Big Brother 19 Day 19

July 9, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Mark told Dominique that what he has going on with Elena is not a good thing for him. Dominique asked why. Mark explained that he is so vulnerable. Dominique asked if Mark has let Elena know that he is falling for her. Mark said no. Dominique advised Mark to just be him. Mark said the charming him who compliments her is him, but the real him doesn’t do it for this long when he doesn’t receive the same back in return. Mark told Dominique that Elena has to go as soon as they get to jury. Mark said he doesn’t trust her in the game. Dominique said she doesn’t trust her at all either. Mark said Elena is so fake with Paul. Dominique mentioned Elena’s association with Ramses. She said she cannot understand why Elena would associate with him when he is a complete liar. Dominique added that she also cannot trust someone who is jealous of her relationship with Mark. They discussed that Matt, Raven and Elena will remain tight.

10:00-11:00 AM: Alex let Jason know that the other side thinks Kevin, not Ramses, is the one who flipped and voted Jillian out. Jason told Alex that they are just trying to mess with her because they want their side to fall part. Alex advised Jason to be nice to Christmas. Jason said he is not doing it. Alex told him that this will all be for nothing if he leaves this early in the game. Alex told Jason to kiss Christmas’ ass. Cody joined them. Alex said she is on the block because she wouldn’t vote against Cody. She let Cody know that they are going to leave her up there. Cody said they will not leave him in the game and give him a shot to compete for HoH. Cody said he will smoke everyone if there is a Battle Back. In the kitchen, Matt and Raven discussed that they are starting to like Alex. On the other hand, they said Jason is a wildcard. Matt said he is going to sit Jason down before the HoH competition and let him know that he is safe with them as long as he nominates Jessica and Ramses if he wins HoH. Back in the living room, Alex told Jason that Cody is trying to use them to get the girls out so he can compete against them in the Battle Back. Cody rejoined them to ask about the plan moving forward. He mentioned that if people are this disloyal to him, you can only imagine how they will be to each other.

11:00-12:00 PM: Cody said this will be a dud season since the weak people found someone who they can follow in order to pick off the strong people. Cody told Alex and Jason that they wont stand a chance if the HoH competitions allow for you to help someone. Cody thinks the other side will get what they want from Alex and Jason this week, only to turn their backs on them the next week. Alex said they have to submit and do what the others want for now. She told Jason the only way they can beat these people is to play their game and beat them at it. Alex said she is going to play them and win. Cody said his money is definitely not on Alex to win, though he wants her to win.

12:00-1:00 PM: Josh spoke to the live feeders. He said he completely trusts Christmas and Paul. He also said he has a loyalty to Jason and Kevin. Josh said his strategy is to lay low for now and make it to jury, seeing as there has been a lot of attention on him since Day 1. Josh said he is not working with Ramses now that Ramses screwed him over once already. Josh assured the viewers that he is not trying to get in with the “Star 7” group. Josh said he will take a shot at the showmances the minute he gets a chance to. Josh listed off Christmas, Paul, Dominique and Jason as people who do not have anything to worry about with him. He said everybody else is fair game.

1:00-2:00 PM: Christmas spoke to Josh about the need for him to remain a floater. She told him not to be mad at Ramses. Christmas assured Josh that he will remain safe with “the team”. Josh worries that the outsiders think he is leaning towards the other side, so they will take a shot at him. Christmas agreed. She advised him to throw things out there that suggest he is willing to work with the outsiders to take down the other side. Josh’s concern with that was that the group would think he is actually plotting against them. Christmas said she will handle that and will let them know that Josh is working on something for them. Josh asked if Paul is going to use the veto on him. Christmas said he definitely is. Josh was relieved to hear that. He said he will not attack Cody but he is going to get up and say something to him. Christmas told him to remember he has to try to show the other side he is confused and stuck in the middle.

2:00-3:00 PM: Mark asked Jason if Cody and Jessica are talking about making any deals. Jason asked how they would do that. Mark said he doesn’t know since he isn’t talking to them. Paul told Jason they have to make Alex feel comfortable. He reminded Jason that Alex is still on the block as a pawn, so it likely isn’t comforting to see Jason speaking to Cody and Jessica. Jason mentioned that Paul won the veto and he is going to pull Alex off. Paul said no. Jason was surprised and asked what is going to happen then. Paul said he is using the veto on Josh. Jason asked what the problem is then, since Cody will be on the block regardless. Paul said there is no problem. Mark brought up that Jason, Alex, Jessica and Ramses were the four votes to evict Jillian. Jason said Kevin was one of them. At that point, Kevin go up and walked out of the room. Mark was confused. Jason said Ramses is accusing him of being the one who didn’t keep Jillian. They continued talking about Ramses being shady. Paul said Ramses tried to win the veto, which would have screwed everybody. Paul asked Jason if he thinks that Jessica will crumble without Cody around. Jason said he has no idea but he thinks that she is a bit of a sociopath. Paul asked if Jessica is trying to reel Jason in. Jason said no, adding that he told her he wants to slam her head in a toilet.

3:00-4:00 PM: Mark apologized to Kevin for bringing up the votes in front of Jason. Kevin said it’s not a problem. Elena said they know the truth about the votes but the other side doesn’t. Mark thought everyone was aware. Elena told Mark that the other side not knowing the about the votes is leading to them not trusting Ramses when they really can. In the bathroom, Christmas told Matt that the outsiders are trying to create an alliance. She said Jessica, Ramses and Jason are involved, plus they are hoping Cody will win a Battle Back to join them. Christmas said Jason is the strongest competitor of those three. She suggested that Jason be targeted next. Matt said he is on board with that. Christmas thinks it would be the right move even though she believes that Jessica would come after her if she were to win HoH.

4:00-5:00 PM: Raven joined Christmas and Matt. She too agreed that Jason needs to go before Jessica and Ramses. Paul came by and let them know that Jason said he would nominate Jessica and Ramses. Christmas said she doesn’t believe it. Christmas said they should backdoor Jason. Paul suggested nominating Jessica and Ramses, only nominating Jason if one of them wins the veto. Paul asked if they think Jason should leave before Jessica and Ramses. Matt said Jessica is useless in the game without Cody. Paul didn’t necessarily agree. Christmas mentioned they should work on their relationships with Jason and Ramses this week, prior to the next HoH competition. Paul disagreed. He said he has lost complete trust in Ramses and will not believe anything he says. Christmas told Paul to let her work her magic like he works his. Paul said to make sure she doesn’t relay any information to Ramses. Christmas told Paul to have some faith. Dominique then joined them. In order, she thinks Jessica, Ramses and Jason are the biggest threats to them. Christmas said she thinks Jason is dangerous since he is making deals with Cody to protect Jessica in exchange for Cody teaming up with them if there is a Battle Back. Up in the HoH room, Kevin and Paul discussed that people are losing trust in Jason since he is associating with Cody and Jessica. Paul said he plans to take a step back once his HoH reign is over. He thinks the big group is going to start turning on each other soon. Alex told Paul he can trust Alex. Paul said he trusts Alex and Kevin more than the others. Kevin said thank God Jason isn’t too quick, since Mark’s comments about the vote didn’t get through to him. Kevin commented on how Christmas is sort of erratic. Paul said she is nuts and she is going to get herself evicted soon. Paul said Christmas is very bossy, which is something that the group is not going to like. Paul said they need to just let her continue to be bossy.

6:00-7:00 PM: Jason asked Josh about the plan for this week. Josh said the plan is to get Cody out. Jason wondered why everyone is acting so weird then. Josh advised Jason to chill and to stay away from Cody. Jason asked who is saying that they cannot talk to Cody and Jessica. Josh explained that it’s a game and the advice he is giving is being done because he wants to help. Up in the HoH room, Dominique asked Paul if Alex knows that she is staying on the block. Paul confirmed that she does. He said Alex volunteered to stay on the block since she has her own little agenda and feels that she owes Cody one. The HoH crew then went back to talking about Ramses. Matt asked who in the house actually likes him. Paul said nobody but Cody and Jessica. Dominique then brought up the deal that Ramses made with those two yesterday. Josh could not believe that Ramses would have used the veto on himself had he won it. Paul said he tried to help Ramses by telling him to use his curse this week when he would be safe, yet Ramses tried to screw up his plan. Paul pointed to this week as an example of what he does to people when they screw him over.

8:00-9:00 PM: Cody told Jessica that it’s best for her to either stay safe until jury or leave next week. He thought it would be tough being the last to leave before jury. Jessica said she will have to win an HoH or veto between now and jury in order for her to survive until then. Cody said Paul might have some sympathy for Jessica once he leaves. Jessica wasn’t sure about that. She said when she spoke to Paul last night, it was the first time she could tell that Paul was emotionally disconnected when they spoke. Jessica said she doesn’t know if it’s a good idea for her to win HoH this week. Cody said she should take what she can get. Jessica thinks it would be a stupid game move to target her next. She thinks it would make more sense to get Alex out. Jessica feels as though targeting her would only be done if someone is making a move in order to get revenge.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jessica told Cody to pray that there is a Battle Back. Cody said the others should pray that there isn’t one. Jessica figures that Paul is already planning ahead in case there is one. She thinks that Paul will send Alex out next so that Cody has to compete against her. Cody said they would probably want to get Jason out too then. Jessica mentioned that she will have to take that into consideration if she wins HoH. She talked about sending Christmas out so that Christmas would have to forfeit against Cody. Cody said that would be funny. He told Jessica not to worry who he has to compete against. Cody said he will be fine no matter who leaves.

11:00-12:00 AM: Ramses talked to Christmas about what happened at yesterday’s veto competition. Ramses said he did not try to win but he thought they all should have played it out for fun and then whoever won could have used it Alex or Josh. Ramses said he doesn’t want Paul to be so pissed at him that he changes this week’s plan. Christmas said she is pretty certain that Paul will not do that. Ramses said he would have told them if he didn’t plan on throwing the competition. Christmas suggested that Ramses talk to Paul. He said he has been trying to get Paul alone all day. In the bedroom, Alex told Jason that Ramses is still trying to pawn off his vote on Kevin, saying that Kevin voted to evict Jillian. Alex said the other side is starting to think it was Kevin as well. Alex doesn’t think that Kevin would lie to them. Jason said there is no way. Alex told Jason that they need to stick with other side. She mentioned that she is no longer even on the radar since they think she is friends with them.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jason told Alex that the only issue is that he said he would not vote Cody out. Jason asked if he should. Alex said said he has to or else people will believe that Jason made a deal with Cody in case there is a Battle Back. Alex said they need to take out the people that the other side wants out, then win HoH and start turning on them. Alex thinks it would be a good idea for Jason to win HoH, stick to the plan, and build trust. Alex told Jason that the others want Jessica and Ramses on the block. Jason said he would want to nominate Matt and Raven. Alex told him it would mean he loses all of the numbers if things backfire. Alex brought up that they could work with Paul. Jason mentioned making a four person alliance with Mark and Paul. He told Alex that he and Mark made a Final 2 deal on Day 1. Jason questioned why Paul gets to be in charge. Alex said it’s because he made it to the Final 2 last season. Alex said Paul will likely win the $500,000, but one of them can win $50,000.

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