Big Brother 19 Day 36

July 26, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: In the hammock, Jessica asked Cody if they should be concerned as to why Josh is working out so much. Cody said there is nothing better to do.

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul told Alex and Jason that the plan in the event of a double eviction is to nominate Cody and Elena next to each other. Paul explained that the other half of those showmances will know that they have to go hard to pull their partner off, otherwise they will end up on the block if the other showmance wins the veto. In the storage room, Jessica asked Paul if he was told the punishment when he got his temptation. Paul said he was only told that someone will be cursed. Jessica said this curse might only be revealed if and when the temptation is used. Paul asked if Jessica got it. She said no. Paul said he thought she had it at first, but now he doesn’t think that anymore. Jessica said it’s the last temptation and curse, so she expects it to be big. Paul said that’s not always the case, since the last care package was a dud last season. Jessica asked Paul if he knows which way he is voting tomorrow. She said she wants to hear him say it. Paul said Josh. Jessica asked if he promises. Paul nodded. However, Paul said he is not going to lie. He said Ramses has been doing some weird things such as listening in on conversations. Paul said he is voting Josh out but he hinted that things could change if multiple people gang up on him about the vote. Paul mentioned the Bronte and Tiffany vote flipped at the last second last season. Jessica said she will feel so guilty if Ramses gets evicted. She said people should be on board with this plan, seeing as she had the option to go another route but didn’t. Paul said absolutely. Jessica said she doesn’t want to be blindsided tomorrow. She asked Paul to let her know if he hears anything. Jessica said she would really like to be the one to take Josh out since he was saying he will be there longer than her. Jessica spoke to Paul about Josh saying there is someone behind him, poking him to get him to blow up on her and Cody. Specifically, Jessica said Josh told her that Paul was the one who had him blow up after he used the veto on him. Paul denied it and said all of that was Josh’s own behaviour. Jessica reiterated that she really wants Josh out the door this week. When Paul talked about it not being a big deal either way, Jessica said she is going to be pissed if Ramses leaves. Meanwhile, Mark asked Cody how he is with Paul. Cody said they have not had a game talk since he put Paul on the block. On a personal level, Cody said they are good. Mark let Cody know that Paul was worried about getting backdoored this week. Cody said he has nothing to prove by putting Paul on the block. Mark said he told Paul that they have both made their move against each other, so they are even. Cody said that’s exactly it. Mark said he likes Paul and he is a good competitor. Mark told Cody he will have his back if he wants to do something crazy next week, as long as it does not involve targeting Elena or Paul. As for Matt and Raven, Mark said he likes them but he doesn’t talk game with them.

1:00-2:00 PM: Cody filled Jessica in on his talk with Mark. He said Mark spilled the beans that he is aligned with Elena and Paul. Cody said Mark told him that he has his back as long as he doesn’t come after him, Elena, or Paul. Cody said he doesn’t like any of them in the game and he wants to be the one to make the first move. Jessica asked if Cody still wants to target Paul. Cody confirmed that he does. He thinks that Mark and Elena may come around if Paul is gone. Jessica said there are lots of benefits to taking Paul out, including that the house will reshuffle. Cody thinks they have Kevin, Ramses and Christmas on their side. Jessica said Christmas has been reaching out a lot. Cody told Jessica that Mark was kind of throwing Matt and Raven under the bus, but he is not going to go for someone weak like that. Cody later said that he may nominate Matt and Raven, take Matt off the block, and backdoor Paul. Cody thinks it would be entertaining to have Matt and Raven on the block next to each other. Jessica told Cody that Paul said he is voting to evict Josh but Ramses has been doing some sketchy stuff. Jessica said Paul was trying to tell her that it doesn’t matter who leaves, but she said not to piss her off. Jessica mentioned that Paul may vote Josh out and then have others vote Ramses out so it looks like he kept his word. Jessica doesn’t think that Mark and Elena would have benefit in keeping Josh. Cody suggested that it might all be for show between Josh and Mark. Jessica said no and told Cody that he didn’t see the fight between them last week. Jessica told Cody that Elena gave her word to evict Josh, which she wouldn’t have done if she was under the impression that Paul had a plan in place to get Ramses out. Paul checked in with Kevin to ask if his vote has changed. Kevin said he gave his word that he will be voting to evict Josh. Paul said he is checking in with everyone. Kevin told Paul not to come to him if the votes come out 6-4, cause it wont be him that flips. Paul assured Kevin that he trusts him the most out of anyone. Paul let Kevin know that the plan in the event of a double eviction is to nominate Elena and Mark, then backdoor Cody. In the storage room, Josh told Paul he wants to call Jessica out. Paul told him some of what Jessica had said about him. Paul said he will vote Josh out if he calls her out. Paul then spoke to Raven about the plan. She said Mark and Elena go up, then they backdoor Cody. In the bathroom, Josh told Christmas that Jessica is trying to turn he and Paul against each other. Christmas asked Josh if he wants to nominate Mark and Elena or Cody and Jessica. Josh said Cody and Jessica. Christmas told Josh to nominate Elena as the replacement nominee. She said everyone else is nominating Mark and Elena, with a plan to backdoor Cody. Matt came by and suggested that Cody may use the veto on Jessica if they are on the block together. If that happens, Christmas told Josh to nominate Mark instead of Elena. She doesn’t want to alert Elena that they are after her, if Cody is just going home anyway. Josh agreed.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Alex that everyone is still a go on the plan to evict Ramses. He said he will catch Alex up on things later. Paul said Jessica tried to be emotional with him in order to get him to feel bad, but nobody is buying it. Paul later filled Jason in on the new plan. He said Christmas, Matt and Raven came up with a plan to nominate Mark and Elena. He said they will then backdoor Cody. Kevin checked in with Jason to make sure that everything is still the same. Jason confirmed that it is. Kevin said he is ready for people to start leaving. He added that he doesn’t care who goes as long as it’s not Alex, Jason, Paul or himself.

3:00-4:00 PM: Ramses checked in with Jason to make sure he knows that he and Alex are safe with him if he wins HoH. Jason said he knows. Ramses said he hasn’t been talking to them because he has to worry about the other people. Ramses said he is trying to save himself with the others. Upstairs, Elena and Jessica discussed their plans for their showmances after the show ends. Jessica said she and Cody will definitely continue this on the outside. Elena said she shuts Mark down every time he brings that up. Elena asked why she would have a relationship with someone that lives in New York when she has no plan to move. Elena told Jessica she would have turned Mark down if he approached her at a bar, since she turns everyone down. Elena clarified that she is willing to see what happens, though she hates to make promises to Mark when she can tell that he is way more into her than she is into him.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody told Jessica he would love to nominate Mark and Paul, saying Elena is going on the block if one of them uses the veto. Jessica said that trio needs to break up. Cody said they are not good for anyone. Cody pointed out that Mark basically said he wont have his back if he goes after Paul. Cody said Mark is an idiot and he can see where he falls on that chain. Cody said Elena has been trying to play so carefully, yet Mark put her game at risk with that. Cody said Mark will see how disloyal Paul is to him when they are on the block together. Cody told Jessica he will lie to everyone, saying Mark and Paul have been throwing their names out there and coming up to the HoH room in order to try to align with them. Once Jessica headed downstairs, Kevin let her know that he thinks they are going to try to flip the vote. Kevin said the little kid with the glasses would be going. Kevin asked Jessica not to freak out or say he said anything. Jessica said she will figure it out. She thanked Kevin. Kevin said he will need Cody and Jessica since they are good players. Jessica went to Cody and told him that she was right. She then went to talk to Christmas and Elena, saying she thinks Ramses might be leaving. Elena questioned where she is hearing this. Jessica said she has overheard conversations. Jessica said she can’t handle Ramses leaving tomorrow. Elena asked why people would vote Ramses out. Christmas said Josh was being an idiot as recently as last night. Jessica said Alex and Jason’s side might be trying something. Elena said nobody has approached her yet. Jessica said they might not. Jessica said she thinks the vote is going to be a lot closer than they think. Elena said she is voting Josh out. Christmas added that Ramses has helped her. Jessica said she thinks she will need Christmas’ vote in order for this to work out the way she wants it to.

5:00-6:00 PM: Elena told Christmas and Jessica she is not changing her mind. She said it’s pretty straightforward and she will be voting to evict Josh. Jessica said Ramses game is in her hands and she does not want to be the reason he goes home. Jessica asked the girls to please not vote Ramses out. Elena said she is not. Christmas said got it. Jessica then headed up to the HoH room with Cody. She told him she knew this was going to happen the second she didn’t use the veto. Jessica said Kevin let her know that they are trying to flip the votes. Cody asked who is doing it. Jessica said she assumes it is Paul, but Kevin didn’t give any names. Jessica said she thinks Paul is keeping Elena in the dark on this one. Jessica only trusts Cody and Elena to vote to evict Josh. Jessica said she is way too trusting and now there is a good chance that Ramses leaves tomorrow. Kevin joined them. He said he is hearing things but it might not be true. He told Cody and Jessica not to go around talking to people about it, but don’t be shocked if Ramses leaves. Jessica asked Kevin if he is voting to keep Ramses for sure. Kevin said yeah. Kevin then headed back out. Jessica asked what they should do. Cody said he could talk to Jason and Alex. Jessica said they wont tell the truth anyway. Cody told Jessica they aren’t going to change anybody’s minds, so they should just see how things play out. Jessica said she told Cody this was going to happen, then he said to leave nominations the same. Jessica said she should have put Alex on the block. She also said she should have pulled the trigger on Paul. Jessica said it’s so funny that Paul is essentially the leader on both sides. Cody said everyone falls in line like a bunch of idiots. Jessica said Paul is playing a great game. Cody said Paul is a gamer and he will steamroll through the house. Cody headed downstairs. He asked Alex if he is going to be surprised by the vote. Alex said she doesn’t think so. Cody then asked Jason if he is getting screwed on this vote. Jason said he doesn’t think so. Cody asked if Josh is going. Jason said Josh is going. Cody said he needs Alex and Jason on this one. He claimed he gave up his game for them. Jason asked why Cody is thinking that something is changing. Cody said he has heard chatter about Paul going around telling people to switch their vote. Cody said Paul is making deals all over the place. Jason said he hates this game. He told Cody he will talk to Alex, and he will know if something fishy is going on. Cody said if he is surprised on this vote, he will win HoH and nobody will be safe.

6:00-7:00 PM: Alex told Jason that Cody is getting really paranoid. Jason relayed his conversation with Cody. Alex said they need to talk to Paul in order to devise a plan to keep the three of them safe. Jason said he will pick Paul over Cody if he has to choose, since Paul is more fun to talk to. Jason reported back to Cody, telling him that he didn’t get a solid feel from Alex. He said Alex told him that nothing is changing, and he doesn’t think she will lie to him, but she has been acting fishy. Cody pulled Alex aside to beg for her vote. He said he threw away his game for her and this is all he is asking for in return. Alex said she hasn’t made any decisions yet. Cody said that voting out Josh is the one favour he will ask. Alex said she is not promising her vote right now. Cody asked her to consider what he said. Alex said she will do that. Alex went to Jason and said if Cody brings up that he threw away his game for them again, they need to remind him that they kept Jessica safe last week like they promised. Christmas told Alex that Jessica thinks a vote flip is happening tonight. She told Jason as well. Christmas advised Jason to stop talking about it since Jessica threw his name and Alex’s name out there. Alex told her allies to go to bed at 10:00 tonight so that Cody and Jessica cannot corner them about their votes. Up in the HoH room, Jessica told Cody she is so disappointed in herself. Jessica said she should have seen this before nominations, then she could have taken out a more powerful player.

7:00-8:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Cody told Jessica he can tell that Mark is in a completely different mindset tonight. He said there is no more “my boy” coming from him. Cody said if there were any women in the house riding the coattails of an alpha male, it’s Mark, the biggest woman in the house. He added that Mark is riding Paul’s coattails and he is a giant pussy who has not made any moves. Jessica said Elena is going to lose all trust in Mark and Paul if Ramses walks out the door and she isn’t in on it.

8:00-9:00 PM: After an HoH lockdown, Mark let Cody and Jessica know that he would never go against them by trying to keep Josh. He promised that he will vote to evict Josh. Mark said they kept him safe and the least he could do is help get their target out. Cody said it’s more than that, since he wants them to roll forward together. Mark agreed. Mark said both Josh and Ramses would work with the other side, so it makes no sense for them to want to keep Josh. Jessica said they have three sure votes, in Cody, Elena and Mark. Mark said he can’t see Kevin or Paul keeping Josh. Feeds went down again temporarily. The houseguests were shown a video to study in advance of tomorrow’s HoH competition.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul told Elena they need to seriously chat later. Elena asked what’s going on. Paul said nothing but there are some concerns. Elena asked if it’s Mark. Paul said Cody, Jessica, and Mark, since Mark said they are on a clean slate. Elena told Paul she stayed on the floor and listened to those three talk after the lockdown. Paul told Elena that she is very much associated with those three. Paul said she made that choice and she knew that that was going to happen. Paul let Elena know that Mark might be too far down. Elena said she is not. Paul said he knows that but it might look that way to people. Paul told Elena not to let a showmance ruin her game. Paul then spoke to Christmas, Matt and Raven about his plan for Elena. He said he believes that Elena will separate from Cody, Jessica and Mark once she sees the votes. He said Elena still needs to be blindsided, though he wants to drop hints to her about how she is being perceived. Paul hoped to make Elena realize that she would be going up against eight people if she wins HoH and comes after them. His goal was to make her feel safe enough to throw the competition, or to see that she has to abandon ship if she does win HoH. Paul guaranteed that Elena will abandon ship. Christmas agreed. Mark thought that it would be a good idea. Paul had those three fill in the rest of their group on his plan for Elena, while he went to speak to Elena.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul asked Elena what is happening. She said she doesn’t know but she has subtly told Mark a couple of times that she doesn’t like it. Paul said he doesn’t think Elena is any in trouble, but she is up in the HoH room a lot of the time. Paul told Elena she really needs to lay her cards out the right way in the next few weeks. Elena said she is trying to avoid Cody since she still has a bad taste in her mouth for him. Paul said Cody and Jessica are going around bullying, but not really bullying, people for votes. Elena asked if Paul is voting Josh out. He said yes. They again discussed Elena being around Cody. Paul told Elena that the perception people have is not a good look for her. Paul said he has to watch out since he knows that Cody is coming right back after him. Paul said she would prefer if Paul won HoH over anyone else. Paul talked about how Elena is potentially sinking her own ship due to Mark. Elena said the only person she has remained 100% loyal to is Paul. She asked how she can navigate away from Mark. Paul said he cannot answer that for her.

11:00-12:00 AM: Elena told Matt, Raven and Paul she will try to stay in the HoH competition until they are solid. Matt asked why she doesn’t want to win HoH. Elena explained that she feels comfortable with other people winning that either want to win it more or have a reason to win it more. Elena said as long as they have a strict agenda that she is okay with, she is okay with not winning it. Elena told Raven that if it comes down to them, she would rather Raven win and get a letter from her mom. Elena said she is fine with letting Mark win since he wants to get off of slop. She also said she is fine with Paul winning since he wants to feel safe. Elena clarified that she will stay in the competition if it’s against people that she doesn’t feel safe with, or whose agendas she does not know. Matt said that’s understandable.

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