Big Brother 19 Day 14 - Josh remains a key vote

July 4, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Paul told Jason that the other side of the house is in shambles. Jason asked Paul who he thinks the three safest people in the house are right now. Jason suggested that Paul is one of them. Paul disagreed. He said Dominique is one of them. Jason talked about Dominique bringing the bible around all the time even though he has never seen her read it for more than a couple of minutes. Jason said if you are willing to cross that line, you are soulless. Alex joined the conversation and asked Paul why Cody said he is untrustworthy. Paul said he found out that Cody thought he had some backwards agenda because he DR was asking him questions about Paul. Paul said they ask everybody those questions since it’s a TV show. Paul said Cody admitted to having made a mistake. Alex said Cody is a loose cannon and is next to go then. Paul said Jessica is definitely a target too. Alex said Jessica is running the show. Paul let Alex know that the other side of the house is freaking out and they are all on the same page, gunning for Jessica and Cody. Paul said Cody read in to the questions that the DR was asking and thought that the game was Paul vs Cody, so he wanted to make the maverick move to take him out. Alex said she can’t tell if Matt trusts Cody. Paul said Matt and Raven are really gullible and nice. Paul told Alex about Cody and Jessica using Alex and her people in order to say that they have the numbers to vote Christmas out. Alex said she wants them to think that. Alex said Cody is making Jessica go talk for him, and she is really awkward since she hasn’t talked to them in weeks. Paul said he is going to be gunning for HoH next week to make an example for all of the newbies on how you play Big Brother.

11:00-12:00 PM: Josh spoke to the cameras while alone. He said he wanted Christmas out Day 1 because she is a beast and a competitor. However, Josh said she has a heart of gold and she has helped him a lot in this game. Josh added that he knows he needs to win her trust over. Moving forward, Josh said he has emotions in check and it’s game on from here. Josh said he will show Paul and Christmas his loyalty and that he is a man of his word, then see where that takes him. Josh mentioned that Kevin reminds him a lot of his uncles and his dad. Josh said he realizes that Kevin is sick and tired of him and wants him out more than anyone. Josh plans to give Kevin his space. He said he has so much respect and love for Kevin since he helped him get out of his own head and out of his funk. Josh said he has a lot of love for Dominique as well. As for Raven, Josh said he didn’t understand her in the beginning until he heard her story. Josh called Raven an angel with a lot of positive energy.

12:00-1:00 PM: Christmas told Matt and Raven that Jessica is trying to repair with Alex. Christmas said Alex told her that she is committed to Jillian and Jason, and she will break any deal with Cody. Matt said Alex is unpredictable but she could be of use to them. They counted out the votes against Christmas as Jessica, Alex, Ramses and Jason. Christmas said she plans to have a conversation with Jason and say that he owes her a solid since she has to pay the medical bills for her foot due to his actions. Matt pointed out that Jillian will be going home soon either way, so it doesn’t make sense for Jason to stay loyal to her. Christmas brought up that Jason thinks this is all fake and she is just a pawn, which is leading to his hesitation in voting for her. Matt said he will never be the one to suggest working with Alex and Jason, but they can send Cody, Jessica and Josh out first if they want to. Afterwards, Josh told Christmas that if anyone asks him which way he voted on Thursday, he is going to say he voted for Jillian. Christmas thanked Josh. Josh mentioned that he is completely alone in this game. Christmas said Josh is in a good position to stay a lot longer. Josh said he is loving life.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Kevin that he, Josh and everyone on the one side are keeping Christmas, meaning that they will have eight votes. Kevin said alright. He told Paul that it will be a big HoH this week. Paul said he wants it and most people are willing to give it to him. Paul warned Kevin that people are talking about him being sharp since he can list off everyone’s ages, hometowns, and so on. Paul told Kevin to dumb it down. Elsewhere in the backyard, Jason told Alex that Cody made a comment about how scaly skin fits him. Jason wanted to confront Cody about it to find out what he meant by that. Jason thinks that everyone is still on Cody’s side. He believes that they are playing Paul. Jason said if Cody is going to have a bad attitude towards him, he will let Paul win HoH and take Cody out. Alex was on board with that since she thinks that Cody has to go before jury. Jason planned to clear things up with Cody before he settles on a plan. The two discussed sticking to their plan of voting Christmas out.

3:00-4:00 PM: Kevin told Jason that they need to focus on winning HoH so they can get some of the guys out. He figured that they would be able to take the girls out themselves later on. Jason told Kevin about the comment that Cody made towards him. He then went to confront Cody about it. Cody didn’t even know which comment Jason was talking about. When Jason explained it, Cody said he meant it in a cowboy kind of way. He told Jason to relax. Jason said he had to check to be sure that they are fine. Cody to spoke to Jessica about the situation. She said it took her a couple of minutes to realize that Jason thought he was being called a snake. Cody said Jason is always on edge like this. Cody thinks that the other side will be blindsided when the vote happens. He added that they are living in fear and this will only add to that. Jessica pointed out that Mark contradicts himself since he said he had a good conversation with Elena, meaning that she will have influence over his vote. Cody promised that he has it more so than anyone else. Jessica said Elena is going to panic as soon as the vote is revealed and Christmas is evicted.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jessica asked to speak to Jason. Jason assured her that he is voting to evict Christmas. He said Cody didn’t put him on the block and he is going to return the favour. Jessica said she is pretty sure that she and Cody will be the final votes that Jillian needs to stay. She thinks that Jillian has 5 votes without hers. Jessica looked for reassurance that she and Cody will not be nominated by Jason, Alex or Jillian if they keep Jillian around. Jason gave his word that he will not nominate either of them. Jason told Jessica not to freak out if she sees him talking to Paul. Jessica asked Jason to let Alex know that she wants to have the same conversation with her. Afterwards, Paul spoke to Jason about his vote. Jason said he doesn’t trust Christmas. Paul said that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good game move to keep her since it would leave enemies for other people in the house. Elsewhere, Elena asked Ramses if he is willing to switch his vote if she can guarantee him safety whenever he has to nominate himself due to the curse. Ramses said he gave his word to Jillian and he is not going to go back on it. Ramses asked if Mark and Dominique are in an alliance. Elena said she doesn’t know. Ramses said those two were close even before Mark and Elena were. He let Elena know that he has caught them talking in the bathroom late at night a few times. Elena asked Ramses if he has the next two weeks or three weeks to nominate himself. Ramses said he has the next three weeks since he could not do it this week. Elena suggested that Ramses nominate himself if Paul wins HoH. She explained that Paul will make sure his target goes home. The two discussed this week’s vote. Elena listed off Paul, Dominique, Mark, Matt, Raven, Kevin and herself as the seven votes to evict Jillian.

5:00-6:00 PM: Paul asked Jason if he trusts Cody. Jason said he doesn’t trust Cody. He also said he hates Jessica. However, Jason said he doesn’t see a difference between Christmas and Jillian right now, so he doesn’t care who leaves. Paul pointed out that Christmas is likely going to have the votes either way, meaning that Jason is only putting himself in a worse position by voting her out. Jason agreed that Christmas likely has the votes. Jason later admitted that he feels as though Paul may be getting played, with people planning to vote against his wishes. Paul said it makes no sense to do that when he has safety. Later, Alex touched based with Jason. She got him back on track with the plan to evict Christmas. Mark and Matt discussed that they don’t know if they can nominate Cody and Jessica. Mark said it will not go over well if they do not at least nominate Jessica, seeing as Elena believes that Jessica is after her. Both agreed that the ideal scenario is that Paul wins HoH and targets those two. Raven joined them. Matt asked if they are going to nominate Cody and Jessica. She said yes. Matt then turned to Mark and asked why they are so soft.

6:00-7:00 PM: Jessica spoke to Matt about how voting to keep Christmas is saying screw you to her. Matt disagreed. Jessica said Christmas messed up when she told her that she would be targeting her. Matt asked if Jessica doesn’t think that Christmas got screwed over. Jessica said she did but that doesn’t mean she should end her game over it. Jessica told Matt that it’s not cool to keep someone in the house who is coming after her. Matt said Cody didn’t want to get Alex or Jason out, even though he is pretty sure those two are after him. Jessica said Cody made deals with those two on his behalf. Matt said it wasn’t necessary when they had a solid nine going. Inside, Cody told Alex that she no longer has to protect the seven people that he asked her to protect. Instead, Cody only asked for protection for Jessica, Mark and himself. Alex asked if Cody trusts Dominique. Cody said he wanted to work with her but she is on her own now. Alex thinks that Dominique has been playing everyone. In the bedroom, Jason told Christmas that he is struggling with regards to the vote. He explained that he gave his word to Alex that he would vote with her. He said it’s tough since he would rather have Christmas in the house than Jillian. Jason also said he feels as though he should be keeping Christmas since he injured her, meaning that he is going to have to against someone who he wants to stay true to either way. Christmas proposed that they can go to jury together and include Alex in that plan. Jason said he wants to get to the end. Christmas said he has to get to jury first. Elena joined them and said she is pretty confident that Christmas has the votes, so it would make sense to join them rather than isolate yourself. Jason agreed that it doesn’t make sense to go against the grain right now. Elsewhere, Jessica made the same deal with Alex that she had made with Jason. Ramses and Jillian then discussed that Alex making a deal may put them in bad spot moving forward. Ramses talked about putting himself on the block next week with his curse before they get too far and lose numbers. He said it would be dumb of him to win HoH, put a target on his back, then put himself up the following week.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul approached Alex and Jason to tell them that Jillian, not Christmas, is the one telling Jessica the things that Jason said about her. Paul explained that she wants to pin it on Christmas so that Jason will keep her over Christmas. Alex later told Jason that Paul is lying. Alex is wondering if Paul has some kind of task where he has to save Christmas, explaining why he is trying so hard to do so. Alex is also concerned about Paul saying that he wants to make a power move. She said it could possibly be her and Jason. Before the two could finish talking, Mark entered the room. Feeds then went down for a 4th of July party.

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned following the 4th of July party. Mark, Dominique and Elena were in the storage room discussing a banner plane that Cody claimed to have seen earlier that said “Dom and Mark alliance”. Elena mentioned that Megan told her before she left that they have an alliance. She said someone also came to her today to say the same thing. Mark said it’s false and there was no plane. Dominique said there would have been a lockdown if there was a banner plane. Mark said Cody and Jessica and conflicting stories about the banner. Paul spoke to Dominique and Mark. He told them to squash everything about the banner plane because people will not forget that kind of stuff. Paul said Ramses is a snake. Dominique and Mark then spoke alone. Dominique said she doesn’t like this. While Mark suggested that Cody is the one trying to blow up their games, Dominique said that it is Jessica. Mark let Dominique know that Ramses is the one who told Elena that they have an alliance. Dominique said Ramses just told her that Mark and Elena are in the storage room, possibly kissing. Mark questioned why that matters. He said he wants to throw Ramses through the wall. Mark said Ramses and Elena have been close since Day 1 and they have the same thing that he and Dominique have. Mark told Dominique that during the party, Elena asked if he knows that Dominique doesn’t like bugs because they have an alliance. Dominique said that’s dangerous since it means that it is an issue in Elena’s mind. Afterwards, Mark went to Jason to let him know that he has to get Jillian out of the house. Jason said he is sticking with Mark. Mark told Jason that Alex cannot know who he is voting for. Mark explained that Cody and Jessica will be the next two targets as long as Jillian leaves. Cody told Alex and Jillian that all he cares about is Jessica and Mark at this point. He said actions will prove where his loyalty is. He said he hopes that it’s a tie so that he can break it in Jillian’s favour. After Cody left, Alex told Jillian and Kevin that she doesn’t think they can trust Paul anymore. Alex thinks Paul has some kind of stipulation where he has to backstab a friendship. Alex said she thinks that Cody is telling the truth. Paul then spoke to Alex and Jason in hope of getting them on board with evicting Jillian. Paul continued to insist that Jillian leaked information to Cody about what Jason said about Jessica. Alex left the conversation saying to Jason that Paul is a liar. Jason didn’t seem as convinced. Alex said Paul is pushing way too hard for Christmas to stay. Jason said everyone is jumping off of the Cody ship. Alex asked how anyone will even know who they voted for. Jason said they are going to know if it’s a 9-3 vote.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Alex and Jason that his plan is to get Cody out but he is going to nominate another couple to see what kind of information comes out. Jason said he is on board with Jillian leaving and with going against Cody, though he isn’t sure if he wants to vote that way. Paul said it’s up to him but it will only put him in a worse position if he votes against the others. Elsewhere, Elena asked Mark why Dominique was so mad. Mark said someone tried to throw her under the bus. Elena asked if they for sure don’t have an alliance. Mark said they do not. He claimed that he talks to Dominique about how he is feeling. Mark and Dominique then spoke. Mark said the only person that knew about their alliance was Cody. He said Matt knew as well. Dominique said they knew about the four of them together but not the alliance between the two of them. Dominique suggested that either Elena is sharing information with Ramses or Ramses is planting seeds in Elena’s brain. Dominique thinks that Elena is putting a target on her back. Dominique she is making the assumption based on Elena being jealous of their relationship. She pointed out that they cannot be together for too long without Elena popping up. Dominique said she made a comment that there is an infiltrator in front of Elena in order to put the bait out there. Dominique said Elena wont be weirded out if she has nothing to do with it. Mark told Dominique to wait. Dominique said she is not going to hurt Mark’s girlfriend…yet.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody, Jason and Jessica talked things over. Jason said he doesn’t understand what the play is for the other side. Cody said the only way for that side to keep the numbers is by keeping Christmas. Cody told Jason that he will be the tie breaking vote as long as nobody switches sides. Jason assured Cody and Jessica that he is with them. He said he is going to say yes to everybody from now on, just to keep them from campaigning to him. Once Jason got downstairs, Mark told him he doesn’t think that they need his vote. Mark said Christmas should be safe regardless of which way Jason votes. However, Mark said people are likely going to figure out the numbers. He told Jason to do what he has got to do. Jessica asked Josh about his vote. He said he is leaning towards keeping Jillian. Cody said the other side will pick Josh’s side off if Christmas stays. Josh asked if he is safe if he keeps Jillian around. Cody said he will not be a target next week. Jessica advised Josh to cut a deal with Jillian.

12:00-1:00 AM: After speaking to Cody and Jessica, Josh told Alex, Jason and Kevin that he is the chosen one since those two decided to speak to him for the first time. Josh said Alex, Jason, Kevin, Jillian, Ramses and himself can be a strong six. Josh mentioned that they were on the outs before and they cannot forget about that. Josh spoke to Paul, filling him in on his conversation with Cody and Jessica. He said he told them that he will be voting to keep Jillian. However, Josh said he only trusts Christmas and Paul. Paul called Josh the secret weapon. Josh said Cody and Jessica are telling him that he is the swing vote now even though they haven’t spoken to him all week.

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