Big Brother 19 Day 13

July 3, 2017

8:00-9:00 AM: Big Brother woke the houseguests up with music, as usual. Feeds were down. When the returned, Christmas was laying on the ground and told Jason to go tell the DR that she broke her foot. Jason ran to the diary room. Feeds went down for a while after her got out of there.

9:00-10:00 AM: Once feeds returned, Christmas was gone. She went to “urgent care” according to Matt. Cody said something was poking out the bottom of her foot. Cody explained that he and Matt carried Christmas to the diary room. Jason explained what happened. He said that he and Christmas were dancing and she was on his back, then he fell and her foot slammed in to the ground. The houseguests speculated about whether or not Christmas would return. Numerous houseguests said that Christmas was told she will be allowed to re-enter, though they still wondered if her injury would force her out of the game. Jason said he wasn’t going to tell anyone, then they wouldn’t know that he took part in it if Christmas was hauled off.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jillian asked Ramses if he thinks that people will vote her out because they feel bad for Christmas. Ramses said he doesn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Jillian commented on how it’s crazy that everyone who is on the block next to her disappears. Up in the HoH room, Matt looked to get some clarification from Cody. He asked if Cody is looking to work with Alex and Jason longterm. Cody said he wants to work with them until jury. Matt said he doesn’t trust Alex. Cody assured him he is almost positive that Alex will not break up the couples and Dominique. Cody pointed out that they will need someone to take out Jessica and Raven for them once they get to jury, which played a part in his decision to bring Alex and Jason in. Matt asked Cody what he is going to do if Christmas doesn’t return. Cody said he would nominate one of the outsiders, likely Ramses. Matt told Cody that he should nominate Jason. Cody said he would do that for Matt. Matt questioned how Cody made those nominations yesterday without even knowing that he has the votes. Cody figured that people would have voted Paul out since he is a vet. Once he nominated Paul, Cody said he had to put Christmas up since she would have been mad about him nominating Paul.

11:00-12:00 PM: Paul told Mark that Cody turned his back on the entire group, or whatever is left of it. He said Cody went to the people on the other side to say that he wants to work with them to get their side out. Mark said what’s about to happen in this game is not ideal, but it’s a game and he will show loyalty where loyalty is shown. In the storage room, Elena admitted to Jessica that she feels betrayed by Cody. However, she said she still respects him. Jessica said Cody loves Elena and would throw himself in front of anything for her. Jessica said her main allegiance has been to Elena, Cody and to Paul, yet Paul will now be coming after her. Elena talked about being torn this week since she gave Christmas her word but also does not want to go against Cody’s wishes. Jessica said she doesn’t know if she can vote Christmas out after what happened to her today. She added that she cannot see Christmas being voted out now that she is injured. Jessica said she is somewhat okay with Christmas staying since she wont be able to compete. Jessica suggested that she could win HoH and then make a deal with Christmas to keep her and Cody safe. Elena and Mark talked about their thoughts on Cody and Jessica. Elena feels that Cody is responsible for putting them in this position. She said Christmas and Paul felt as safe with Cody as she did. Mark said Cody was never as close to those two. He told Elena to talk to Cody. While Mark said it’s best for his game to vote along with Elena, Matt, Raven, Paul and the others he is with, he made it clear that he still has interest in working with Cody and Jessica moving forward.

12:00-1:00 PM: Mark got Dominique caught up on his talk with Cody. He said he let Cody know that going against he majority of the group in order to vote Christmas out would not be a good look. Dominique agreed with that. She said people would have doubts about Mark if they found out that he voted to evict Christmas. Dominique and Mark discussed that they still trust Cody even though he made the move that he did. Elsewhere in the backyard, Paul told Elena that Christmas’ injury puts a wrench in the plans. Paul said he trusted her but not as much as he trusts Elena and Mark. Paul said he thinks Christmas had a bit of a different agenda in mind and had wanted to break away from the nine before they got down to nine, which is why he didn’t fully trust her. Elena brought up that she trusts Matt 100%. Paul said she should be careful since he has seen Cody and Matt alone together many times.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jessica spoke to Dominique to clarify that she did not have any part in the move that Cody made yesterday. Dominique said she originally thought that Jessica knew but she changed her mind about that once she thought it over. Dominique said she trusts Cody even though she does not understand the move that he made. Jessica said that going down to 7 this early was not a good move since they needed the numbers. Dominique agreed and said that Cody should not have nominated Paul this early on. Jessica expects that people will now be targeting her due to her association with Cody. She said she will not be going down without a fight, especially when she hasn’t stabbed anyone in the back. Elena spoke to Mark to suggest that they be careful about how often they are seen together. She doesn’t want them to be targeted for being together. Elena then let Mark know that Cody seems to have done more messed up stuff than they are aware of, based on her conversation with Paul. Moving forward, both agreed that they would like to maintain their relationships with everyone in the house. Elena said she is working on getting Paul to trust Matt.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christmas returned to the house. She was on crutches and her foot was in a cast. Christmas explained that she tore some ligaments in her foot and she has to go back for an MRI on Wednesday to find out if there are any fractures. Up in the HoH room, Cody, Jessica and Mark discussed that they don’t have the votes to get Christmas out. Mark said he didn’t understand how their group does not see what Cody is willing to do for them. Cody said he wanted to see who would be loyal to him and who would leave for the strong side. Mark is confused why people are saying they gave Christmas their word when they didn’t even know that this was going to happen. He said it shouldn’t be that hard to vote Christmas out. Jillian came upstairs to speak to Jessica about her vote. Jessica pointed out that Christmas is after her and Cody. She told Jillian that she needs to do some work to get the numbers on her side. Cody asked Jillian which votes she thinks she has. Jillian listed off Alex, Jason, Josh and Kevin. Jessica added Ramses’ name to the list. Cody said she needs just one more to force a tie. Mark said the numbers could be there. Mark headed downstairs. He told Paul that he is with him and is voting to keep Christmas. Mark admitted that is making Cody and Jessica think that he is a potential swing vote to evict Christmas. He assured Paul that he will not actually vote Christmas out.

3:00-4:00 PM: Mark told Elena that he is torn over what to do. Elena said it’s an issue that he is torn when he already said that he had made a decision. The conversation ended at that. Outside, Jessica asked Paul how he is voting. When he said he doesn’t know yet, she said that’s not true and she has heard that he is campaigning for Christmas. Paul said he gave his word to keep her in. Jessica asked if Paul would nominate her next to Cody if he wins next week. Paul gave his word that he would not. Jessica question if Christmas is a better ally than she is. Paul said he is not saying that. Jessica brought up that Christmas is threatening her game. Paul said he could have gone home this week due to Cody threatening his game. Moving forward, Jessica said she still wants to work with the people she started with. She said she is going to backdoor Alex if she gets the chance. In the bathroom, Mark told Jason that he is torn. He said people’s true colours are starting to show and it is making him rethink things. Jason said the two of them need to remain strong. He thinks that nobody will see it coming. Mark advised Jason not to bring Paul’s name up in to anything. Christmas had a quick chat with Josh to tell him that Cody is making deals with both sides. Josh said he will be backdooring Cody if he wins HoH. Christmas then told Dominique that Cody is openly recruiting the other side to come after their original alliance. Paul joined them and backed that claim up. Out in the backyard, Mark told Matt that he is keeping Christmas but it’s not easy for him to do.

4:00-5:00 PM: Christmas sat Alex down to tell her about the deals that Cody has been making with both sides. Alex discussed the deal that Cody had offered her yesterday. Meanwhile, Dominique, Elena, Mark and Matt discussed the need to get Alex and Jason out even though Cody wants to keep them around. Matt later told Mark that Cody wants those two around until jury so that they can take a shot at Jessica and Raven for them. Elsewhere, Christmas spoke to Jason. They discussed the game that Cody has been playing. Christmas questioned why anyone would believe what Cody is offering them when he has already broken deals. Christmas said she is not going to leave until she gets Cody’s head on a stake. Even if she has a fracture, Christmas said she will not leave the game. Paul came by and told Jason that he is drawing a line by telling people that he is campaigning for Christmas. Mark told Paul that Jason is the one who told that to the other side. Paul told Jason that he is being played by the other side since whatever he is telling them is getting back around. Jason said he is not against Paul and he would not target him if he wins HoH. Christmas and Paul continued to work on Jason.

5:00-6:00 PM: After Christmas and Paul left, Alex told Jason that they are trying to make it seem like they are the good guys. Alex said they are not. Paul then came back around to tell Alex that Jessica is after her. Paul said the other side will go after them as soon as they do what they need them for this week. Once Paul left, Alex told Jason that Jillian will always have his back. Jason said people are worried that they will align with Cody to become the new powerhouse. Alex said they have to talk to Cody since Cody has had their backs and they cannot turn on him now. Jason said they should vote Christmas out and then start their own group if they win HoH.

7:00-8:00 PM: Elena spoke to Cody to hear his side of things. Cody said his back is against the wall and he has nominated a third of the house. Cody explained that his plan was to target Megan this week, leaving Paul until right when they got to jury. Cody said everyone moved up the list once Megan left. Cody added that he made deals to ensure the safety of the couples and Dominique with Alex and Jason. Elena said she is conflicted and she does not know 100% what her plan will be moving forward. She talked about how Cody’s move has put her in a position where she cannot possibly keep her word to everyone that she gave it to. Elena said she has loyalty to Cody and Jessica as well as to Christmas and Paul. Jessica said Christmas came after her first and said she is equally responsible for what happened yesterday. Meanwhile, Mark asked Dominique what she would think if he could guarantee that Christmas goes home. Their talk was broken up. They went up to the chess board to continue. Mark said he is so torn because he trusts Cody 100%. Dominique asked what happens if Christmas leaves and Paul wins HoH. Mark said he would then be screwed. Dominique advised Mark to stay in the middle as much as possible until the HoH competition. She also said he needs to stop making it obvious that he is so close with Cody. Dominique said she is close to him too but Cody is the enemy in the house and you do not want to end up guilty by association. Dominique said to keep contact with Cody hidden.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark said he is going to have a talk with Christmas. He told Dominique that he does not want Christmas in the house. Mark is upset that he opened up to her the other night and then Christmas exposed him. Dominique asked how Christmas is a threat to Mark’s game. Mark hesitated and then said she is right that Christmas is not a threat to his game. Looking ahead, Dominique said she may nominate Jessica next week. Mark asked if she is also going to nominate Cody. Mark said no. Both agreed that they do not want to win HoH next week. Mark mentioned that Paul really trusts him. Dominique encouraged Mark to work with Paul. In the HoH room, Jessica told Cody that Elena is being stupid. Jessica threatened to win HoH and nominate Elena as a pawn. Jessica is upset that Elena is saying she gave Christmas her word. Jessica thinks that Elena should be protecting her by evicting Christmas, seeing as Christmas is coming after her. Outside, Mark pulled Christmas aside. Mark said he loves her and he understands how yesterday looked due to his indecisiveness and actions. Mark insisted that he had no plan to vote Christmas out. He talked about being friends with Cody and being put in a tough spot, though he always planned to keep Christmas. Mark apologized for not being there for Christmas yesterday. Christmas explained that from her point of view it looked like Mark was only there for Cody and therefore may have been in on the plan. Mark said he didn’t know what was going to happen. Christmas said she doesn’t trust Cody anymore, though that doesn’t mean that she will go after Jessica. Christmas said things change and she may not even go after Cody by the time she can win HoH. She expects that it will be a while due to her foot injury. The two continued to talk things over. Christmas forgave Mark and asked him not to apologize for yesterday anymore.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jessica spoke to Raven about her vote. She said she does not feel good about people keeping Christmas when Christmas told her to her face that she is coming after her. Jessica said she will feel stabbed in the back if Raven keeps Christmas. She added that she doesn’t think Christmas has the votes to stay anyway. Paul quickly spoke to Josh in the storage room. He told Josh not to flip. Josh said Paul will see which way his vote ends up coming out. Josh said he went in the diary room and told them that he is riding with Christmas and Paul because they are all that he has.

11:00-12:00 AM: Raven told Christmas that Jessica said she told her she is gunning after her. Christmas said not at all. Christmas said Jessica has done nothing wrong to her and she is being paranoid. Christmas mentioned that Jessica even told her she is absolutely voting to keep her. Raven said she now knows that Jessica is playing deceitfully. Raven then filled Matt in on the conversations she had with Jessica and Christmas. Matt said it is absolutely ridiculous for Jessica to make this about her. Raven said she is not even going to tell Jessica which way she is voting. Raven let Dominique and Paul know that Jessica is saying they are picking Christmas over her if they vote to keep Christmas. Raven said she does not at all appreciate how Jessica went about having that conversation with her. Matt told Raven that what Jessica did pisses him off but he doesn’t want Cody and Jessica to think they are completely against them. That being said, they agreed that they are with Paul over those two. Raven said Jessica is going to be coming after them if they keep Christmas. Matt asked if they are going to send Cody and Jessica home then. Raven said they might have to. Matt then let Raven know that Cody wanted to bring Jason to jury in order to have someone take Jessica and Raven out since he knows he can’t do it himself. Raven said she is over Cody and Jessica.

12:00-1:00 AM: Mark told Jessica that he spoke to Christmas and she wanted him to reiterate that she is not after Jessica. Jessica said she feels that Christmas is just backtracking. She said Christmas will have to do a lot more than that since there is no chance that she is voting to keep her. Mark told Jessica that Christmas staying does not change how he feels about Cody and Jessica. Jessica said she isn’t sure that Christmas is staying. She told Mark she gets that he wants to vote with the house, but she doesn’t know why he is doing it if he doesn’t believe in it. Jessica said she will love Mark regardless of which way he votes. Cody joined them and said the other side is going to realize they are not in the majority when the votes are revealed. Mark told Cody and Jessica that he is having issues with Elena. He said if his talk with her goes as expected, he is not going to be part of a couple anymore. Mark said that means he will not be with those people anymore since he is closer to Cody and Jessica. Mark was frustrated that Elena wanted him to open up and then she would not talk to him when he attempted to.

1:00-2:00 AM: Mark told Dominique that he is trying to open up with Elena and she will not talk about it. Mark said he doesn’t trust Elena right now since she is way too close to Matt. Mark thought he would be screwed if he stayed with those two. Dominique suggested that it would still work since Elena will not come after him even if they aren’t paired up. Mark said that’s good because he cannot get rid of Christmas. Mark mentioned Cody and Jessica saying that they have the votes. Dominique said Jessica has been manipulating everybody in order to try to get their votes. Paul joined them. He warned Mark that he does not want to get caught on the wrong end. He explained that Matt and Raven have jumped ship from Cody and Jessica after the way Jessica has handled things tonight. Mark said he too got the “whoever is a vote for her (Christmas) is against us” speech as well. Mark said it’s crazy and he did not know that Jessica approached everyone like that. Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Dominique and Paul talked things over. They agreed to vote Jillian out. Paul said Kevin will be their 7th vote. He said he has a secret weapon as well for an 8th vote. Paul encouraged the group to throw HoH to him this week so that he can make the big move. A number of the houseguests were open to doing that.

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