Big Brother 19 Day 33

July 23, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: After the morning wakeup call, Josh spoke to Matt about how quickly Mark flipped once Cody returned. Matt said it happened immediately. As for Jessica, Josh said she went from being friends with everybody to going right back the way she was when Cody was there the first time. Josh said he doesn’t respect Mark at all. Josh thinks that Mark is trying to hide under someone. Josh said Cody, Mark and Jessica all can gone. Up in the HoH room, Jessica told Cody that if Alex wins HoH and they join her side, it will be 6 on 6 against Paul’s side. If someone from Paul’s side wins HoH, Jessica said they ideally can go to that side and have them nominate two from Alex’s side. Jessica pointed out that everyone will have a pair once Josh is gone, so pairs are likely going to start going on the block together. Cody said his only goal if he wins HoH would be to backdoor Paul. He mentioned possibly nominating someone like Raven as a pawn. Jessica said they will have to pick a side of the house and solidify an alliance with them if they plan to backdoor Paul. Jessica said she would like to strong arm people by saying they either work with them or two of them will be going on the block. Cody thinks it would be a good idea for Jessica to let the next HoH know about her temptation. He doesn’t think that anyone would waste the HoH on them if they know about it. Jessica said she doesn’t want people to know what the stipulations of it are, so she will say it’s better than Paul’s and it will allow her to control both nominations. Jessica added that she wants people to be fearful of the temptation to a point where they want to work with her and Cody. Cody suggested that they could bring Christmas in since she is looking for someone to trust. He added that if she is going to get special treatment, they should use it to their advantage.

11:00-12:00 PM: This week’s have-nots were revealed. Kevin, Mark and Paul are have-not for being the first three to drop out of the HoH competition. Seeing as Josh picked the wrong box in last week’s have-not temptation, he remains a have-not this week as well. Mark went to the diary room to request the key for the have-not temptation, as he said he cannot deal with another week of slop. Josh said he hopes that Mark picks the wrong one. Paul told Mark it isn’t worth the risk. Elena and Paul questioned what will happen if he gets two weeks. Mark headed to the diary room anyway.

12:00-1:00 PM: Matt told Raven that Josh plans to cause a scene when he stays on Thursday. Matt said Josh has talked about getting up on top of the sofa an calling people out. He said Josh wants to look to Mark and say “how about that?!”. Matt thinks that Mark is going to lose it when that happens.

3:00-4:00 PM: Kevin said he has never seen Cody talk as much as he is now. Josh mentioned that Cody returned with a new personality. Kevin said he has a new attitude. Kevin told Josh that Cody had three interviews after his eviction and all three people asked him if it’s too bad that his social game is not good when he is good athletically. Josh said Cody’s personality was as dry as a desert his first time around. Kevin thinks Cody is there to work on his social game. Josh said he is not going to buy it. In the bedroom, Matt asked Raven who she would nominate if she wins HoH. Raven said she would definitely put Josh back up. Matt asked if she would put Mark up next to him. Raven said she would have to. They discussed that they told Cody and Jessica they would give them a week of safety, so they would have to follow through on it. Mark got the key for the have-not temptation. He only let Elena know when he was going to choose a box. He picked the wrong one and will now be a have-not for two weeks.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jessica told Cody she feels like they could demolish the rest of the house if they were to team up with Alex and Jason. However, she said she cannot stand Alex. For that reason, Jessica said she keeps going back and forth on what to do. Jessica said they will be at the bottom of the totem pole if they team up with their original alliance and wipe everyone else out. Cody thinks that Christmas feels the most trust with them. Cody said he feels some trust back. Jessica let Cody know it has gone through her head a couple of times that this is all a big act and people are going to vote Ramses out in order to keep Josh around to torment them. Cody said if that’s the case, he will win the next HoH out of rage alone. Jessica said the reason why she believes that Josh is leaving is because of how much he has been crying. Jessica said Josh is a sociopath if he is putting on an act with that. Cody wondered how long people would be able to deal with Paul and Raven for. He said he looks at Raven as more of a player now, as opposed to thinking about what she is dealing with on the outside. Mark started to let the houseguests know that he has two weeks on slop. The houseguests began talking about it, wondering why Mark wouldn’t let them know. The others had done it in front of a group. Alex said that sucks. Raven said she was excited for it. Raven relayed to Paul and Christmas that Alex and Kevin are not happy about Mark opening the box alone. Raven said Alex told her that that’s another mark against Mark in her book. Raven then let Matt know about what Mark did. Matt said Mark is going on the block if he doesn’t win HoH, then he is going to lose his mind.

5:00-6:00 PM: Christmas told Matt and Raven she thinks that Elena will side with Cody and Jessica if Mark leaves. Matt disagreed. He thinks Elena will come running back to their side. Christmas said that what Mark did makes him look shady. Josh came by. He said Mark is a flip flopper and he probably called him out too soon before everyone realized it. Josh let Matt and Raven know that he wanted to work with them sooner but he thought that they were locked in with the couples. He said he has their backs moving forward and they do not have to worry about him. In the other room, Ramses spoke to Elena about her vote. She promised that she is voting to keep him. Ramses said he had to ask. Elena said Ramses should talk to everyone even though he is staying even if he doesn’t. Ramses said he feels least worried about Mark, Elena and Cody, since they have no reason to keep Josh. Ramses asked if Elena knows which way Matt and Raven are leaning. Elena said they will do what she does. She added that Paul will vote Josh out as well.

6:00-7:00 PM: Ramses asked Jessica if she is thinking about using the veto. Jessica said she would prefer to leave the nominations the same. Jessica said she will use the veto if she gets any sense that Ramses is in danger. As of now, Jessica said there have been no red flags. Ramses said he is pretty sure Josh is more of a target but what scares him is that two people voted him out a couple of weeks ago. Ramses said he doesn’t know who those people are, but they could influence others to vote him out this week. Jessica said she will talk to people today, then she will use the veto if she senses that Ramses is in trouble. Ramses pointed out that he would be a sure vote to evict Josh. He told Jessica that they will be screwed if people flip. Jessica headed out to the hammock to speak to Cody. She said she is getting really paranoid about the vote. She mentioned that the other side could be thinking that keeping Josh is good since he would continue to terrorize the two of them. Jessica said she is considering using the veto on Ramses in order to put Alex up in his place. She explained that she would rather have two people up that she has no ties to at all, over potentially losing Ramses. Jessica said she doesn’t trust these people and it would not surprise her if Ramses gets evicted. Jessica wondered if they should take the gamble and not upset anybody, or stack the deck in their favour but upset some people. Cody said he would rather Jessica leave the nominations the same. He suggested that there is nothing to gain by stirring things up. Jessica said she doesn’t want to look back and think that she wasted her HoH. Cody said he thinks that Jessica is being a bit more paranoid than she needs to be. Jessica argued that if these people are going to vote Ramses out, it means they are the next targets regardless. If that’s the case, Jessica said that putting Alex up doesn’t put them in any worse of a spot moving forward. Cody said it wont bother him one bit if she does that. Jessica said she doesn’t know if she is being paranoid. Cody said it sounds very paranoid. Jessica said Ramses has zero to offer the other side. Cody said Alex is a pretty juicy target if she goes up. Jessica said she doesn’t care who goes home in that scenario. Cody again suggested leaving the nominations the same. Jessica said her gut is telling her that something is off. Jessica wanted to talk to some others to see what they are thinking.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jessica pulled Elena aside and asked her if she is going to be blindsided on Thursday. Elena said no. Elena asked if it’s paranoia or if Jessica has heard anything. Jessica said there is some paranoia plus she has talked to some people. Elena said Matt and Raven will do what she does. She added that Paul is voting Josh out, as is Mark. Jessica asked if their votes are locked in. Elena said yes. Elena told Jessica that Paul wants Josh to go and he is worried about the veto being used. Elena said she feels like she has a good relationship with everyone in the house and she has not heard anything about the vote flipping. Jessica said part of her wishes she had nominated Alex. Elena said she is surprised that Jessica didn’t. Elena said they have the numbers even if there are a couple of rogue votes. Elena told Jessica she would be shocked if there are less than seven votes to evict Josh. Elena gave her word that she is voting to evict Josh. Jessica thanked Elena. She said Elena made her feel better. Jessica headed upstairs to fill Cody in on the talk. Cody said Jessica can leave the nominations the same and see if all the rebuilding she did worked, cause he thinks it did.

8:00-9:00 PM: Josh spoke to the cameras. He said this is day two of him acting like he is miserable. Josh said he slipped up a bit earlier today because he was acting happy. Josh claimed that he is going to go off on on Mark on Thursday when the votes are revealed. Josh said he will pull Ramses in at some point to tell him that he is defeated and sad. Josh wants to convince Ramses that he thinks he is going home and he will not campaign against him.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh spoke to Ramses. He said he knows that he is going home. Ramses said Josh doesn’t know that. Josh said everyone has been waiting for this moment. Josh told Ramses he couldn’t even get out of bed today, but he is going to try to leave the house being positive and happy. Josh said he has nothing bad to say about Ramses, and it’s unfortunate that they are on the block next to each other. Josh encouraged Ramses to stay strong. He said he will be rooting for him from home. Ramses thanked Josh but said he doesn’t even know who is going home yet. Ramses encouraged Josh to go outside, get some fresh air, and try to enjoy the experience.

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