Big Brother 19 Day 22 - Dominique's talk show leads to some drama

July 12, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Cody went to Christmas to apologize for being a jerk for the last few days. He said he wanted to make sure he was the target, not Jessica. Christmas said she thinks that was clear for a while. Christmas told Cody she is a little confused why there is so much direct animosity towards her. Cody said she wont believe him. Cody explained that Jessica was not involved in the decision making, so it enraged him when Christmas started saying stuff to her afterwards. Christmas asked what caused her to be put on the block. Cody said he noticed high anxiety within the group whenever she was around. Cody let Christmas know that Mark was pissed at her after a question she asked about a showmance during one of Dominique's shows. He said Mark told him that they need to get Christmas out, then Dominique came up right behind him and validated the same sentiment. Cody said Jessica was pissed off at him for even considering it when Mark and Dominique told him to nominate Christmas. Cody said he was confused when Dominique immediately said Christmas has her vote when she went on the block. Christmas said the only question she asked Mark is if he has a showmance or a romance with Elena, and will it continue after the show. Cody said he would love to say he can understand Mark, but he thought Mark was ride or die and then he voted against Jillian. Cody said Mark knew about backdooring Paul from the start. Christmas asked why he didn’t blow up people’s spot. Cody said nobody would believe him anyway, plus he has to consider Jessica in everything. In the event of a Battle Back, Cody said his chances are pretty good. Cody told Christmas he was most crushed by Mark flipping. Cody said he was more mad at Mark than at Josh or Ramses. Christmas said she doesn’t think Ramses voted to keep her. Cody said he could tell by Kevin’s expression that Kevin wasn’t faking it. Cody told Christmas that the strongest females are Christmas, Alex and Jessica. Cody thought they could do well together if they could find a way to make it work. Christmas said she can get along with both of them but it would be tough to bring Alex and Jessica together. Christmas said she doesn’t know why Cody is telling her everything, but she appreciates it. Cody said he is out the door and he wants to shake things up. Cody told Christmas they will find a way to work together if he gets back in the game. Cody pointed out that Paul is going to steamroll the game if people keep him around, but he wants in on that. Cody said he now wants to be on Paul’s side to get the people out who betrayed him. He admitted that his hit list has now changed.

10:00-11:00 AM: Cody told Jessica about his conversation with Christmas. Jessica said she doesn’t think it is going to work. Cody said he didn’t have to prompt Christmas, but she asked him to talk. Cody explained that everything was off the cuff that it was believable. Cody asked what else he had. Jessica said he could have remained silent. Cody implied that production is pushing for him to campaign. Jessica told him not to listen. Jessica said Cody is so lucky that she is crazy about him, otherwise she would have killed him long ago. In the bedroom, Alex told Jason that she still doesn’t believe Ramses. Alex said she doesn’t know who to believe other than Jason. Jason said he feels the same way about Alex. Jason said he is afraid to tell Kevin anything now, since it will get reported back to Paul. Alex said Kevin’s true colours are coming out now. Alex told Jason that they will be going home next if they don’t get any help from the temptation. Jason said Ramses or Josh may go. Alex said she is starting to think that the other side likes Josh as a pet. She thinks they will make it to jury but they will be the first ones to go after that. Jason said he is going to win HoH and put whoever he wants up. Christmas left the house. She is scheduled for surgery at 3:30 today. She is staying the night and she is expected to return in time for tomorrow’s live eviction.

11:00-12:00 PM: Paul told Kevin that Christmas, Dominique, Mark and Elena were talking about him last night. Paul said they think Kevin is sad, doesn’t know what to do, and doesn’t talk game with anyone. Paul added that they are starting to feel bad and think that they need to include him more. Paul said this is exactly how they wanted the others to feel. Paul told Kevin that they were questioning why Kevin is so close with Ramses, so he explained that he told him to keep an eye on Ramses. However, Paul said they are paranoid and Kevin needs to be careful. Paul stressed the importance of Kevin voting Ramses out and not telling anyone about it. Kevin said it’s a done deal. Paul asked Kevin if he has been studying the days. Kevin told Paul he knows the days. Paul said the competitions at the end of the game are mostly mental, so he is going to need Kevin’s help to bulldoze through at that point.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jessica asked Cody who she thinks Mark is more loyal to between Dominique and Elena. Cody said it’s an incredible question and he doesn’t know the answer. Jessica said it’s interesting because Dominique and Elena are not that close. She wondered if they are actually a trio with Dominique and Elena, but they are hiding how close they are for game purposes. Jessica said Elena is sitting pretty good since she has Ramses on the other side, she has Mark protecting her, and she has Paul wrapped around her finger. Jessica thinks that Elena and Raven are the two safest people in the house. Jessica told Cody that it’s risky for her to win HoH this week. She said she could try to to win HoH and get revenge for everything, but she would risk going home right after. Cody told Jessica to play it safe if she thinks she can win the game. If she doesn’t think that she can win, Cody told Jessica to make some waves.

1:00-2:00 PM: Alex told Jason that she cannot wait until Jessica leaves. She said Ramses suggested that they team up with her last night. Jason said he had thought the same thing. Alex said she flips way too much. She thinks that Jessica and Ramses would turn on them, saving themselves and putting the target on she and Jason instead. Alex said the game would be so much easier if they knew which one of Kevin and Ramses flipped on them. Alex pointed out that Kevin might have won the $25,000. Jason said it’s possible since his team did not win the HoH competition. Jason said it could be Elena as well, though Alex doesn’t think that it was Elena. The two headed to the bedroom to speak to Kevin. Alex told Kevin that whoever has the $25,000 was either on her team or on Kevin’s team. Alex mentioned that Ramses was the only person to fall three times during the competition. She doesn’t think it was Josh since he would have told them all by now. Kevin threw Cameron’s name out there, but Alex wasn’t buying that one.

3:00-4:00 PM: Raven fell down the stairs. Cody carried her to the diary room. Kevin said her foot was badly bleeding. Elena said it was black and blue. Feeds went down. When the feeds returned, Jessica said there is not one day that goes by without something happening in the Big Brother house. She said they are going to end up scrapping the season. Cody commented on how you can’t rely on Matt to spring into action, referring to how he ended up being the one to help Raven. Jessica asked if Cody saw where Raven was bleeding from. Cody said Raven may have hit her toenail. He didn’t think it was too serious. Jessica said there was a lot of blood. Jessica told Cody that she really wants to do an endurance competition before she leaves. Cody said this week’s competition will be one for sure. Cody said no matter how long Jessica stays up there, she wont get respect for it since she is a girl. Cody said all it did for Alex was make people fear her. Jessica said she is doing it for herself, not for anyone else. Raven returned from the diary room. She told the houseguests that a doctor is coming to give her stitches. Matt asked what happened. Raven said she misstepped and fell down the stairs. Matt said it could have ended up much worse.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason told Alex that the others wants them to win HoH because they don’t want to have to put anybody on the block. Alex said Jason is going to do exactly what the other side doesn’t want if he wins HoH, then the two of them will end up on the block together the following week. Jason thinks he would get backdoored. Alex said they have to plan things out, since the other side is going to turn on them as soon as they get rid of all of the people that they want out right now. Jason said he is going to nominate Dominique and Matt if he wins HoH. Alex said she thinks it’s a performance thing and people who are not performing well should be the ones leaving. Jason took that as Alex saying that he should nominate Dominique and Elena. Ramses joined them. Jason said they need to put the showmances up now, so they can become the strong ones. Raven returned from the diary room. She got five stitches in her foot. She said she was screaming since she felt everything due to them being unable to numb her foot. Raven said she will not be able to compete if there is a competition in which you have to submerge your foot under water.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jason asked Kevin if Ramses is trustworthy at all. Kevin said no one has to worry for next week since Jessica is going. Jason asked if they should take Jessica out or split up the girls. Kevin said they should start off by putting Jessica on the block, then go from there. Kevin told Jason he doesn’t understand why some of the girls don’t even get talked about. He pointed out that Elena doesn’t get up until 2:00 PM, plus some of the girls just do their makeup all day. Kevin said it’s not really a game, it’s friendship. Jason said they need to win HoH and split the other side up. Kevin said Jessica, Ramses and Josh are no problem. Kevin thinks the other side wouldn’t know what to do if Matt and Raven went on the block together. Kevin thinks that would show how much Matt really loves Raven. He expects that Matt would use the veto on himself.

10:00-11:00 PM: Dominique held her talk show to interview each of the three nominees. Cody was interviewed last of the three. Cody was asked various questions about his game. Cody said he never made a decision completely baseless. He said there were always one or two people involved. Mark questioned which decision Cody is saying one or two people knew about. Cody said “that’s all I’m saying”. Mark asked if Cody is thinking he will help Jessica’s game by mentioning one or two people knew about every decision. Cody asked why he would bring Jessica up. Paul asked if Cody is willing to say which two people he is referring to. Cody said no. He told Paul that he is willing to speak in private later.

11:00-12:00 AM: After the talk show wrapped up, Mark said Cody dug Jessica’s grave. Dominique told Alex, Elena and Ramses that Cody was trying to throw Matt and Mark under the bus. Elsewhere, Paul told Matt and Raven that he is absolutely not doing Dominique’s show on Saturday as was planned. Paul said that what happened was not okay. Raven said she did not appreciate the line of questions. Matt and Paul both said that they are more disappointed in Dominique than they are in Cody. Raven said the show is Dominique’s way to stir up drama. Raven said she will not be going to the next show. Jessica spoke to Mark after hearing him talking about how he really wants to win HoH now. Jessica said she has been bullied all week and people who she thought were her friends would not even look at her. Mark said the two of them are not going to have a clean slate unless Cody talks to Paul to clear up that no one knew about his decision to nominate Paul. Mark said Cody threw a couple of them under the bus. Jessica said she gets blamed for everyone’s move even though she hasn’t done anything. Mark said it’s hard for him to believe that Jessica didn’t know what Cody was going to bring up tonight. Jessica insisted that she didn’t know. Jessica said Mark is going to look back at this and say he feels bad for her. The two eventually cleared things up. Mark apologized and said he wants Jessica to enjoy the summer with them. Mark said he loves Jessica and Cody. Mark told Jessica that he wants to start fresh. He assured Jessica that they are okay moving forward. Up in the HoH room, Cody told Paul that during his HoH week, Mark came to him to express that he was pissed off at Christmas because of a question she asked during one of Dominique’s interviews. Cody said Mark told him that Christmas had to go, then Dominique came up and said the same thing. Paul clarified that Dominique had no knowledge about the plan to backdoor him. As for Mark, Cody said he tossed the idea out there to Mark early on but then it did not come up again. Cody said he felt the most betrayed by Mark. Cody told Paul that he is hoping for a Battle Back. If he gets back in the game, Cody said Paul is not even remotely the person who he wants to target. After, Jessica said she is guessing that Cody went upstairs to tell Paul. Cody confirmed that. Jessica said Mark is going to lose it since Paul is going to tell him. Cody and Jessica discussed that it was a bad idea for Mark to react the way he did. Cody said Paul agrees with that. Jason came by to talk to Cody and Jessica about his plans for HoH. Jason said he is thinking of nominating Dominique and Matt. Cody suggested nominating Mark next to Dominique or Elena. Cody said those three need to be targeted. Cody suggested that Christmas and Paul are people Jason can work with. Jason said he sees Dominique as a serious threat since she has in-depth conversations with people all over the house. Cody pointed out that she relays those conversations to Mark. Jason and Jessica agreed that they will not put each other up. Up in the HoH room, Paul let Dominique know that he did not like the questions she asked during her show. He explained that certain questions should not have been asked in front of all of the people in attendance. In particular, Paul said that gameplay does not need to be discussed. Matt said it surprised him that so much was asked in terms of game related content. Paul let Dominique, Mark, Matt and Raven know that Cody had a conversation with Christmas. Matt doesn’t expect Christmas to let it affect her decisions.

12:00-1:00 AM: Paul told Dominique and Matt that the way Cody was talking to him and the look on his face made it seem like Christmas was sold on what he had told her earlier in the day. Dominique discussed that Christmas talks to everyone and that means that she has some level of influence with the other side. There was concern that Christmas may join the other side. Dominique headed downstairs to check in with numerous other houseguests. Raven then told Paul that Dominique uses her show to get information for her game. Paul said he already figured that out. Paul then let Matt and Raven know that Dominique and Mark are the two names who Cody gave him. He pointed out that those two are also acting the most bizarrely. Paul said his concern is with Christmas since she may return and wreak havoc. Paul did not want Mark or Dominique to find out that their names were dropped until after Cody leaves. At that point, he said he will let them know. Elena made her way upstairs. She said she did not appreciate the questions that Dominique asked, or the manner in which she asked them. Paul went downstairs to get a feel for how the others are dealing with this. When he returned, he let Elena know that Cody mentioned Mark and Dominique’s names. Elena agreed that they cannot find out until after Cody leaves.

1:00-2:00 AM: Elena, Matt, Raven and Paul agreed that Dominique’s intent was not to mess up their games. However, Paul wanted to sit her down in order to explain that they did not like the questions. Paul didn’t want to be the only one who said it, because he thinks that Dominique doesn’t believe him. Paul said people are downstairs discussing what just happened, which could lead to the other side banding together. Paul headed downstairs to speak to Alex. He told her that this is perfect. Paul filled Alex in on how it was Mark and Dominique that Cody was referring to. Alex had thought it was about her. Paul suggested that Alex throw the HoH competition to Jason in order to let him take a shot. Paul said the others will then take a shot back at Jason the following week. Paul wanted to fuel that fire even though he said he still thinks that Jessica and Ramses need to go. Alex said she isn’t sure that Jason winning is best for them right now. The two then settled on Josh as the best option to win tomorrow night’s HoH competition. In the bedroom, Elena told Mark that she planted the seeds with Alex in order to make her think that Cody was talking about her and Jessica. She said the first thing she told Jessica was that she cannot believe Cody is implicating her like that. Elena said she made it seem like she thought Cody was talking about Jessica and Alex, even though she thinks he was talking about Matt and Mark.

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