Big Brother 19 Day 28

July 18, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM: Jason told Alex it seems like nobody wants to win HoH. Alex asked who doesn’t want it. Jason didn’t name anyone. He said he will nominate Jessica and Josh if he wins. Alex asked if he is joking or if he would actually put up Josh. Jason mentioned Matt and Raven as well. Jason said he would really like to nominate Christmas and Jessica. Alex said they can get Christmas out at any time. Jason said she needs to go. Jason said Christmas talks about everyone. Alex said they don’t have reason to rock the boat at this point, since they are sitting pretty good right now. Alex said it comes down to targeting people who are not going to vote for them in jury. Paul joined them. Jason asked if they should put a floater up against a competitor. Paul said yeah. It was mentioned that Jessica as a solid competitor that they can nominate. Alex said the best case scenario is that Josh wins HoH. Jason said he doesn’t know how to feel about Christmas due to her foot. Jason figures that Christmas will always be thinking about him being the one to break her foot. Jason said he catches her looking at him with total disdain at times. Alex said Christmas hates Jason. Jason said he thinks he should target her. Alex argued that she is an easy target. Jason disagreed, saying she runs around telling everyone what they want to hear. Alex said everyone knows that she is lying. Paul said he doesn’t think that nominating Christmas and Ramses would be a waste. After Paul left, Jason said he doesn’t think that Kevin would vote against them. Alex doesn’t think that he will either, but she said he is up to something shady. Alex said Kevin is nervous.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christmas said there isn’t too much personal drama going on in the house, but it ends up being good when they do have it. Raven agreed. Christmas mentioned that Dominique made an aggressive move by getting in her face in the kitchen yesterday. Raven said Christmas missed a lot while she was gone in the hospital. They discussed that Dominique questioned them once she was put on the block, asking them if they have betrayed her, if they voted for Cody to stay, and if they would vote for her over Jessica. Christmas said it’s weird that Dominique knew she was going to be nominated. Raven said it’s because she was talking crap and everyone saw what she did during her show last week. Christmas brought up that Dominique threw her name around as a vote for Cody. Christmas asked if Raven thinks one of the votes was Dominique. Raven thought she may be based on the way that she has been acting. Raven mentioned that Dominique called Paul a snake. Christmas added that Cody was after Paul, so Raven said it makes sense if you put two and two together. Raven asked who Christmas would want to nominate. Christmas said Jessica. Raven said Jessica is blaming her for taking Alex’s cat ears. Christmas said Jessica was salty about Alex wearing the cat ears because she said that’s her thing. Christmas said she is okay with getting someone other than Jessica out if it’s in the best interest of the house, but she doesn’t want Jessica getting to jury. Raven headed inside and let Matt know that Christmas wants Jessica out and she wants to put Ramses on the block with her. Matt said that’s awesome since he didn’t know what she was thinking. Matt said he doesn’t really want to win HoH, but if either of them do win, they should pull Alex and Jason aside to let them know they are good with them. Matt had previously thought about going to them ahead of time. Matt suggested that Raven should talk to Alex since he knows that Alex is someone who wants Jessica out.

4:00-5:00 PM: Raven let Paul know that Christmas wants Jessica out. Paul said he does too since she has been talking to Dominique and you never know what kind of information she was spilling to Jessica. Paul said he will nominate Jessica and Ramses if he wins. Raven talked about potentially turning down the temptation if she gets it, saying she turned it down because she didn’t want to curse anyone. Paul said she will have to see what the temptation ends up being.

5:00-6:00 PM: Dominique came outside to ask Kevin if he is still willing to do the show tomorrow. Kevin said he doesn’t know. He said it doesn’t look like a good idea. Dominique asked why. Kevin said no one is going to come to it. Dominique said it can just be the two of them. Kevin said they can talk about it. Dominique told Kevin she can do it herself if he doesn’t want to be involved. Kevin said he will let her know. After Dominique went back inside, Paul said Dominique will end up getting Josh to host for her. Kevin thinks that someone told Dominique that he was not going to do the show, otherwise she wouldn’t have asked. Kevin asked if anyone should watch the show. Paul said no. He said Dominique is just trying to cause chaos before she leaves. Dominique spoke to the cameras. She said that since people are afraid to talk to her in the house, she figured she would make the best use of her time by reading the bible. Dominique explained that she is going to have a show on Wednesday because it could be her last show. She said she had asked Kevin to do the show, but he responded that no one is going to show up. Dominique said she wonders which person has that much power to persuade everyone int he house not to talk to her. Dominique said what bothers her about the situation is that people have made up their minds and will not entertain the piece of truth that she is giving them. Dominique thinks that people are missing out on what they could have learned and on the enlightenment by avoiding her. Out in the backyard, Paul suggested that while Dominique is having her show, the rest of them can do another show. Christmas said they could just take over the room for the whole day. Kevin said Dominique will do her show anywhere, so just let her do her show. Alex said she wants to hear what Dominique is spewing. Paul said she is going to try to create chaos.

7:00-8:00 PM: Matt asked Mark what he is thinking for next week. Mark said he is thinking of nominating Josh and Ramses, then putting Christmas or Jessica up if one of them comes down. Matt said Jessica is good and he thinks she is playing everybody. Mark said he does too but he wants Josh and Ramses out of there. Mark mentioned that Paul wants Ramses out. Matt said he is fine with any of them leaving. Mark said they have a four week agenda that consists of getting Christmas, Josh, Ramses and Jessica out. He told Matt that Kevin brought that up to him. Matt said he doesn’t really care once they get to jury, since you make the same in 9th place as you do in 3rd place. Mark agreed. In the kitchen, Alex brought up that the viewers may think it would be epic if they are able to find a way to save Dominique with the temptation. Paul said at the same time, Dominique is probably talking against him and there are not many people who like that.

8:00-9:00 PM: In the kitchen, Christmas slipped on some grease and fell. She said she was okay but she did hit her injured foot on the way down. Matt told Raven that Christmas is going to kill herself. He asked what would have happened if she had just hit her head. Matt said this is getting completely out of control. Raven told Matt that Elena and Mark will not be on board with getting rid of Jessica. Matt said Mark is on board. Jessica said Elena is not. Matt told Raven he trusts Elena third most in the house, but she sleeps for half of the day and then spends the other half of the day with Mark. He said it’s hard to talk to her. Raven agreed. Matt said people are going to sleep on Jessica, and she is good at this and will become more dangerous the longer that she is in there. Matt said he wants to shake Elena sometimes and ask her why she is not making the right game moves. In the storage room, Ramses spoke to the cameras. He said he came in there wanting to have one person he could trust for the entire season. Ramses said that person left in Week 1. Ramses thinks there has been enough going on that he might be able to regain people’s trust. Ramses said he is the only person playing by himself. He said he kind of trusts Alex and Jason, but he feels like they know he will be a target for the other side. Ramses said if he can’t find people to trust, he is going to have to pull a Gary from Big Brother Canada and a Janelle to win the competitions.

9:00-10:00 PM: Raven told Elena that Jessica is being nice to their faces but she is throwing their names out there. Raven pointed out that Paul said Jessica would run back to them when she had no other option once Cody left. Elena said she can’t make the move against Jessica. She added that she would be able to vote against her but she would have a very hard time nominating or backdooring Jessica. Elena suggested that Paul or Jason could pull the trigger on Jessica. She said if it came down to it, she would do it. Matt said they can’t forget what happened to put Jessica in this position, as she was loyal to Cody for no reason. In the backyard, Jessica asked Christmas about her vote. Christmas said she is voting to evict Dominique as of now, though there is still lots of time left and things could change in terms of how the house is voting. Christmas talked about how Dominique had the chance to explain herself but she didn’t.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jessica told Jason and Kevin about her conversation with Christmas. She didn’t feel good about the answer that she got, seeing as Christmas made it sound like the votes could flip. Kevin said he thinks it’s just Christmas’ medication. Kevin said it will be a 10-0 vote. Jessica thinks that Josh will give Dominique a vote. Jason and Kevin talked about 8-2 being good enough. Kevin said even 6-4 is a majority, so that’s all that Jessica needs.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jason told Alex he is going to nominate Christmas if he wins HoH. Jason explained that he cannot take it anymore. Jason said he will nominate Christmas and Raven, expecting that nobody would vote Raven out. Jason said he hates seeing Christmas hop around, given that he feels directly responsible. Alex said she really wants Jessica to go. Jason said she is irrelevant. Alex said she is still a vote that they don’t want in the jury house. Jason said he is starting to like Ramses, so he would not vote him out over Jessica if they are nominated together. Jason asked Alex what her opinion of Dominique is. Alex said the more people talk about her, the more Dominique seems innocent. Jason said she is definitely innocent. Meanwhile, Josh reached out to Mark. Mark apologized for what happened yesterday. Josh said he was triggered because it was disrespectful, then he blacked out. Mark said he felt really bad afterwards and that’s why he wants to apologize. Josh accepted the apology. Josh said he knows he messed up by bringing game into it. Josh let Mark know that he wont target him if he wins HoH. Josh then headed up to the HoH room. He relayed his conversation to Alex and Jason. Josh said his #1 target is Matt, not Mark.

12:00-1:00 AM: Matt let Raven know that Mark said he wants to nominate Josh and Ramses. Raven said it pisses her off that they are taking Dominique out for Elena, yet Mark and Elena will not go after Jessica when she is gunning for her. Raven said Paul called it that the longer Jessica stays, the longer she gets traction. Matt said Jessica is a good player. Raven told Matt she wishes she didn’t promise Alex anything, cause the plan to get Jessica out might have to happen right now. Raven said she couldn’t do that to Alex. Raven said this makes her trust Elena and Mark less. Matt said they know how much they can trust those two. Matt said Josh winning HoH does not hurt them at all, since there is a good shot that Mark is going home.

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