Big Brother 19 Day 32 - Jessica wins the Power of Veto

July 22, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Cody told Jason that his only concern for next week is that it will be some sort of chance competition. If not, Cody said they have the two of them and Alex competing. Cody said Josh needs to go since he is a puppet for the other side of the house. Cody asked if Kevin is still solid on Jason’s side. Jason said yeah. Jason said the worst thing that can happen is Christmas gets HoH. Cody said he or Jessica would have been up. Jason thought it would have been him. Jason asked where Mark is at. Cody said he thought he could trust him during his most trusting time, but who knows. Cody thinks that Mark is going to play both sides, because he thinks Dominique was his closest ally. Cody said Alex was totally right about Dominique, and he was pretty happy when he saw her walk out on the stage. Cody said it’s still clear that everyone wants him out of the house. Jason said they are scared. Cody said they should be scared of Jessica. Cody questioned if everyone will be duds and let Paul run the show, or if they will start playing their own games. Cody said he takes everyone’s disloyalty extremely personal, but now he knows not to wear it on his sleeve. Cody guaranteed that people watching the show want Jessica, Alex, Jason and himself to go far, since the rest are duds who are waiting to take orders. Cody figured Paul was surprised about their being three votes to keep him. Jason explained that he didn’t keep Cody since he figured they would hang him if not. Jason said he thinks Christmas voted to evict Ramses in order to try to make it look like it was him.

10:00-11:00 AM: Cody headed up to the HoH room. He let Jessica know that Christmas voted for him to stay. He said it wasn’t Jason. Cody said Jason admitted it to him because he is an idiot. Cody mentioned that Jason said Christmas voted for him in order to put the blame on Jason. Jessica said she thought Christmas voted for Cody to stay but she didn’t think Jason voted for him to leave. Cody let Jessica know that Kevin said he voted for him to stay too. Jessica said she knew Kevin has been the lying person for a while, probably lying about the Jillian vote as well. They discussed that Ramses voted to keep Jillian then. In the bedroom, Jason and Paul discussed that Ramses knew he was going on the block. Paul pointed out that Ramses made a deal with Cody and Jessica the week of his HoH reign, planning to use the veto on himself to keep Cody safe. Jason said Cody told him they should go after Ramses next week. Paul figured Cody was just saying that. Paul said Ramses needs to go now while they have him pinned down, otherwise they wont go after him for a while since there are so many other people to target. Paul said Josh can be used to go after Mark, Cody, Jessica, and so on.

12:00-1:00 PM: Kevin told Christmas that things will be interesting if Cody wins HoH. Christmas said it’s not going to be good. Kevin said if Cody knows what he is doing, he will use the veto on Ramses if he wins it. Kevin thinks it would be smart to put someone else up next to Ramses in order to ensure that Josh leaves. Christmas said she doesn’t think that Cody knows anything. Kevin told Christmas to trust him that they do not want Cody to be picked to compete in the veto competition. Christmas said they need to get the power back. Kevin said it will be 4 or 5 of them going against Cody. Kevin said he isn’t sure where Mark or Matt stand, since they are kissing Cody’s ass again. Christmas said she thinks Matt is getting along with Cody just to get along with him.

1:00-2:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. The veto players are Jessica, Josh, Ramses, Christmas, Cody and Jason. Ramses asked Christmas about using the veto on him. She said she doesn’t even know if she will be able to compete. If she wins, Christmas said they can revisit things then but it she’s not sure that using it is the best move when she doesn’t know who else would go up in his place. Christmas said at least Jessica made it clear that Josh is her target. Christmas even hinted that it may be best not to stir things up if Ramses wins the veto, suggesting that he talk to Jessica before deciding what to do. Matt asked Christmas if she thinks that Elena and Mark have a deal with Cody and Jessica. Christmas nodded. Matt said Elena and Mark are floating between them and Cody and Jessica. Raven joined them. Christmas said she thinks Mark voted to evict Ramses, hoping to get on Cody’s good side in the event that he returns. Christmas said Mark thinks that he is slick but she figured him out the night that she went up on the block. Christmas said Elena is smart and she is Mark’s think tank. Matt said it is blatant that those two are playing both sides. Matt said someone is doing their math wrong, since he trust Alex and Jason but he expects that the other side does too. Matt asked if Christmas would be down to throw HoH to Alex or Jason. Christmas said yes. Matt said they may nominate Cody and Jessica or Elena and Mark, which wouldn’t bother him. Christmas suggested nominating Elena and Jessica, then putting one of their guys up if the veto is used.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jessica asked Alex if she is not happy about her nominations. Alex said no. Jessica said she understands that Alex feels that she can control Josh’s vote, but he is too much of a wildcard. Jessica explained that Josh is too much of a distraction for her in competitions and at ceremonies. Jessica said there are bigger targets in the house but she needs Josh out first so that she can focus on them. Alex said she understands where Jessica is coming from. Jessica said she just doesn’t want Alex thinking that she is going to the other side. They also discussed having Jason not use the veto if he wins it. Alex said she already spoke to Jason about that. In the kitchen, Cody told Mark that they have a good thing going and they can keep it going for weeks. Mark said they have talked about getting to jury, but he really wants to work together beyond that. Mark said it killed him to have to turn on Cody, who he sees as a brother. Mark said Elena asked him why he was so happy after talking to Cody and Jessica, and he told her it’s because he got his boy back in the house. Mark said he will not nominate Cody or Jessica as a pawn or anything. He said they are safe with him for the rest of the game, at least until the Final 3 or 4.

3:00-4:00 PM: In the storage room, Alex let Jason know that Jessica asked her for her vote. Alex told Jason not to promise a vote. She said she told Jessica that she will think about it. Jason asked if they are teaming up with Kevin and Paul. Alex said yes. She said if the votes are close and Josh is evicted, they will say they don’t know what happened since they voted to evict Josh. She suggested planting the seed that Mark flipped if that happens. Josh pulled Jason aside. He said Jason doesn’t have to use the veto on him if he wins it, Josh said he would like to be sitting next to Ramses if he has to stay on the block. If it came down to the two of them, Josh asked Jason to throw the veto to him. He said they will have the votes to save whoever goes up in his place.

5:00-6:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Jessica won the Power of Veto. In the HoH room, Jessica told Cody that Christmas definitely threw the competition. Cody said that’s fine since she had nothing to gain by winning it, plus she probably feels pretty good with them. Jessica said this is the second veto competition that Cody has thrown too. Jessica said she is going to walk around with her HoH key and her veto because she earned it. She told Cody that they are scaring the others and they are putting an even bigger target on their backs now. Cody let Jessica know that Mark thinks she got the temptation. He said he tried to play it off as though someone close to Paul would likely have got it. Jessica thinks that Mark bringing that up shows that he is trying to use Cody for information. In the storage room, Paul and Raven discussed that Jessica said she is not going to use the veto. Raven asked if they for sure have the votes to evict Ramses. Paul confirmed that they do as long as Matt and Raven are on board. Paul said they can explain to the others later that it was not a good game move to put Josh and Ramses up, so they had to vote Ramses out while they had the shot. Raven said Jessica assumed they would vote Josh out, but she should have used her brain. Paul then spoke to Mark who said Jessica is not going to use the veto. Mark checked with Paul to ensure that they are still good. Paul assured Mark that they are. Paul mentioned that Josh is done and he will probably just roll over now. Cody asked Jessica if she is going to tell the next HoH that they can waste their week on them if they want. Jessica said she will only bring that up if she has a suspicion that one or both of them are going to be nominated. She added that she would prefer to do it prior to the nomination ceremony.

6:00-7:00 PM: Josh told Jason to tell people that he is leaving and that he will be voting to evict him. However, Josh said Jason needs to vote to keep him. Jason replied with “duh”. Later, Kevin asked Jason if he would use the veto on Ramses in order to put someone else up if he was on the other side and wanting Josh out. Jason said yes. Kevin said they should be thinking that they need to put someone up who everyone likes, ensuring that Josh leaves. Paul came by and told Alex, Jason and Kevin he is hearing that Jessica doesn’t want to make any more waves and she will leave nominations the same. Paul told the three to make it seem as though Josh is for sure leaving. Elsewhere, Jessica spoke to Cody about how Josh disrespects her and nobody but Cody stands up for her when it happens. She said she wants to hide Froot Loops to throw at Josh during the veto ceremony. Cody told Jessica to do her own thing. When she asked what else she could throw at Josh, Cody said nothing. He said it shows weakness if Jessica reacts. Paul once again checked in with Alex, Jason, Christmas and Kevin. He said to tell Cody and Jessica that Josh is going home no matter what, cause the last thing they need is for a nomination to change. Paul suggested that Josh talk to them and say he knows he is going this week and he just wants to keep it civil. Afterwards, Kevin told Christmas that Cody and Jessica are going to think something is up if everyone keeps talking about the vote. He said they will then use the veto on Ramses and nominate someone like Raven. Josh spoke to the cameras while alone. He said his votes are going to be from Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Kevin, Matt and Raven. Josh thinks that the other side is going to lose it when he stays. Josh plans to drop a bomb in his speech on Thursday. He said he will stand on the sofa and go off. Josh said he will blow up Mark’s game since he is a flip flopper and he is now riding with Cody.

7:00-8:00 PM: Josh mentioned that he cannot wait for a repeat of Week 2 in which Cody left and Jessica was in the house alone. Josh said that he will call Cody out and say that Jessica and Mark are being controlled by Cody and Elena respectively. While Matt was previously Josh’s target, he is now someone who Josh sees as being loyal to Paul. Josh said Matt and Raven are very loyal to Paul, showing their character. Josh now plans to target Cody, Jessica, Elena and Mark instead. Paul told Alex, Jason and Kevin that Josh is doing such a good job. He said Josh took the bible with him, put some sunglasses on, and shut the door in the lounge. Paul said Josh is doing exactly what Dominique did, and people are laughing at him and saying that the week is done. Paul said it will be checkmate if Jessica doesn’t use the veto.

8:00-9:00 PM: Big Brother gave the houseguests beer and wine. Up in the HoH room, Jessica told Cody she is so happy that people are celebrating that Josh is leaving. Jessica said she trusts Matt but doesn’t trust Raven, and she trusts Elena but doesn’t trust Mark. Mark joined Cody and Jessica in the HoH room. he said he is so happy that they are back together. Mark headed back downstairs. Cody and Jessica discussed that Elena is someone they would vote for at the end. Jessica said Elena’s social game is on point and she is going to be able to compete. Jessica said she is glad that she won the veto so that she doesn’t have to nominate anyone else. Cody said that will solidify more trust. Jessica agreed since it will show that there was never a backdoor plan. Mark rejoined the conversation. Jessica asked if everyone is on board with evicting Josh. Mark said Jessica has nothing to worry about. Mark said he doesn’t think it will be unanimous, but Josh is leaving without a doubt. Jessica pointed out that the Dominique vote ended up being unanimous even though she didn’t think it would, so the same might happen this week as well.

9:00-10:00 PM: Matt spoke to Raven about why the plan to blindside Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena concerns him. Matt said they are going to have to lie to their faces, then if someone on that side wins HoH next week, there is a 100% chance that one of them leaves. Matt said he is down for the plan but he wants Raven to realize that it increases their chances of leaving next. Raven said she doesn’t think it matters what they do this week, as Cody and Jessica will do whatever they want to next week regardless. Matt said keeping Josh is best for their group but not necessarily for their individual games. Paul joined them. Matt expressed the same concerns to him. Paul said Cody is the only one they have to worry about, because Mark sucks at competitions and Elena would not make the move against them. Matt stressed that he, Raven, or Paul are likely going home if their side doesn’t win HoH next week, so it’s not the best move for their games. Paul disagreed. Paul said it’s a game and sometimes you have to make risky moves. Paul explained that this move will tilt things in their favour since Josh will be a number on their side. Matt said that doing this the week before jury seems ill-advised. Paul said people are going to point at him for this move, which he is fine with. Matt said he doesn’t want to be in the game without Paul. Paul said it doesn’t matter because he is willing to take the heat. Paul told Matt and Raven that Jessica made a mistake with her nominations and they need to act on the misfire. Paul added that there will always be bigger fish to fry than Ramses, so this is the time to strike.

10:00-11:00 PM: Josh spoke to Jessica to let her know that he wants to be cordial with her and enjoy his last few days. Jessica said that’s on Josh to uphold that. She made it clear that she isn’t planning on starting anything with him. Jessica said she would love for Josh to enjoy his last few days there. Afterwards, Jessica told Cody that she will support Josh if he wants to be civil and enjoy his last few days. Christmas checked in with Josh. She let him know that it should be a 7-3 vote. Christmas advised Josh to keep doing what he is doing. Both agreed that Jessica is not like to change the nominations. Josh said he can’t wait to get Cody out of the house again. He also said that Mark has to go. Christmas agreed. She said she has been watching Mark for weeks now. Josh said Mark is a flip flopper and coward who is riding somebody’s coattails. Josh said they have the numbers to get Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena out. Christmas said they have to win HoH first.

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