Big Brother 19 Day 21

July 11, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM: In the bathroom, Matt told Christmas and Raven that he loves Josh but there are multiple people who don’t. Matt wasn’t sure how that would be addressed. Christmas said there is a two person agenda right, in reference to Jessica and Ramses. Matt said he does not want to be the one to have to go after Josh. Christmas said it would break her heart. Matt expects Josh to go on the block once Jessica and Ramses leave. Christmas said she agrees unless someone else has done something stupid. Matt brought up that people are going to start taking shots at Paul sometime. Christmas agreed. Matt said they will have to protect him. Christmas and Matt agreed that Paul is doing a great job positioning himself on both sides in order to protect himself. Matt said his goal is to make jury, then he doesn’t care what happens after that. Matt thinks that Paul and Raven are the biggest threats for people who are trying to win the game. Matt said he would rather see Raven win the game than him. Christmas said she is the most deserving and she is the nicest person she has ever met. In the storage room, Josh told Dominique that he completely trusts her, Mark, Paul and Christmas. Josh said they have been them for him as people and he wants them to go as far as they can. Josh admitted that he hasn’t played the best game. Dominique said Josh has been coming around and people are loving it. Josh said he knows he is on the outs on both sides, but he can make it further than anticipated if he gives his word to the right people. Josh asked Dominique to approach him if she ever hears that he said something. Josh said he will be 100% honest even if he messed up. Josh said his actions will prove himself. Josh said Christmas and Dominique do not realize how much they helped him as a human being and helped him grow in this game.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jessica was alone with Cody and started crying. She said her body is completely out of whack. She said she feels awful, they are sleeping on spikes, they have to take cold showers, and she cannot eat. Jessica continued on by saying that she is sick to her stomach every day, they cannot go outside, they are stuck on the floor on lily pads, and they are in frog costumes. Jessica said she didn’t think it would be this hard. She said “they broke me. It’s official. They won”. Jessica headed to the bathroom not long after. Raven saw that she was upset. Raven joined her in the bathroom in attempt to comfort her. Once they got out, Jessica was called to the diary room. Raven told Christmas, Matt and Paul that Jessica is sick. He said she is embarrassed since she hasn’t used the washroom in three days now, and she has been throwing up.

2:00-3:00 PM: When Jessica returned from the diary room, she told Cody that he is leaving and now she is going to be left in there to do this all alone. She said she has to find a way to bounce back. Cody told Jessica that she has faced all of the collateral damage for the risks that he took. Cody admitted that he didn’t take Jessica into consideration when taking those risks. Cody said if he could go back and do it all over again, he would do things in a way that she was not impacted by his decisions. Cody said it was selfish of him to do what he did. He said he regrets it and now he cannot even be around to take the pain away. Cody let Jessica know that he cares about her a lot. Jessica told Cody she doesn’t blame him for what they are going through, so she doesn’t want him to feel that way. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Paul that Jessica is going to lose it when Cody leaves. Josh said he wont say anything to her, because he has a sister her age and he would not want someone to do that to her. Josh told Paul that Ramses is getting under his skin. Josh said he will still talk to Ramses even though he wants to tell him off. Josh said he feels bad for Ramses and that is one person he will never attack. Paul said they should still get Ramses out. Josh agreed and said they should get Jessica out and then go after Ramses. Paul said he thinks Ramses should leave before Jessica, because he is the better player and he is smarter than Jessica.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paul asked Elena if Jessica is trying to jump back to her yet. Elena said not really. Paul thinks that Jessica will attempt to jump back to one of them, which Elena agreed with. Paul said he is going to say no thanks. Paul asked if Elena even wants to win HoH next week. Elena said she would rather win now and get outsiders out, though she is in a tough spot since she and Jessica were close before everything happened. Paul said people are going to want to get him out eventually. He said he can feel it already. Elena said she doesn’t want to get Paul out. Paul said the next three weeks should be flawless. Paul said they have four weeks if they include Josh along with Ramses, Jessica and Jason. Paul said he doesn’t know if anyone will take a shot at Raven. Elena said no one will. Elena told Paul that Raven needs it more than anyone, but she questioned if that’s how Big Brother works. Paul said exactly. He figures that people on the outside will be looking at it from that perspective.

5:00-6:00 PM: Elena told Dominique that Mark is very sweet. She asked if Dominique thinks that will expire. Dominique said yes. Dominique said she has been encouraging Mark to be himself and not be the person he is during the honeymoon phase. Elena thanked Dominique for telling him that. Dominique asked if Elena really likes Mark. Elena said yeah but added that she hates that she does. She explained that she didn’t want to like anyone there. Elena said she feared this was going to happen because she unable to push people away in the house, unlike the real world. Elena thinks that the relationship is forced to move quicker in the house. She said when she allows herself to feel, she feels very deeply. From a game perspective, Elena said she is was there to play and not to have a showmance. Elena asked Dominique if she thinks that Mark really does like her. Dominique said he does like her. Dominique said she knew that Elena liked Mark but was playing hard to get. Dominique told Elena she would not have introduced any sort of intimacy, because feelings can be easily manipulated once intimacy is involved. Dominique proceeded to ask Elena a number of questions to see if she thinks she is beautiful, if she thinks she is worthy, and so on. Dominique told Elena she is definitely worthy, and that’s because she is a child of God. Dominique said Elena has to open herself and be vulnerable enough to allow someone to love her. Mark interrupted the conversation. Dominique let Mark know that she told Elena he really likes her. Elena asked Mark if he really likes her. Mark said he does. Elena said thanks.

6:00-7:00 PM: Matt joined Dominique, Elena and Mark in the HoH room. Matt said it feels like nothing game related has happened today. Mark said there is no question what’s going to happen this week, so there is no campaigning to be done. Matt said he keeps going back and forth on whether Jessica or Ramses is the bigger threat. Mark said Jessica is since she is going to stir the pot. Dominique said Ramses does that too. Matt added that Ramses is smarter than Jessica is. Mark admitted that Ramses is growing on him because of chess. Matt said he wants to keep Jessica around if she doesn’t want to be there after Cody leaves. Mark agreed. On the other hand, he said he wants Jessica to go if she keeps her cool. Dominique expects Jessica to play it cool. Mark asked Dominique what she would do if she wins HoH. Dominique said she would nominate Jessica and Ramses. Mark agreed. The group discussed that it will look bad if they continue to use the same pawns over and over, such Alex. They discussed that one of their own may need to be used as a pawn. Dominique said she would likely want to backdoor Ramses. Mark mentioned that he would be willing to go on the block in order to compete. Matt said Jason is almost higher on his target list than Jessica is. Elena said the same. Mark tried to defend Jason. Matt told Mark to continue talking to Jason in case he wins. After everyone else left the room, Dominique told Mark that Elena really likes him. She told him not to play with her heart or her feelings. Dominique told Mark that he needs to have a conversation with Elena if he is not going to be able to be what Mark is expecting. Mark said they have had that conversation. Mark asked what to do. Dominique asked him if he wants to have something with Elena after the show. Mark said he will see how it goes for the rest of the summer. Dominique reiterated that Elena really likes Mark and she does not want him to hurt her. Mark said the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Downstairs, Jason told Alex he doesn’t understand what the draw of jury is. Alex said these people are lazy and want to get paid not to work for the summer. Alex said she can do jury duty anytime and she would rather play the game. Jason said he makes more money in the real world than in jury, so he would rather not go to jury. Alex said it irks her that Christmas is going to skate by with a broken foot. Alex thinks that Paul will want to keep her around.

7:00-8:00 PM: Matt talked to Raven about using one of their own as a pawn in the next couple of weeks. He said it’s not a good look to keep using Alex or Josh as pawns. Matt said if someone is trying to get Ramses out, they should nominate someone like him next to Jessica in order to backdoor Ramses. Raven told Matt that Jessica is a bigger threat than Ramses is. She said Jessica can play a better sympathy card and she is a better competitor. Matt thinks Ramses will be stronger in mental competitions. Raven thinks that more people will be capable of liking Jessica, whereas people will continue to see Ramses as a snake. Raven said she would backdoor Jessica. Matt wondered if Jessica would see the backdoor coming if Raven won HoH and didn’t nominate her initially. Raven thinks Jessica would take it as her having sympathy.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kevin asked Alex who she is going to put up if she wins. Alex said she would have to follow the plan and nominate Jessica and Ramses. Jason said he thinks they want them to follow the plan so that they weaken themselves. Kevin questioned why nobody on the other side gets put up. Kevin asked if Paul is on the other side instead of their side. Jason said he thinks so. Alex said yeah. Kevin asked why Alex wouldn’t nominate powerful people. Alex said the numbers are not there to support it. Alex explained that they have to get rid of the people the group wants out, then they can start taking shots. Kevin asked if Josh is next after Jessica and Ramses. Jason said he will be next too. Kevin said Jason should just put the other side up if he is going to go up anyway. Jason said that’s what he has been saying. After Kevin left, Alex told Jason that Kevin has been treating them differently. She pointed out that Kevin is aggressive towards Ramses and now he is starting to act the same way towards her. Alex figured that Kevin is either getting comfortable with the other side or he is paranoid. Alex said they need to get Christmas away from Paul. She thinks that Paul will take them to the Final 6 if they work with him. Kevin came back and told Jason that they would have a heart attack if he were to nominate Elena and Raven. Kevin said neither of them would win the veto. Kevin suggested nominating Matt if the veto got used. As for his nominations, Kevin said he would never nominate Alex, Jason, Mark or Paul. He said those are the four best players left.

12:00-1:00 AM: Mark said he wants Jessica out before Ramses. Paul said Ramses is the better competitor and he thinks the better move is to get him out. Mark said he wants to win HoH so he can tell Jessica "you said zero words to me last week, so let's keep that up". Paul told Mark and Elena that Christmas is starting to feel bad for Jessica. Mark was frustrated about that. He said Christmas did not want he or Matt talking to Cody at all after he nominated her. Paul said Christmas doesn't want to drop a bomb on Jessica anymore either. He said she is starting to feel empathy for Jessica, which is exactly what Jessica's plan is. Christmas joined them. She said Kevin is on board with the majority of their decisions but he doesn't feel included in the group. Christmas suggested getting more of Kevin's input on things. Meanwhile, Jason asked Josh what he will do if he wins HoH. Josh said the house is united and they can take the shot at Jessica and Ramses. Jason said it's stupid that the house is united. Josh said it's not since the people on the other side are not as close as it seems. Josh explained that the numbers on the other side are going to split. Josh told Jason that Paul is good and he knows what he has to do when the time comes. Jason asked when they are going to get girls like Christmas and Dominique out. Josh said the game starts once Jessica and Ramses leave.

1:00-2:00 AM: Alex, Jason and Ramses compared notes on Kevin. Ramses pointed out that Kevin always says he trusts Paul. He said Paul is always pulling Kevin up to the HoH room as well. Ramses said Kevin is playing both sides perfectly. Jason asked if Ramses really didn't vote Jillian out. Ramses emphatically said he did not. Alex and Ramses discussed that Kevin is making comments that will place targets on their backs, such as when he calls Ramses a superfan. Ramses said he tried to throw the veto competition but he messed up. If he had won, Ramses said he would have used it on Alex. Ramses said he doesn't want to believe this about Kevin, since he is so believable, but part of his game is that he can be so believable. Kevin then came back to the bedroom and broke up the talk. Once Kevin headed to the diary room, Ramses continued telling Alex that he was not the one who voted to evict Jillian. He said it makes no sense for him to have done that. Ramses said that every time he asked Kevin about his vote, Kevin would freak out. As for this week, Ramses said Kevin told him that he may have a vote coming his way, though it wont matter because Cody is the bigger target. That comment made Ramses nervous. Ramses said both Josh and Kevin are working with the other side. Alex said they don't have the numbers anymore. Ramses told her that they have to win HoH. Alex mentioned that the other side will come after them even if they vote Jessica out. Ramses suggested that they could try to pull Jessica in. Alex said Jessica is crazy and it's a bad bet. Kevin then returned and broke up the conversation.

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