Big Brother 19 Day 37 - Ramses is evicted; Paul wins HoH

July 27, 2017

1:00-2:00 PM: Jessica asked Kevin if he is going to vote Ramses out. Kevin said he doesn’t think so but it doesn’t matter. Jessica said it does. Kevin told Jessica the ones she thinks are on her side aren’t. Elena asked Jessica if she is still worried. Jessica said yeah. Elena told her not to be. Jessica said she doesn’t know if Elena is in on it, but Ramses is going home. Jessica said she doesn’t know if people think it’s because they can go after her and Cody, but she got the final temptation and they are both safe. Jessica explained that whoever wins HoH, it doesn’t matter since no one can touch them for a couple of evictions. Elena asked what the final temptation was. Jessica said she is not getting into specifics but production made it very clear that she cannot lie about anything. Jessica reiterated that she and Cody cannot be touched, so the others have to go after each other. Elena said she cannot see Ramses going home today. Jessica said he is going home. Jessica mentioned that people may be keeping Elena out of the loop because she is friends with Ramses. Either way, Jessica said Ramses is going. She told Elena that everyone is good at lying, and Ramses is going. Elena said she doesn’t think people would hide it from her since she is friends with Ramses, so that means they are just not talking game with her. Elena admitted she wasn’t planning on trying to win HoH, but she will be going for it hard if Ramses leaves. She said that will mean that people have been lying to her. Jessica asked Elena to swear that she is not in on it. Elena swore that she is not. Jessica said Matt and Raven are in on it. Jessica added that Paul has to be in on it too. Jessica said she thinks everyone but Cody, Elena and Mark will be voting Ramses out. In the storage room, Cody told Ramses that Matt, Raven, Jason and Alex have not been giving straight answers about their votes. Cody told Ramses that he should cry to Raven in attempt to get her and Matt on board. Elena then spoke to Ramses. She let him know that she is voting to evict Josh. Ramses then pulled Matt and Raven aside to ask if anything has changed. Matt said nothing has changed. Ramses said there is no way he is coming after them, and he is a vote to keep them if they go on the block. Paul then spoke to Matt and Raven. He said the other side is squirming, but he checked in with everyone and they are still on board with evicting Ramses. Ramses then went to Alex and Jason to reassure them that he would never put them on the block. Ramses said as long as he has them, he is good. Jason said Ramses has his vote. Ramses thanked him. In the bedroom, Elena told Mark she is not throwing the competition if the votes come out weird. Mark said he doesn’t know why Alex and Jason would try to keep Josh. He said he hopes it’s a 10-0 vote. Elena said she has a feeling it might not be.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Alex and Jason they should say it was a last minute decision to evict Ramses since they didn’t want to compete against him in this comp, plus he won $25,000. Paul then headed back to the other room, where Elena asked him if he is voting Josh out. Paul nodded. Elena said she and Mark are doing that as well. Mark revealed that production already spoke to him about not putting his hands on Josh. Mark said he would not do that anyway. In the bathroom, Jessica told Cody she doesn’t think that Kevin will be voting to keep Ramses, since he said he has to go with the house. Cody said Kevin doesn’t have to. Jessica asked Paul what his final decision is for the vote. Paul explained that he is voting Josh out if nothing happens to lead to a change. Jessica said nothing is going to happen.

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction episode, Ramses was evicted by a vote of 7-3. Cody, Mark and Elena voted to evict Josh. Paul went on to win HoH. Julie revealed the curse to the viewers. There will be a temptation competition for the next three weeks. The houseguests will choose whether or not they compete. The winner of the competition will be safe for the week. The person who finishes in last will be put on the block as a third nominee.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paul, Cody and Jessica were talking when feeds returned. Paul asked Jessica to please not attack him since he is not attacking her. Jessica said she isn’t. She told Paul she is celebrating that people didn’t give her any information and yet she still knew what was going on. Paul brought up Jessica saying good luck cause she is keeping herself and Cody safe. He said he is taking that as her thinking he is going to put them up. Jessica said of course she is going to feel like a target when everyone is whispering about the plan behind her back. Paul explained that Ramses had no loyalty to anyone, he would have performed well in that competition, and he won the $25,000. Cody said they feel like outsiders and they could have been let in on the plan. Cody said they are not emotionally attached to these people and they need be a part of things moving forward. Paul explained that it was nothing personal against the two of them. Mark entered the room and asked if he is in trouble. Paul said no. He explained that they were left in the dark because they exhibited emotional behaviour towards Josh. Paul said he was only in on a group conversation, so he doesn’t want them thinking that he is in there herding sheep. Paul reminded them that there were six other votes. Cody asked how he is looked at as a wildcard, not an asset. Paul said he doesn’t know as he is only one person and he doesn’t control these people. After Cody and Mark left, Jessica brought up that she had been walking in on conversations for days and she knew this was going to happen. Paul said it was a last minute decision. Jessica said that’s only because people wanted to be able to say they didn’t know how they were voting. In the bathroom, Mark told Cody he doesn’t understand why Elena is so mad and wont look at him. Cody let Mark know that he was looking for some confirmation between the two of them, and now he has it. Mark said he has become an outsider. He admitted that it’s what he deserves since he turned his back on Cody and Dominique. Matt came by, at which point Mark asked if he is good with him. Matt said Ramses was shady and would have done well in the competition. Mark said that’s fair. Matt assured Mark that it was not a personal shot at him. Elsewhere, Jason suggested to Paul that he nominate Cody and Jessica. Paul said he has to just to reveal the temptation. Paul then went to Elena. She said she is fine with what happened but she is not fine about people she was working with and trusting lying to her. Paul started explaining why he kept her in the dark. He said he knew it would have gotten back to Jessica, or to Cody if she told Mark. Paul also talked about the people on the outs on this having an issue with Josh. Elena said she has no disdain for Josh. Paul said Mark does. Elena said she is a completely different person. Mark said he understands and he wouldn’t have told him either. Mark asked if this changes anything with them. Paul said no and he has nothing to worry about. Elena asked if she does. Paul told her to get out of here. Elena said she had to ask since Mark did. After Paul left, Elena said I told you this was going to happen. Mark said he is sorry. Elena said she is fine with it to an extent, since it would have been hard for her to be in on the plan behind Ramses’ back. However, Elena said she would have been capable of doing it. Mark apologized to Elena because it was clear from that chat with Paul that Elena was in this position because of him. Elena pointed out that Mark was kept out of the loop cause of his association with Cody.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark spoke to Jason. He said he is kind of glad this happened since they don’t appear to be as close as they are. Mark confirmed that he is still good with Jason. Mark asked if people will come after him because of his association with Cody. Jason said yeah. Mark then asked if his name is being brought up. Jason said no. He told Mark that he deflects whenever Mark’s name is mentioned. Mark said his name is being brought up then. Jason said it was brought up when Alex was HoH. Jason told Mark that if he does go up, they will calmly work on it. Mark said that’s fair. Jason said he doesn’t think that Mark is a target. Mark asked how long they knew that they were going to vote Josh out for. Jason said it was trying to happen last night. He said he was kept out of it but he feels that it was trying to happen. In the bedroom, Jessica asked if people are talking about the temptation at all. Mark said no. Cody said there is nothing to talk about. Cody said he doesn’t want Mark and Elena to get ripped apart before jury. Mark said he doesn’t think that Paul would do that. Elsewhere, Paul told Alex and Jason he wants to nominate Cody and Jessica to see if she really has protection. Paul said he thinks Jessica is bluffing. Paul questioned why Jessica was on the block last week if she had protection. He thinks Jessica may have safety for herself but not for Cody. Paul said he is going to be making big boy moves. Paul went to Christmas and told her the same thing, saying he is going to call Jessica’s bluff. Back in the bedroom, Cody told Jessica, Mark and Elena that they solidified trust with this vote since they were all the outsiders for it. Mark said maybe he is naive but he doesn’t feel worried. Jessica said she really hopes the house unifies and no one wants to go to jury with Josh, so Paul decides to give the house what they want. Mark mentioned that Paul is very close with Elena and he wont want to risk that relationship in order to send him home. Once Cody and Jessica were alone, Jessica said Paul is a vet and he knows he can go in the DR to ask if he can still nominate them. Once that is confirmed, Jessica said Paul may realize that the temptation is a rewind week. Jessica said she thinks it would be stupid for Paul to nominate them if he knows that. Jessica told Cody she is not going to tell Paul anything about the temptation. Meanwhile, Paul told Kevin he is going to nominate Cody and Jessica in order to see if they are bluffing. Kevin asked if Mark and Elena are going up if they are not bluffing. Paul said yes. Kevin questioned if Cody and Jessica really don’t have to play the game for three weeks. Paul said it doesn’t make sense. Kevin wondered how much Big Brother can love them.

9:00-10:00 PM: Mark spoke to Kevin and Paul, saying he understands where they were coming from since Ramses would have won HoH. Mark said he didn’t ask anyone about their votes so nobody lied to him. Elena came by. Paul asked how she feels about the temptation. Elena said it’s crazy. Paul said he doesn’t think it’s real. He said he believes Jessica got the temptation but he doesn’t think that it’s what she is saying it is. Paul said they would never give someone protection until jury. Paul also thinks it makes no sense to say in front of everybody that you have that protection. Paul said Jessica is allowed to lie about it until the time at which she uses her temptation. Elsewhere, Josh told Alex, Jason and Christmas that America would give Jessica the temptation to protect Cody. Christmas added that it doesn’t make sense since Cody was not even in the house when Jessica received the temptation.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul got his HoH room. After everyone cleared out, Mark asked Paul if he wants to discuss anything. Paul said no since he already thinks he knows what he is going to do. Mark asked what happens if Cody and Jessica are safe. Paul said he will cross that bridge when he gets there. Paul said he is calling their bluff though. Cody then came upstairs. He told Paul that he asked Mark whose interests he wants to protect, and he said Paul’s and Elena’s. Cody said Mark has always been there for Paul. Paul asked if they are able to talk about the temptation at all. Cody said not at all. Cody mentioned to Paul that he gains nothing by going after him again, though he is going to continue to make bigger moves. Paul said he is going to make certain moves that will make things come out. Paul told Cody to understand that there is a method to his madness. Paul said things may not make sense at first, but give him a minute. Cody agreed. Matt and Raven made their way upstairs next. Paul said he wants to find out if Cody and Jessica are bluffing. He said he will nominate Mark and Elena if those two are safe. Matt and Raven said they would want Elena to go if that happens.

12:00-1:00 AM: Paul told Matt and Raven he thinks that Elena is pulling away from Mark. Paul said if they strip Mark away from Cody, Elena may come back to them. Raven didn’t think so. Christmas joined them. Paul got her caught up on the plan. Paul said if Mark and Elena have to go up, he can let Elena know that she is a pawn. Once Mark is gone, Paul thinks Elena would never go back to Cody and Jessica. If Elena leaves, Paul suggested that it would only solidify Cody, Jessica and Mark even further. Christmas and Raven agreed. Paul pointed out that Elena listens to him, as evidenced by her answer in the first question tonight. Paul said he threw her of intentionally. Down in the bathroom, Elena told Cody, Jessica and Mark that she has been wondering if Paul gave her wrong information. Back upstairs, Paul filled Alex in on everything. He let her know that Christmas, Matt and Raven are locked and loaded and can be trusted. Paul said if they can’t get Cody out, he thinks they should go after Mark. He mentioned they could tie in Elena for a week to help get Cody out, then take Elena out after that. Paul told Alex the two of them can steamroll through the house. Alex said she wouldn’t mind coming in second to Paul since he deserves first. Paul told Alex she can let Jason know he has an awesome plan and he will find out when the time is right. Mark then spoke to Paul. He said he is getting paranoid. Mark asked if he would be a pawn. Paul said possibly but probably not. Paul said he has another agenda, which is to call the bluff. Mark asked if he will go up if the temptation is real. Paul said maybe, but he is certain that they are bluffing. Elena then spoke to Paul. Paul said he hopes that she has been picking up on the hints he has been dropping. Elena said there is nothing she can do about the fact that Mark is attached to her. Paul explained that it’s a bad look in the eyes of the others in the house. Paul told Elena she is not in danger but she may be used as a pawn. Paul said he is calling a bluff and whether or not Elena goes up will depend on how that goes. Paul told Elena she can save her game if she takes the opportunity to pivot, implying that she needs to split from Mark. Elena said she doesn’t know what move she needs to make to do that. Elena told Paul she still feels like he is her closest ally. Down in the bedroom, Jessica told Cody not to defend Mark or Elena anymore. She said everyone turned their back on them, so he does not need to be sticking his neck out for anyone. Jessica said she doesn’t think that they are Paul’s targets, but he will probably use Cody as a nominee so he can win the veto and enable a backdoor plan to work. Jessica said she will use the Hex if Cody is still on the block after the veto ceremony.

1:00-2:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Paul continued to speak to Elena. He reassured her that she, like Alex, will be safe if she goes up on the block as a pawn during his HoH reign. Paul said he will have the ability to bring her in on a bigger plan if things play out where she is a pawn. Paul clarified that he cannot bring Mark in on it. Paul said Mark will continue to drag Elena down. She asked if he is going home soon. Paul said he doesn’t know but it’s not looking good. The rest of the talk focused on Elena’s relationship with Mark. Paul encouraged Elena not to throw her game away for a showmance. Elena said she doesn’t know how to derail. She said her intention is not to hurt Mark. However, Elena acknowledged that she needs to take a step back from Mark as well as from Cody and Jessica.

2:00-3:00 AM: Mark asked Elena if she has any idea what Paul is going to do. Elena said he didn’t talk about that and she didn’t really ask about it since she could tell that Paul didn’t want to discuss it. Mark asked if she thinks they are good. Elena said she assumes so and hopes so. Elena let Mark know that she is still thinking about a lot of stuff. Mark asked if he is part of that. She said of course he is. Mark asked if it’s in a good way. Elena said she has to think about it. She later expanded on that to say she has a lot to think about in terms of figuring out what she needs to do. Elena said she will inform Mark when she has it all figured out. Paul spoke to the cameras. He said he plans to call Jessica's bluff to see what happens when she and Cody are nominated. Paul said he has won 2 HoHs and 1 PoV, which is a little bit much this early. He said after he gets the big game players out, he can lay low for a little bit and let the others eat each other alive. Paul said he has been working since Day 1, planting seeds. Paul said people genuinely listen to him and it’s hilarious. He said he plans to do an operation every week, and so far he is 3 for 3 and he has pretty much puppet mastered the house.

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