Big Brother 19 Day 29

July 19, 2017

1:00-2:00 PM: Feeds returned after being down for a couple of hours. The Den of Temptation took place. The houseguests speculated on who might have the temptation. Jessica told Raven that before anything with Dominique happened, she accepted going home. Once that happened, she said she accepted that she was staying, but now she is back to having to prepare herself that she might have to go home. Jessica and Raven discussed that the curse will impact the whole house. Raven said that makes her nervous. Paul asked Jessica if she got the temptation, Jessica said she wishes so that she could pull herself off of the block. Elena said she is nervous that Dominique got it. Paul said she will go out next week if so. Paul said he is pretty sure someone will come back into the game and it will be something like a reset week. Elena said there is no way they would tempt Dominique. Paul said she could have cried and played victim all week. Either way, Paul said he will take her right back out next week if she stays. In the living room, Jason and Raven said they didn’t get the temptation. Jason said he thinks it was Josh. Paul said he thinks so too. After observing Jessica’s behaviour, Jason then said she got it. Paul said he thinks so too, since she is acting too excited for someone who is on the block. Up in the HoH room, Jason asked Alex what she is going to do with the temptation she just got. Alex said she didn’t get it, but nice try. Alex reiterated that they need Paul on their side since everyone trusts him and he can help them. Jason said they should all give up then since Paul will win the game. Alex explained that they have to play along with Paul for now and then they can take a shot at him later. Alex said they need to get close with Kevin again. Jason let her know that he told Kevin they are all cool this morning. Jason said he is going to target Christmas if he wins HoH.

2:00-3:00 PM: Alex told Jason they are on one’s radar and everyone is trusting them right now. Alex thinks that people look to her and look to Paul now that she has created a wedge. Alex wants Josh to go after Matt and Raven, and vice versa. In the have-not room, Jessica told Mark that Christmas said she is going to vote with the house and there is 24 hours for things to change. Mark said he doesn’t see anyone keeping Dominique. Mark assured Jessica that he will be voting to evict Dominique. Mark asked Jessica if he is safe with her if she wins HoH. Jessica said of course. Elena asked if she is safe too. Jessica said she could never put them up. Jessica mentioned multiple times that she doesn’t want to be blindsided tomorrow. She said she would rather know if people are not telling her the truth just to keep her calm. Elena and Mark listed off the votes that Jessica has, assuring her that she is safe. Mark said he would never blindside Jessica like that, even after everything that has happened. Paul went up to the HoH room to speak to Alex and Jason. He said Jessica just spoke to Mark and he is pretty sure that she got the temptation. Paul thought Jessica would be acting differently if she thought the temptation was out there with someone else. Afterwards, Paul asked Mark what Jessica was talking to him about. Mark said she was just asking for a vote. Paul thought it was obvious and she shouldn’t have to ask people about the vote. Mark said Jessica really thought she was getting blindsided. The three discussed the curse. Paul tossed out possibilities such as someone returning to the game or no one getting evicted tomorrow, though he thought the latter would be wrong since that is not a curse for the nominees. In the bathroom, Jessica asked Dominique if she got the temptation. Dominique said of course not. Jessica said the laugh at the end didn’t make her feel better. Jessica asked Elena what she thought about Dominique’s reaction. Elena said she doesn’t think that Dominique got it.

3:00-4:00 PM: While alone in bed, Dominique ran through some scenarios for potential nominations. She said she is sure that the moments she puts him on that block, the true snake is going to come out. Dominique said not only does she walk on cobras, but she steps on snakes. Dominique said she doesn’t want to give him the luxury of being considered cobra, cause he is a snake.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jessica told Alex that Paul said the curse might be that Cody is returning. Alex said that would be a good curse, especially for Jessica. Alex said she doesn’t think that they would want to add more people though. Jessica pointed out that someone already left, referring to Megan. Jessica said she figured a Battle Back would happen after the next eviction. Alex thought there would be a double before a Battle Back happened. Alex said she doesn’t think that Dominique would want to come back at this point, especially if she didn’t win the temptation. Alex said Dominique is kind of a dud. Jessica asked why Alex nominated Dominique in the first place. Alex said everyone was sketched out about her. Jessica mentioned she thinks that Josh will be the only vote to keep Dominique. Alex let Jessica know that Josh told Dominique he is going to vote to evict her. Jessica asked if there is anyone she should talk to about their vote. Alex mentioned Ramses worries her but he doesn’t like Dominique. Jessica asked if anyone has told Alex that they got the temptation. Alex said no. Jessica brought up that Paul said he wouldn’t be bothered if Cody came back, since he could see them working together. Jason said he thinks it’s too early to bring someone back. The possibility of there being a Diamond Power of Veto was discussed. Jessica said she does not have a veto, or else she wouldn’t pack. Jason asked if Jessica got the temptation. She said she did not.

5:00-6:00 PM: Paul went to Elena and Mark to tell them the word on the street is that Jessica said he is scared about Cody coming back. Paul said Jessica had better not be putting his name in her mouth. Paul went to Alex to hear what Jessica said. Alex said Jessica told her that Paul is going to try to make an alliance with Cody if he comes back because he is worried about him. Paul asked how he can make an alliance with someone who is not in the house. Alex told Raven that Jessica said she told her Christmas got the last temptation because she was about to say Christmas “can’t get” the next one, then she said “can’t get up the stairs” instead. Paul asked if he can call Jessica out to get her scared. Alex said she doesn’t want that to happen until Jessica is for sure leaving. Christmas asked if they are still voting Dominique out. Paul said absolutely. Paul asked if he can drop the bomb before the HoH competition. Alex said she would rather have someone else bait Jessica to get that information out of her, so she wont know where it came from. Christmas agreed to do it. Paul said that if Jessica is talking about a returnee, she must know what the curse is and she is looking out for Cody. Christmas spoke to Jessica in attempt to bait her into saying something about Paul wanting to work with Cody. Jessica didn’t say anything of that nature. Christmas reported back to Paul to let him know that Jessica didn’t say anything, so there is nothing to react to right now. Paul said they can sit on that information.

6:00-7:00 PM: Feeds cut in on a conversation between Jessica and Paul. Paul was telling Jessica that there wont be a problem as long as she doesn’t try to be his enemy. Jessica asked Paul if he thinks that everything is going to be fine tomorrow. Paul said for the most part, yes. Paul suggested that Jessica quit poking. Jessica said some people are telling her to check in with everyone about their votes. Mark told Matt he thinks that there will be a double eviction tomorrow. He doesn’t think that somebody will come back yet since only three people have left. Matt said there is no chance. Matt said he doesn’t want to deal with Cody coming back if that’s what the curse is. Mark said it will be a waste of a week getting him out again, though you never know what people in the house will do.

7:00-8:00 PM: Mark asked Jason if Alex is on board with the four week plan of getting Jessica, Josh, Ramses and Christmas out. Jason confirmed that she is on board. Mark said they can throw two of those four up and then not worry about what happens. If someone returns, Mark said they need to stick to the plan and send them right back out. Jason told Mark there is no way that someone is returning. The two discussed that Christmas is obnoxious. Jason thinks Christmas is using her injured foot against him. Mark said she wont be there much longer anyway. In the bedroom, Paul asked Dominique if she is okay. Dominique said she absolutely is. Paul said he thought she was crying. Dominique said she wasn’t. Paul told Dominique he doesn’t want her to feel like she can’t talk to anyone or she has to seclude herself. Dominique said she is not secluding herself, but rather she is being isolated. Dominique added that she is going to respect that people have isolated her and are afraid to talk to her. Paul asked if she really believes that people are afraid to talk to her. Dominique said absolutely since they talked to her before she was stabbed in the back. Before leaving, Paul said he doesn’t want Dominique to think that he is being backhanded or facetious in talking to her, because he isn’t. Dominique kept replying with okay. Paul headed across the house to tell Alex, Jason and Kevin about the talk. He said Dominique is claiming to have been isolated when she is isolating herself. Paul was also irritated that Dominique is trying to fight him every time he is talking to her, even though he is being genuine when he checks up on her. Paul pointed out that it’s the third time this has happened.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul continued to go around the house telling people about his talk with Dominique. He told Elena and Mark that he will be wearing his snake costume for Dominique’s eviction. Paul questioned why Dominique has to be rude, passive and ignorant. In the storage room, Dominique let Josh know that Paul said she is secluding herself. Dominique said people have isolated themselves from her. Josh said there are a bunch of followers in the house. Dominique agreed. Dominique said the fact that Paul had to say he is not being backhanded or facetious proves that he is.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh headed up to the HoH room to talk to Alex and Jason. Josh told Jason to throw HoH to him if it comes down to the two of them. Josh said he is going to torment Mark. Josh talked about making Mark a have-not for the second straight week. Josh said both Mark and Matt are going to experience hell in the Big Brother house if he is HoH. Josh said he will nominate them and then put their showmance up next to them if one of them wins the veto. Josh said he will tell Matt that he is a follower at age 35 and he needs to grow some balls. Josh continued on to say that he has not seen a reaction out of Matt since he walked in the door. Josh said he at least cries and screams. Josh claimed that right after he wins HoH, he will say “you two meatballs are going on the block! Pack your bags!” to Mark and Matt. Josh said it would be so good to get Mark or Matt out before jury when they have been talking about making it to jury since Day 2.

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