Big Brother 19 Day 35

July 25, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Out in the yard, Jason asked about Kevin’s theory. Paul said Kevin thinks Jessica has the temptation and she has the power to change the nominations. Paul said it makes no sense since she would have change them when she was on the block last week. Jason agreed. Paul asked if Cody and Jessica told he and Alex that they need to get them to jury. Jason said yes. Paul said it doesn’t count when you make the same promise to everybody. Paul doesn’t think the temptation will be something where you return to the game, since they already had a Battle Back. Jason questioned how long they can keep going before they get rid of some people. Paul said all of the temptations have an expiry date. Paul told Jason he doesn’t know what Christmas’ temptation is. Jason said she is still trying to convince him that she didn’t vote Ramses out. Paul said he thought it was Dominique. He suggested that the other vote could have been Mark since he was so quick to blame the others. Paul said Mark is sketchy. Jason said he had Mark misjudged big time.

11:00-12:00 PM: Out in the backyard, Ramses asked Paul how he feels about this week. Paul said pretty good, but he is just waiting to see what the curse is. Ramses said him too. Paul suggested that if it had anything to do with the vote, it would have come out last week. Ramses said he is worried about it. Paul said there are no tensions this week and it wouldn’t make sense for the curse to come out this week. Paul said it could be a reset week. Ramses agreed. Ramses then spoke to Cody who asked if he has been talking to anyone to see where their heads are at. Ramses confirmed that he has been. He said some people are sketchy. Cody said he will seek blood if the vote is not unanimous. Ramses said people could want to keep Josh just to mess with Cody and Jessica. Cody said he will never be able to trust any of them if that happens. Cody said he has a dream of Josh walking out the door to a flurry of boos. Cody told Ramses that his body will be filled with joy and satisfaction if that happens. Cody said screw the $500,000 cause that’s all he wants. Ramses said he at least wants to make it to jury. Cody let Ramses know that Jessica will be campaigning for him. Cody told Ramses he believes him about the Jillian vote after everything he has heard and seen. Ramses said he was all alone when Cody left, since everyone blamed that vote on him when it wasn’t him. Cody said people are stirring things up just to stir them up. Cody thinks people only voted to keep him to stir things up, not cause they wanted him there.

12:00-1:00 PM: Josh asked Jason what happened yesterday. He said he heard everyone was going crazy. Jason said it was nothing. Jason told Josh that Cody and Mark were thinking that there was a rat. Josh asked if Alex is saying that she is voting him out. Jason said Alex has been telling the other side that she doesn’t know which way she is voting. Josh told them to start telling people that they are voting him out, then come Thursday they will have the numbers. Jason said he is voting to evict Ramses, plus he knows that Alex and Paul are guaranteed to do the same as well. Josh said Christmas is on board. Jason added Matt, Raven and Kevin to the list of votes for Josh. Josh said Mark and Elena are shady, and Elena is really smart. In the bathroom, Paul told Raven he tried to calm Ramses down. Raven said she is trying to make Ramses feel comfortable too. Paul asked if Raven and Matt are 100%. Raven assured Paul that they are 100% on board with keeping Josh. Paul said Alex, Jason, Christmas, Kevin, and himself are all locked in as well. Josh stopped by to ask Paul if everything is fine. He was concerned that people are stopping their conversations when he walks in. Paul assured Josh that he is fine. Josh asked if he should speak to anybody. Paul told him not to or else it will look weird. Paul asked Josh to keep observing and being the eyes for him. Josh said Cody and Elena have to go.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jessica asked Mark if everything seems good with the votes. Mark said the only thing he may have overheard is something to do with Christmas’ vote. Jessica said Christmas spoke to her too. Other than that, Mark said he has no idea who would want to keep Josh. Jessica said Mark, Elena and Cody should be three locked in votes. Mark said 1000%. Mark assured Jessica there is no way that Josh is going to stay, though it will not be unanimous. Mark said everything came full circle when it comes to their relationship. Mark said he is glad that Cody came back in with the mindset that he did. Mark told Jessica it was a no brainer for him, then Cody said he wanted to have a fresh start. Mark said he had Cody’s back, he was his boy, then he turned his back on Cody, but he is glad that he is back. Jessica said it’s nice to see the boys reunited.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Christmas, Matt and Raven that they should take out the stronger person from the two couples. He said Elena is clearly stronger than Mark and Cody is clearly stronger than Jessica. Paul then went to Kevin to let him know that everybody has just about had it with those two couples. Kevin said Jessica has something up her sleeve. He explained that Jessica is too happy and too confident, so she had to have gotten the temptation. Paul said he agrees that she has the temptation, though it’s not worth worrying about when they don’t know what it is. Out in the yard, Ramses checked in with Mark about his vote. Mark said he will be voting to evict Josh. Ramses said he knows it would make no sense for Mark to keep Josh, but he had to ask. Mark said his goal is to get all of the drama out of the house. Mark told Ramses that he is good with him and with Elena. Ramses said they are good with him as well.

3:00-4:00 PM: Kevin asked Paul what he thinks about Raven. Paul said she is too nice and it’s too much, making it seem forced. Kevin agreed. Kevin said Raven uses her disease for sympathy all the time. He said he would like to know what is really going on, since Raven sure looks healthy to him. Paul said it’s a downer since she relates everything back to her disease. Kevin said it looked like she got shot seven times based on the way she was walking around when she cut her foot. Paul said there will be people in the house who don’t care about Raven’s disease, since it’s a game. Paul said technically that’s how they should be looking at it.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paul let Matt and Raven know about his talk with Mark last night in which Mark said their agendas are eventually not going to match up. Paul said Mark told him there is a pair in the house that doesn’t stir the pot and stays neutral, which is starting to piss him off. Paul said he isn’t trying to freak them out, but his best guess is that Mark was referring to Matt and Raven. Matt agreed. Paul also let Raven know that when Elena asked who is going to put Raven up, he said he doesn’t think he will be able to make that move. Paul said Mark then said that’s stupid since it’s a game. Raven asked Paul if he thinks that Mark would nominate her. She also asked if Mark would have the votes. Paul said he wouldn’t have the votes to get her out. Paul thinks Mark would nominate Christmas and Josh if he wins HoH.

5:00-6:00 PM: Jessica told Cody about Mark giving her his word that he will vote Josh out. Jessica said she believes that Mark and Elena will vote Josh out. She talked about how Josh staying would negatively impact Mark’s game, so it would also impact Elena and Paul’s games due to the trickle down effect. For that reason, Jessica said she is pretty confident that the vote will be fine on Thursday. Cody said Paul has definitely tried something. Jessica suggested that they stop using Ramses as a pawn, opting to utilize him instead, if he ends up staying. Cody agreed. Cody asked how things are going with Christmas. Jessica said really good. She told Cody that Christmas thanked her again today for not nominating her. Jessica pointed out that the two of them started off as friends, then the game took over, but they seem to be at a point where they can separate personal from game. Next week, Cody said he would nominate Matt and Raven, looking to backdoor Paul. He said he would leave Raven on the block with Paul. Jessica asked if it’s weird that part of her feels guilty if Paul doesn’t make jury. Cody said everyone, including Cameron, deserved this season more than Paul did.

7:00-8:00 PM: Ramses pulled Paul aside to ask about his vote. Paul said Ramses doesn’t have to talk to him about votes. Ramses said he figured Paul was good. Paul said it’s obvious and Josh is already done. Paul asked if Ramses is worried. He said he is worried about becoming a Plan B for some reason, with jury just around the corner. Paul said Ramses is good and shouldn’t be tripping. He added that there are two more days left and then Ramses will be over it. In the kitchen, Christmas asked Alex if Ramses has approached her again. Alex said he asked if the votes are the same, so she said they are since she was never going to vote for him.

8:00-9:00 PM: Christmas, Matt and Raven chatted in the bathroom. Christmas said Mark has been talking about her under his breath. Christmas said Mark is down the list in terms of targets, though she doesn’t even want him in jury because he is a bad person. Matt agreed. He said he would love to send Mark home the week before jury. Christmas said she wouldn’t be mad about it but she didn’t want to go changing the plan if the group is not on board. Matt mentioned that Cody is a bigger threat but he is being pretty cool and he is easier to live with. Matt said Mark is going on the block if he wins HoH. Christmas said Elena can go up next to him, then everyone will vote to evict Mark. They discussed that Mark and Elena may have been the other votes to evict Ramses. Christmas said she isn’t sure if Elena was one of those votes, but she is certain that Mark was one of them.

9:00-10:00 PM: Ramses told Kevin that if he has his vote, he should be good. Kevin didn’t reply, looked away, and started singing. Ramses asked if he should be good then. Kevin said as far as he knows. Kevin asked Ramses if he won the $25,000. Ramses said no. Kevin said he won $27 so he is ahead of everyone right now. Ramses asked if Kevin thinks a reason people might want to vote him out is that they think he won $25,000. Kevin said 100%. In the hammock, Mark told Elena that Cody loves the idea of moving forward as a four with them. Elena asked if Cody loves the idea of Paul, because she does. Mark said he does as well. Mark said Paul’s name has not come out of Cody’s mouth. Elena said she is open to the idea of working with Cody and Jessica as long as it doesn’t interfere with Paul. Mark said it’s not going to or else he will have an issue with it too. Mark said the last thing Cody wants to do is put him in the middle again.

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