Big Brother 19 Day 34 - Jessica decides not to use the Power of Veto

July 24, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto ceremony. Jessica decided not to use the Power of Veto. Josh and Ramses remain nominated. Paul let Josh know that he had a good speech. He said Josh can’t act too happy. Josh then spoke to Kevin to reassure him that he has his back. Kevin said he Ramses will be leaving on Thursday, likely by a vote 7-3 or 6-4. Josh said they need to win HoH and get Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena out of the house. Josh then spoke to the cameras alone. He said Jessica messed up by choosing to leave nominations the same. Josh said he gave the most depressing speech of his life and they ate it up like meatballs and linguine. Josh said Jessica’s side has no idea how blindsided they are going to be on Thursday. Josh revealed that he would like to win HoH in order to nominate Cody and Jessica next to each other. He said they will then see if the love is real and if they will use the veto on each other. Josh said you would think that Cody and Jessica would have learned from the first time not to mess with this side, since they got blindsided when they tried to get Christmas out.

1:00-2:00 PM: Christmas let a number of her allies, including Paul, Kevin and Matt, know that she spoke to Jessica to tell her that she would like to give Josh a vote since he has had her back. She said she told Jessica to think it over and let her know, since she wants her to be comfortable with it. Paul confirmed with Christmas that she is still voting to evict Ramses either way. Up in the HoH room, Jessica let Cody know about her conversation with Christmas. She said Christmas was nice about it but she told Ramses that she said she would push for a unanimous vote, so she is going to do that. Jessica said the conversation made her feel better that there is no alternate agenda this week. Down in the bathroom, Christmas told Kevin she believes what Cody told her about Dominique and Mark is true. Kevin said they have to target Cody and Jessica next. Christmas threw Mark’s name in the mix as well. In the bedroom, Elena told Paul that Jessica is scared about the votes. She asked Paul if he is voting to evict Josh. Paul said yes. Elena said they will have the numbers even if Alex and Jason vote the other way. Elena said she will ask Matt and Raven about their votes. Paul advised Elena not to get involved. Mark stopped by and said he is voting Josh out and he expects Josh to go, though he does not think it will be a unanimous vote.

4:00-5:00 PM: Matt told Christmas he isn’t surprised that Mark ran back to Cody and Jessica, but he is surprised that Elena would do that when it’s not a good game move for her. Christmas and Matt discussed that it was a stupid move to leave nominations the same if they wanted Josh gone. Matt said they have to win HoH or else one of them is going home. Christmas agreed and said it will likely be either her and Paul or Matt and Raven on the block. Christmas said they need to get one of the four, Cody, Jessica, Mark or Elena, out but she would prefer to ensure that one of the two guys in that group leave. Matt said Cody is the best competitor in the house. As for Mark, Matt said he isn’t that dangerous since he is emotional and he is not a good competitor. As for the girls, Christmas said Elena is pretty dialled in. Matt said she is not nearly as good as Jessica. Christmas said she knows. Matt called Jessica one of the best competitors in the house. The two discussed getting Josh to focus on calling out Mark instead of Cody, since Mark will lose it. Matt said Cody only gets more focused when someone is doing that to him. Matt mentioned that Paul seems to be in the mindset that he wants to go head to head with Cody in competitions, yet Cody is going to win 7/10. Matt said they can beat the other side with game but they are probably going to lose if they turn this into a comp war. Matt pointed out that they have won one HoH and it was only because it was a team competition when Paul won. Matt said there isn’t a single one of them that can go head to head with Cody. After, Christmas spoke to Ramses about her vote. She said she would like to show her support for Josh since he has voted for her twice. Christmas clarified that she will only do that if Jessica feels that it will be a unanimous vote. Ramses said he understands. Christmas said she will follow Jessica’s lead and vote to keep Ramses if Jessica feels uncertain about anyone. Ramses said he appreciates Christmas being honest with him.

5:00-6:00 PM: Out in the hot tub, Jessica told Cody that it would be a miracle if they can get by next week without either of them going on the block. Cody said she can let the HoH know that it would be a waste to nominate them due to the temptation. He said it shouldn’t happen anyway. Cody said they can then do the same thing the following week as well. In the kitchen, Ramses spoke to Raven about her vote. Raven told Ramses that he has her vote. Ramses said he figured that but he had to ask. Raven said she would ask too. Ramses added that even though he trusts Matt and Raven, he has to ask. He said it is nothing against them. Raven assured Ramses that it’s fine. In the have-not room, Kevin asked Paul if they want him to nominate Jessica and Cody if he wins. Paul said yes. Paul told Kevin that they have to study the days together because no one else knows them as well as they do. Paul told Kevin not to share the information with the others.

6:00-7:00 PM: Out in the backyard, Kevin told Jason that they are going for Cody and Jessica, then Mark and Elena, then possibly Josh, Christmas, Matt and Raven. Kevin said it will be the two of them, Alex and Paul at the end. Jason said it will be fun if that happens. Elsewhere, Jessica told Ramses that if anyone comes to him asking if they can vote against him, say that he isn’t comfortable with it. Jessica said she is advocating that that she wants it to be a unanimous vote against Josh, so don’t let anyone get away with that. Ramses told Jessica about his conversation with Christmas. Jessica said he should wait a day or two and then let Christmas know that he is not comfortable with her voting against him. Jessica said they need to tag team this, making sure it’s unanimous. Jessica told Ramses to work on Christmas, Alex and Jason, as she has the word of everyone else that they will vote to evict Josh.

7:00-8:00 PM: Out on the hammock, Matt asked Raven who she thinks Cody would nominate. Raven said Cody wouldn’t put her up. Matt agreed. Raven thinks Cody would nominate Paul. Matt figures it will be a combination of Paul, Christmas and Josh. Matt said the best case scenario would be that Christmas, Alex, Jason, or Josh win HoH this week. In the bathroom, Paul told Elena and Mark that they have to win HoH next week. Elena asked who the target will be. Paul said he doesn’t know but he would like to have the power to decide. Mark asked Paul who he is most scared about winning HoH other than Ramses. Paul said Cody. Paul explained that even though he trusts Cody, he doesn’t know what his agenda is. Elena said she doesn’t trust Cody. Paul asked if Cody has talked about anything. Mark said Cody doesn’t want to make any waves, since he doesn’t want to put Jessica’s game in jeopardy by making big moves like he did the last time. In the bedroom, Jason told Alex he thinks that Elena and Josh need to go once Cody and Jessica have been dealt with. Alex suggested leaving Josh until later. She said if anything, get rid of Kevin before Josh since Kevin gets really sketchy. Alex noted that Kevin has purposely been giving them the wrong information about the dates.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jessica told Kevin she received the temptation and it is better than Paul’s. She said she has four weeks. Kevin figured Jessica got it because she got into an argument with Josh. Jessica said Kevin is the only person that knows. Kevin said he wont tell anyone but they might guess it. Jessica said she may reveal it next week, depending on who wins HoH. She said the punishment will be inflicted on the HoH if they try to do anything against her. Kevin asked if she can take anyone off. Jessica said it can be multiple people, not just one. Kevin said America loves her. Kevin asked if people will believe Jessica if she says she has is next week. Jessica told him they can put her up and deal with the consequences if not.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kevin told Jason that Cody and Jessica are playing it too cool. Kevin said he thinks they must have more power than they know about. Kevin suggested that they may have the temptation. Jason felt that they wouldn’t be able to stop a vote anyway. Kevin said they will be able to stop themselves from getting voted out. Kevin threw it out there that they may try to put Cody and Jessica up only to find out that they cannot do it. Kevin said that’s only his opinion since he doesn’t know anything. Paul spoke to Christmas, Alex and Jason about their votes. Josh saw it and started to look for answers about what is going on. Alex told Josh to stay away from Mark and Elena, and keep acting sad. Josh told Alex to tell the other side that she is voting him out. Josh assured Alex that he has her back 100%. Alex said she will continue being short with Josh and she will ignore him. Josh said good. Christmas then spoke to Josh, letting him know that Mark and Elena are trying to get information for Cody and Jessica. Christmas told Josh he has nothing to worry about.

10:00-11:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Cody asked Jessica who they can put up next to Paul so that Paul wouldn’t have the votes. Jessica suggested nominating Christmas next to Paul so that Christmas could play the sympathy card. Cody and Jessica agreed that Paul would probably have to be backdoored. Jessica said someone would have to go up next to Christmas then. Cody said they could put Ramses up again. Downstairs, Alex, Christmas, Jason and Paul talked over the plan. Alex said they should target Cody and then go after Mark. Christmas thinks it would be best to take Elena out over Mark, since she is the better competitor. Alex added that Elena and Jessica will scheme together if the guys leave. Paul said she is right. Paul and Kevin then spoke. Kevin said he thinks that Jessica has the temptation. Paul agreed. Kevin asked what if they have the same temptation that Paul got. Paul said they wouldn’t do the same one twice, plus they are after Cody, not Jessica, anyway. Kevin asked if she might be able to protect Cody. Paul said no. Upstairs, Cody let Jessica know that Paul and Kevin are speaking behind closed doors. Cody said Paul is trying to get everyone to keep Josh. Jessica said that’s what she was afraid of. Jessica told Cody not to get too riled up yet, since they could be talking about anything.

11:00-12:00 AM: Christmas told Josh about her conversation with Jessica in which she said she would like to vote for him. Josh said he feels good about Matt and Raven. Christmas said they are straightforward for now. Both agreed that they trust Paul, though Josh clarified that he trusts Christmas more. As for Jason, Christmas said she likes him so much. Josh said Jason is solid and loyal but he cannot trust Alex. Josh called Alex a great liar. He said they can work with her for now but he is not going to be able to work with her once they get down to around nine people left. They talked about the plan for next week. Christmas said they will have to backdoor Cody. She thinks that nominating Elena and Jessica is best. Josh said he would rather nominate Cody and Jessica. He thinks that Cody would use the veto on Jessica anyway. Outside, Mark told Paul he is most loyal to the people who were in the room the night that they were talking about pawning him. Alex, Jason, Elena and Paul were there. Paul asked if that changed at all now that Cody is back. Mark said he likes Cody but it didn’t change anything. Mark said he doesn’t know how Cody feels about him since he turned his back on Cody. Paul asked if Mark is getting a good read from Cody. Mark said yeah and told Paul he thinks that Cody would like to work with them for the next couple of weeks. Paul questioned if Cody really wants to work with him. Mark said Cody has not said a word about Paul, though he has not named anyone except for Josh. Mark let Paul know that his agenda may not match the agenda of others. Mark said there is a pair playing the game in a way that he hates. Mark explained that he doesn’t like people who don’t stir anything up at all. Mark said there is no reason for him to name names when he is not HoH.

12:00-1:00 AM: Josh spoke to the cameras and said he has never felt better with Christmas than he does now. Josh said Christmas is his #1 and his ride or die. Josh said he hasn’t had to do any campaigning this week since Christmas and Paul have done it all for him. Josh said he would do the same for those two. He thinks they are seeing how loyal he is. Josh said Cody and Elena have got to go. Josh thinks that Mark is a loose cannon and he will lose it and self evict if he loses Elena.

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