Big Brother 19 Day 16 - Jillian is blindsided; Paul wins HoH

July 6, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Christmas told Matt that Josh says he cannot read him and doesn’t know where he is at. Christmas told Matt to let Josh know that they have his back. Matt said he was already planning on saying something to Josh about how much better he has been doing lately. Christmas thought that would be enough. Matt said he has no problem guaranteeing Josh safety for next week and no problems promising him jury. Christmas said not to tell him too much at this point. Christmas said she is good with Josh and he is her ride or die at this point. Matt said that’s huge and would completely tip the numbers in their favour if Josh is on board. In the bedroom, Josh told Cody that he has to win the veto. Cody asked if they are putting him up. Josh said he doesn’t know but they are targeting him. Cody asked for names. Josh said he doesn’t know since nobody talks game with him. Cody said Josh is lying. Josh said he is telling Cody this as a friend, since he needs to watch his back. Cody said they need to focus on the vote because that will shake things up. Christmas then checked in with Josh. She let him know that the group is happy with him and even Matt mentioned bringing Josh to jury. Christmas says she has Josh’s back and told them not to over promise him. She added that she told people Josh is her ride or die. Christmas said people are loving this Josh. Josh said he feels good with Dominique, Christmas and Paul. Christmas assured Josh that Matt and Raven are on board too. Josh told Christmas that she is not going anywhere. He said she has his vote. Josh mentioned that Cody just grilled him and asked who is coming after him. Josh said he expects to be red flagged for his vote. Christmas told Josh to stick to his guns. Josh said he is. He said there is no way he could ever vote Christmas out. Christmas said the plan is to get Cody and Jessica out next. Josh said Cody is being so aggressive and he thinks he controls them. Christmas said Cody wont listen and wont tell you what he is doing. She said you can see where working with Cody got her.

11:00-12:00 AM: Matt told Josh how well he has been doing lately. Josh said he appreciates and respects Matt. Josh said he plans to vote for Christmas but he is worried that people will then be after him. Josh asked Matt to give his word that he will be good with them. Matt said it’s clear who is trustworthy and who is not, so listen to Christmas and he will be fine.

1:00-2:00 PM: After the HoH lockdown, the game talk once again picked up. Matt told Kevin that he will be voting to keep Christmas because he is better friends with her and made a commitment to her. Elena said she will be doing the same. Kevin said he will too then. Kevin said they will see at the end of the year that he was a trustworthy guy. In the storage room, Josh told Paul he thinks that people are going to turn on him. Paul asked who. Josh said the outsiders. Paul said it’s going to be a 9-3 vote and nobody is going to turn on him. Josh said he is keeping Christmas but he is worried about his place moving forward. Paul assured Josh that everyone wants Jessica and Cody out. Paul explained that it’s about going with the numbers in the beginning, then you figure out what you want to do later on. Josh worried about going up as a pawn if Paul wins HoH. Paul said Josh will not be anywhere near the block if he wins. Josh then spoke to Mark. He said Mark gave him his word on Day 2 but has not talked any game with him. Mark said Josh has completely turned it around and everyone has noticed, so they love him. Josh said he is keeping Christmas. Mark said Dominique, Christmas, himself, and the other will not screw Josh over.

2:00-3:00 PM: Kevin spoke to Paul about Cody and Matt wanting Christmas to leave. Paul said Cody and Matt are no longer together. Kevin asked when they broke up. Paul said Matt wants to get Cody out. He said everyone is against Cody and Jessica. Kevin said he told the other side he is voting against Christmas but he is not. Paul said he believes it. Afterwards, Jason mentioned to Kevin that it doesn’t really matter who goes home tonight but Paul is going to say they lied to him. Paul said he was very careful about his choice of words this week. Jason told Cody it’s going to be a 6-6 vote. Cody said he is hoping that it’s 7-5 and Mark is on their side. Cody said Christmas is so happy right now and thinks she has got this. Cody said he cannot wait to vote her out. Jason said he is nervous and he will be mad if Josh or Ramses flip. They both agreed that the outsiders will only get picked off 1 by 1 if they choose to go that route. Alex told Cody she thinks they have the votes and it will be 6-6. Cody hoped that Mark would make it 7-5 since he gives him a “we’re good” glance everyone once in a while. In the storage room, Josh spoke to the camera and said that he is going to keep Christmas but he wants people to think that he kept Jillian. Josh explained that he believes Cody and he would have stuck with him if Cody hadn’t isolated him and only talked to him when he needed him. Josh said Christmas is going to make moves and protect him a little bit, whereas Jillian will not make any moves. Josh said he completely trusts Paul and Christmas. He hopes that this move will show them that they can trust him and work with him moving forward. Josh's vote should be enough to keep Christmas, as she appears to have Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Paul and Dominique locked in.

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction episode, Jillian was evicted by a vote of 8-4. The four votes to evict Jillian came from Jessica, Jason, Alex and Ramses. During her speech, Christmas said Cody and Jessica stabbed her in the back and they have been playing everyone. After the vote, Jessica told Christmas that she is kind of a coward because she said something to him when she wasn’t allowed to have a voice, during her speech. Christmas told Jessica to get out of her face. Jessica called her a coward again.

7:00-8:00 PM: The HoH competition aired live on the feeds. Paul’s allies helped him by giving him their tickets so that he could take more shots in the competition. Paul won HoH. After the competition, production announced that they don’t want anybody getting nose to nose. They told the houseguests that they can say whatever they want to each other but they cannot get in each other’s faces. Christmas told Cody and Jessica that they can be cool and cordial. Jessica said that’s what she did last week. Cody said all they want to do is be cool and hang out this week since he and Jessica know that one of them is going home. Christmas said she respects that and she will not poke or anything. They agreed that they would like things to be a peaceful as possible. Once inside, Jessica told Cody that she has legitimately been blindsided in every aspect of the game. Cody told Jessica he guarantees that one of them will go home since they no longer have the numbers.

8:00-9:00 PM: Ramses accused Kevin of voting the other way, saying he voted to evict Jillian. Kevin said Ramses will watch the tape and have to apologize to him when this is over. Jason told Kevin that Josh and Ramses voted the other way. Paul came by and told Kevin he doesn’t care if he voted to keep Jillian. Jason mentioned to Paul that Ramses called Kevin a snake to Cody. Paul told Jason and Kevin that Cody will not be there after this week. Josh headed to the bedroom and attempted to speak to Cody and Jessica. Cody told him that they don’t want to hear anything. Cody said Josh should grab his stuff and leave cause the conversation is over. Josh attempted to talk. Cody told him to shut the f*ck up. Josh said that’s immature. Cody said it again before Josh left the room. In the bathroom, Paul explained to Dominique, Elena, Matt and Raven that he wants to nominate two people he can trust. Paul mentioned Matt and Raven as options. Paul is hoping that Cody and Jessica will not get selected to play in the veto competition, then Cody can be backdoored. Paul said it will be a checkmate move to have Raven on the block next to Cody on eviction night. Paul said that Ramses has to put himself on the block, so he will leave if all else fails. Paul said that is their best move but he will not do it if the group is not comfortable with it.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh approached Alex and Jason. Alex told Josh to turn around and get away from her. Jason told Alex that she cannot do that. Jason explained that they knew Josh would be flipped by the last person to talk to him. He said it’s not a big deal. Kevin told Alex that the two of them and Jason are not going to flip on each other. In the bedroom, Christmas revealed to Dominique and Paul that she has to have surgery on Monday. Christmas said she had the worst possible break and this will be the longest recovery. Christmas said she will return Monday night. She said she will be getting pins and screws put in. Christmas said two bones are broken and the rest are dislocated. They discussed not letting anyone else know about what is going on with her foot.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jessica told Josh that she doesn’t have any respect for him after he looked her in the eye and lied to her. Jessica said she has nothing to say to Josh. Josh brought up that nobody talks game with him. Jessica said Josh sounds like a little girl when he says that. Jessica told Josh that everyone talks about wanting him out. She said he will be held accountable for his actions when he is outside of the house. Jessica explained that she would have respected Josh had he been straight up about his plan to keep Christmas. Josh told Alex not to call him a little girl. He said he has not said anything bad about her. Josh asked why Jessica is mad at him. She replied by saying that he is pathological and needs to stop crying about everything. Josh was told to stop making himself the victim. Josh asked how he is being a victim. Cody said he makes victim noises on a constant basis. Cody said Josh sounds like a pouty child. Cody let Josh know that they do not want to talk to him at all. Josh went to the bathroom and cried. Dominique told him not to entertain any of the comments or engage in conversation with Cody and Jessica. Dominique pointed out that what Cody and Jessica are upset about is essentially what they did to put themselves in this position.

12:00-1:00 AM: Everyone in the HoH room, including Kevin, told Paul that they will vote Cody out no matter who he is up next to. The point was that Raven does not have to be up next to Cody in order for Cody to leave. Josh joined and said that he too will vote Cody out. Mark asked if there is something he is not seeing since they have the guaranteed votes to send Cody out in the room. Paul said it’s not always guaranteed. Mark said Paul is assuming that people in the room are wanting to Cody to stay. Paul said he trusted Cody but got put on the block. Mark said he also trusted Paul today when giving him tickets during the HoH competition. The group continued to talk about 6 votes, making it clear that their core is the 6. Kevin pointed out that they have 7 votes if they include him. Matt said all it would take is for Cody to have his name drawn and for him to win the veto. Paul said he is gambling with Matt and Raven’s Big Brother lives and he is not okay with that. Paul threw out the idea of pawning Kevin. Paul headed downstairs to talk to Mark and Elena. Numerous names were thrown out there including Kevin, Josh, Raven and Alex. Mark said Paul wouldn’t pick Cody to play for veto since she would know he wouldn’t use it or else Jessica would go up. Paul then went to the DR to try to find out the rules around Ramses’ curse. In the bedroom, Kevin told Jason that whoever flipped messed up. Kevin said it’s Christmas, Dominique, Paul and the two couples against everyone. Jason said it was imperative to stick together to break them up, cause now they are not going to be broken up. Kevin let Alex and Jason know that their names are being thrown out there as nominees. Kevin said they are being talked about being put up as if they are expendable. Kevin told Alex that she and Cody are the two best players in the house. He said they need to work together with Cody. Kevin said Paul is moulding everything and he made a mistake by trusting him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Paul spoke to Alex. He said she is a good player and they can go far together since no one sees it coming. They talked about working opposite sides of the house. Paul said that putting Cody and Jessica up together would be dumb. He proposed nominating Alex as a pawn next to Josh, with the goal of backdooring Cody. Alex got on board with the plan. Paul said he would use the veto on her if he wins it. Meanwhile, Elena told Ramses that this is probably a good week to nominate himself since Cody is the clear target. Ramses worried that Paul could plot against him to get him out since he knows about his curse. Elena reassured Ramses that Paul’s #1 target is Cody and his #2 target is Jessica. Elena was later told that Ramses could become the target if the veto is not used. She said she didn’t really like that since she likes him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul spoke to Josh about going up as a pawn in order to get Cody out. He said Josh would be up next to Alex. Josh worried that people would vote him out. Paul said there is no way since everyone wants Cody out except for Jessica. Paul encouraged Josh to attempt to rattle Cody during the veto competition if he gets picked. Josh argued that it would be a coward move. However, Josh said he is putting his trust in Paul in terms of going on the block. Paul said the plan is flawless and Cody will go home. If he doesn’t leave because he wins the veto, Paul said they will take Ramses out.

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