Big Brother 19 Day 11

July 1, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Matt told Cody he might actually be right that Alex would put Josh up if she wins HoH. Cody said only Dominique and Mark know this, but he is going to start making deals. Cody let Matt know that he plans to make deals with Alex and Jason in case they win HoH next week. Cody wants to protect the couples and Dominique. Matt told Cody to do his thing. He said he doesn’t need to know what’s going on unless Cody wants him to know. Cody ended the talk by saying a lot of people are not going to understand his next move.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jillian told Alex that she may end up being targeted for being her friend if people really don’t like Alex that much. Alex said she is thinking about using the veto on Jillian, since she would rather her come down and Jason not go up. Alex suggested that she would continue to be targeted if she stays. Jillian was less pessimistic and thought that she may be able to get the votes if she remains nominated. Alex thought it would be 50/50 whether or not Jillian would have the votes over Jason. Jillian thinks that Jason would be targeted over her since he is stronger in competitions. Alex thinks the girls will want to keep a guy around. Cody stopped by and told Alex that they will make an awesome deal before the veto ceremony. Cody explained to the girls that he is loyal to Alex and he will protect her interests. Cody said he plans to do so until jury as long as Alex will offer that same protection in return for both he and his allies. Alex made it clear that she will use the veto on Jillian if Cody is going to nominate Jason. After the talk, Alex and Jillian wondered if Cody is planning on nominating Dominique. Alex mentioned that Cody thinks there is some loyalty between them even though she would likely nominate him next to Jessica after he blindsided her. Alex pointed out that Cody doesn’t want her to win since he said he would only protect her until jury. Cody quickly checked in with Ramses who said he feels good about Cody, Jessica, Matt and Raven. Cody said he is willing to keep Ramses off of the block as long as he is open to protecting the people he says next week if he were to win HoH. Ramses agreed. Cody then spoke to Alex and Jillian again. He told the girls to enjoy the week. Cody refused to say what move he plans to make, though he insisted that it will all make sense. Alex asked if Cody is going to nominate Jason. Cody replied with “it will all make sense”. Cody promised to tell Alex the plan beforehand, though he did not want to reveal anything until the last minute. Alex was left thinking that Jason is Cody’s target.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jessica let Paul know that Cody said he has a plan and to trust him. Paul questioned if Cody would nominate someone on their side. Jessica said she doesn’t think so, but she has no idea what he is going to do. Paul said he will probably talk to Cody. Jessica said she doesn’t think that Cody wants to talk, so don’t push him. Jessica said she will be floored if Cody nominates one of them. Paul figures it would make no sense to do that when they would all just vote Jillian out anyway. Jessica brought up that Alex is contemplating using the veto on Jillian. Paul couldn’t believe it. He said they could always try to convince Alex to do that and then vote her out. While Jessica said Cody would not be on board with that, Paul said it doesn’t matter since the HoH doesn’t vote. Paul then spoke to Dominique. He mentioned Jessica saying that Cody shut down and is not saying anything. Dominique confirmed that. Paul asked Dominique if she is leaning more towards Jason or towards Ramses for the replacement nominee. Dominique said she spoke to Ramses but could not get any information out of him. Both agreed that Ramses does have information even though he wont share it. Dominique said she thought it was a sure thing that Jason was going up, but she doesn’t know if Cody is on board with that. Paul said he will go to Cody and lay out the information he has in order to help Cody weigh out his options.

3:00-4:00 PM: Paul asked Jason if he has spoken to Cody yet. Jason said no. Both said they have no idea what Cody is going to do. Paul said he feels as though he is on the outs of everything because he is the only returnee. Jason guaranteed that Paul is not on the outs. Jason said he plans to talk to Cody just prior to the veto ceremony because he is going to change his mind about his replacement nominee. Up in the HoH room, Christmas asked Jillian how Alex is doing. Jillian said she is good. However, Jillian said she is concerned that she will be targeted due to her association with Alex. Both agreed that it would not be fair for that to happen. Christmas talked about not having much of a game relationship with Alex. Jillian assured her that Alex is not targeting her.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jillian and Alex discussed that they cannot go after Josh yet if they happen to win HoH. They agreed that they need his vote. Alex asked Jillian who she would nominate. Jillian said she would nominate Cody and Jessica since they are coming after the two of them. Jillian thinks Cody will be okay if Jessica leaves. Alex said if the others are going to make this about showmances against the singles, she is going to split all of the showmances up to make them singles as well. Jillian suggested nominating one of Jessica’s friends next to her if Cody wins the veto. She mentioned Elena or Raven as possibilities. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Cody, Jessica, Matt and Raven that he bets Alex, Josh and Ramses have the temptation and the curse. Paul said it’s possible that even though they have more fans on their side, the votes were split and someone else got the temptation. When Cody left the room, Paul asked the group if they are thinking it is best to nominate Jason. Matt and Raven said yes. Paul asked if he should talk to Cody about the nomination. Elena recommended not doing it. Matt said Cody has to understand that he is only HoH for this week. Matt expects that Cody will want to have influence over other people’s HoHs even though he wont take input from anyone else during his reign. Elena reiterated that backdooring Alex will be the best plan for next week.

5:00-6:00 PM: Jason briefly spoke to Kevin about their place in the house. Kevin assured Jason that he would not vote against him if he goes on the block. Jason asked if the others talked to Kevin about going out before jury. Kevin said no and told Jason that he is winning this thing. Both said they haven’t even started to play yet. Elsewhere, Josh spoke to Dominique in hope of building his relationship with her. Dominique asked Josh what he learned from Day 1. After Josh gave some answers that Dominique wasn’t looking for, they discussed that he lost his temper and it led to him becoming a target. Dominique said you become a threat when you cannot control your emotions.

7:00-8:00 PM: Alex and Jillian vented about Josh. Back when people did not want Josh up in the HoH room, Jillian let him know how they were speaking poorly about him. Jillian said Dominique then brought up in front of a group that whoever told Josh that should talk to her. This led her to believe that Josh mentioned her specifically and now Dominique will think that she is after her. The girls went back and forth on whether or not to confront Josh. They ultimately decided to see if Ramses could get anything out of Dominique in order to see where her head is at with regards to the situation.

8:00-9:00 PM: Dominique and Mark spoke over a game of chess. Dominique mentioned that the outsiders are clearly upset about the couples. She talked about Kevin saying it’s unfair that women can smile and be carried to the top. Mark said he has nothing in common with Elena. He admitted he isn’t sure if he is playing her or if she is playing him. Dominique said it’s really bad if he cannot tell if she is playing him. Mark said Elena brings up going to the Final 2 or Final 4 together but he doesn’t say anything back to her. He added that he doesn’t really talk game with her. Dominique suggested that he try to talk game with Elena and bait her in order to see if she is playing him. Mark thought that would be a good idea. In the HoH room, Cody told Jessica he believes he can get Alex not to target them. Jessica acknowledged that Alex has calmed down over the past couple of days. Jessica explained that she didn’t have an issue with Alex until she wouldn’t stop gloating when she finished second to Cody in a competition. Jessica said she gained some respect for Alex when she didn’t go flaunting around that she won the veto competition. Mark, Matt and Paul discussed that it is best to go after Jason this week. Paul continued to mention Ramses as the alternative. They discussed that it is weird how Ramses does not talk game with any of them, given that he has to be talking game withs someone.

9:00-10:00 PM: Matt asked Jessica if Cody genuinely wants to work with Alex. Jessica confirmed that he does. Matt said he loves Cody to death but he cannot rationalize that move. Paul said Alex will turn around and shoot Cody in the face. Matt agreed and said he wouldn’t put it past her to nominate Cody next to Jessica. Jessica said she has already told Cody this. Paul said Alex is a loose cannon and they cannot trust her not to turn around and shoot at them even if they bring her in to work with them. Jessica said she and Cody have separate games and Cody knows that she has no problem with nominating Alex should she win HoH. Elena joined the group and said she is on board with backdooring Alex next week as well. Matt mentioned that Cody is not going to tell them who he is nominating tomorrow. Paul said he isn’t concerned as long as it is between Jason and Ramses. Outside the HoH room, Jillian asked Christmas if she has any idea who Cody will be nominating. Christmas said Cody doesn’t tell anyone anything. Jillian then asked if she is a threat to anyone. Christmas said no. Jillian hopes that people will not vote her out over a bigger threat just because she is Alex’s friend.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jason asked Alex if she would vote Paul out if he goes up. Alex said yeah. She then asked if Jason was told that Paul is going on the block. Jason said no but his gut is telling him that Paul will be the replacement nominee. Alex agreed. Jason asked if they should keep Paul in the game. Alex said Paul is good for them. However, she said it would be a tough call if he goes up next to Jillian. Jason suggested that she think it over. Jason said he has a plan to talk to Cody in the morning because he has a trick up his sleeve. Moving forward, Alex said she is going to go after the couples even though she has been telling people that she will target Josh. Jason agreed but said it’s best to keep that under wraps for now.

11:00-12:00 AM: Dominique held a talk show. She interviewed Kevin first, followed by Mark. During Mark’s interview, Christmas asked a question. She said she is really curious about Mark and is the showmance a showmance or a romance with Elena. Seconds later, Elena opened the door and entered the room. 12 of the houseguests were in the room at the time. Christmas again asked her question. Dominique said it’s a great question. Mark said yes it is. He attempted to avoid answering the question. Matt then asked if this would be happening between Mark and Elena if they were outside of the Big Brother house. Mark again did not answer the question. Mark was once again asked if it’s a showmance or a romance. Mark said he hopes it could be a true romance.

12:00-1:00 AM: Mark headed to the HoH room to tell Cody that people don’t like the couples. Cody said he knows how to protect the couples. Dominique joined them. Cody said he will be making deals for Dominique and the couples tomorrow, right before the veto ceremony. Dominique and Mark headed to the chess board to talk further. They discussed that they have no idea what Cody is going to do tomorrow. Both agreed that Cody seems to be contemplating doing something that the group will not necessarily agree with. Mark revealed that Christmas really pissed him off with the question she asked. He was also upset about the question that Matt asked. Dominique asked Mark if he saw how Elena looked at her. Mark confirmed that he did. Dominique said it’s going to become a problem. She believes that Elena and Jessica are going to target her together when the time comes, because they do not like the relationship that she has with Mark and Cody. Mark said he completely trusts Dominique with everything. Dominique said she gave Cody and Mark her word. They agreed that the nine is not going to last much longer. Mark vented about Christmas being fake. Dominique then said she is going to check Mark, considering how he is treating Elena. Mark said he doesn’t know what he is doing with Elena. He admitted he likes her as a person but does not know how they would work together as a couple. Mark said he is trying to get to know Elena but she has guards up. Dominique said the way Elena looked at her shows that she likes Mark.

1:00-2:00 AM: Mark spoke to Paul about the questions he was asked during the talk show. Mark was hesitant to say who he was upset with at first, though he eventually said it was Christmas and Matt. Mark said Christmas should have come to him personally if she is concerned he is in it with Elena for the wrong reasons. Paul said his personal advice is not to get in a showmance. Paul said it will ruin your game. Mark said he knows that. Mark said he would like to remain on the same side as Paul once they get to jury. Paul said there are only so many people he can trust. He mentioned Kevin as someone he trusts. Paul told Mark he is willing to connect the bridge between Kevin and Mark when the time comes. For now, Paul said they cannot talk about this conversation again. Paul explained that their handshake is good enough and he does not need constant reassurance that he and Mark are still good with each other. Mark headed outside. Christmas and Elena were there. Christmas asked Mark if he had a good time on the show today. He said it was fun. Mark mentioned people wanted to know. Elena asked what they wanted to know. Mark said how he feels about her. Christmas said she wanted to know. Mark said Matt wanted to as well. Elena said Mark’s response was very vague. Mark said it’s because there were a lot of people in there.

2:00-3:00 AM: Before going to bed, Paul attempted to get some information out of Cody with regards to the replacement nominee. He got nothing. Jessica asked Cody if he views Christmas and Paul as the expendables in their group. Cody said those are the two creating the fear and distrust in their group. Jessica said she gets it and she understands but she feels a loyalty towards Paul since he gave her the friendship bracelet. Jessica said you could say Paul is her Alex. Cody assured her that he will be making deals tomorrow to keep them safe.

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