opportunity to win a prize package worth over $21,000. Adam said that it is a VIP trip for two to Planet Hollywood resort in Las Vegas, including a three night stay in the high roller suite seen in the movie.

To play for the prize, Ryan would have to risk the special screening of “21” that he just won. Ryan would have to play one hand of blackjack. If he loses, the movie passes would go to the four houseguests that Ryan did not choose.

Ryan decided to risk the movie screening for a shot at the $21,000 prize package.
Ryan stayed on 18. The dealer got 19, meaning that Ryan lost and will not get to attend the movie screening.
Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon and Sheila will attend the screening of “21”.

“21” Screening (Episode 19)

Adam instructed the four houseguests attending the screening to grab a bucket of popcorn. He then revealed that one of those four houseguests would win the trip to Las Vegas that Ryan lost the other day. He said that one of the buckets of popcorn contains a golden ticket.

Chelsia won the VIP trip for two to the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Luxury Competition - “What Happens In Vegas” (Episode 30)

The winning team will not only win a special screening of “What Happens In Vegas”, they will also win a trip to the red carpet premiere of the film in Los Angeles on May 1. The winning houseguests will meet the cast of the film at the after party. The houseguests must travel back and forth from Las Vegas to New York, transferring bottles with rings in them. Once in New York, break the bottle over your partner’s head to find rings inside.

Every bottle will have rings in them but not every bottle will contain a dice ring. If the ring you find is a dice ring, place it on one of the squares on the board. Once all nine squares are filled, the wheel will be spun. The winner of the competition will be the team that has a ring on the square that the wheel lands on. The losing couple will be chained together for 24 hours.

Blue Team: Ryan and Sharon.
Red Team: Adam and Sheila.

Dice Rings: Blue Team 6, Red Team 3.

The Blue Team won the competition.