Big Brother 19 Day 24 - Alex nominates Dominique and Jessica; Jason wins PoV

July 14, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: After a late night, many of the houseguests remained in bed. Alex spoke to the live feeders. She said everyone is asleep and she feels like they don’t care. She said if they don’t care to defend themselves, so be it. Alex explained that she is going to take the shots that people in the house seem too timid to make. She listed off Jason and Paul as her only two friends in the house. Alex called Jason her ride or die. In the kitchen, Matt told Raven he thinks that Dominique is going to be nominated. Raven and Matt agreed that they would prefer that over having Mark put on the block. Matt said Mark has not done anything that makes him not trust him. As for Dominique, Matt said she has been acting strange since her show took place the other night. Matt and Raven agreed that they should be fine for another 2-3 weeks even if they don’t win HoH. In the storage room, Josh told Jason that they need to get Matt out since he is gunning for them. Josh said they can do that on their own HoH. Josh listed off Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena as people he is worried about. He said that evicting Jessica would be a waste of an HoH.

11:00-12:00 PM: Alex spoke to Jason about the votes this week. She said the only sure ones are Jason, Paul, Ramses, Josh and herself. In the event that Jessica leaves, Alex suggested that it would still be a good outcome even though Dominique is the target. If Dominique wins the veto, Alex is planning to nominate Christmas. Downstairs, Paul told Elena that their group is going to blow and it will not be repairable once Dominique goes on the block. They discussed how the votes will go if Dominique and Jessica are up there. Paul suggested that it may be best to get on board with the people on Alex’s side who want Dominique out, since they will likely have at least five votes against her without them. Paul said they will need to see how Dominique responds to going on the block and what information she shares. In the HoH room, Dominique told Alex she has been sensing some fishy stuff when it comes to get her or Mark out of the house. Dominique talked about people suggesting that she voted to evict Ramses. Alex said that would make no sense. Dominique said she would not vote to leave someone in the game who threw her name out there multiple times like Cody did. As for nominations, Alex said Jessica will be one of them. Alex and Dominique discussed that Ramses is targeting Dominique. Dominique said God is on her side and he is going to help her sense out who is targeting her. In addition to Ramses, she believes that someone in her group is after her. She said she sensed it before the HoH competition that her group would target her. Dominique said there is a person who is somewhat insecure when it relates to her and another person’s friendship, referring to Elena. Dominique said she is not surprised that people are trying to plant seeds against her, though she voted to evict Cody. Dominique also brought up that her show caused a lot of controversy, yet nobody but Paul would say anything to her. She said everyone else said stuff behind her back.

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul told Elena and Raven that Christmas has now had 3-4 days out of the house. He said that has never happened before on Big Brother. Raven mentioned Alex saying that she thought about putting Christmas up but it’s unfair to her since she is not there to defend herself. Paul said that screws someone else. Paul said that’s a point worth making if Christmas returns. Raven said it’s so unfair and she doesn’t like it. Back upstairs, Josh told Alex that he wants to work with her and Jason. Josh said he has to play nice with the other side, meaning that he can’t show how close he is to Alex and Jason. Paul then spoke to Dominique, letting her know that he is confident Jessica is going up. He said he doesn’t know who the second nominee is. Paul said Alex is not receptive to the idea that the third vote against Ramses was just to stir the pot. Dominique said Alex told her that Ramses is throwing her name around. She also said she is more than 50% confident that there is someone in their group targeting her. Dominique said she will find out who it is. Paul said he is worried that Christmas will come in, see the nominations, say someone else must know what she knows, then stir the pot even more. Paul said it is getting a little bit annoying and unfair that Christmas is allowed to leave the game for this long. Paul went to Mark next. He told him that continuing to dig will only make him look worse. Paul suggested waiting until after nominations to reassess. Paul said something is up and he is concerned about the group going forward. Mark said the best case scenario would be Christmas going home this week. Paul suggested that getting Ramses out may be better.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jason told Kevin that Dominique and Jessica are probably going on the block. He said they need to vote Dominique out. Jason said it would be a wasted HoH if they vote Jessica out. Kevin agreed. Alex let Paul know that Dominique said someone is talking about her cause they are jealous of her and a certain someone. Alex said Dominique’s ability to throw Elena’s name out there when Elena begged for her safety shows that something is wrong with her. Paul said Dominique thinks that someone within the group is plotting against her, but she doesn’t think that it’s him. Paul told Alex that they are murdering it and they have created different enemies all around the house that will make them safer. Alex then spoke to Jessica, who said it would be doing the dirty work of the house to nominate her. Alex assured Jessica that the person who goes up next to her is her target. Jessica said she is not on the other side anymore. She told Alex that Cody said to trust her and to trust Jason, so she wants to work with them to flip the house upside down. Jessica vowed to put two people from the other side on the block. Alex said there is no evidence against the person going up next to her, but everyone is confused. Jessica asked if she is talking about Dominique. Alex did not want to confirm it. Alex told Jessica that she can act cold towards her if she needs to. Before the talk ended, Jessica told Alex that Raven hid her ears and dumped out her Coke. Up in the HoH room, Dominique confronted Ramses. Ramses insisted that he has not thrown Dominique’s name out there in a sense that he is targeting her. Ramses said Dominique’s comments about how she is not targeting him but his friend Jillian was targeting her are sketchy. Dominique said Ramses read into it incorrectly. Dominique asked about the banner that Ramses claims to have seen. He said it looked like it said Mark and Dom. Ramses mentioned that Dominique sings “fake people showing fake love to me” around him. Dominique said it’s just a song and the fact that he is reading into it that much is a red flag. Dominique said she has had five conversation with Ramses to let him know that she is not targeting him. Ramses said Dominique could have sang any song but chose that one. She said she genuinely loves the song. Dominique said Ramses would know if he was her target. Dominique and Mark further questions Ramses about the banner. Dominique said she was outside and it did not say Dominique and Mark. Ramses admitted that production told him not to say anything about it. After the talk ended, Mark told Dominique and Paul that Ramses has got to go. After the talk ended, Mark told Dominique and Paul that Ramses has got to go. Ramses went to Alex to ask if he should be worried. Alex assured him that he is safe this week. Ramses said he is apparently going around saying Dominique’s name to people, even though he only said that to Alex and Jason. Alex said she thinks Dominique is the one saying that Ramses is mentioning her name. She suggested that it’s a way for Dominique to keep the target off of her back and keep it on Ramses instead. Alex said Jillian asked her to keep him safe, so she is doing that this week but she does not know if she can do it moving forward.

2:00-3:00 PM: Raven told Matt that she is a little concerned by the way that Dominique and Mark are acting. Matt said Raven and Paul are his main priorities. However, he said he would also like to protect Elena. Matt said he doesn’t want Elena getting tied in with Dominique and Mark by association. Both Matt and Raven agreed that Elena will get tied into that. They also both agreed that Elena is smart enough to know to separate from those two when the time comes. Matt and Raven discussed that they have to play it off as though they did not know that these nominations were coming if anyone asks them afterwards.

3:00-4:00 PM: Christmas returned to the house. She let the houseguests know that she had 10 broken bones, 4 dislocated bones, and a dislocated ligament. She said the surgeon told her it looked like a bomb went off in her foot. She revealed that one of the bones was so messed up that she had to have a donor bone. Christmas said she will be in a cast for at least six weeks. Recovery is expected to take a year, then arthritis will set in within 1-5 years. At that point, Christmas will require another surgery. Christmas asked the houseguests not to feel sorry for her. Christmas pulled Jason aside to let him know that she doesn’t blame him or hold any animosity towards him. Christmas said it was God’s plan and she has not changed her opinion of Jason. Jason said he will pray every day that her foot heals and is perfect. Up in the HoH room, Alex let Elena know that someone she wanted to keep safe is going on the block. Alex said that person is throwing Elena under the bus. Elena guessed that it was Dominique. Alex confirmed that and said Dominique is telling her that someone is jealous of her relationship with another person, implying that Elena is jealous of Dominique’s relationship with Mark. Elena said she didn’t have any concerns about their relationship before, but now she does. Elena asked if Alex thinks that they have the votes to get Dominique out. Alex said yes but they cannot have any pity votes. Alex thinks that they can pull Mark back in even after this. Elena said the thing is that he is so emotional. Elena said she doesn’t consider what she has with Mark to be a showmance, since it’s clear that they are not on the same page with regards to how they feel. Alex mentioned that Christmas will be the replacement nominee if one is needed.

4:00-5:00 PM: Alex let Paul know that she wants to proceed with targeting Dominique. Paul said Dominique and Mark were grilling Ramses earlier but Ramses did not back down. Paul expects there to be fireworks if Dominique and Jessica are nominated. Alex and Paul discussed that they think Elena will get on board with targeting Dominique. Paul let Alex know that Mark hates Christmas, so Mark will be targeting Christmas and Ramses before anyone even if he goes rogue. Matt joined them. He said he is concerned for Christmas as a person. Matt questioned why Christmas is staying when she has done lifelong damage to her foot. Paul advised Matt to be careful, because Christmas snapped on him when he suggested the same thing last week. Alex spoke to Christmas. She asked her talk with Cody. Christmas clarified that they did not make amends nor did she have an alliance with Cody. Alex got Christmas caught up on what happened during Dominique’s talk show. Alex asked if Cody told Christmas the two people who knew about Paul going up. Christmas said she didn’t want to name names yet, though she later explained it all and said Cody told her it was Dominique and Mark. Christmas said she believes it was Mark and Dominique since both acted strange towards her after she was put on the block. She said Mark would get up and leave whenever she went near him. Alex said what Christmas is telling her all makes sense. Alex said she isn’t going to say who she is putting up, but one of them is obvious since she has to keep a promise to the group. She clarified that it is a female. Alex told Christmas that she needs her to back her in the vote and not vote out the obvious target. Christmas said done.

5:00-6:00 PM: Christmas sat down with Matt to discuss the vote. She asked what the vote was. Matt said it was 7-3. Christmas asked about the voting order. Matt said Jessica was first. Christmas then asked who was second. She asked if it was Mark. Matt couldn’t remember. Christmas said she thinks that she can figure out who one of the votes to evict Ramses was if she knows who voted second. Kevin voted second.

6:00-7:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Alex nominated Dominique and Jessica for eviction. Christmas spoke to Elena, Mark, and Matt about her talk with Cody. She said Cody told her that he wanted to stir the pot before he left. Elena said she is worried that it will look like she was involved with this decision since she made a deal with Alex. Mark said Dominique doesn’t think that. Mark added that they still have the votes. Mark told them that the group is done if the votes don’t come through this week. Elena brought up that people are lying to her about which way they vote, since nine people have said they voted to evict Cody. Christmas said the major group is obvious and someone may have done it to throw a wrench in their game. Paul said it’s a move to stir the pot. When Christmas went to the diary room, Mark told Elena, Paul, Matt and Raven that Christmas lied to his face since she is claiming that Cody didn’t name any names.

7:00-8:00 PM: Mark headed to the bedroom to talk to Dominique. Mark said he had a feeling about this but nobody knew it was going to happen. Dominique said Elena, Matt and Raven knew. Dominique said the reason why she knows that Mark’s girlfriend knew is because she told her to make sure she gets some time with Alex. Dominique said her team betrayed her. Dominique thinks that Paul was also involved in this. Mark said he doesn’t think Elena would vote Dominique out. Dominique said girls go to the extreme when they are jealous, which is why she is on the block. Mark asked how much America is going to hate him when he puts Matt and Raven on the block next week. He said that’s what he is going to do. Dominique said she was thinking the same. Paul spoke to Christmas. He asked if she voted to evict Ramses. Christmas confirmed that she did. Christmas asked Paul who the second vote was last night. Paul didn’t understand the question, or avoided it and did not list off Kevin’s name. Christmas said the reason why she believes what Cody said is that Mark stayed away from her when she was put on the block. Paul suggested that Christmas explain all of this to the group except for Mark and Dominique. He said it’s up to her whether or not she reveals her vote. Up in the HoH room, Mark asked Alex if he needs to be worried about what people are saying about him. Alex asked what the truth is with regards to he and Cody. Mark said Cody was his ride or die, but Cody said he didn’t want him to be implicated when he asked who the replacement nominee was going to be. Alex let Mark now that she went to bat for him even though he may or may not have weird stuff going on with Dominique. Mark explained that he is emotional and Dominique is there for him in terms of giving him someone to open up to about real life stuff. Alex told Mark that everyone is in agreement that there is something not right. Mark found out that the Jessica is not the target. Alex said Dominique threw both Christmas and Elena under the bus instantly, even though Elena fought hard to keep her safe. Mark said people are lying to his face if they are planning on voting Dominique out. Dominique then spoke to Alex to ask what red flags about her she was referencing. Alex said Dominique thought that someone was out to get her and she mentioned Christmas and Elena. Dominique said she didn’t say any names. Alex said there was still something there. Alex let Dominique know that Elena went to bat for her and this was not her decision.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark told Paul that he can no longer trust the group after the conversations that he had. Paul told Mark he knew this was going to happen. Paul said said he has zero reason to go against Dominique, so he will do his best to try to save her. Paul warned Mark that heavily going to bat for Dominique could be bad for him. Mark said he knows that. He mentioned that Dominique is like a sister to him. Paul said he understands cause Victor was like a brother to him. Back upstairs, Alex told Dominique that she would gladly go after the people who voted against Ramses if they can be outed. Dominique said she will pray that God will give her an answer quickly. Dominique said she knows this wasn’t part of Alex’s plan since she is sitting there having this conversation with her and she is not fidgeting. Once Alex left to the diary room, Dominique told Jason she feels betrayed by her team. She said she believes that jealousy is the foundation for all of this. Dominique admitted that she doesn’t feel confident in working with her same team now, since they betrayed her and she doesn’t believe that they didn’t know this move was going to happen. Players were picked for the veto competition. Alex, Dominique, Jessica, Christmas, Jason and Kevin will be competing. Paul will be the host.

12:00-1:00 AM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Jason won the Power of Veto. Paul spoke to Alex and told her that Jessica should be pulled down and Mark should be put up next to Dominique. Paul explained that Elena will not vote against Mark. Alex said she would need everyone on board in order to do that. Paul said if Alex puts Raven up there, that’s one vote against Dominique that is taken away. In the bedroom, Dominique told Christmas that what Cody told her is a complete lie. Dominique said she didn’t know that Cody was going to nominate Christmas. Dominique said Cody inserted his agenda when he answered her questions during the talk show. Dominique said she doesn’t recall ever asking questions that specifically relate to game. Dominique said things are going to be blown up whether or not she leaves. Dominique asked Christmas if she has her vote. Christmas said she has to get more information before making a decision.

1:00-2:00 AM: Alex told Jason about Paul’s plan to nominate Mark. Jason said there is no way they should do that. Alex said it’s stupid and they should just go with Christmas or Raven. Jason said to go with Raven. Alex said Paul’s reasoning for wanting to put Mark up is that it will keep him from campaigning for Dominique. Alex discussed her concerns about Kevin. She said he is playing both sides. They talked about how there has now been two weird votes. Jason said they could tell Kevin he has to come clean or else he is going up. Kevin then joined them, though he was not questioned about his vote or gameplay. Paul told Mark not to get involved with what is going on. Paul said he is looking out for Mark’s best interest. Mark said that sounds good. Paul then told Matt and Raven he has come to terms that Dominique doesn’t know anything and she is questioning people in hope of getting information. Paul said they are dead set on getting Dominique out, so there is nothing she can do. Paul said he is jumping ship. Raven asked who Paul thinks will go up. Paul said either Mark, Matt or Raven. Paul asked if they are agreeing to vote Dominique out. Matt and Raven said yes. Mark commented on the way Elena acts with other guys around him. She asked if he is implying that she is flirtatious. Mark said extremely. Mark also said she feels that Elena may have closer relationships with other people in the house when it comes to the game. While others were trying to figure out the plan for the replacement nominee, Dominique pulled everyone aside one at a time for chats.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul told Alex and Jason that if Dominique keeps grilling people the way she is, people may not vote for her. Alex. Jason and Paul discussed possibly get Mark to be a pawn. Alex and Jason brought him upstairs. Alex let Mark know that they want to use him as a pawn against Dominique. Mark was not on board with the plan. He did not trust that people will vote to keep him. Alex said Dominique is making people uncomfortable on both sides of the house. Mark said Kevin and Christmas are stirring the pot but Dominique is not. Paul joined the conversation. Mark said he sees this becoming a situation where people keep Dominique because they don’t like her. Paul stared listing off the votes that Mark would have, but it didn’t make him feel any better about being a pawn. Mark suggested getting rid of Ramses if they want to get rid of someone who is stirring the pot. Alex explained that this was a collective decision and she needs to make the move in order to best position Jason and herself moving forward. Mark said he understands that there is no saving Dominique at this point, but he doesn’t want to be a pawn. Mark later said he wants to hear what Elena thinks about it. Paul went to grab Elena. He told her what was going on and said to convince Mark to be a pawn. Alex let Elena know that they are thinking about nominating Mark in order to ensure Dominique goes and to keep Mark from having to vote for her. Elena asked why Dominique is still the target. Alex said Dominique has upset the house. Elena didn’t understand why the jealousy comment that Dominique made has anything to do with the game, though she said Dominique did admit to have implied her name to Alex. Elena said she feels that Dominique’s fate is in her hands, which she does not want.

3:00-4:00 AM: Mark told Alex and Jason that Dominique is not going after them. He said they are going to take someone out who has zero impact on their games. Paul told Mark to have a little faith if everyone in the room is telling him the same thing. He said the people Mark is concerned about in the group have given him no reason not to trust them. Paul also said that he heard Dominique is throwing his name out there. Mark asked why he has to go on the block if Dominique is leaving anyway. Alex said it’s to save him, though Mark did not get an answer when he would question who he is being saved from. Elena spoke up and said she doesn’t want to send Dominique home. She said she doesn’t think the things that Dominique said about her are relevant. Alex said Dominique thinks Elena has an ulterior motive and has eyes on her. Paul chimed in and said he too had a conversation with Dominique in which she implied Elena has some ulterior motives. However, they continued to go in circles with regards to the plan.

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