Big Brother 19 Day 18 - Paul wins the Power of Veto

July 8, 2017

8:00-9:00 AM: Have-not were picked for the week. Cody, Jessica, Jason and Matt were selected. They all volunteered in one way or another. Paul told the have-nots that the have-not temptation is back in play this week for the first person to go to the diary room and request the key. If anyone decides to get the key, they will choose between two boxes. One will end their time as a have-not. The other will make them a have-not for two weeks. Afterwards, Jessica told Cody that they put Matt in the have-not room to spy on them. Cody said it’s funny because Raven now wont have anybody to sleep with. In the bedroom, Kevin quickly spoke to Alex about nominating Mark and Matt if either of them, Cody, Jessica, Jason or Ramses win HoH. Kevin mentioned nominating Paul if the veto is used, though he said they can send Matt home.

9:00-10:00 AM: Cody, Jessica and Kevin asked Jason if he is going to go for the have-not temptation. While he initially didn’t want to risk it, he decided to go to the diary room to request the key. He came back and said he was the first to request it. He will choose a box later. Cody told Jason that he will be safe this week. Cody explained that he will be the one going up if he doesn’t play in the veto competition, otherwise Alex will stay up there if he does play and win. Jason said Cody will win the competition if he is chosen to play. Cody said he will not lose. Cody told Jason that they made a mistake with the nominations. He said he would have used the veto on Jessica had they been nominated together.

10:00-11:00 AM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Paul, Alex, Jason, Ramses, Elena and Matt will be competing. Jason will be the host. Paul went to Ramses to let him know that everyone is going to throw the competition to one of the nominees. Paul assured Ramses that everyone is on board to go after Cody. He told Ramses not to mess up the plan. Paul asked Alex if she wants him to throw it or if she wants to play with him for fun. Alex said she will play. Christmas said the biggest thing is that Ramses cannot win. Other than that, she thinks the houseguests should play and have fun. Paul told Ramses to spell something like “bed” or “lit” if it’s a spelling competition. He then told Matt to make an effort to mess up if it’s a ball rolling competition. Matt agreed. Paul let Alex know that he would rather she come off the block since she wants to see Josh and Cody on the block together. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Paul that Cody isn’t going to go out as easy he thinks. Paul said Cody is a dead fish in the water and he knows that he is leaving. Josh and Paul discussed the speeches they will make about Cody at the veto ceremony. Josh told Paul not to let Cody get in his face. Paul said they wont. Meanwhile, Cody told Jason he has to figure out what to do with Jessica. Jason said she will be fine. Jason told Cody that they are not going to exile her. Cody said he is good as long as Jessica is good. Matt went to the HoH room and let Paul know that Jason is whispering with Cody. The two did not understand why Jason would do that. Back downstairs, Cody told Jessica that he will make sure the heat is 100% on him, not her.

11:00-12:00 PM: Matt and Paul continued to discuss that it’s not a good look on Jason’s part to be talking to Cody right now. Matt said it’s going to be good TV if Cody gets back in the game, even though it’s not going to be good for their games. Josh asked Matt and Paul how they feel about Ramses. He said he doesn’t trust him at all. Paul said he doesn’t trust Ramses. Josh explained that he tried to convince Ramses to keep Christmas, then Ramses went to Jillian and said he is voting to keep Christmas even though he had never said that to Ramses. Paul said Josh is starting to look at the game the right way now, since Ramses is a snake. In the have-not room, Jason said he cannot imagine them letting this be the Paul show. Cody asked why they brought him back then. Jason said it’s because people love to watch him. Cody said they will keep him here then. Cody added that he can’t imagine people are happy with him. Jason said he is going to have to tell the others that he will not vote to evict Cody. Cody suggested that he not even bring it up. Jessica said the only question for her is who she votes out between Josh and Ramses. Jason said definitely Ramses. Jessica said she was leaning that way too. Paul headed downstairs to let Dominique and Mark know what Jason is doing. They discussed going after Jason, Jessica and Ramses over the next few weeks. In the other bedroom, Alex told Kevin that they cannot help Jason anymore if he will not get on board with the plan. She said he should not be talking to Cody. Alex said she will give him one more chance since he is her friend. In the have-not room, Jessica told Cody that she would nominate Christmas and Raven if she wins HoH in two weeks. She said if one gets off of the block, she would then nominate Paul. In the storage room, Alex told Jason that she cannot help him anymore if he does not get it together. Alex said Jason is being too cool with Cody and Jessica. Jason said they know they are going home and they are just being nice. Alex told Jason to go clarify with everyone. Alex let Jason know that people will suspect he voted for Cody to stay if there is another vote that way. She said Christmas has already mentioned that maybe she should vote the other way to stir the pot, then she said just kidding. Alex said Christmas has it out for Jason.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jessica told Cody that she was never jealous about he and Alex. However, she said she was frustrated because it was jeopardizing everything. Jessica said Alex is “too much of a bro”. She said Alex is a very attractive girl and she has a great body, but she was never jealous. Cody said Alex doesn’t hold a candle to Jessica. Cody said that “without going in to detail, I would never be attracted to her”. Cody told Jessica that she is his type.

1:00-2:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Paul asked Ramses if he is ready for the veto competition. Ramses said it’s going to be fine. Mark added that it’s a simple plan. After Ramses left the room, Mark let Paul know that Elena spoke to Ramses and told him to use the veto on one of the other two nominees if he wins. Mark said Ramses’ response was “are you sure I have to do this?”. Paul said Ramses is an idiot. Paul said he will say out loud “Ramses, throw the competition!”, so everyone will know if he goes back on it and doesn’t throw it.

2:00-3:00 PM: Ramses told Christmas and Dominique that he is putting a lot of trust in the rest of the houseguests. He said they should be able to trust him not to use the veto on himself if he wins it. He said he will take down either Alex or Josh if he does win. He have his word that he is not going to take himself down. Kevin then spoke to Ramses, because Paul asked him to do so. Kevin said the powers that be want to make sure that everything is going to be okay. Ramses said he is trying to make sure of the same since he is the one who will end up stuck on the block. Ramses said he trusts the house. Kevin said he has no choice. Ramses agreed. Ramses told Kevin he is not the type of person who lies, so he gave his word and he will stick to it. Up in the HoH room, Paul asked Elena if she has kept tabs on Ramses. She said yes. She told Paul that she feels good about it. Mark said he is going to scream out “Ramses, stick to the plan” if it’s getting too close. Paul then checked in with Kevin who assured him that Ramses will not try to pull anything. Ramses made his way up to the HoH room. He told Paul that everyone needs to chill out and realize that he has to trust in them a lot more than they have to trust in him. Ramses said they are all on the same page.

3:00-4:00 PM: Kevin told Alex he was asked to talk to Ramses but he said he isn’t doing it. Alex said people are worried Ramses is going to win the veto and team up with Cody and Jessica. Alex said Christmas is bad news. She explained that Christmas is already trying to make Jason the next target, plus she is the only smart girl on the other side. Alex and Kevin discussed that the show has become the Paul show. Alex said she knew this would happen and that’s why she was trying to get everyone to stick to the plan by voting Christmas out. Alex blamed Josh and Ramses for flipping. She said they are dead to her. Alex doesn’t want to win HoH in the next couple of weeks because the house will want her to go after Jessica, Josh and Ramses. Kevin said she can do whatever she wants, though she didn’t want to bring those people along to jury. Alex and Kevin agreed that they will not nominate each other. In the HoH room, Ramses reiterated that he trusts the group. He shook Paul’s hand that he will not use the veto on himself if he happens to win it. Jason came out of the diary room with the key for the have-not temptation. He picked the wrong box. He is now a have-not for two weeks.

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Paul won the Power of Veto. Up in the HoH room, Paul and Raven discussed that Ramses didn’t throw the competition. Paul said he will publicly humiliate Ramses. Mark said he hasn’t trusted Ramses since Day 1. Paul said he is now planning on leaving Alex on the block, opting to use the veto on Josh. Paul said he doesn’t want there to be any chance of votes flipping. He said there is no way that Jason will vote Alex out but he might vote Josh out. Paul told Mark, Matt and Raven that they need to make Alex feel as comfortable as possible since she really was a team player this week. Raven came up to the HoH room and said he knows that looked very sketchy. Paul agreed. Ramses swore he was not trying to win the competition. Paul ultimately said it’s fine since his plan is still in motion and he will get Cody out like he wanted to do. As Ramses left the room, Mark said if that’s how you throw a comp, he doesn’t want to see Ramses at full speed. Downstairs, Christmas told Paul that Ramses would have used the veto on himself and then teamed up with Cody, Jessica and Jason. Paul said Ramses, Jason and Jessica need to go next. Paul said he trusts Alex. Christmas said Alex, Kevin and Josh are good. Christmas said she knew Ramses was lying to her. She added that you don’t throw a 30 minute competition by completing it in 7 minutes.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Elena and Mark that Alex is a team player. Mark said she understands the game. Mark pointed out that Jason will not be a big threat to them once Cody goes, since Alex will be the one influencing him. Paul said that is a good point. Paul said he wants to scare Ramses. He suggested that they intimidate him this week. Paul asked Elena to please not relay any information to Ramses. Elena said she will not. Paul then spoke to Alex. He said everyone pulled him aside and said she is a beast and they want to work with her. Paul pointed out that Ramses nearly screwed Alex over since he wouldn’t have used the veto on her had he won it. Paul advised Alex to stay away from Jessica and Ramses. Paul let Alex know that people have been talking about leaving Alex on the block since they are sure that Jason will not vote against her. Otherwise, they do not know if they can trust Jason to vote with them. Paul revealed that the plan moving forward is to nominate Jessica and Ramses. He said Jason is the backup plan for a lot of people. Paul said he trusts Alex more than pretty much anyone at this point. He said he will have a meeting with her and nine people in order to get them to reassure her that she has the votes and that Cody will be leaving no matter what. Alex said she will trust Paul since she doesn’t want to have to vote Cody out. She feels that she owes Cody one after last week. Alex told Paul to leave her on the block. Afterwards, Paul spoke to the live feeders. He said he played the victim hard when Cody tried to nominate him, and it worked. Paul said he convinced everyone to help him win HoH this week, then everyone is on board with going after Jason, Jessica and Ramses next. Paul said that means he may be able to avoid the block for six weeks. Paul promised to continue to update the viewers on his plan. He admitted he is not as crazy as last season. He said he had to play the game from a different angle this time around, looking to be the confident, wise, calm player. Paul said it’s time for everyone else to go crazy. Paul thinks he learned how to play Big Brother right way from his experience last season. He said he has been working from the second he got in to the house, bamboozling people along the way. He added that everyone is bringing him information and he is using that to manipulate everyone. So far, Paul said it is working.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jessica asked Paul to speak. She said she needs some advice on how to get through the game on a personal level. Paul said she is in a tough spot but it might change once Cody is gone. Paul explained that secluding herself is not helping. Jessica said she cannot let Cody go through this alone. Jessica said it sucks because she felt she had relationships with people that she thought could continue on in the outside world. In particular, Jessica listed off Elena, Paul and Mark. Jessica told Paul that he and Kevin are the only two people who asked her if she is okay. Jessica asked how she can have relationships with these people when they don’t even care how she is doing. Paul said that’s a choice Jessica has to make. Paul said the game is tough and there is no easy answer. Paul told Jessica her feelings should not be hurt since this is a make believe situation, not real life.

12:00-1:00 AM: Paul told Jessica that the game is tough for everyone. He asked if she thinks it’s easy for him, cause it’s not. Jessica said he has three weeks of safety and everyone follows him like he is God. Paul asked if she thinks it’s easy to be the only vet in there. Jessica said Paul has a house full of groupies, so he should feel great. She added that they eat up everything he says. Jessica told Paul she hopes he wins the game. She said the others are dumb. Paul said it’s literally impossible for him to win. Jessica said things are stacked in Paul’s favour. Paul argued that the odds are stacked against him. He said someone will take a shot at him once his safety is up. He also said he wont be able to win at the end since the newbie can say they got to the same point in the game as he did on their first try. During the conversation, Jessica let Paul know that Ramses approached her and Cody to say he voted to keep Jillian last week. Before leaving the room, Jessica told Paul she appreciates that he did not nominate her next to Cody. She then apologized for not being able to prevent the situation that played out last week. Paul said it’s not her fault and she didn’t know.

1:00-2:00 AM: Paul told Christmas, Elena, Mark, Matt and Raven that Ramses approached Cody and Jessica to say he voted to keep Jillian. Paul said Ramses also told them that he was going to use the veto on himself. In the bedroom, Alex told Kevin that the others will wipes themselves out if they keep their heads down and let them think that they are in control. Alex said there is no reason to start a war if they are not the targets. Kevin asked where Dominique stands in all of this. Alex said she is playing the best game in the house since she doesn’t ever get her hands dirty. Kevin believes that he doesn’t do that either. In the kitchen, Alex told Mark that Ramses flipped at the vote. Mark said Ramses didn’t flip. He said Alex, Jason, Jessica and Ramses were the votes for Jillian to stay. Mark asked if people think Kevin voted for Jillian. Alex confirmed that they do. She thinks Ramses flipped but she doesn’t know of sure. Mark then asked Ramses out loud who he voted to evict. Ramses said he voted to evict Christmas and Christmas knows this. Ramses suggested that Kevin had to be the one who flipped.

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