Big Brother 19 Day 12 - Cody attempts to nominate Paul, then nominates Christmas

July 2, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Jessica told Mark she thinks that Cody is focused on the long game, past getting them all to jury. She said she trusts him. Mark said he completely trusts Cody as well. Jessica said she feels better about things now than she did yesterday. Jessica hopes that Jason is put on the block. She mentioned that she loves Paul and does not want to see him go anywhere. Mark agreed and said he is so glad that Jessica said that.

10:00-11:00 AM: Alex told Jason it has got to be Paul who Cody is planning on nominating. Kevin joined them. Jason asked who Kevin thinks is going on the block. Kevin said it wont be someone from Cody’s clique. Alex said she doesn’t think it will be Jason anymore, so it may be someone from Cody’s clique. Shortly thereafter, Cody spoke to Jason. Jason said he doesn’t want to have to share his information if Cody is not sticking him on the block. However, he said he would also like to see if they are on the same page. Both agreed that Jason will leave if he goes on the block. Cody said Alex and Jason are the closest to having the same personality as him in the house. Cody said it sucks that they are on opposite sides. Cody let Jason know that people expect him to put him on the block, but he wants to protect him. Cody made it clear that he wants to protect Alex as well. In return, Cody asked that Jason not put up Dominique or the three couples if he wins HoH next week. Jason said that’s a bad move for him. Cody said he cannot protect Jason if he doesn’t agree to that. Jason questioned why he needs Dominique. Cody said Dominique is closer to him than anybody realizes. Cody pointed out that he didn’t mention Christmas, Paul or Ramses. Jason said he would go after Christmas then. Cody offered to be a pawn next to Christmas in order to ensure that she leaves. Cody said they only have to protect 11 people in order to get to jury. Cody said seven are his inner circle, then there is Alex, Jason and whoever they want to protect for the final two spots. Jason and Cody agreed that they would like to keep Kevin around as well. Cody then spoke to Alex and gave her a similar speech. Cody said he knows how to keep Jillian safe this week. Cody told both Alex and Jason that he is going to take one of his own numbers out this week. When Alex heard about Cody’s protection list, she told Cody that he needs to trim that list down since she is only asking to protect two people. Cody reiterated that someone from his side is going this week. He said this person really wants Alex out and it bothers him. Afterwards, Alex went to Jillian and said that the other side wants Paul out. She also mentioned that it could be Ramses. Jillian wasn’t so sure that Cody was being truthful with Alex about wanting to keep her. Alex said Cody spoke to Jason about the same thing as well. Moving forward, Alex said Cody is trying to protect too many people and they should still go for Dominique if nothing else.

12:00-1:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto ceremony. Alex used the Power of Veto on herself. Cody nominated Paul as the replacement nominee. Paul has three weeks safety, so Cody then had to nominate again. Cody nominated Christmas as the replacement nominee. When feeds returned, Christmas was telling Cody that she has zero alliances. Cody said he could tell her loyalty lies with Paul. Christmas told Cody he should have stuck to the plan. Cody said he did. Elsewhere, Paul said he was just backdoored and would have been evicted if not for his temptation. Paul added that he has to play a different game now. Christmas vented about having Cody’s back and being thrown on the block by him. Christmas said she came there to play a loyal game and this is what happens to her. Back in the HoH room, Cody told Jessica that Paul was the poison and he was showing so much distrust towards him. Paul said this should have been the final nail in the coffin of Paul’s game. Jessica said Paul never has a nail in his coffin. Cody said it’s because of a twist. Jessica let Cody know that people will now think he is playing both sides. Cody said good and hopefully that makes him the target. Jessica said she thinks that’s clear. Cody walked out of the room and left. Jessica followed him and told him that he is being selfish. Cody explained that Paul would have taken a shot at him and he saw right through it.

1:00-2:00 PM: Cody brought up Paul’s three weeks of safety. Paul repeated him by saying three weeks, then said “good move though”. Cody explained himself by saying that Paul was the common thread in terms of being the one stirring up distrust towards him. Cody said they both knew it would come to this. Cody pointed out that the first nail was Paul deciding not to give him a friendship bracelet. He also brought up Paul lying to them about the temptation. Paul explained that none of them were put in danger by it and it would have created paranoia if he had revealed it. Elsewhere, Elena, Matt and Raven said they are not voting Christmas out. Jessica and Mark were on the other end of things. They said Christmas has to go at this point since Cody has made this move. Paul continued his talk with Cody, telling him that people would question wha Cody is doing and why he is not being a team player. Paul said he tried to assure them that being HoH the first week is tough. Cody said Paul did nothing to calm him down. Paul said Cody let the paranoia get to him and that makes him not want to work with him. Cody said he is fine being the target. Cody admitted that he did not like Paul coming in to the game, though he ended up liking him. Cody said he is the one who was going to make the big move against Paul. Paul said he can respect that. Paul then joined Christmas and Dominique. Both Dominique and Paul told Christmas that she has their votes. Upstairs, Jessica said this ruined her game because Cody was really selfish. Matt didn’t understand why Cody would think they would vote Paul out. Elena said Paul was being straight up. Cody joined them and said he made a deal to protect the couples and Dominique. Cody, Jessica and Mark discussed that Christmas has to go. They expect Matt and Raven to vote Jillian out. Jessica said Elena is on their side too. Paul went around attempting to rally the votes. He spoke to Alex, Jason and Kevin about how they can use Christmas to their advantage since she is a strong competitor and she is pissed off. Raven and Elena talked to Paul about how Cody just ruined their games. They reassured Paul that they have his back and did not know about the move. Paul said it’s tough for him to believe that nobody knew anything. Raven said she is done with Cody and she cannot even look at him. Matt and Raven then talked to Christmas to let her know that that they are keeping her.

2:00-3:00 PM: Cody spoke to Christmas and explained to her that his anxiety was high whenever she was around. Christmas questioned if it is because she is a physical competitor. Christmas then asked why Paul was Cody’s target. Cody simply said that it was due to individual conversations that he had. Christmas asked if anyone knew about his decision. Cody said nobody knew, not even Jessica. Christmas asked if the group is looking to keep Jillian. Cody said no and that is an issue for him. Christmas said she appreciates the honesty. In the backyard, many houseguests took turns speaking to Paul. Paul told Mark he thinks Mark had a hunch that he was going up last night when he talked to him. Mark denied it and said he would not have opened up to Paul like he did if that were the case. Mark also brought up his conversation with Jessica from this morning in which Jessica said Paul is her Alex. Paul said Jessica told him the same thing so he knows that the conversation took place. Matt thens spoke to Paul, making it clear that they had nothing to do with this move and they did not know about it. Paul explained that he kept the temptation a secret because people would have panicked with the information. Matt understood. Paul spoke to Raven afterwards. He said he trusts her and expects the truth from her. Raven said she knew nothing about this. Raven warned Paul about Jessica, telling him not to trust her. Paul asked if he should trust Mark. Raven said she doesn’t know because she thinks that Mark is voting Christmas out. Paul and Kevin then talked over the plan to keep Christmas. Kevin said he is fine with voting that way. Elsewhere in the house, Christmas and Jason talked things over. Jason looked for some clarity since he didn’t understand why Christmas would go up if she was aligned with all of those people. Jason wondered if she could be a pawn. Christmas said there is no way. Jason was hesitant to believe that but eventually accepted that she is not a pawn. Paul spoke to Jessica about how the temptation and curse put nobody in their side in danger. Jessica pointed out that he still lied about it and fed in to lies about it. Paul said he did it so that they wouldn’t panic. Paul told Jessica that he can no longer trust Cody. Jessica understood and swore on her father that she did not know about the plan to nominate Paul. When Jessica asked who Paul thinks it is best to keep, Paul said he hasn’t put all of the pieces together yet.

3:00-4:00 PM: Paul pulled Ramses aside to talk about his curse. Ramses clarified that nobody knows about it. Paul said they can either work together during this or work on opposite ends. He asked about the stipulations of the curse. Ramses said he has to go on the block at a time of his choosing during the next three weeks. Paul said Ramses should be able to survive that when there are big targets on the block. Raven then talked to Christmas and Paul about Jessica and Mark being likely to vote Christmas out. Raven said she, Matt and Elena are voting to keep Christmas. They listed off Paul and Kevin as votes for Christmas as well. Josh is another person who Christmas thinks she will have in her corner.

4:00-5:00 PM: Mark was up front with Christmas that he is concerned about what she will do if she stays this week. He brought up that they have had conversations in the past. Christmas said she needs a chance to enforce what they have talked about. Mark asked if she believes he had no idea about this plan. Christmas said yes. Mark, Matt, Elena and Raven then spoke about how this move has created a divide between the people they are close to. While Mark remains up in the air with his vote, the other three all said that they will be voting to keep Christmas. Mark is concerned that Christmas will come after him. He is also worried about Cody and Jessica’s safety. Matt said he doesn’t want those two to go either but they kind of dug their own grave. Raven told Mark that he has to worry about his own game.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody wondered if the fans would be pissed off about what transpired today. He said not all fans are Paul fans. He added that he was reading stuff before he got there and saw people saying that they do not want any vets on the show, then one shows up and is given three weeks of safety. The two continued talking. Cody revealed to Jessica that he has a 5 year old daughter. Jessica wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not. Cody said he is being serious. Jessica thanked Cody for telling her. When they continued talking game, Jessica asked Cody if he regrets throwing the competition. While Cody said he didn’t throw it, he later admitted to letting up when he saw that Alex was winning it. Jessica said that’s the same thing as throwing it. Jessica warned Cody that if he keeps her out of the loop on something in the future, she will put him up on the block and take him out herself. She said this is his first and last warning.

6:00-7:00 PM: Dominique told Christmas that she isn’t sure if she should trust Jessica. Christmas said she noticed two days ago that Jessica had flipped. Christmas doesn’t think that Cody was ever interested in sending Alex home this week. She questioned why he would flip unless there were some previous deals made that he felt obligated to stick to. Dominique asked Christmas how many votes she thinks she has for certain. Christmas said she feels strongly about having votes from Dominique, Paul, Josh, Raven, Kevin and Matt. She also thinks that she has the potential to get Elena and Mark to vote for her as well, which would give her the majority. Christmas told Dominique that she feels she can trust her and she is one of the people with the most integrity. Dominique said that’s why she told her that she cannot vote against her once she gave her her word. Christmas said her circle consists of the two of them, Elena and Paul. She also feels connected to Mark but feels uncomfortable with his current position in the game.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason spoke to Alex and Jillian. He said Christmas has got to go. He explained that everyone is trying to realign in order to make jury deals. Jason said Paul is trying to play him. Alex said Paul is playing a dangerous game. The three discussed that the votes appear to be pretty split at the moment. Outside, Paul told Christmas that she cannot drop the ball if she chooses to continue working with him in the game. Paul said they can do some damage together if they work together, so he can help her stay in the house if she is willing to do that. Christmas said she wants to do some damage and she wants to be alongside Paul the whole time that she is in the house. Paul then let Christmas know that he has a plan for next week. While he didn’t name names, he said it is a checkmate move and involves using pawns that nobody would ever think of using as pawns. In the storage room, Elena told Matt that the only person she really trusts in the house right now is him. Matt said he trusts Elena and Raven. Elena told Matt that she doesn’t trust Mark. She said putting 100% trust in someone who is not on the same page as her is difficult. Elena thinks that Dominique is on the same page as her. Elena suggested that they remain neutral and play a low key game for a bit, trying to eliminate Cody’s side alliances. Elena said they need to gain Christmas and Paul’s trust back. Matt agreed with the plan. Elena doesn’t want to play an active role in getting Cody or Jessica out. Matt said the type of move that Cody made is not something he can associate with from a long term point of view. Matt said he thinks that Christmas and Paul will at least take them to jury.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jason told Paul that he doesn’t trust Christmas. He mentioned that she got kicked out of her own alliance. Paul said that’s why she will stick with them. He told Jason that he isn’t saying to keep Christmas forever, but she can help them for the next 2-3 weeks. Paul said there is a good chance that Christmas is staying even without Jason’s vote. Jason said he doesn’t want to end up on the outside of the showmances. He said he wants them split up. Paul said Christmas does as well. Jason said he wants Christmas to shoot at Cody. Paul said she is going to. Paul then told Alex that Christmas wants to do some damage and she is willing to bridge the gap. He suggested that Alex think about that option since Christmas would be a better competitor for them than Jillian would.

9:00-10:00 PM: Matt and Raven went over the votes and reiterated that they are not going to go back on their word to Christmas. Raven said it scares her if they are having to rely on Josh’s vote. Raven said they have to get Mark on board. Rave talked about her plan to let Dominique know that Mark is on the fence. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Cody that there are no hard feelings. Paul said the conversation he had with Cody yesterday was very genuine. He advised Cody to take what he hears from people with a grain of salt. Cody said his original plan was to target Megan, then everybody moved up the list once she decided to leave. Elsewhere, Mark told Elena he believes that things will be different between Elena, Matt, Raven and himself if he doesn’t vote with them. He asked Elena what she prefers that he do. Elena said he should do what is best for his game. Mark asked if it will be the same between them no matter which way he votes. Elena admitted that it’s hard to say.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul came by to speak to Elena and Mark. He talked about how is now forced to play the game due to the move that Cody made. Mark told Paul he completely trusts him and wants to work with him even though he is still going to be friends with Cody. Paul said he knows that Mark plays emotionally but he has got to sever ties. Paul told Elena and Mark that there will be a power switch next week and they will get hit if they don’t play their cards right. Afterwards, Christmas entered the room. Mark said he is not voting to keep Jillian. Mark said he loves Cody and Jessica but Christmas has nothing to worry about. Mark asked if he is in danger of going up if Cody or Jessica win the veto. Christmas asked if Mark knew about the plan. Mark said no. Christmas said she would have no reason to nominate him then. Once everyone else left, Elena mentioned that Mark didn’t know which way he wanted to vote, then it seemed in that conversation like he is planning to keep Christmas. Mark said the talk with Paul made him realize that they need to vote together if he wants to keep the two of them strong. Mark wants to win HoH in order to go after the floaters and keep everyone happy.

12:00-1:00 AM: Mark told Cody that he needs to act torn for his game. He said he is on board with evicting Christmas as long as they can get the numbers. Mark explained that he his screwed if he sticks his neck out. Cody told Mark that he doesn’t have to. Mark assured Cody that nothing changes between the two of them even if Christmas stays. Mark mentioned that Elena was pissed at him. Mark said his priority is still to keep Dominique and the couples safe. Mark told Cody he is waiting for Josh to have a breakdown, then he will reel him in and get him on board to vote to evict Christmas. Mark said he could easily see the couples turning into Cody, Jessica and himself on one side and Elena, Matt and Raven on the other side.

1:00-2:00 AM: Christmas and Jessica talked things over. Christmas said she doesn’t understand why Cody would put Paul up when he was helping them. She feels that she is guilty by association. Christmas said she is hurt and disappointed because she thought Cody was a straight shooter. Christmas pointed out that Cody had more remorse putting Alex up than he did throwing she and Paul under the bus. Jessica said that’s a good point. Jessica told Christmas she wishes she had all of the answers to make her feel better. Jessica made it clear that she doesn’t agree with everything that Cody has done. Christmas let Jessica know that people view the two of them as the same player because they are together. Christmas asked Jessica if she knows which way she is voting. Jessica said she hasn’t gotten that far yet. Christmas explained that she got aggressive after the nomination because she wanted people to know that Cody is the one who flipped.

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