Big Brother 19 Day 17 - Christmas is tempted; three houseguests are nominated

July 7, 2017

3:00-4:00 PM: Feeds returned after being down two and a half hours for the Den of Temptation. The houseguests discussed that three of them have been cursed but they don’t know which three. There was speculation that the curse could be you don’t get to vote or you don’t get to play in the next HoH competition. Raven listened in on Cody and Jessica’s conversation from outside of the room that they were in. She reported back to her allies that she heard Jessica say they will probably be cursed since they aren’t liked. That led the others to believe that those two did not receive the temptation, seeing as they would have told each other. In the kitchen Ramses asked Paul if he is going for the people who are already targeting him, Cody and Jessica. Paul said he is backdooring Cody. Paul talked to Ramses about nominating himself as part of his curse. Paul said Ramses can then compete with them for the veto and if there is ever a week to put himself up, this is it since everybody is on board with getting Cody out. Ramses said he knew when he got the curse that this has to be the week that he uses it. Christmas and Jason had a long talk. Jason asked if Christmas felt he directly told her that he was going to keep her. Christmas said he played in a heavily persuasive grey area. Jason argued that he gave plenty of body language suggesting that he wasn’t sure about his vote. Christmas let Jason know that she would have respected his decision had he been honest about it beforehand. Jason explained that he wanted to keep Jillian since she would be a vote for him. He also talked about being on the outside of the strong alliance, making him want to even things up. Christmas told Jason she is a straight shooter and when you screw her over, you are gone. She pointed out that she called Cody and Jessica out for what they did. The two talked about bettering their relationship moving forward. In the storage room, Paul told Ramses that he is thinking about nominating Josh. He implied that Josh would be the one to go if all else fails. Ramses let Paul know that if he is the third nominee and the veto is used on him, there is no replacement nominee. Paul said they will have to think that over since the goal is to get Cody on the block.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jason told Christmas that Kevin was devastated by the vote yesterday, then Ramses called him a snake afterwards. Christmas asked how Jason knows that Kevin, not Ramses, voted to evict Jillian. Jason said Kevin is not going to stand there, look you in the eyes, and lie to you. Jason told Christmas that Ramses got the $25,000 and tries to be in everyone’s circle. Jason mentioned that Alex keeps wanting to trust Ramses, so he had to tell her that he will not talk to her if they are not on the same page about Ramses. Before the talk wrapped up, Christmas let Jason know that she is going to take a solid from him later, though she doesn’t know what it will be. Jason said that’s fair enough. In the bedroom, Cody checked in with Alex. Alex said she will probably be on the block, win the veto, then Cody will go up. Cody said he expects a combination of Alex, Jessica and himself to be on the block. Cody told Alex that if there is a way to keep Jessica off the block, he will use the veto on Alex if he isn’t nominated himself. Alex and Cody agreed that people let Paul win HoH because they were too afraid to look Cody in the eye and make a move against him themselves. Cody said he has been telling America that they screwed the game up and rigged it by putting in cheat codes against all of the newbies. Cody hopes that the fans are revolting, though he admitted that they probably hate him.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody and Alex discussed last night’s vote. Cody said Mark told him that he had to go with the house. Cody said Mark is that big yet he is a coward. Cody said he should have listened to Alex with regards to Dominique. Alex said she knew that Cody’s circle was bad. Cody said he is going to go after Mark’s closest chicks, Dominique and Elena, if he wins HoH. He thinks people will expect him to go after the guys. He said he will hit them where their heart hurts instead, sending their girls out before jury. Up in the HoH room, Christmas let Paul know that she received the temptation offer. Christmas said it’s not that good of one considering she is injured. Paul was more concerned about the curse. Christmas said she doesn’t know what the curse is but she chose Cody, Jessica and Ramses to be cursed. Paul loved it. Christmas then explained that she can put herself in to the veto competition by replacing one of the randomly selected players. Paul said that will be perfect to use to replace Cody. Christmas told him that’s obvious but she is hoping that she doesn’t have to use it this early in the game.

6:00-7:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Paul nominated Alex and Josh for eviction. Ramses is on the block as well. He nominated himself as the third nominee. He had to nominate himself in one of the next three weeks due to his curse.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul pulled Ramses aside and said that in exchange for keeping him safe this week, they ask that he either throws the veto to someone who will use it on one of the other nominees, or he just sits there. Ramses spoke to Dominique shortly after, saying he knows he can’t use the veto but it’s scary. He said he always told himself that there is no way he wouldn’t use it on himself if he were on the block. Dominique assured him that Cody will leave if he is on the block. In the bedroom, Cody told Jessica this was a bad move. He said he is surprised they weren’t nominated next to each other in order to force his hand. Cody said he would like to zing Dominique by calling her Judas sometime. As for Mark, Cody wants to tell him that he will be coming after the girls around him if there is a Battle Back. Jessica pointed out that Ramses will have to throw the veto competition or else there will not be a replacement nominee. Cody said they would just send Alex home then.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned after being down for a while. Cody, Jason and Jessica were in toad costumes. It seems as thought it was related to the curse even though Christmas said she cursed Ramses, not Jason. The costumes must be worn for the rest of the week.

9:00-10:00 PM: Cody said Paul is going to run this game. Cody said he would bet that Paul will win. Jessica agreed and said good for him. Both agreed that they are not mad at Paul, but they are mad at the other people for being dumb. Jessica said there is no one she would rather see win at this point. Cody said the others are the ones being dumb by keeping him, now Paul sees the win in sight and he is focused on getting it. Jessica asked what she should do if Cody leaves. Cody suggested that she be comfortable, even if that means making a fake relationship with Elena and Raven. Jessica said she would not do that. Cody said he would just make everyone feel uncomfortable the whole time if it were him. Up in the HoH room, Matt and Paul discussed that Ramses is the only one who could mess up their plan this week. Matt said things could go one of two ways if Cody leaves, as Jessica may pull it together or completely fall apart.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Josh that if Cody gets picked to play in the veto competition, he should say anything and everything to piss him off. Josh said he will go off without swearing at him. Josh asked if he can give a quick speech if he wins the veto and they nominate Cody. Paul said he can do whatever he wants. Paul told Josh that if Cody gets in his face again, he will be kicked out. Josh said he will dedicate his whole speech during the live show to going off on Cody if they are on the block next to each other. Downstairs, Cody told Kevin that the other side thought having Ramses up would help them, yet now his chip has a better chance of being pulled since Ramses’ wont be in there. Cody pointed out that it takes a team to bring him down. He said the only way they can take him out is by not letting him compete. Kevin said they will probably be after Jessica next. Cody said he hopes so since they will torture her if they keep her around. Back upstairs, Dominique asked Paul who they are going to use the veto on if their side wins. Paul said he would prefer to take Alex off of the block. He thinks she would be more enticing for people to try to target than Josh would be. Paul also thought it would be good TV to have Cody and Josh on the block together. Dominique let Paul know that Ramses talked to her in the storage room and said that he is nervous. She said she told him to follow the plan. Paul said he will tell Ramses that he will make it his goal to send him home next if he messes up this plan.

11:00-12:00 AM: Mark asked Dominique how she feels about Christmas not telling them about the temptation. Dominique said she doesn’t think it was a big deal since it didn’t affect them. The two discussed that the plan is to get down to their seven and then battle it out. Mark said it will be interesting since people will not get along. He mentioned already not getting along with Christmas. Dominique said she wont be a factor since she is volunteering to be the first to go. Mark wasn’t buying it. Dominique told him to trust her. Dominique then spoke to Mark about his relationship with Elena. She thinks they are falling for each other. Dominique said Elena sees that he is emotional, compassionate and intimate, so now she is massaging those things. Dominique also thinks that Elena is doing whatever she can to ensure that Mark doesn’t have to talk to her. Dominique told Mark he doesn’t have to choose between the two of them. Dominique said she talked to Elena about things and said she and Mark have a brother/sister relationship and there is nothing to worry about. Dominique said she is at a greater level of maturity than Elena is. They then discussed the relationship between Elena and Ramses. Dominique said Elena got choked up when talking about Ramses. Dominique added that Elena said Ramses comes to her about Dominique. Mark said Elena is planning on going after Jason before she goes after Ramses.

12:00-1:00 AM: Mark told Dominique that he has to get Ramses out if he wins HoH. He said Jessica wont do anything in the game once Cody is gone. Dominique said Jessica could win HoH and take out Mark’s girlfriend and Christmas. Mark said it wasn’t meant to be then. Dominique didn’t believe Mark, who later said he was kidding. Dominique said she has no issue with Elena but Elena’s jealousy is an issue. Dominique told Mark she would not be surprised if Elena worked things with him until she no longer needs them, then lets him go and teams up with Paul. She pointed out that she has seen them talking alone multiple times. She thinks that Elena is the one leading the charge in terms of initiating those talks.

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