Big Brother 19 Day 26

July 16, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Jason and Alex discussed that everyone will vote Dominique out regardless of who is on the block next to her. Jason ask who is next. Alex said Ramses and Jessica. Alex wants Jessica to go next, while Jason wants Ramses to go next. Both Alex and Jason agreed that Kevin is the one screwing with them. Jason asked who Alex sees in the top six. Alex said Jason, herself and Paul. Jason added Elena, Mark and Kevin’s names to the list. Alex and Jason agreed that it may be good to have Josh win HoH so that he can take a shot at Matt and Raven. Jason said he wouldn’t be afraid of making that move either. However, he said he guesses he is going to have to put Jessica and Ramses up if he wins. Paul came up to the HoH room. The three discussed that Dominique brings God into her gameplay. Alex said Dominique relies on God to back her up. Paul said God is not a 17th houseguest and cannot be brought into the game. Jason said Dominique thinks no one can tread on religion, sexuality, or race, so she figures people will back up when she brings religion into it.

12:00-1:00 PM: Dominique asked Mark if he shared anything they talked about with Elena. Mark said no. Dominique said he should then understand why she knows it’s Paul. Dominique said Mark will see if not. She told Mark that she is shocked his girlfriend would link up with someone like Paul. Dominique mentioned that the most shocking part of the whole confrontation was that Paul disrespected God. Dominique said she is assuming that the veto ceremony will be today. She let Mark know that people wont like what she has to say. Unless God tells her otherwise, Dominique claimed that she will say “you all can believe what you want to believe, but Paul is a snake”. Mark said he has no idea what to do. Dominique encouraged him to protect his game. Mark said they may end up on the block together, but he really doesn’t know who will be nominated. Christmas spoke to Mark to clear some things up between them. She said Cody did tell her that Dominique and Mark campaigned to get her put on the block, but she doesn’t care what he says and thinks that he was just trying to stir the pot. Christmas said Mark has stuck to his word twice. Mark said he appreciates that Christmas cleared up the Cody thing. Christmas brought up that Dominique is telling people she voted for Cody to stay. Mark asked if she did. Christmas said she didn’t vote that way. In the bedroom, Josh explained to Dominique that he has to keep his distance since he is already being questioned. Josh said it’s breaking his heart. Dominique told Josh to do what he has to do to protect his game. Dominique said they want him to keep his distance from her because they know that she knows what’s going on. Josh said they will have a good talk when the time is right. Dominique said Josh gets mad respect for letting her know what’s going on. Dominique told Josh that she wants him to vote to evict her if Mark goes on the block next to her.

1:00-2:00 PM: Dominique told Jessica that she is going to say everything and it is all going to come out. Dominique said Jessica can let people know that. Dominique pointed out that Cody saw something that they were unable to see. Dominique told Jessica that things are very clear if you think about the qualities of a snake. Dominique said people will reap what they sow. Dominique said she is hoping that God allows her to say the things that she is planning to say. She said God doesn’t stop showing things to her even though they are playing a game. Dominique said she heard God say Paul’s name three times. She said she ignored it at first because Paul hadn’t done anything, then he did after the latest HoH competition. Dominique thinks that Paul helped Elena devise a plan, then Elena pulled the trigger and they convinced Alex to do it. Out in the pool, Ramses asked Elena if Dominique threw her under the bus too. Elena confirmed that she did. Elena said she was batting for Dominique and then the first thing that Dominique did was talk about her to Alex. Elena said Dominique thinks she is jealous of her relationship with Mark. Elena said “let me clarify how unintimidated I am of you”. Elena mentioned that Dominique was trying to pull on her heart strings and use their similar religious beliefs. Ramses said Dominique did something similar with him, mentioning that he believes. Elena said she will not feel guilty when she has nothing to feel guilty for. Elena pointed out that Dominique implicated herself by accusing Paul of telling her about a conversation in which she spoke to Paul about Elena. Elena said that let her know that Dominique did indeed talk about her. Elsewhere in the backyard, Mark told Jason that he will go home if he is on the block. Jason said he wont use the veto. Jason said he doesn’t get why people are pushing for Mark to go up. Mark said that’s what scares him about it. He said his fate is in Jason’s hands.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Jessica he thinks that she is okay this week. Jessica told Paul that Dominique is not done. Paul said that’s obvious. Jessica said Dominique talked to her about three individuals who she feels very betrayed by. Jessica said Paul will find out. Paul said he is ready because he has nothing to hide. Paul said Dominique made herself a target by her behaviour when she went on the block. Paul told Jessica he didn’t have any problems before she started throwing his name out there once she was on the block. Jessica said she is pretty sure that Dominique will be saying something in her speech at the veto ceremony. Paul said he can dish the same thing back at her again. Paul told Alex that Mark was talking to Dominique. He said Mark will heavily campaign against Jessica if the veto is not used. Paul suggested that Alex not even tell Jason who she is going to put up, opting to say that she has a different idea. Paul said she can then nominate Mark once the veto is used. Paul said Mark is getting to Jason on an emotional level. Paul let Elena know that Dominique is waiting for the veto ceremony to drop a bomb. Paul figured it would be about Elena, Christmas, Raven and himself. Paul said Dominique needed a few days to orchestrate something else. Christmas joined them. Paul told them both not to humour it if Dominique tries asking any questions.

3:00-4:00 PM: In the storage room, Alex told Elena and Paul that she is getting nervous and she still wants to put Mark on the block. After Alex left, Paul told Elena that he warned Mark that talking to Dominique would raise eyebrows. Elena asked if she has to babysit Mark. Mark then entered the room. Mark said he is not going to trip either way, but he would feel better if he isn’t on the block. Mark said he said his piece with Dominique, then she asked him if he knew that she was going on the block. Mark said he looked at her like do you really have to ask me this? Once Paul left the room, Elena told Mark that he needs to stay close to her for the next few days. She said it’s better for him. Paul and Mark then had a brief chat. Paul said he hasn’t heard Mark’s name this week. Mark said he needs to relax and then they need to win HoH. Paul said he wants Ramses out. Mark feels less threatened by Ramses now since Ramses main concern was that he was with Dominique. Paul asked who they should target then. Mark said they will have to see how the week goes. Mark admitted it scares him how persistent they are about using him as a pawn. Paul said that’s why he told Mark that sometimes it’s best to stop butting heads with them over it, since they may end up doing it anyway and you don’t want to make them feel uneasy.

4:00-5:00 PM: Dominique spoke to the cameras. Jessica was in the room at the time. She said Jessica or anyone else can hear this. Dominique said she doesn’t know how many viewers saw the show that Paul put on, but someone who is honest would not have been so overreactive. Dominique said the only leg Paul had to stand on was the fact that Elena would lie along with him. Dominique said it’s interesting that Paul has everyone’s ear, so people are afraid to even talk to her. Dominique said it’s genius. Dominique mentioned that when God tells you to do something, you have no proof or foundation. She said she elected to trust that she heard God say Paul’s name. Dominique observed that Paul had never pulled her aside as many times as he did the day that she was nominated.

5:00-6:00 PM: Paul made plans to dress up as a snake for the veto ceremony and/or the live show. He plans to wear a snake patterned dress. He asked Elena and Jessica what kind of snake-like leggings they have. Elena said Christmas has python leggings. Paul asked what else he should do, such as slicking his hair back. Jessica mentioned that Alex might have a green bandana. Elena told Paul to put the stuff on his face from last night. Paul said the black mask. Paul asked if he should wear the black one or the green one. Jessica said the green one. Paul said the dress is black and white. Elena said the black one then. Paul said it has to be black. Paul said he can’t thank them enough because that is the funniest thing. Paul then went to the bedroom with Christmas to try on the leggings and dress. Alex and Ramses came by to see Paul’s outfit. He told them that he is going to put the dead sea mask on his face. Paul said it will be his outfit for the veto ceremony and live show, then he will put the black mask on. Elena came by to check out the look. Paul tried on a leather jacket as well. Mark stopped by. Paul asked if he should do the face mask or if that’s dumb. Christmas said this is already over the top, so he should go all the way if he is going to do it. Paul said he would have the black leather jacket and the black face. Mark said if anything, he would wait until just before the live show to put it on. Paul said he was thinking of doing it for the veto ceremony as well. Up in the HoH room, Alex told Jason that Paul is scaring her and making her think that they may not have the votes to evict Dominique if nominations stay the same. Alex said it’s making her think that they should use the veto. Jason said they may have to put Raven up. Alex said that’s not a good plan. Alex said she wants to put Kevin on the block. Jason said Alex can tell Kevin to take a seat, then afterwards they sit him down and say everyone else is saying he is the one flipping votes. Jason thought they could tell him that they don’t believe it but they want to prove it’s not him. Alex said they would have to talk to Kevin first or else he would hold a grudge. Alex brought up that Paul is pushing really hard for Mark to be the pawn. She said she gets why. Alex told Jason she is wondering if Paul would make sure Dominique stays if they leave the nominations the same, just to put them in check. Jason asked who is going to go up. Alex said it has to be Mark so he cannot vote. Jason suggested that putting a guy up will lead to girls raising hell. Alex said Elena was on board with the plan until Jason kept bringing up Raven’s name. Alex said Mark going up would ensure there are not any votes for Dominique, then they can tell if Kevin flipped if Dominique gets a vote. Alex told Jason they cannot let Paul know that they are trying to catch Kevin. Alex called Jessica up to the HoH room. She let Jessica know that they are thinking of pulling her off the block. Alex said they need Jessica to vote Dominique out. Jessica said okay. Alex said Mark will be the replacement nominee. Alex warned Jessica that if someone votes the other way, it’s going to look like it was her. Jessica pointed out that Christmas doesn’t like her and could vote the other way again to set her up. Jessica let Alex and Jason know that she sees why Cody adored them. Jess listed off the nine person alliance that they had at the start. She said Cody wanted to bring Alex and Jason in, then people in the alliance put the pressure on her to shut that down. Meanwhile, Dominique told Josh that only fools would stab her in the back like this. Dominique said if she stays and wins HoH, she would nominate Elena and Paul. If one of them comes down, she would then nominate Raven to ensure that one of them leaves.

6:00-7:00 PM: Dominique told Josh that Paul is fooling a lot of them. She said there is no way that Paul didn’t tell Elena or Alex what she disclosed to him about Elena in private. Dominique said she didn’t give Alex any names during her conversation with her. Dominique said it’s obvious she was talking about Elena, but not that obvious, so Paul had to have gotten involved. Dominique thinks people got jealous of her show because of the attention she was getting. She mentioned that people also thought the show was part of her strategy. Outside, Jason told Kevin that he is going to use the veto. He said Alex is nominating Mark in Jessica’s place. Jason told Kevin that Dominique needs to go. Kevin said he will vote to evict Dominique. Kevin then spoke to Jessica. He said they should get Matt or Mark out of the house if they have the chance. She said nobody will be able to beat them in HoHs if those two are gone. Kevin talked about working with Jessica, Alex, Jason and Paul. Jessica said Paul is on the other side, but Kevin told her that Paul is playing the game and he will move where he has to move. Jason let Paul know that he wants to use the veto. Jason made it clear that he wants to warn Mark. Paul told him he doesn’t want to be in the middle of it. He suggested just making the move instead of going around telling everybody. Paul said Mark is expecting it and he said he still wants to work with Alex and Jason. Jason thought it would be a good idea to say he is using the veto on Mark because Dominique needs to go, since Alex wouldn’t have to make it clear that Mark is the pawn. Out on the hammock, Jessica asked Mark if he is voting to keep Dominique. Mark said Jessica doesn’t even know if she will still be on the block. Jessica said she does and she asked Mark to be honest with her. Mark said he is voting to evict Dominique. Mark explained that his name keeps being associated with people who are playing awful games. He also said he cannot be associated with someone who is throwing Elena under the bus. Mark told Jessica that he would rather have her there since he wants a calm house. In the storage room, Jason told Alex he is going to say that he is using the Power of Veto on Jessica because he really wants Dominique to go home. Alex asked what’s wrong with him. She told him he doesn’t have to say anything. Jason said then Alex wont have to say it. Alex said she doesn’t have to say it either. Elena joined them. They discussed Mark going on the block. Alex told Elena that they want to make this move so that they can out Kevin if he is the one flipping his votes. Alex said they are not letting Mark know that he is going up until just before. Elena said she will not tell him either.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark asked Elena if she thinks he will be safe if he goes up. Elena said absolutely. Mark asked Elena who she thinks is the next target. Elena said it depends on what happens this week. Mark asked why she thinks Alex is pushing so hard for her to be a pawn. Elena said because it makes the most sense for him. Mark disagreed. Elena said it would show that Mark is a team player and is innocent. Mark said those people will have doubts regardless of whether or not he does this. Elena said this move could change it. Mark asked if putting him up is in the best interest of him. Elena said there are benefits since he doesn’t have to vote against Dominique or be accused of voting for Dominique if there is a rogue vote. Mark said it doesn’t make sense. Elena told Mark she isn’t saying she wants him on the block or knows that they are going to do it, but there is less chance for things to go wrong if Mark is on the block. Mark asked if the potential benefits outweigh the risk. Elena said she doesn’t know cause she doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul told Alex that Jason pulled him aside to say his gut is telling him to use the veto. Alex said good. Paul told Alex to tell Jason not to worry about who she will put on the block. Paul said Dominique and Mark were talking this morning, which is why he thinks something sketchy is happening. Paul said Josh let him know about his talk with Dominique, which included a prayer session and some game talk. Paul said if Dominique drops a bomb, he will tell her to stop using her prayers sessions to talk game with people. Paul commented on Dominique passing by him and making weird smiles. Paul said don’t try to intimidate him. He said he will dress up in a snake costume and make Dominique look like a clown. Paul said his snake costume is going to be funny. Paul said he is going to try to win HoH next week in order to get Jessica or Ramses out. Alex said she will hope for that or for Josh to win, since he wants to take a shot at Matt and Raven. Paul said he would definitely vote Matt out in that situation. Alex said she doesn’t want to put Raven up because a lot of people actually don’t like her. Alex explained that people want Raven out because no one will take the shot at her since they don’t want to vote out the sick girl. Paul said he doesn’t think he would take a shot at Raven. Alex said they have to at some point since you cannot let someone coast by.

10:00-11:00 PM: In the bathroom, Dominique told Mark she knows that he is not allowed to talk to her. Mark said they can talk. He asked what she wants to talk about. Dominique said nothing. Mark asked Dominique how her day was. She said it was amazing. Mark told her that’s good. While Matt showered, Dominique told him she has heard that the majority of the house wants her gone, so she is anticipating that she will not be there after Thursday. Dominique said she is going to have a show and she is going to reveal that she lives in Washington DC and works for the government. Matt wanted to point out that he called that. The two discussed that Dominique lives close to Matt’s mother.

11:00-12:00 AM: Kevin went outside to tell Elena and Mark that Dominique told him he can interview her since she isn’t going to be there anymore. Kevin didn’t know what to do. Elena said Kevin can interview her without an audience. Mark said to do that. Kevin said Dominique told him it’s her last show and she should have the right to be interviewed with the other person on the block. Paul came outside and said he is not going to the show. Elena said she’s not going either. Kevin asked if he should give Dominique a platform. Paul suggested that Kevin say yes for now, then tell her on Wednesday that nobody is going to show up and it’s not a good idea.

1:00-2:00 AM: Kevin told Christmas that she has nothing to worry about if his guys win HoH. Kevin said she would fall off the couch if he told her who Jason plans to nominate. Kevin hinted that it will be two guys. He said the other side will nominate Jessica and Ramses if they win it. Kevin mentioned that someone else will go on the block tomorrow. Christmas asked if that person is the target. Kevin said no. Kevin explained that part of the reason the move is being made is to let that side know that they are not as strong as they think, and it’s not a case of them not having the nerve to put them up. Christmas thought it may not be a good idea to expose that at this time when the person is not going home anyway. Christmas said she is going to nominate Jessica and Ramses with Jessica as her target if she wins HoH. Kevin then went to get Jason because he agreed with Christmas that it makes no sense to use the veto. Kevin brought up to Jason that the other side will know they are against them if they use the veto. Jason asked if Kevin is saying not to use it. Kevin said he doesn’t know. Kevin said it doesn’t matter who goes up since Dominique is leaving. Kevin asked what Jason will say if he uses it. Jason said he will tell them that it is being done to ensure that Dominique goes. Kevin said that’s a good one. They then involved Christmas in the conversation after Kevin said she found out somehow. Kevin swore he didn’t tell Christmas about the plan. Christmas said Jason will have to let the person know they are a pawn if he uses the veto. Jason said he would never not do that. Christmas said she agrees with the move then but it will lead to some questions. Jason mentioned something to Mark off camera, which got Mark going about how he will go home if he touches the block this week. Jason said Christmas is stirring the pot, though he said he didn’t know how she was stirring the pot. Mark said that pisses him off. Jason said now he doesn’t want to use the veto. Elena said not to. Jason said he will not and he is going to go tell Alex that. Mark said it’s not that he doesn’t trust Alex or Jason, but he doesn’t trust the voters. Jason told Mark that Kevin is pushing for the veto to be used. Mark said it’s because he is the one switching the votes.

2:00-3:00 AM: Jason told Elena and Mark that he is not going to use the veto. Jason said he will go tell Alex right now. Mark asked why he has to tell her. Elena told Jason not to tell Alex. Jason shook Mark’s hand and told him that he is not going to use the veto. Jason told Alex that he is not using the veto. Alex asked why. Jason said he doesn’t know. Jason asked if Alex thinks they need to use it. Alex said yeah. Jason said there is no way that people are keeping Dominique. Alex said they wont be able to figure out the vote then to catch Kevin. Jason said he doesn’t care. Alex said she does. Jason told Alex that Elena and Mark guaranteed they are voting Dominique out, so they have the numbers for sure. Alex said okay.

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