Big Brother 19 Day 25

July 15, 2017

5:00-6:00 AM: Dominique asked Alex how a snake operates. Alex said it slithers. Dominique asked how it ensures it doesn’t run into anything. Alex said it has to be familiar to this environment. Dominique told Alex there is a common denominator that happens to be a male. Dominique said she wants to get everyone in a room so that Alex can look at their faces when she brings things up. Dominique asked if she can share that someone said she was going after Christmas and Elena. Alex asked Dominique to clear it with Elena first. Dominique told Alex she wants everybody in a room so she can go around the room and ask each person if she said anything negative about Paul. Dominique said she wants to prove that she did not do this. Dominique said even if she leaves, she wants America to see that she tried to plead her case because she is innocent. Alex then headed up to the HoH room where Paul, Elena and Mark were up talking. Alex said she found out who the snake is. She told Paul it’s him since he is familiar with his surroundings. Paul said he will wake up the entire house right now and put Dominique in the centre of the room. Alex said Dominique wants to do a meeting with everyone and call out all of the people associated. Paul said he is not afraid since he has nothing to hide. Paul went downstairs and asked Dominique if she wants him to start hissing or if she wants him to talk. Paul told Dominique to come upstairs so they can have a conversation. Paul said he is all ears but he doesn’t think snakes have ears. Dominique asked why Paul thinks he is the snake. Alex said she relayed the message. Dominique denied saying it was Paul. Paul said by process of elimination, it is him. Dominique told Paul he does not know her like that to be coming for her. Josh woke up and joined the party. Dominique said if they want to send her home, they are setting themselves up cause there is a snake who came after her and will come after them too. Dominique said she considered Paul her sounding board because he is a vet and he is wife, but she had a talk with Elena and got information that she is certain she only told Paul. Paul asked Elena if she has ever heard him say things specifically that Dominique said about her. Elena said no. She said she heard the things from Alex. Paul said he has played an open book game and he has been honest. Paul told Dominique that she can bring everyone in the house up there. Dominique said they can do that tomorrow. Paul said he knows the only snake there is sitting right in front of him. Dominique clarified that she never said Paul is a snake. Paul said she implied it. Dominique said she voted for Cody to go and they will all see that. Dominique said it baffles her that Paul is choosing to believe three people over her when she has been loyal to everybody on the team. Dominique said she is being targeted for something she never did, and America will see that she was the real one.

6:00-7:00 AM: Dominique promised to God that Paul said he is working on his own and there is no team. Paul said he is pretty sure that God cannot vouch for her right now. Dominique said God will. Paul don’t Dominique not to bring God into the Big Brother house as a character, because he holds no weight in the house. Dominique said she will do whatever she wants, and he will see that God carries weight since Paul will not be in the house for very long. Dominique said Paul is coming home earlier rather than later. Paul said that’s really smug coming from the person on the block. Dominique said that’s because she was stabbed in the back. Dominique told Paul it’s interesting how reactive he is. Paul said it’s interesting how he is calling her out on her BS and she is not answering. Paul asked if he is the snake. Dominique said he has snake tendencies. Paul questioned if there are other things that Dominique is so certain of that he did. Dominique said yes but she is going to out it tomorrow in front of everyone. Paul then called Christmas and Jason up to the HoH room. Paul said he is not trying to cause hostility. Dominique said Paul has already disrespected her on many levels by having this conversation. Alex said it was heavily implied that that Paul was the snake. Paul said Dominique connects all of the dots but one and leaves it up to people to draw their own conclusion. Dominique said she would like to get everyone in a room and then ask each one what she has said about Paul that is negative. Paul said he doesn’t have to involve more people since he has been sold and he will not give her the benefit of tossing more names out there. Dominique said she wants everyone there cause she has nothing to hide. Matt and Raven made their way up to the HoH room. Dominique said Paul disclosed to her that he is dissolving the team cause he doesn’t know who to trust. Dominique said there is no denying that this is a Paul and Dominique thing now that they are going back and forth with each other. Paul told everyone that he is shouting and all full of energy because he has a conversation with Dominique that did not line up. Dominique brought up that Paul said three people told him that she was speaking negatively about him. Paul confirmed that and said he will not throw them under the bus. Dominique said she is done with the conversation. She said they can vote for who they want, but they need to be careful because there is a snake among them. Dominique said she did not do what people are accusing her of doing. Christmas said Dominique called someone an infiltrator, so now is a good opportunity to call that person out. Dominique refused to. Christmas asked if she is missing the point of everyone being there. Dominique said she is done. Dominique said she was going to emphasize she did vote for Cody to go and she is being targeted for her interview the other night. Dominique promised Paul that he is coming for the wrong person. Paul said he is not coming for her, and she is the one coming for him. Paul told Dominique it seems to him like she wanted to call him out in front of a bunch of people, then now she wont do it when everyone is there. Dominique said she is not going to continue to spend time defending herself, since the truth will always prevail. Paul asked if she has ever watched Big Brother. Christmas questioned why Dominique will not out the infiltrator if she has the opportunity to get that person on the block. Dominique said that’s a great question. She told Christmas that she will not give names. Christmas asked if she is saying that Paul is the suspicious one. Dominique said that is implied. Dominique said Paul came to her multiple times today to reiterate that he has her back, which is weird. She said the things he advised her to do were also suspicious, such as saying not to have private conversations. Dominique told everyone to watch out for Paul. Christmas asked if Paul is the one she is saying is the infiltrator. Dominique said yes.

7:00-8:00 AM: Christmas asked Dominique about her relationship with Cody. Mark said if Christmas is believing what Cody said, it makes no sense since she would not be there if there were two people working with Cody. Christmas said she is looking for clarity and wants to know what Dominique’s relationship was with Cody. Dominique said she did not have any team within the team when it comes to Cody. Dominique told the houseguests to vote how they want to vote. She said she is not going to do this again tomorrow. Josh suggested that she do this in front of the whole house tomorrow since they need to hear it before they vote. Paul agreed. Dominique said she will think about it. She then headed to bed. Alex told the group she doesn’t understand what Dominique is saying when she clearly implied that Paul was the snake. Paul said he hopes they all see what is going on, cause she is going to attack back when someone attacks his character. Paul asked if anyone has questions about him. Everyone said no. Alex said it was sketchy that Dominique didn’t throw Paul under the bus right then and there to make her power move. She said Dominique didn’t have any proof.

1:00-2:00 PM: Matt told Raven that nothing Dominique said last night made any sense. Raven said Dominique might have been in on trying to get Paul out. She said it makes no sense for Dominique to target Paul like that when she was basing it off of a feeling. Alex and Mark joined them. Mark asked why the veto is being used if they don’t trust Jessica. Alex said it’s not here using the veto. Mark said he is willing to vote however they want if it will keep him from going on the block. Mark said he doesn’t feel comfortable as a pawn when his name keeps being brought up due to what Cody said. Raven told Mark he would have her, Matt, Paul and Elena voting for him. She said he will not go home. Alex said she would break the tie in Mark’s favour too. Mark said he voiced his concerns last night and he is not going to be comfortable with going up no matter what he is told. Mark said he will respect what Alex wants to do. Matt spoke to Raven alone. He discussed possibly offering to go up as a pawn himself if Alex and Jason were willing to keep them safe until the Final 10. Up in the HoH room, Jason asked Alex why Paul is pushing so hard for Mark to go up. Alex said it’s because of the votes. Jason questioned why Paul doesn’t like Dominique, seeing as nobody had an issue with her before nominations. Alex said people had issues but didn’t want to voice them.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jason told Alex and Mark that he either wants to leave nominations the same or use Raven as a pawn. Alex told Mark they will need his vote if they leave the nominations the same. Mark said he will vote to evict Dominique. Mark said there is clearly no saving Dominique after she alienated his two closest allies, Elena and Paul, and Alex and Jason. Mark said they will not hear one word of him campaigning for Dominique. Alex asked what the plan for next week is. Both Jason and Mark said they would nominate Jessica and Ramses. Mark let Alex and Jason know that Ramses voted to keep Jillian. He said Kevin is the one who is switching votes. Christmas joined the conversation. She let the group know that she is on board with evicting Dominique. Downstairs, Paul told Dominique he hopes that they can still have a friendship outside of the house. He said he respects her intellect and thinks that she is a fantastic person. Dominique thanked him. Josh spoke to Dominique, who was crying, to let her know that she needs to give names to back up what she is saying. Josh said she needs to call people out if she wants to get herself out of this. Dominique said she will not do that even though her team betrayed her. Dominique said people would have paid attention to Paul’s explosion if they were truly in tune. She said Paul would not have come to her multiple times to say the same thing if he was innocent. Dominique thinks that Paul got close to her so it wouldn’t look like he was the one targeting her. Josh told Dominique that a lot of people outside of the clique could have their eyes opened by her. Dominique said whether or not she stays, she trusts that someone will take Paul out. However, she said she hopes that she is there to do it. Upstairs, Alex let Jessica know that everyone is swearing they will keep her, so they are going to leave the nominations the same. Jessica said if this is being said to keep her calm, she will respect Alex more if she tells her she is going home. Alex assured Jessica that she is staying. Moving forward, Jessica said she is up for grabs and she will not be coming after Alex. In the storage room, Jason told Kevin and then Josh that they have to vote Dominique out no matter what happens. Back in the HoH room, Alex checked in with Ramses to make sure that he is on board with evicting Dominique.

3:00-4:00 PM: After Paul told Jason that they need to use a pawn, Jason told Alex that they cannot afford to leave nominations the same. Jason suggested that people are lying when they say they will vote to evict Dominique. Alex said Kevin is the one who is flipping his votes. Jason said she thinks it is him too. Alex said Kevin is playing them and they have to get him out. As for this week, Jason said he wants Dominique to go. Alex said everyone is in agreement that Jessica is the lesser of two evils. Jason asked if Alex wants him to use the veto. Alex said no. Alex then told Paul that Kevin is the one stirring the pot. Alex said she is almost 100% sure. Paul said he doesn’t think it’s Kevin. Alex said Kevin is a gangster in the real world and he is the one stirring the pot. Alex said Kevin voted against Jillian and voted for Cody. While Paul admitted that Kevin voted Jillian out, he said he is positive that Kevin did not vote for Cody. Paul said he thinks that it is Dominique. Paul said he thinks that someone is trying pin it on Kevin. Alex said Kevin will still be on her radar, but she loves him. Paul said he is a good asset for both of them. Alex agreed that Paul will not screw either of them. Paul then told Alex that he 100% believes that the best move is to put Mark up. Paul said he still has some questions about Mark and he does not believe that he will vote against Dominique. Alex agreed to throw Mark on the block. Alex headed downstairs to ask Christmas and Ramses if they will vote Dominique out over Mark. Both agreed to do that. Alex then spoke to Mark about being a pawn. As was the case all day, Mark said he is not comfortable with it. The two went back and forth about it before Alex agreed that they can leave nominations the same. Mark gave his word that he will vote to evict Dominique. However, Alex said Mark will go up if Jason decides to use the veto.

4:00-5:00 PM: Alec chose Josh, Mark and Ramses to be the have-nots for the week. Jason is still a have-not as well. Josh and Mark both went to the diary room to get the key for the have-not temptation. By random draw, Josh was selected to have it. Josh chose the wrong box. He will be a have-not for two weeks. Dominique told Jessica that she was betrayed. Jessica asked who betrayed her. Dominique said she doesn’t know but she is suspecting that it was Paul. Dominique explained that Paul was explosive during their meeting last night. She said she sensed that she was going to be put up and that others were involved in the decision.

6:00-7:00 PM: Paul asked Christmas how she is feeling after yesterday. Christmas said yesterday confused her, because she was really hoping to get some explanations from Dominique. Christmas told Paul he is the only one who knows which way she voted last week. Paul asked if it has gotten around. Christmas said no. She said she is freaking out about having to lie about it, though she thinks it is best kept quiet for now. Paul said he will keep it quiet as long as she does not tell anyone that he knew if she does reveal it. Christmas agreed. Paul said it may be best to hold off on telling anyone about the vote, given that there are bigger fish to fry right now.

7:00-8:00 PM: In the hot tub, Jessica asked Jason if he is going to use the veto. Jason said he thinks that he is going to. Jessica asked what Alex wants. Jason said she wants it to be used as well. In the bedroom, Paul told Elena he hopes that nobody shows up if Dominique has another talk show tonight. Paul said she does not deserve a platform to spew more of her agenda. Paul said Dominique had the floor last night but she didn’t share information that she claims to have. Paul said he is pretty convinced that either the nominations are staying the same or Mark is going on the block. Paul said Elena will need to keep tabs on Mark, especially if he goes on the block. Paul told Elena that he trusts her without a doubt since he saw that she will go to bat for him. Elena said she feels the same way about Paul. Dominique spoke to the live feeders. She said she hopes that America hears her out and tempts in her in a way that helps her game. Dominique said Paul disrespected her God and that is one thing you don’t do. At the veto ceremony, Dominique said she will say what it is and apologize to those who were offended by what happened. Dominique said she doesn’t understand how Elena could bat for someone who disrespects God. Dominique said she will not be cool with Paul and they will not hang out now that he disrespected her God. Dominique said it’s interesting how everyone in the house respects Paul even though he isn’t in power. Dominique said she wants to go after Elena and Paul but she is not sure if the houseguests will keep her past Thursday.

8:00-9:00 PM: In the hammock, Elena asked Mark who he would nominate if he won HoH. Mark said Ramses and Jessica, though he admitted that he does not want to nominate Jessica. Elena said she doesn’t want to nominate Jessica either. Elena asked Mark if he knew that Cody had a plan to go after Paul either in the short term or long term. Mark said hell no. A bit earlier, Jessica had told Elena that she and Mark knew Cody was going to go after Paul but they didn’t think it would happen so soon. Mark said he asked Cody what he was going to do and he did not want him involved. Elena then asked if Mark or Dominique spoke to Cody to voice their concern about Christmas when she asked a question about Elena during a talk show. Mark said yes. Elena questioned why Mark was mad at Christmas and not Matt when Matt asked the same question. Mark said Christmas continued to push it even when Elena entered the room. Mark clarified that he did not ask Cody to nominate Christmas. In the bedroom, Kevin told Jason that Dominique is a weirdo. He commented on how he guesses they aren’t having the talk show now. Kevin said Dominique doesn’t want to talk now even though she is preaching that if God wants it this way, this is how God wants it. Jason and Kevin discussed the plan for next week. They talked about going after Josh and Matt, then said they could go for Elena and Raven too. Kevin said Jessica and Christmas are people who can go at any time. Jason said it’s a slippery slope when it comes to going after Raven. Kevin asked if Raven thinks she is going to win. He asked if she is going to cry herself to victory. Kevin told Jason he will stop talking now because he will get hate for it. Kevin told Jason that the two of them, Alex, Mark and Paul can get to the Final 5 together, then they can target Mark.

10:00-11:00 PM: Ramses told Jessica there is no way he will vote against her if she stays on the block. Ramses explained that Dominique pulled him aside and tried to make him look really bad in front of some people, so she is his target. Ramses assured Jessica that she doesn’t have to worry about him. Jessica said she will check in again before Thursday. Before Alex went to bed, Paul checked in with her to see if the plan is still on. Alex said Jason is going to use the veto and she is going to nominate Mark. Looking ahead to next week, Alex said Josh wants to take a shot at Matt and his side, which would not put any blood on their hands. Alex and Paul agreed that it could be something to consider letting happen.

12:00-1:00 AM: Raven brought up to Matt that she had told him she had a gut feeling Dominique would go bonkers. Matt asked who else Raven has a bad gut feeling about. She said Jason, though he has been better of late. Raven also said she has a bad feeling about Mark even though she trusts him for now. Matt said Mark is going to get himself evicted with his emotional outbursts. They also discussed Christmas’ injury. Raven pointed out that she will be like this for the entire season now, which is messing up their game. Raven suggested that Christmas would have to be backdoored. Matt said it doesn’t matter since she wont be able to compete even if she is put on the block. The final person that Raven said she has a bad gut feeling about is Ramses. Before heading to bed, Kevin asked Jason if he is going to leave Jessica on the block. Jason said he doesn’t know. They discussed that Dominique should be gaining matter what now after what happened in the past 24 hours. Kevin said it will be 10-0 for her to go. Jason said Dominique hung herself.

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