Big Brother 19 Day 27 - Jason decides not to use the Power of Veto

July 17, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Jason told Alex that Kevin was stirring the pot last night, telling him not to use the veto when he wanted him to use it all along. Jason said maybe they need to use it and put Kevin on the block. Alex said it’s a risky move. Jason said they will just leave it as it is. Alex asked if Jason is sure that they should not use the veto. Jason said yeah. Alex mentioned that Christmas needs to get out. Jason said she is a pot stirrer. Alex said she also doesn’t trust Jessica in the game. Both agreed that they are starting to trust Matt and Raven more. Alex said she doesn’t know why everyone is so adamant about using the veto. Jason said he thinks Paul is the one going around telling everybody. Jason said everybody thinks Paul will in the Final 3 or 4. Alex said he is the veteran, so duh. Jason said that’s a reason to get him out of there. They again discussed the plan for the veto. Jason said he will put Mark on the block when he gets HoH if Mark flips. Alex asked Jason what he is going to tell Paul. Jason said he isn’t going to tell him anything. Jason said he wont be using it and he is done thinking about it. Jason told Alex that Paul was the only one sold on using it. Jason thinks Paul told everyone they else they shouldn’t use it, then he told them they should use it. Jason told Alex she shouldn’t trust Paul with 100% certainty all the time. Alex said she doesn’t but Paul can’t lie in front of America. Jason said he can. Alex argued that breaking his friendship promise would ruin his fanbase. Jason said they are already fans and he can still lie. Alex said she is concerned about Kevin because if Paul made a deal with him first, his friendship trumps hers. Jason said he likes Paul as a person but he doesn’t like him in the game.

11:00-12:00 PM: Kevin mentioned to Jason that Christmas will be on their side. He listed off Jason, Christmas, himself, Alex, Josh, Ramses, and Jessica as being with them for now, with Paul being in the middle. Jason asked Kevin if they are going to leave nominations the same. Kevin said he thought Jason was going to use the veto. Jason said Kevin told him last night not to use it. Kevin said it’s Jason’s decision. He told Kevin that he already let Alex know he is not going to use it. Kevin said to go with that then, and they will make the other side feel comfortable by not using it. Shortly thereafter, feeds went down for the veto ceremony.

12:00-1:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto ceremony. Jason decided not to use the Power of Veto. Dominique and Jessica remained nominated. When feeds returned, Paul loudly said “one team, one fight!” and mentioned that Dominique started tossing names out there. Out in the yard, Mark said he is not going to campaign against Dominique. However, he said he made a promise to vote her out. Mark and Paul discussed that Dominique threw Elena and Paul’s names out there during the veto ceremony. Mark thanked Jason for leaving the nominations the same. Jason said Dominique was sinking her ship and he was baiting her to sink it. Mark said he is excited to move on with Jason and Alex. In the kitchen, Matt and Christmas mentioned that they think they got called minions. Christmas told Elena that she is the co-snake. Elena said she is the other snake head even though she was still batting for Dominique yesterday. Dominique stopped by and told Alex she hopes she protects herself. Dominique said if they did it to her, they will do it to Alex. Elena told the other that she didn’t do anything wrong. Dominique overheard and said Elena can have a conversation with her if she wants. Elena kept replying “I just decided I’m good”. Christmas said the last two days she has been waiting to have a conversation. Dominique asked if anyone has tried to have one with her in the last two days. Paul said he did. Dominique said she was talking to Elena and anybody else. Christmas said she let her know she is still interested in hearing what she has to say on multiple occasions. Christmas mentioned she asked why Dominique doesn’t have her show and why doesn’t tell the house her side. Dominique said Christmas suggested she do it, not ask why she didn’t do, and she said she would consider it. Dominique said she made her speech today. Christmas said she appreciates the consideration. Dominique walked away and said they have it twisted if they think they are going to come after her. Elena went outside. Jason asked what happened in there. Elena said Dominique came for her. Elena said Dominique will go home, watch the show, and see that she did nothing wrong. Elena said Dominique cannot be going around saying the lord told her something she did something when she didn’t. Up in the HoH room, Alex spoke to the camera about how Kevin has been playing her. She said he has been lying to her face. Alex said she will get him out of the house. Alex told Jason that Kevin is now her target. She said he brought up that they promised on the rosary that they will go Final 2, even though they didn’t do that. Alex mentioned that Kevin might not vote the other way this time since they are on to him. Jason thinks he will still do it in order to frame Mark. They discussed that Dominique was not the vote to evict Ramses. Alex said she feels bad since Dominique is getting crucified when she is innocent. Jason told Alex to never repeat that. Jason suggested that Dominique is sinking her own ship after they nominated her. He said Dominique was calming the others and making them better players, so they will fall apart without her.

1:00-2:00 PM: Kevin told Jason that Alex said he is good with her until the Final 8. Kevin asked what happened since they had discussed going Final 4. Jason said Alex gets mad when he gets wild, so Alex darts fast when she thinks you are up to something. Kevin said he was hurt and didn’t understand. He said they can come talk to him if he does something wrong. Jason said Alex is trying to scare him. Jason encouraged Kevin to just be himself. They talked about how things will get better once Alex is out of the HoH room and they can chat downstairs in the bedroom. Elsewhere, Jessica told Elena and Raven that she still loves them. She said she doesn’t want to leave the game. Jessica said she wants to know what she can do to at least make it to jury. Raven said her best advice to Jessica is to keep doing what she is doing. Raven said the three of them should put other people up if they win HoH, then they can make it to jury. In the bedroom, Dominique told Jessica she will do good. Jessica said she has to put on a mask in there. Dominique said Paul wouldn’t have exploded the way she exploded in the room if it wasn’t true. Jessica told Dominique she should hit up Cody after this. Dominique said she will. She said she owes him an apology too. Dominique told Jessica to be careful with Raven because she was one of the people who lied. Dominique admitted she doesn’t have proof. Jessica said she already knows cause Raven has six different voices when she talks to different people. Dominique said she wanted Elena to woman up and come talk to her, but she is not going to approach her. Dominique said Elena knew she was going on the block but she doesn’t know if she had anything to do with it. Jessica went to Christmas to let her know that she is trying to find the balance between not ruining her game but still being able to be there to console Dominique. She asked Christmas to let people know what she is doing if they start questioning her for talking to Dominique. Christmas agreed to do so.

2:00-3:00 PM: Elena told Jessica that Mark will not go anywhere without her. She said he is afraid of Dominique. Jessica asked if Mark is still going to talk to her. Elena called him over to ask. Mark said he will briefly talk to her. He said he is not going to isolate Dominique but he is also not too fond of what she said about Elena or Paul. Elena asked if he will feel safe talking to Dominique without her. Mark said no. Elena asked if he needs here there. Mark said most likely. Elena said she will join him but she will not say anything. Jessica asked Elena if it bothers her that Mark is going to have a conversation with Dominique. Elena said not yet. She said she doesn’t know what his agenda is with the conversation, but him wanting her there for it means it likely wont be much.

3:00-4:00 PM: Josh and Mark played a game of pool. They made a bet that the loser of the game would have to drink a mixture of pickle juice and hot sauce. Josh sunk the 8 ball for what he thought was the win. However, Mark and those watching all agreed that Josh had double hit the ball, making it a scratch. The two continued to argue over it, since Josh claimed that Mark double hits all the time. Josh eventually said they can have another game and raise the stakes. Mark gave in and said he would drink it since Josh thinks that he won. Josh got the drink ready. Mark wanted Josh to admit that he didn’t win. Josh said he won. Mark then threw the drink in Josh’s face. Feeds cut not long after. While they were down, Josh dumped ketchup and ranch over Mark. Josh said he would have laughed if it was just pickle juice, but Mark is an idiot for throwing hot sauce in his face. Josh told Christmas and Raven that what Mark did is so disrespectful. Josh said Mark was calling him out about not being a man of his word. Josh said the last he checked, he isn’t the one backstabbing and trying to get one of his own out. Josh told the girls that Mark lost a friend. Josh vowed to torture Mark every single day until one of them leave the house. Josh was also frustrated that others were talking under their breath about him. Christmas attempted to get Josh to calm down. She said they can talk later. She agreed with Josh that it wasn’t cool. Josh said the big teddy bear shouldn’t be talking crap if he can’t handle it coming back his way. Mark came by to apologize to Josh. Josh told Mark not to talk to him or look at him. Josh headed out to the hot tub alone.

4:00-5:00 PM: Dominique checked on Josh. She asked if he let people push him again. Josh explained that Mark lost the bet and then threw pickle juice and hot sauce in his face. Josh said it’s disrespectful. Mark came outside. He said he wanted to apologize. He let Josh know that he is truly sorry and he didn’t want to hurt him. Josh said he has no respect for Mark after he disrespected him like that. Josh mentioned that Mark said he is a man of his word even though he was plotting against Paul in Week 1. Mark temporarily left the area after game got brought into it. Josh kept going on his rant, questioning where Mark’s word is at when he was plotting against Christmas and Paul. Josh said Mark made it personal, so he is going to make it game. Josh pointed out that everyone talks about him on a personal level, yet they will get real sensitive if he flips it around and rags on them. Mark came back outside. All of the houseguests eventually joined. Josh told Mark not to talk to him from here on out. He said Mark can win HoH and send him home next week, cause he has lost all respect for him. Mark asked Josh what was being said about game. He asked Josh to say it to his face. Josh told Mark he knows what he did. Josh questioned why Mark reacted the way he did when Cody said what he said. Josh asked what the reaction was for if Mark wasn’t guilty. Josh then asked Elena why she was pinching Mark, ripping his skin off so that he didn’t step up and talk to Cody. Elena said she didn’t want him to physically get into it with Cody. Josh pointed out that that didn’t happen between he and Mark, implying that it wouldn’t have gone there. Elena said she is curious about the word thing, since Josh said he would vote for Jillian and then he voted for Christmas. Josh said he told Christmas that he would be voting for her. Jessica then got involved, asking what Josh said to her and Cody when he promised them he would vote Christmas out. She questioned why he has approached her over the past few days to apologize for lying to her. Josh said Christmas knows where he stands. Josh told Jessica he lied to her because he doesn’t owe her anything. Josh pointed out that Jessica didn’t come talk to the outsiders until she needed them. Josh told Jessica not to come for him. He told Jessica to recruit 10 people, make up her lie, then come for him. Josh told Jessica that she rallied against a girl who was part of her team, then now she wants to rally as if she is part of the team. Josh looked to Elena and said he has nothing but respect for her because she backs herself up with facts. As for Jessica, Josh said she has nothing. Josh told Jessica to go into a room, start hiding, and build up a story. Jessica told Josh to leave her alone. Josh reminded Jessica that she inserted herself in the conversation. He said she tried to prove a point and failed. Josh said next and asked if anyone else has something to say, because he has all day. Josh told Mark he is digging his own grave. He said he was loyal to Mark even though a lot of people told him to watch out with Mark. Josh said Mark proved to him that he should have. The houseguests started going separate ways not long after. Dominique sat down with Christmas. They asked Josh to stay as a witness, because Christmas didn’t want to speak to Dominique alone. Paul also joined them. Dominique asked what led Christmas to act the way she has towards her. Christmas said she came to Dominique after she was put on the block, telling her she understands how she feels, yet Dominique chose to snuff her. Christmas said she had a lot of unanswered questions, yet Dominique refused to give any answers. Christmas told Dominique that when she came at her in the kitchen earlier, it only secured what she already believed she was going to do this week. Christmas asked why Dominique threw her name around for the Cody vote. Dominique said everyone was doing that. Dominique said she told people in the group that they should speak to Christmas once she gets back. Christmas wasn’t buying it. When Dominique tried to promise before God, saying he is there with her, Christmas said he is there with her but he is not there to defend her. Christmas asked what Dominique's point is, cause she is done. Dominique said she was loyal to Christmas and gave her word to her. Christmas again brought up that she asked for answers before today, so she is not looking for any more answers out of Dominique at this time. Dominique clarified that she didn’t talk to anybody, but said she would consider giving answers. The talk ended shortly after that.

5:00-6:00 PM: Mark told Jason he really thought that Josh would have handled that better. Jason said Josh just cut his own throat with what he did. Mark said they have their jury as long as Josh doesn’t win HoH. Mark then told Paul he didn’t expect it to end like this. He said he thought there would be a little bit of a food fight. In the bathroom, Josh told Christmas that he messed up. She said he didn’t. Josh thinks he keeps digging himself a grave in the house. Christmas said people aren’t happy that Mark threw hot sauce in Josh’s face. Christmas said she is proud of Josh for standing his ground. Dominique spoke to the cameras. She said she tries her best to avoid pulling the black card, but it’s very unfortunate that she is the only black person in the house. She explained that it does become a bit difficult not having someone who looks like her, that can relate to what she’s going through. Dominique said she believes that she was targeted for reasons that are strictly bogus, but that happens in this game. Paul asked Matt and Raven what the plan is if they win HoH. Paul said he is still thinking of going after Ramses. Matt said he would have no problem with that. Paul mentioned Jessica’s name as well. Raven threw Josh’s out there. Paul suggested keeping Josh around since he creates drama and will be a target in front of them. Matt asked what they should do about Christmas. Paul said he doesn’t know but she has enemies other than them to go after, plus she has people who want her out, so that is good for the three of them. Paul said he would like for Josh to win HoH since he would take a random shot in the dark. Matt said he would love that too.

6:00-7:00 PM: Christmas told Josh she guarantees that everyone in the house has told at least one lie. Josh was worried that he got called out for being a liar with regards to his vote. Christmas told Josh it’s harder for people to believe him when he elevates. Christmas said Mark was in the wrong, but now people are looking at Josh because he went off and talked about everybody. She said they will bring up that Josh said those things even though it was general house knowledge. Josh thinks he is in a bad spot now. Christmas assured him that he isn’t. She said somebody is going to mess up before Thursday, and he has time to get back to being his usual self. Christmas encouraged Josh to be cordial with everyone. Josh asked what to do about Mark. Christmas suggested that Josh go tell him he appreciates his apology, and they need to move forward and play the game the way that they want to play. Josh said he trusted Mark and wanted to work with him so bad. Christmas said Josh has to get past that since he is not in his corner right now. Josh said he is not going to work with Mark but he will be cordial with him.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul spoke to Dominique in the kitchen. Feeds cut in mid conversation. Paul said he is playing into the whole snake thing for his own humour, but he genuinely has a huge question mark as to why she thinks he is a snake. Paul suggested that Dominique was led to believe something. Dominique said she has been trying to figure out why people would stab her in the back, target her, and say she said all of these things. Paul asked why she is pointing that at him. Dominique said it’s not only Paul. Paul said he is truly not there to bother her or keep hostility. Paul said he is just playing. Dominique said got it and thank you. Paul then went outside to tell Matt, Raven, Alex, Christmas and Jason about his conversation. He said Dominique told him that she is genuinely upset. Paul later said he genuinely hopes that she stops with her hostility towards him, cause at a certain point he is going to be a dickhead if he keeps being pushed.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark told Kevin he cannot wait to see Josh walk out the doors next week. Kevin said it’s a done deal. Kevin suggested that the rest of them should try to have a good 10 days. Kevin mentioned that putting Josh up next to Jessica or Ramses would be good. Mark said he likes that idea. Inside, Paul spoke to Josh about squashing things with Mark. Paul said Josh could wait a few days to do so. Josh said he doesn’t want tension and that was not his intent. He said he blacked out.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul headed out to the hammock. He let Mark know that he told Josh to come squash the beef with him. Paul said Josh told him he thinks that he will do that. Mark said he is done but he will squash things if Josh comes to him to do that. Mark wondered why everyone is so sensitive about it when it was a joke. Elena asked Mark if he is still planning on talking to Dominique. Mark said not after everything that happened tonight. Paul said Dominique was instigating Josh to blow up. Elena said she is curious what Dominique’s reasoning was for coming out there.

10:00-11:00 PM: Josh told Alex he feels like crap. Alex asked if he is sick. Josh said no, but he doesn’t feel good about everything that happened. Alex said Mark shouldn’t have thrown the juice but Josh shouldn’t get so mad. Josh agreed. He said he went to the hot tub in order to calm down, then everybody approached him. Alex said Dominique was looking for a way to manipulate him. Jason told Alex he hopes Josh wins HoH and then they can get him to nominate Jessica and Christmas. Alex said they need him to nominate Matt and Raven. Jason thought that Josh may want to put Matt and Mark on the block after what happened today. Jason told Alex that Paul doesn’t want HoH next week because he is still safe, but he will want the one after. Alex said they should take it from him that week. Jason said they need to make Paul squirm. Alex said they need him. Jason told Alex that Paul is going around telling people that they are super competitors. Alex said he better not be. Josh made his way back upstairs. He said he is thinking that Jessica, Mark or Matt need to go next. Josh said Matt is a competitor and he doesn’t talk game, but he will go and report back about what he sees. Josh said he thinks that he will nominate Mark and Matt or Elena and Mark if he wins HoH this week. Jason said he would nominate Elena and Matt. Josh said he wont put Ramses up. He thinks that Ramses will be evicted if he is on the block, and he is someone that they can have as a vote. Josh said if he wants Matt to go and Mark wins the veto, he will put Elena or Raven up. Alex mentioned that Jessica is annoying. Josh said she isn’t a threat and she would be a waste of a week.

11:00-12:00 AM: Dominique told Josh he gets mad respect for letting her know that she may not have his vote. She said she told Mark he doesn’t have to vote for her either, but her respect is dwindling when it comes to Mark. Josh asked if Mark ever did conspire against Paul. Dominique said she doesn’t know but she might be being framed because they are putting that on her. Dominique said production keeps saying it sounds like she is done, but “you do understand that it could literally turn tomorrow”. Later, Dominique said that if she is tempted this week and it ensures her safety, we will get a show since it will be going down.

12:00-1:00 AM: Josh was honest with Dominique about how she messed up with him by not being willing to explain herself. Dominique said God has shown her things that don’t make sense to her. She said if it doesn’t make sense to her, it’s not going to make sense to 15 other people if she tries to explain it. For that reason, Dominique said she has to just trust what she knows since she can’t explain what she doesn’t understand. Moving forward, Dominique advised Josh to trust no one. She told him not to let anyone know what his plans are. Josh commented on how he is so disappointed in Mark for turning on Dominique so quickly. Dominique said she hopes Mark had nothing to do with her leaving if she goes, because she would feel a certain way if that were the case.

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