Big Brother 19 Day 31 - Jessica nominates Josh and Ramses for eviction

July 21, 2017

5:00-6:00 PM: During tonight’s Battle Back Showdown episode, Julie explained that the winner of the Battle Back will have to face off against one of the current houseguests in order to win their way back in to the house. In the first round, all four of the potential returnees competed at the same time. The top two would then move on. Cody and Cameron advanced to the next round. Cody then defeated Cameron. The houseguests were then informed that a Battle Back is taking place. Julie told the houseguests to enter the diary room one at a time, voting for who they want to compete against the winner of the Battle Back. Should the houseguest defeat that person, no one will return to the game. Everyone but Paul voted for Paul to compete. Paul was not allowed to vote for himself, so he voted for Alex. Cody then competed against Paul, defeating him to earn himself a spot back in the house.

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned following the west coast airing of the episode. Jessica is the new HoH. She nominated Josh and Ramses for eviction. In the bedroom, Josh spoke to the cameras about how this is the definition of being loyal. He said this is what you get, seemingly implying that people have his back this week due to his loyalty. Josh said you have to give your word to the right people. Josh said he is done being the nice guy. He said f*ck you, Cody and said Mark is shady as hell. Josh pointed out that Mark instantly changed as soon as Cody walked through the door. Josh said Mark is going home. In the bathroom, Christmas asked Matt and Raven if they are interested in keeping Josh. Christmas pointed out that Josh will chill out if they tell him to, plus he can be a number for them. On the other hand, she said Ramses is a triple threat. Matt mentioned that Paul seems to want to keep Josh. Matt said he is open to it but they should revisit it after the veto competition. Raven agreed. In the storage room, Mark told Paul that he is good this week. Mark listed off Elena, Alex, Jason, Matt, Raven, and himself as the votes to keep Paul even if he ends up on the block. Mark said he will let Paul know if his name comes up at all.

10:00-11:00 PM: Matt asked Ramses who he wants out of the game the most. Ramses said he honestly doesn’t know. Ramses asked the same thing to Matt. Matt responded by saying he wouldn’t want to win HoH next week, because he considers himself to be friends with every single person in there. Raven agreed. Ramses said he feels the same way but he doesn’t think that he has any voting blocks on his side. He then said he doesn’t feel like he can talk game with anyone since they are all paired up. Afterwards, Matt told Raven he thinks that they can almost ensure they are good with everyone next week. Raven brought up that Ramses is lying when he says he doesn’t talk game with anyone. They discussed that Ramses would likely go after Jessica and Mark. Raven asked Matt if he thinks that they should keep Ramses. Matt said not at all. Raven agreed. Matt explained that he is just trying to ensure that they are safe with Ramses if he happens to win the veto. Raven said Elena and Mark are going to be pissed when they vote to evict Ramses. Matt said it’s going to be interesting. Matt said their best case scenario would be having Alex or Paul winning HoH next week. Matt told Raven he thinks that Mark and Elena will vote with them if they nominate Jessica or Cody. Raven didn’t think that Mark would do so willingly. Christmas joined them. Matt asked if they are going to let Mark and Elena know that they are keeping Josh if they decide to do so. Both Christmas and Raven said no. Christmas said Josh is a solid number for them. Matt agreed and said he doesn’t need to be convinced. Up in the HoH room, Cody told Jessica he thinks that people may consider not splitting them up next week if he doesn’t win HoH. Jessica said that may be the case as long as they don’t isolate themselves from everyone. Jessica said several people pointed out that she should not do that. They agreed that the circumstances were much different last time when they chose to isolates themselves.

11:00-12:00 AM: In the bedroom, Alex told Jason that Josh cannot know any details about what is happening. Jason said he is questioning Paul because Paul may go upstairs and let Cody know that they are all voting against him. Jason said Paul would then look like the hero. Jason told Alex that Paul would then vote the other way, against them, putting them in position to go on the chopping block next week. Alex said they can talk to Paul later. Christmas let Kevin know that Matt and Raven are open to keeping Josh. Christmas commented on how Ramses is acting wild and happy even though he just got put on the block, because he knows he is the pawn. Christmas said he shouldn’t get too comfortable. Christmas also mentioned that today was the first day Elena tried to work her. She said Elena was telling her that Mark is really excited to work with her.

12:00-1:00 AM: In the kitchen, Jessica and Paul discussed that no one knows who has the temptation, plus they still don’t know what the curse is. Paul then told Mark that the curse could be a reset week. Mark said that would suck. Mark asked if everyone is on the same page in terms of wanting Josh out this week and Ramses out next week. Paul said he hasn’t even talked about it because he has been focused on keeping himself safe this week. In the bathroom, Mark checked in with Jason to reassure him that nothing has changed between them. Mark asked Jason to let Alex know that, because he loves working with the two of them. Looking ahead, Mark said they have to win HoH next week so that they can get Ramses out.

1:00-2:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Cody and Jessica discussed how nobody was telling Josh to shut up when he was verbally coming after her during the competition. Jessica said it’s frustrating that along with being on the block, Josh gets to take shots at them during his speeches. Jessica said they have to endure it for six more days. Jessica brought up how two weeks ago Josh said they would both leave before him. Jessica asked how great it is that not only did Cody come back, but she is the one sending Josh home. Cody said he wants to play in the veto competition so that he can be the nail in the coffin.

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