Big Brother 19 Daily Recaps


Day 60

Mark gets picked to play in the veto competition

Day 59

Christmas wins HoH, nominates Jason and Matt

Day 58

Cody and Elena are evicted in the double eviction

Day 57

The target on Kevin's back continues to grow

Day 56

Paul tells Alex and Jason that Kevin won the $25,000

Day 55

Cody is the replacement nomineee

Day 54

Cody speaks to Alex about saving him

Day 53

Matt wins PoV; Alex is frustrated with Elena

Day 52

Mark wins safety; three are nominated

Day 51

Jessica is evicted; Alex wins HoH

Day 50

Mark speaks to Jason about the need to get Paul out

Day 49

A fight breaks out between Cody, Jess and Josh

Day 48

Mark uses the PoV on himself; Raven is nominated

Day 47

Kevin speaks to Cody about working together

Day 46

Christmas uses her temptation; Mark wins PoV

Day 45

Elena, Mark and Jessica are nominated

Day 44

After the Halting Hex was used, Josh won HoH

Day 43

The houseguests practice for the HoH competition

Day 42

Things calm after an explosive day yesterday

Day 41

The houseguests attempt to make Cody crack

Day 40

Paul speaks to Jessica about not using the Hex

Day 39

Paul wins the PoV, doesn't plan to use it

Day 38

Cody, Jessica and Jason are nominated

Day 37

Ramses is evicted; Paul wins HoH

Day 36

Kevin warns Jessica that the vote may flip

Day 35

Votes and plans for next week are discussed

Day 34

Jessica decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 33

Jessica considers using the Power of Veto

Day 32

Jessica wins the PoV, plans to leave noms the same

Day 31

Jessica wins HoH, nominates Josh and Ramses

Day 30

Jessica receives the Halting Hex; Dom is evicted

Day 29

The houseguests enter the Den of Temptation

Day 28

A quiet day in the Big Brother house

Day 27

Jason decides not to use the Power of Veto

Day 26

The plan for the veto ceremony is settled on

Day 25

Dominique and Paul go head to head

Day 24

Dom and Jessica are nominated; Jason wins PoV

Day 23

Cody is evicted 7-3-0; Alex wins HoH

Day 22

Dominique's talk show leads to some drama

Day 21

Cody tells Jessica he regrets how he handled his HoH

Day 20

Paul uses the PoV on Josh, nominates Cody

Day 19

Plans for next week are discussed

Day 18

Paul wins the Power of Veto, plans to target Cody

Day 17

Christmas gets tempted; nominations take place

Day 16

Jillian gets blindsided; Paul wins HoH

Day 15

Both sides believe that they have the votes

Day 14

Josh reveals how he plans to vote this week

Day 13

Christmas gets injured; Cody and Jessica lose allies

Day 12

Cody nominates Paul then Christmas

Day 11

Cody discusses his plan for the replacement nom

Day 10

Paul receives 3 weeks safety; Alex wins the PoV

Day 9

Megan self evicts; Alex is nominated