Big Brother 19 Day 20 - Paul uses the PoV on Josh, nominates Cody

July 10, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Paul used the Power of Veto on Josh. Paul nominated Cody as the replacement nominee. Alex, Cody and Ramses are now on the block together. When feeds returned, Josh and Jessica were going at it. Josh asked who is going to look like a fool next week. Jessica said Josh will because he is a pawn for both sides and he cannot see it. Josh told Jessica that she will be going home next week. Jessica said she is not scared. Josh said he is happy with being a pawn as long as Jessica goes home before him. Jessica told him to bring it. Josh then headed to the kitchen. He shouted out to Cody that they are having meatballs and linguine for dinner. Josh said it’s Cody’s last supper. Paul told Josh to control his emotions. Kevin said Josh made his point and he needs to stop now or else it will look bad on him. Paul went to Cody and thanked him for keeping his cool. Paul said he appreciates the fact that Cody understands it is a show. Paul said he respects that. Cody said the same to Paul. Jessica told Cody that Josh was shaking the entire time he made his speech. She said there is never a dull moment in the house. Cody said Josh felt that he had his shining moment. He said Josh tried to give the Zach speech against Devin. Jessica said she is going to ask Josh every day if someone has changed his diaper yet. Elsewhere, Jason asked Paul what the next step is in regards to the vote. He asked if it should be a landslide. Paul said definitely. Jason told Paul that if it’s not a landslide, it’s not because of him. Paul said it should be 10-1. Jason again said it will not be him if someone else votes the other way. Paul then spoke to Christmas sand said Jason is next. He mentioned Jason saying if there are any weird votes, it’s not him. Paul told Christmas that they have to start keeping their distance from each other because people were starting to view them as a pair. He assured Christmas that he has her back. Up in the HoH room, Paul asked Kevin to vote to evict Ramses. Paul said the votes will come out weird and people will start wondering who did that. Paul said just like Kevin’s $25,000, he cannot tell anybody about this vote. Kevin asked if anyone else knows that Paul is asking him to do this. Paul said no. Kevin said no problem then. Paul said Jason might end up taking the heat for the vote. Paul told Kevin he doesn’t trust anybody in the house as much as he trusts him. Paul said Kevin needs to start remembering every day and what happened on those days, then they can start studying together. Paul said he is helping Kevin since he is a good dude. Kevin said they will be friends when the game is over. They then talked about the goal being to get to the end together and take home the money.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jason came to Paul for advice. He said he wants to be on the team. Paul said Jason has to be careful since he has eyes on him. Jason said he is worried about Ramses voting the other way and then blaming it on him. Paul reminded Jason that Ramses doesn’t have a vote this week, though someone else may do that. Paul said Jason’s best shot is to win HoH and then put Jessica and Ramses on the block. Jason said that’s exactly what he was going to do. Jason let Paul know that he wants to make an alliance. He asked for a suggestion on what combination of people to involve. Paul said he doesn’t really align with people, opting instead to build trust with them. This week, Paul said Jason’s job is to treat Cody and Jessica like they have the plague. Jason feels that people are being insecure when they think something is going on between the three of them. Paul said people will look at Jason differently if he wins HoH and nominates Jessica and Ramses. Dominique then stopped by the HoH room. She is concerned that Josh will start thinking about what Jessica said to him in terms of him being a pawn on both sides. Paul said he will talk to Josh about it. Paul said he thinks he wants Ramses out before Jessica. Dominique said she is on board with that. She explained that it’s personal for her because of the things that Ramses has done. Paul spoke to a group of houseguests in the kitchen, including Alex, Elena, Matt, Raven, Christmas and Josh. He said he gave Jason advice to nominate Jessica and Ramses, which Jason is 100% going to do. Paul said he would not worry about Jason now. As for next week, Paul said he believes that Ramses is a bigger threat than Jessica, but whoever is HoH can decide that for themselves.

1:00-2:00 PM: Kevin told Elena that they should all enjoy the week since they know what’s going to happen. He said it will be a 9-2 vote and Cody will go home. Elena asked who the other vote will be other than Jessica. Kevin said someone will throw a curveball to get some extra diary room time, or because they think it will end up being a shutout.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christmas has temporarily left the house to go see the doctor. She was originally schedule for surgery today, though she told Paul last night that it has been moved to Wednesday.

3:00-4:00 PM: Josh told Mark that he is alone in the game and he would like to work with him moving forward. Mark said he is a loyal person and he gave his word to Josh on Day 1 that he wants to work with him. Mark assured Josh that his name has never came out of his mouth. Mark said someone like Ramses has mentioned his name and how he will do everything in his power to get him out. Mark told Josh that the plan is to get Jessica and Ramses out in the next two weeks, so Josh is good for now. On top of that, Mark told Josh that he is safe with him beyond the next couple of weeks. Josh said the same to Mark. Josh then spoke to Paul. He said he completely trusts Paul’s word and hopes that Paul sees that. Paul said he trusts Josh. He thanked him for going up as a pawn. Josh said he is alone and he is screwed moving forward. Paul disagreed. He said the agenda for the house is to go after Ramses, Jessica and Jason. Paul told Josh that he is doing well and people are noticing it. Paul told Josh not to listen to the things Jessica is saying. Josh said he wants to be the one to take her out. Paul said Ramses is next on his list after what he did during the veto competition. Paul said Josh has made it to jury as long as he shuts up and does his part. In the bedroom, Alex told Jason know that Paul was telling people his talk with him went well and he understands. Alex told Jason not to hang out with Cody or Jessica at all. Jason asked if he should win HoH and put Jessica and Ramses up, or let someone else do it. Alex said one of them should win and show their allegiance. Alex continued to warn Jason about Christmas. She told him they have to be nice to her and then wipe her out. Josh and Jason then spoke in the storage room. Josh said he wants to go far with Alex and Jason. Josh told Jason not to get caught speak to Cody and Jessica behind closed doors. He said they need to gun for HoH and do what the house wants, then the game starts in two weeks. Josh suggested that Jason listen to what Paul says. Jason said Paul is solid. Josh also told Jason to always talk crap about Jessica and Ramses, then he will be golden.

4:00-5:00 PM: In the storage room, Matt asked Dominique who she thinks should go first out of Jessica and Ramses. Dominique said she is 50/50 on that. Dominique said Jessica will be coming after the group if she wins HoH, while she doesn’t know what Ramses would do. They figured that Ramses would probably come after Dominique and Mark, whereas Jessica would go after Christmas, Elena and Josh. Matt said the good thing is that Jason is now on the same page as them, meaning that the other side only has a 2 in 12 shot at winning HoH. Dominique ultimately said she would probably want to get Jessica out. She said Ramses is a liar but Jessica is stronger from a game perspective. Matt figures that Jessica would have a better shot at influencing people and getting them back on her side.

5:00-6:00 PM: Matt asked Mark who he thinks needs to leave first out of Jessica and Ramses. Mark said they should put both up and then see how the week goes. Mark doesn’t think that either is a bigger threat than the other. Matt said Ramses has completely ruined his credibility and nobody is going to listen to him. On the other hand, Matt thinks that Jessica has the ability to potentially sway some people. Mark agreed. Mark said if it was up to him right now, he would Jessica out the door right after Cody. He added that they can have Cody compete against Jessica if there is a Battle Back. He said that would make for good TV.

6:00-7:00 PM: Christmas returned from her doctor’s appointment. She let the houseguests know that she is going to have surgery on Wednesday. She said she will return on Thursday in time for the live show. Jessica asked to speak to Christmas. Jessica started off by saying this conversation is hard for her to have since she is in a position of weakness. Jessica said everything she is about to say is genuine. Jessica explained that Christmas gave her a choice to either abandon Cody or stay with him and be a target. Jessica said she understands why Christmas is after Cody, but she was surprised when Christmas attacked her in her speech. Jessica said Christmas has been really mean to her and she has made her life in the house harder. Jessica said Christmas is better than playing the mean girl role. Christmas thanked Jessica for talking to her. Christmas clarified that what she was telling Jessica to do was to make her actions be known, though she did not say to ditch Cody. Christmas said she would not have taken the time to speak to Jessica if she was her target. Christmas mentioned that Jessica pretty much forced people to pick a side with her campaign. Christmas pointed out that Jessica and Cody did not come downstairs to check on her when she returned from her injury last week. The two agreed that they had miscommunication issues, but Jessica said she truly believed that Christmas was telling her she would be a target for her if she stayed with Cody. The two argued over that point since Christmas didn’t like that Jessica told people her interpretation of the talk and presented it as though she was using Christmas’ words. Jessica said she wants to get to a neutral ground. Christmas agreed and promised to try to get past what happened. Jessica said she didn’t mean to hurt Christmas. She apologized if she did. The two said they are glad they had that talk.

7:00-8:00 PM: Christmas told Matt and Raven that her condition immediately after surgery will be worse than the initial break. She said it would be cool if people take shifts hanging out with her. Christmas said the doctor told her that it will be a very intense surgery. Christmas later revealed that her surgery is scheduled for 3:30 and is expected to last until sometime between 7:30 and 9:00. She said she was told that the initial pain will be very high but it will taper off very fast.

8:00-9:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Christmas told Alex, Dominique and Elena about her chat with Jessica. The main point that Christmas wanted to clarify is that Jessica admitted to having spread her own interpretation of her conversation with Christmas as opposed to spreading the actual words that were said. Elena said she had a conversation with Cody this morning when she went in to the pool. Elena said Cody told her he hopes that everyone is going to be nice to Jessica when he leaves. Elena told the girls she let Cody know that he and Jessica distanced themselves from everyone and seemed not to want to be involved. Elena said she told Cody that nobody knew how to approach them since they have isolated themselves and wanted to spend time alone together. Christmas said she doesn’t think Jessica is truly comfortable with who she is, which is leading to her resorting to what she knows in terms of leaning on someone else. Christmas hopes that Jessica will be able to be comfortable with who she is and own it 100%, rather than be the person who she became in the house. Alex thinks that Cody and Jessica will try to make things work on the outside, only to realize that they have nothing in common. She thinks Jessica will then have plenty of resentment. Dominique said Cody even told Jessica in Week 1 that what they have is something that is for their time in the house and nothing more. Dominique said Cody may have changed his mind and actually fallen for her since then. Paul checked in with the girls. He asked if the plan is still to target Jessica and Ramses. Everyone confirmed that that’s the plan. Paul asked if they have concluded that Ramses won the $25,000. Alex said yes. She said they should sent him out next then. They discussed that the agenda for next week is set then. Christmas said Jessica has to go the following week if Ramses leaves next.

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