Big Brother 19 Day 15 - Both sides believe that they have the votes

July 5, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Christmas left the house to get an MRI done on her foot, as was planned Monday. Jessica asked Kevin if he knows who he is going to vote for. Kevin said he hasn’t really thought about it. He told her that he would like to see what happens with Christmas. Kevin pointed out that one person is injured and the other one is fighting hard. Jessica said she doesn’t think Christmas should get a sympathy vote. Kevin agreed. Jessica let Jillian know that she talked to Josh last night. She said she thinks she convinced him to vote for Jillian. Jessica added that she talked to Kevin and he is wanting to see the results of Christmas’ MRI before making a decision.

11:00-12:00 PM: Kevin let Paul know that he was asked who he is voting for. Kevin said he told them that he doesn’t know. Paul asked if Kevin is voting to keep Christmas. Kevin said probably. Kevin warned Paul that he will be shocked about a couple of people not voting to keep Christmas. Paul said Ramses, maybe Alex and maybe Jason are the ones who might not vote to keep Christmas, since everybody hates Cody and Jessica. Paul said Josh will be voting to keep Christmas, meaning that it will be either a 9-3 or 8-4 vote in her favour. Paul said Kevin does not want to end up on the opposite end of that vote. Kevin said nobody will know. Paul told him that people will figure it out. Kevin told Alex and Jason that it’s early for people to speculate on who they are voting for when Christmas could come back and tell them she is injured for six weeks. Kevin said he doesn’t think that anyone will let her sit around for that long. Alex said she shouldn’t get to stay if she isn’t ready to compete tomorrow.

12:00-1:00 PM: Cody told Alex that Matt is disloyal and he cannot believe it. Cody said he asked Matt if he is telling him that he trusts Paul when he blatantly lied to all of them, and Matt said yeah. Cody let Alex know that any time she is brought up, it’s out of fear as in they have to get rid of her. Alex said they will be much better off after things are secure tomorrow and they know where they are at. If Christmas stays, Alex said they will be screwed for a second but they will recover. Alex said she thought that Christmas breaking her foot would have made it clear that both sides should vote her out. Cody said they are idiots.

1:00-2:00 PM: Cody told Kevin he is almost hoping that it’s a tie vote so he can be the one to kick Christmas out. Kevin said he thinks that people are coming after Cody, which Cody expected. Kevin said Cody was good to him and therefore he is going to vote with him this time. Kevin said he will vote to evict Christmas. He said Jillian deserves a chance since she has been up on the block three times. Elsewhere, Jillian told Ramses she thinks that he should put himself up on the block next week while they have the votes to keep him. Ramses said he can’t win HoH this week since he does need to put himself up. Ramses told Jillian he is positive that she is staying. He said there is no doubt in his mind about it unless someone flips.

2:00-3:00 PM: Kevin told Jason that Cody asked him about his vote. Kevin said he made Cody think that he is voting his way because he influenced him, even though he didn’t really influence his vote. Jason said the house is split right now, with Alex, Josh, Ramses, Jillian, Cody, Jessica, and the two of them being on one side. Kevin said that will give them the majority heading in to next week. Kevin asked who Cody thinks is the head of their side. Jason said it’s for sure Alex or Kevin. Kevin did not like to hear that. He said they need to let people know that they make their own individual decisions. The two then headed to the bedroom to talk to Alex. Kevin mentioned that Paul said Christmas is staying by a vote of 9-4. Jason said that’s BS. Kevin said the vote will be the other way around. Meanwhile, Mark, Matt and Raven discussed that they would like to get Cody, Jessica and Ramses out before jury. Mark said he trusts Jason since he has had somewhat of a relationship with him since Day 1. Matt and Mark agreed that Jason wants to get Jessica out. Mark said Alex is a wildcard. Matt thinks that she will target Jessica as well. Mark isn’t so sure about that, because he said Alex is smart and knows that she needs numbers. Elena joined them. Mark said the other side is convinced that they have the numbers, but he knows that Jason is going to vote with their side to keep Christmas. Back in the bedroom, Alex told Jason that she doesn’t want to keep Jessica around. Jason said they are going to get rid of her. Alex mentioned that they can get Jessica out in two weeks since she told Cody that this is a week to week deal.

3:00-4:00 PM: Christmas returned to the house. She let the houseguests know that she has two broken bones in her foot. She said she was given the choice of whether or not to return to the game. She decided to return. Christmas clarified that no competitions will be changed for her. The doctors will decide which ones she can and cannot compete in. Mark commented to Paul that Cody and Jessica did not even come downstairs when Christmas returned. Paul said it’s not even game related and they should not be dicks when someone got injured. Raven said Jessica would not like it if she broke her foot and nobody came down to see her. Raven said she is going to tell Jessica to take many seats and strap herself in when she tries to tell her not to vote for Christmas. In the bedroom, Christmas told Dominique that she wants to play the game as long as she can without becoming a burden to the team. Christmas said she can be a strong vote and she can influence some people who are not in their circle. Christmas made it clear that she would like to stick around at least until jury. Dominique said she is on board with that and she thinks they should still try to get to jury with who they said they would.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody and Jessica came downstairs for dinner with the rest of the group. Jessica welcomed Christmas back. She asked what the diagnosis is. Christmas said the diagnosis is that she is back. Jessica then asked how long the cast is going to stay on. Christmas said for as long as it needs. Over a game of chess, Jason asked Mark how he is feeling. Mark said phenomenal since nobody suspects anything. Mark said that’s how they want to keep it. Mark told Jason that everyone is on the same page for the next three weeks, then they will be in jury which is the first step. Jason asked who is winning HoH. Mark said preferably Paul will win since he wants to make the move. Mark said he doesn’t blame Paul after what was done to him this week. In the HoH room, Cody told Jessica that Christmas is so confident. Jessica brought up how Christmas responded to her questions. Jessica said Christmas is trying to play mind games with her. Jessica said Christmas can do whatever she wants since it doesn’t change the fact that she is leaving tomorrow. Jessica said she wants Christmas and Matt out. Cody called Matt a snake. Jessica told Cody that she wants revenge on everyone who turned on them.

6:00-7:00 PM: Christmas told Dominique, Elena, Mark, Paul and Raven that her foot may be broken but she still has a lot to contribute. Christmas said she wants to help them get to jury and to get to jury herself, then she is okay with being the first one out. In the bedroom, Kevin told Jason that one of them needs to win HoH and then they can nominate Matt and Mark. Once the veto is used, Kevin said they can backdoor Cody since he is the only one who can beat them. Jason said Cody is on their side. Kevin said Cody was on the other side first and he will jump right back over there. Jason said he thinks that there will be chaos tomorrow when Christmas leaves. Christmas and Dominique spoke in the bathroom. They speculated on what Paul’s secret plan for nominations could be. Both hope that he nominates Cody and Jessica next to each other, though Paul said it would be a move that nobody expects. Christmas wondered if Paul might nominate Jessica and use Kevin as a pawn, opting to backdoor Cody. As for her own game, Christmas said she doesn’t want people to see her as a burden. Dominique said she doesn’t feel that way. Christmas said she would like to fairly earn her spot in the house. Dominique encouraged her to pitch that she has an ability to influence people. Ramses headed up to the HoH room to ask Cody if he will have his back next week. Cody said they absolutely will since “you guys are on our side now”.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul checked in with Kevin to see if he is voting Jillian out. Kevin said yes. Paul reminded Kevin that he doesn’t want to end up on the wrong end of the vote. Kevin said he doesn’t know who else is voting which way. Paul assured him that he shouldn’t worry since they have the numbers. Paul then checked in with Jason to let him know that he and Alex will not touch the block if he wins HoH next week. In the bathroom, Mark told Dominique and Matt that the safe move is to nominate Cody and Jessica next to each other. Mark worried about what nominations Paul would make, but he said Paul has his complete trust and he will throw the competition to him. Dominique said she would prefer to see Cody leave next. Josh spoke to Paul, telling him that he was hoping someone like him would be back in the game. Josh said he only trusts Paul. Paul told Josh that he will not nominate him unless it’s a pawn situation. For next week, Paul said Josh will not be anywhere near the block if he wins HoH. Paul explained that Cody took a shot at him and now he wants to take a shot back. Josh confirmed that he is planning to vote to evict Jillian. Up in the HoH room, Cody asked Mark if they are still good for tomorrow. Mark told him that they are solid and he can’t wait to see the numbers. Mark then went downstairs to tell Dominique and Matt what he said. The three could not believe that Cody still thinks the has the numbers.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark asked Josh where his head is at. Josh asked Mark what he is thinking. Mark told him that Christmas is his girl. Josh mentioned that Christmas has been there for him the whole time. Dominique told him not to question that then. Josh let Dominique and Mark know that Cody is claiming their side is trying to pick them off one by one. He added that Cody said he wants to play the game fair and with integrity, so he wants to play with the outsiders. However, Josh said he is not buying what they are saying to him. Josh gave Dominique and Mark his word that he is with them. Josh said he is going to vote with them and he wants to go far together. Dominique asked Josh for his thoughts on Ramses. Josh said he doesn’t trust him at all. Afterwards, Dominique, Matt and Mark discussed that they are fine with having Josh make it to jury. Josh then spoke to Christmas. Josh said he wants to work with her, Paul and Dominique. Christmas let Josh know that she has put in a good word for him with her group. Christmas said Josh is playing so well now. She encouraged him to keep it up. Josh said he is going to backdoor Cody if he wins HoH. He plans to nominate Jessica but he is unsure about who will be on the block next to her.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh told Jason that nobody suspects they are close. He told Jason not to ever let anyone know. Josh mentioned that Alex is a beast. He said he can be strong in the mental competitions. Josh suggested that the three of them stick together. He also threw Kevin’s name in the mix. Jason asked if Christmas is leaving. Josh said yes. Jason told Josh that he needs to stick with them and vote to evict Christmas no matter what anyone says to him. Next up, Josh spoke to Alex. He told her that every girl in the house is threatened by her because she is a badass. Josh asked Alex to trust that he is with her, Jason and Kevin. Alex said she trusts him. Josh told Alex that she will be able to trust him when she sees his actions.

1:00-2:00 AM: Josh spoke to the live feeders. He said he is completely alone in this game. He said people have not spoken game to him this whole week. Josh thinks that tomorrow can either make his game or break his game. He said there is a strong alliance that consists of two showmances, Paul, Christmas and Dominique. He doesn’t think that that alliance wants to included him. While he gave his word to Christmas and Paul and said he is loyal to them, Josh said he is not there to hand someone $500,000. Josh explained that it’s taking a toll on him that he is the vote that counts tomorrow. Josh said he could keep Jillian who he can continue to play the game with, or keep Christmas who is a strong number for the other alliance. He said Christmas has trust in him but she is not willing to break her back the way he is for her and Paul. Bigger picture, Josh said he doesn’t think it’s best for his game to keep Christmas. Josh said there is a strong five with his as six. He called them the odd ones out. Josh said he trusts Dominique, Christmas and Paul but he does not trust Mark, Elena, Matt or Raven. Josh said he needs numbers moving forward. He listed off Jason, Alex, Paul, Christmas, Kevin and Dominique as people he trusts and/or likes. Josh believes that Christmas and Paul are playing with people who they don’t realize are untrustworthy. Josh said he has complete control over his moves and he is going to make them for himself. Josh hopes that Paul sees through his actions that he is going to be loyal to him. Josh mentioned that the apple saved him because the nine person alliance didn’t care about him. Josh said it’s not best for his game for Jessica and Cody to go, since that makes him next. Josh said that no matter what, he knows that the game is going to change from here on out. He hopes that Matt or Raven flip on their alliance. Josh said it is going to be a crazy week and he has to win HoH tomorrow. Josh said he wants complete control and he is not leaving his fate in anyone's hands.

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