Big Brother 19 Day 23 - Cody is evicted; Alex wins HoH

July 13, 2017

6:00-7:00 PM: The live eviction episode took place. Christmas was not medically cleared to return to the house. She will be returning at a later time. She cast her vote from the hospital. Cody was evicted by a vote of 7-3-0. Christmas, Jessica and Kevin voted to evict Ramses. Julie let Cody know that he will get to compete in a Battle Back next week. Cameron, Jillian and next week’s evictee will also compete. The Battle Back episode will air next Friday at 8/7c. Julie said that in a Big Brother first, the houseguests will have the chance to stop the returnee from making their way back into the game. The HoH competition got underway. It was a battle of endurance.

7:12 PM: Josh dropped out of the competition. Paul asked him about the vote. Josh told Paul that he trusts him but Paul should get rid of him this week if he does not trust him. Paul assured Josh that he trusts him. Josh said he doesn’t trust Matt. Paul said it should have been a 9-1 vote. Both agreed that they trust Kevin.

7:20 PM: Mark dropped out of the competition. Mark talked to Paul about Jason potentially flipping. He said he knows it wasn’t Josh. While Mark considered the option of Kevin voting Ramses out, Paul said that wouldn’t make any sense. They talked about Christmas potentially being one of the votes.

7:38 PM: Raven dropped out of the competition.

7:53 PM: Ramses dropped out of the competition.

7:55 PM: Kevin dropped out of the competition.

8:05 PM: Matt dropped out of the competition. Paul spoke to him about the possibility of Jessica, Dominique and Jason being the votes against Ramses.

8:17 PM: Jessica dropped out of the competition.

8:18 PM: Dominique dropped out of the competition.

8:28 PM: Alex, Elena and Jason started talking about a deal. They agreed not to nominate each other.

8:29 PM: Jason dropped out of the competition. Elena got Alex to swear that she will not target her. Elena also asked to be able to protect the people she wants protected. Alex said they can talk.

8:30 PM: Elena dropped out of the competition. Alex won HoH.

8:50 PM: Elena told Paul that Alex said Christmas told her she was going to vote to evict Ramses in order to stir the pot. Paul questioned why Christmas would stir the pot when she has a broken foot and she cannot compete for herself.

9:00-9:30 PM: Kevin told Jason that Alex made a deal to keep Elena’s friends safe. Kevin said they should not have made a deal. Alex came by and said she is going to stick to the plan by nominating Jessica. She asked Jason if he voted to evict Cody. Jason swore that he did. Mark entered the room and asked if he is safe. Alex said she made a deal with Elena, so he is safe if Elena says he is safe. Alex pulled Matt aside to let him know that he, Jason and Elena are the only three people she trusts right now. Matt said he is willing to go on the block next to Jessica if she wants. Alex talked about the votes. She said something is not right. Alex suspects that Christmas voted the other way due to her previous comment about doing so to stir the pot. Alex wondered if Mark and Dominique may have voted that way. Matt threw Kevin’s name out there. Raven joined them. Alex said Jason did not evict Ramses, since he swore on his son that he did not. Alex said they may have to flip the plan now that the votes came out the way that they did. Alex added that someone on their side may have to go. Alex clarified that she plans to uphold her deal with Elena that Elena’s people will be safe. Alex said that as much as they hate Jessica, they might have to put two up and backdoor a third. In the bathroom, Paul told Dominique about Christmas’ comment. Paul asked what they should do. Dominique said they gave Christmas their word about jury. Paul thinks it will make a different whether Christmas mentioned voting against Ramses before or after her conversation with Cody. Paul then let Mark and Dominique know that Cody mentioned both of their names. Paul said he isn’t buying it. As for the votes, Mark said Christmas and Kevin voted Ramses out. He insisted that it was not Jason. Mark said Kevin is playing the game and knows what he is doing. Paul said it would be hard for him to swallow that Kevin tried to screw him. Mark said he was trying to stir the pot. Alex told Elena that Mark and Dominique are acting really weird right now. Elena didn’t think that either of them flipped their vote. Alex told Jason this is good since they can now put someone else up due to the vote flip. Jason mentioned Matt and Dominique. Alex said she is not nominating Matt. Jason then said Christmas and Dominique. Alex told Jason that she has to put Jessica on the block in order to keep her word. She said they can backdoor someone if they want. Jason said he does not want Jessica on the block. He eventually suggested nominating Dominique next to Jessica, then backdoor Christmas by taking Jessica off the block. Alex said she needs to put Jessica up or else people will come after her and Jason next week. Alex thinks they will be able to get into the group by sticking to their word. Alex said she thinks that Christmas is trying to make Jason a target. Alex mentioned that Mark and Dominique also may have flipped since they have a secret alliance and something is not right about them.

9:30-10:00 PM: In the storage room, Alex told Paul about Christmas saying she should vote for Christmas in order to stir the pot. Paul said he knows for a fact that Christmas was one of the votes. Alex said she thinks that Mark or Dominique also voted for Ramses to go. Paul pointed out that Ramses was talking about Mark and Dominique with regards to the banner plane. Jason said he thinks that they should nominate Dominique and Christmas. Paul said it’s Alex’s HoH. Paul then left. Ramses joined them and said he is thinking that Christmas, Dominique and Jessica voted against him. In the bedroom, Jason told Jessica about Christmas mention she could stir the pot. Jason said Alex is talking about having to nominate Jessica since everyone wants her to. Jason made it clear that he doesn’t want it to happen. Jessica said that would be a waste of an HoH. Jessica said the safest people are Paul, Mark, Elena, Dominique and Raven. She told Jason that she wants some alliances to be broken up. Jessica vowed to seek revenge for Cody. Jessica said she will not go after Alex or Jason if she stays. Jason asked if Jessica hid Alex’s bunny ears. Jessica said Raven did it. She also said Raven has been pouring out the Coke. Jessica said Alex is going to be used as a puppet by the other side if she comes after her.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jason told Alex that Jessica is on their side. Jason said Raven is the one who took her ears, plus she has been dumping out her Coke. Once Jason said Jessica told him that, Alex did not believe it was a credible source. Jason said he bets it was Christmas and Raven who voted to evict Ramses. Jason told Alex that the two of them can work with Ramses, Jessica, Kevin, Paul, Mark and Josh. Alex wanted no part of working with Mark or Josh. She also said Jessica is not trustworthy. Jason said she has no allies and she is 100% on their side. Jason said they have to get the other side out of power. Alex worried that she would be on the block if she doesn’t follow the plan. Both Jason and Kevin said that their side will win HoH and she will have nothing to worry about. Kevin told Jason and Ramses that they can work with Jessica and Paul, plus he can get Christmas on their side when she returns. Kevin thinks that Jessica is telling the truth even though she may not be on their side.

11:00-12:00 AM: Kevin told Alex that Jessica is expendable and therefore she can go at any time. Alex said Jessica will take information from them, run to Paul, and stab them in the back. Kevin asked Ramses who he thinks should go on the block. He said not Jessica. Kevin argued that Matt is the only threat to them in terms of winning HoH competitions. Ramses told Alex that what is best for their games is to have the other side start splitting. Kevin agreed. Jason told Alex that she is on the bottom for the other side and they are just using her to do their dirty work. Alex said she knows that and it’s all about perception. Ramses said the best option would be to put Jessica up but to have her win the veto. Jason said they cannot be following orders. Alex said they can’t rock the boat. Kevin said you can. Alex told him that she wants to figure out who the rat was that voted for Ramses. Kevin said there is no time for that and they have to move forward. Kevin again said that Jessica can go at any time. Alex said Jessica will flip like she did on Cody when she went to Paul the other night. Kevin said going after Jessica is just another week of nothing happening. Jason said putting one of their own people up makes it easier for the other side. Alex said Jessica is not one of their people. Alex was called to the DR. Kevin told Ramses that he is going to be the next one out if Jessica goes up this week. Ramses agreed that he will be in trouble if that happens. Jason said he will use the veto on Jessica if he wins it.

1:00-2:00 AM: Elena told Alex that she wants to protect the people they want to go to jury with. Alex asked for names. Elena said she wants Paul, Mark, Dominique, Matt and Raven to be protected. Alex said she doesn’t know about Dominique. Elena asked if Alex wants Jessica out. Alex said she does but whoever flipped their vote could potentially be a bigger issue. Elena said she thinks it was Christmas and Kevin. Elena said it would be upsetting if Christmas voted against the group when she cannot contribute in competitions. As for Kevin, Elena said he doesn’t really know what he is doing. Meanwhile, Josh told Jason that he would have backdoored Matt had he won HoH. Josh said he wants Alex to know that he has her back no matter what she does. Josh thinks they have to take a shot at the other side this week. He said he doesn’t trust Mark, Elena, Matt or Raven. Jason said he is really starting to not trust Raven. Josh told Jason that things are only going to get worse if Alex goes with what the other side wants. Jason said Josh really needs to promise Alex something in order to get her on board with him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul joined Alex and Elena in the HoH room. Alex said that Jessica is definitely going on the block today. Paul asked how she feels about Ramses. Alex said she is more concerned about someone who cannot follow a simple plan. Mark’s name came up when Alex mentioned he had an odd reaction after the HoH competition. Paul said he has heard Mark’s name about six times over the past day. Elena said Mark is paranoid because Cody threw his name out there. Elena said she is not going to endorse nominating Mark. She said if they find out that he is the one screwing around, she will take him out herself. Elena said if Christmas isn’t there to defend herself, based on the info she has, she would have a hard time not putting her up. Paul said something is up. Elena asked if he means with Mark. Paul said he doesn’t know if it’s Dominique or Mark, but he is not the only one thinking that. After Elena left the room, Paul told Elena that Dominique and Mark are definitely up to something. He said they want Christmas out so badly because Christmas is on to them. Paul said Alex can either draw the line and take a serious shot because something is up, or put Jessica and Ramses up. Alex said Dominique showed tonight that she is a good competitor. Paul said she is smart and she uses her show to gather information. Paul said Matt and Raven think that Dominique and Mark are up to something, so they will be on board. Alex said she thinks that they should put Mark up. Paul said he thinks that Dominique would be the better move. Alex said Mark will be going up if Dominique saves herself.

3:00-4:00 AM: Paul let Matt and Raven know that Dominique is going on the block tomorrow. Matt and Raven said they didn’t like how Dominique handled her show and they think that she acting weird today, but they would need to have more evidence against her before they feel comfortable with turning on her. Paul told the two that their group is done. He said there is no going back at this point. Up in the HoH room, Alex told Jason that Jessica has to go but it will not be this week. She brought up nominating Dominique and Jessica. She told Jason that Mark will go up as the replacement nominee if needed. Jason was concerned that they wouldn’t have the numbers to evict Dominique. Alex assured Jason that Paul is with them. Mark spoke to Alex and told her that he will keep her and Jason safe if he is kept safe this week. They talked about the third vote. Mark said Dominique would have no reason to vote to evict Ramses. Mark suggested that Alex talk to Dominique because she would not have done that. Alex then spoke to Raven to ask if she hid her cat ears. Raven said Jessica did. Meanwhile, Paul spoke to Elena about Dominique and Mark. Paul said people all over the house are making points about them. Paul said Mark is in some hot water. He told Elena that continuing to bat for Mark will make her a target. Elena said she will stop.

4:00-5:00 AM: Elena told Paul that she trusts him more than she trusts Mark. Paul said Mark is sinking his own ship with his emotions. Paul said he is going to have to abandon ship if things keep going the way that they are. Elena mentioned abandoning ship with Paul. They both agreed that something is going on with Mark and Dominique. Paul then spoke to Alex to let hr know that Elena is willing to abandon ship. Alex said she is now going to nominate Christmas as the replacement nominee if Dominique saves herself. Paul said Dominique seems to be expecting to go up, so it’s time to make the move if Alex is going to get the backlash either way. Alex agreed.

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