Big Brother 19 Day 38 - Mark wins safety; Cody, Jessica and Jason are nominated

July 28, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: The houseguests were informed about the curse, the temptation competition. Paul, as HoH, is not allowed to compete. The houseguests must decide whether or not to compete. The winner of the competition is safe for the week. The last place finisher will be put on the block as the third nominee. If the third nominee wins the veto, there will not be a replacement nominee. Alex, Matt, and Raven discussed that even if one of them loses, it gives them another player in the veto competition. Josh came by and said they need tough competitors to go up against Cody and Jessica. Paul told Christmas he wouldn’t compete in her situation, since they are likely going to be physical competitions. Raven spoke to Matt in the storage room. She told Matt that Paul said not to compete because he needs the votes. Matt said he will do whatever Paul wants him to do. Elsewhere, Elena said she wonders if Josh is going to compete. Mark said worst case is Josh, Cody and Jessica are safe. Mark mentioned that Paul already threw his name out there as a pawn. In the storage room, Kevin questioned why he would play if Paul is not going to put him up. Alex said they want to block Cody and Jessica from winning. Kevin said Cody and Jessica both told him that they are not going to compete. Alex said they are probably lying. Kevin went to Matt and said he doesn’t see any reason to compete with Paul in power. Matt agreed but said he will do so if Paul wants him to. Alex told Jason what Kevin said about Cody and Jessica not competing. She doesn’t believe it. She also doesn’t like Kevin being close to those two. Alex said he will have to go soon. Josh told Alex he was thinking about competing to give him something to do, but he is just going to watch this time. Alex said she will make her decision based on what’s best for the group. Alex, Jason, Kevin and Paul discussed the plan in the have-not room. Jason said he is going to try to win it so that others are still eligible to be nominated. Jason said Cody and Jessica will play since they don’t have safety. Paul said they may continue on with their bluff and decide not to compete. Alex said she will compete as well. Mark joined them and said he is considering competing because he doesn’t want Josh to win. Mark doesn’t want Josh, Cody and Jessica to all be safe. Alex told Mark to look him in the eyes and say he doesn’t know for sure that Cody and Jessica are safe. Mark said he has no idea. Mark asked if she is judging him. Alex said she is not but she wanted to know if he knew. Mark said she is making an assumption because he hangs out with Cody. Paul let Matt know that Alex and Jason will be competing. Matt said he wont then. Matt asked what happens if Cody and Jessica are safe, then Mark and Elena win the temptation competition and the veto competition. Paul said that would be doomsday.

11:00-12:00 PM: In the kitchen, Mark asked Paul if there is a chance that he could be a pawn. Paul said there is a chance but he doesn’t know what’s going to happen with this competition. Mark was seeking advice as to whether or not he should compete. Paul did not want to give him an answer. Mark said the conversation didn’t help him at all. Paul said he would compete if the roles were reversed and Mark was in power, but he takes risks. Mark said it’s Big Brother and you have to compete. Paul asked if Elena is going to compete. Mark said he doesn’t think so. Jessica told Cody she thinks that Alex and Jason will compete. Cody agreed. Cody suggested that Jessica speak to Paul about why it will be a waste of his HoH if he nominates them. Jessica said she doesn’t want Paul to realize that she can only use the power once. Cody said she has nothing to lose by telling him, since she will already have to use it anyway if he nominates one of them. Cody said he could compete in this if he knows that he is going on the block. Meanwhile, Paul let Matt know he thinks that Mark and Elena are going to play. Paul said there is no way Matt will finish last, so he should compete. Matt said he will do whatever Paul wants. Matt said they would have another number in the veto competition even if he loses. Cody and Jessica continued discussing the plan. Cody said he thinks he will end up being on the block at the end of the week, then Jessica will have to use the Hex anyway. Cody asked why Jessica doesn’t want to tell Paul that it’s a rewind week. Jessica asked what the benefit is. Cody said he wont go up then. Jessica explained that Paul already knew the information for the competition the best, so he will only learn it even better and still be HoH next week if he knows it’s a rewind week. Jessica also believes that Paul would wonder why she is worried if she talks to him. Jessica said she is trying to keep the upper hand on Paul. She told Cody they don’t even know if he is going up as a pawn yet, so she would rather sit back and let Paul do what he wants to do. If Cody is up, Jessica said she will then put the full court press on Paul about using the veto on Cody. Jessica thinks Alex is a backdoor target of Paul’s, so he will have no reason to nominate Cody if Alex loses the competition and is the third nominee. Jessica said Paul wants Cody on his side, seeing him as a potential asset in the future, so he will not put him up if Alex is nominated. Paul checked in with Elena to see if she plans to compete. Elena said she is leaning towards not competing. Elena asked if Josh is going to compete. Paul said no. Mark checked in with Matt and Raven to see if they are still on board with going to jury together. They both said they absolutely are. Mark reported that back to Elena and told her that Matt is wondering why she is pissed off. Elena said Matt can be an adult and talk to her if he is wondering. Elena said four people lied to her face and only one has came up to her and had a conversation about it. Mark asked who the third is in addition to Matt and Raven. Elena said Christmas. Mark mentioned that there is a very good chance he needs the votes this week. He didn’t want Elena making waves with the others. Elena said she doesn’t care about herself. Mark said he is associated with her. Elena said sorry for your bad luck. She added that Mark made the decision. Mark asked if she is saying she didn’t decide to associate with him. She said she isn’t telling anyone that she is with him, but it’s all about perception.

3:00-4:00 PM: Feeds returned following the Temptation Competition. Mark won the competition. He is safe for the week. Jason finished in last. He will be the third nominee. Mark told Elena he doesn’t get why they have to be the pawns instead of Matt and Raven. Elena said she doesn’t know but she is not going to be able to change Paul’s mind if he wants to put her up.

4:00-5:00 PM: Paul told Alex he is thinking of nominating Elena and Josh if he cannot nominate Cody and Jessica. In the bedroom, Cody told Elena and Jessica it’s clear that Alex is working with Matt after that competition. He also pointed out that Paul was so upset when Matt lost to Mark. In the storage room, Mark spoke to the cameras about Cody, Jessica, Elena and himself bringing the noise. Mark said it’s over. Elena told Cody and Jessica she is expecting to go home this week. She thinks she will leave over both Jason and Josh. Mark joined them. Cody said Paul threw a fit when Matt lost to Mark. Mark said he is not blind anymore. Mark asked Cody and Jessica if they would use the veto on Elena if she goes up. Cody and Jessica said they would. Up in the HoH room, Raven asked Paul if he is going to nominate Jessica. Paul said he is going to try to. Paul said either Josh and Elena or Josh and someone strong need to go up if Cody and Jessica can’t go up. Paul said Josh has to be up there as the scapegoat. Matt joined them. Paul talked about nominating someone strong for their alliance next to Elena, then he can put Josh up. Alex and Jason joined them as well. Alex and Jason joined them. It was discussed that Alex or Matt could be used as a pawn next to Elena if Cody and Jessica are safe. Matt said he doesn’t want to go up but he is a team player. However, he said Alex has proven to be a better competitor than he has. Christmas agreed. Alex said she is down for whatever since she doesn’t think it will come down to that anyway. Paul said Alex can be the pawn if she is down. Alex said she doesn’t like packing but she will do it. Josh came upstairs next. Paul let him know that he isn’t going to be used as a pawn. Back downstairs, Cody and Jessica discussed that they like this new side of Elena. Cody said he wishes that Mark and Elena had made the right decision from the start, but he wont hold it against them. Cody mentioned that they may not be able to use the veto, seeing as Paul could decide to put the other one of them up. Jessica said if they are still safe next week and Mark or Elena are on the block, she will use the Hex to save them. Back upstairs, Paul told Mark he has things to figure out about some people. Mark asked if he and Elena are included in that. Paul said no. Mark reiterated that he believes what Cody said with regards to not taking a shot at Paul again. Paul said he is more concerned about Jessica. After Mark left, Paul, Alex and Kevin discussed that Matt is a coward for not wanting to go on the block. Afterwards, Kevin told Jason he shouldn’t have competed today. Kevin said Alex is going on the block and now the only two sure votes are his and Josh’s. Kevin said he thinks that they are being set up. He said he will speak to Alex about it.

5:00-6:00 PM: Alex told Paul that Matt was afraid of going on the block. Paul said he has been playing the game way too soft. Paul said they need to put Matt in check. They discussed that he said all he wants to do is make it to jury. Alex said she would rather go after Matt than Josh. Paul agreed. He said they should keep Josh, Kevin and possibly even Christmas for as long as possible since they are weak. Kevin then spoke to Alex. He pointed out that there are only eight people voting, and now she only has two sure votes. Alex said Christmas, Matt and Raven are not going to deviate from the plan. Josh and Mark talked things over. Mark admitted he has done a lot of things in this game. Josh said like not talking to Dominique. Josh admitted that that bothered him. He said Mark is a grown man and made that decision himself. Mark said he is not proud of it. However, he explained that they were in different situations since Dominique was throwing Elena and Paul’s names out there. Josh told Mark he will look back and see that he had his back. Mark said he had Josh’s back until he threw him under the bus to the whole house after the drink throwing incident. Josh said he is completely let down by Mark. He told Mark that he is playing the role of the douchebag and he should stop that and leave it to the actual douchebags in the house. Josh said he will continue to torture Mark. They acknowledged that they wont get along in the house, though they hope they can get together to have a drink once the game is over.

7:00-8:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Paul nominated Cody and Jessica for eviction. Jason is the third nominee. Up in the HoH room, Cody told Paul that this week means nothing now. Paul said he genuinely believed that they had safety. Jessica told Paul he doesn’t know what he just did and he shouldn’t have done it. Paul asked what that even means. Jessica said Paul will be unhappy come Thursday. Cody said he thought Paul was smarter in this game. Cody added he is sick of Paul saying how much he knows about the game. He also said he is sick of Paul treating the other people downstairs like they are dogs. At one point, Paul told Jessica to lower her voice. Cody told Paul not to tell her to do that. Paul said he can tell her to lower her voice. Paul asked Cody to leave the room. Cody said f*ck you to Paul. They went back and forth. Jessica told Cody they need to go. Paul told Cody he is an emotional pussy. Cody then got in his face and they continued back and forth before Cody eventually left the room. In the bedroom, Jessica was upset with Cody over how he reacted. Jessica said there are so many worse things you can say than telling someone to lower their voice. Jessica told Cody this was supposed to be a blessing, not a curse, for them. Meanwhile, Josh was going on about Cody in the kitchen. Mark interrupted and told him to shut up, leading to Josh going off on Mark. Josh said Mark should have stood up for Dominique, not Cody. Josh called Mark a coward and said he is a joke for standing up for someone who gets in people’s faces but not for Dominique. Josh told Mark that Elena can do 100 times better than him. Jessica made her way to the bathroom. Paul let her know he is willing to finish their conversation without Cody. Paul explained that what Jessica said about the temptation put a huge target on her back. He asked if she can give further information on it. Jessica said there is no point since they can’t change the nominations now. She later let Paul know that the temptation is. Back in the kitchen, Josh was banging pots and pans. Mark got put and charged at him. He grabbed the pan out of his hand and raised it up at Josh. Kevin got in between them. Feeds cut. When the feeds returned, Mark was in the bedroom with Cody. Mark filled Cody in on what happened. Cody talked about how he will probably just disappear after the show. Mark said Jessica will calm down. Cody said even if she does, her default is always to blame him. Cody said he will probably tell Jessica not to use the safety on him. Back in the bathroom, Paul continued to speak to Jessica. He reiterated that she is only target because of Cody. Paul said Jessica is not his enemy nor the enemy of others, but he cannot say the same for Cody.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul told Matt and Raven they need to convince Jessica that she is a target only because of Cody, then she might let them evict Cody this week. Paul let them know that Jessica can make this a dud week with the Hex. Paul said he is going to “go Josh” on Cody now, which Josh was excited to hear. In the have-not room, Kevin checked on Cody. Kevin asked if they are safe. Cody said yeah but he will probably tell Jessica not to use it since he is the worst thing for her game. Kevin said he has a point. Back upstairs, Paul said he is going to make Cody self evict. He said he can take a punch since he has been punched by professional fights. Josh headed down to the kitchen to continue banging pots and pans. He yelled out at Cody and Mark, who were not in the room. He called Cody a baby. He said they tried to be respectful, but they wanted to play dirty, so welcome to hell. Josh said there will be no sleeping tonight. Josh proceeded to climb on the couches and bang the pots and pans. Josh eventually said he has no beef with Cody anymore since his beef is now with Mark. Up in the HoH room, Alex, Matt, Raven, Elena, Paul, Christmas and other watched and enjoyed the show. A few of them eventually headed to the kitchen. Paul said he thinks Mark, who was in the DR at the time, may be getting evicted. Josh said he wants Mark to come back. Josh yelled out to production that Josh only touched the pans, not him, so he needs to stay. Mark came out of the DR. Josh said to him that he can’t get in his face. Mark ignored Josh and headed up to the HoH room. Paul encouraged Josh to go up there. Josh headed upstairs and asked Mark for his tutu from the competition. He then asked what Mark is doing up there. He told Mark to go hang out with Cody. Once Josh headed downstairs, he was called to the diary room. Paul quickly checked in with Elena to tell her that Cody and Mark are done. He told her to abandon ship. Elena said she doesn’t feel comfortable with Mark’s behaviour today in the game or in real life. Elena said she feels confident in her relationship with Paul but not with the others. Paul said it’s repairable.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh returned from the diary room. He said he was told that he needs to stop. Josh said it’s cowardly to try to get someone to lay their hands on him anyway. Josh mentioned he would rather they walk out the front door with him banging pots and pans while it happens. Jason mentioned that they are not allowed to bait someone. Upstairs, Mark and Elena talked things over. Mark explained that he was bullied as a kid and he couldn’t handle just sitting their taking it from Josh any longer. Elena said she probably would have lost her mind too. However, she said Mark shouldn’t have said anything to begin with. Elena said she will look crazy if she keeps defending Mark. Elena told Mark that her association with him could interfere with her time left in the game. Elena said she is in an awkward position since she has some feelings for him but their association is bad for her game. Elena asked if Mark realizes that what he did today is not okay. Mark said he knows it wasn’t okay. Mark said the last thing he wants to do is hurt Elena’s game. Mark said he will understand whatever Elena decides to do when it comes to the game. He asked that she give him a chance to show her the type of guy he is outside of the house. Elena agreed. While they were speaking, Christmas and Jessica spoke in the bedroom. Jessica wondered why she spent two weeks looking to repair relationships only to have everyone tell Paul to put her up. Christmas said people weren’t expecting Cody to return. She said Jessica showed a whole new side while he was gone. Christmas explained that Jessica was put up in order to see what her temptation was. While they were talking, Cody entered the room without saying a word. He grabbed his belongings and moved them to the have-not room. Christmas and Jessica agreed that Jessica does not deserve to be treated like that. Jessica revealed the temptation to Christmas. She told her that Cody will be there for two more weeks because of it. She said no one is going home this week, then Paul cannot compete next week. Christmas floated the idea out there of not using the temptation and letting Cody go. Jessica he is the only person she can count on not to come after her. Christmas said she can change that. She told Jessica that keeping Cody only ensures that nobody will trust Jessica. Upstairs, Paul spoke to Mark about how Cody drew a line in the sand with his actions tonight. Paul said Cody is going to leave under his HoH reign again. Paul told Mark not to put himself on the bad side of the numbers just because he thinks Cody is a cool guy. Paul told Mark to use his week of safety to get himself out of the position that he is in. In the have-not room, Cody told Elena that he is the most detrimental aspect to Jessica’s game. Elena said Jessica doesn’t want to be there without him. Cody said Elena and Jessica would be stronger without he and Mark. Cody said Elena and Jessica can save themselves but the guys cannot.

10:00-11:00 PM: Mark attempted to smooth things over with Josh. Josh said Mark involved himself in an argument that had nothing to do with him. Mark agreed. Mark said Josh broke him. Josh said he will continue to crawl under Mark’s skin until Mark leaves. Mark then went around to the other houseguests in order to apologize for his actions. He said he doesn’t want them to feel uncomfortable. Jessica told Elena that people are trying to convince her not to use the Hex. She explained what the Hex is. Jessica questioned why she would want to take someone out who is never coming after her. Elena let Jessica know that Cody is saying he wants to go home because he is bad for their games. Jessica said Cody has not spoken one word to her. She called his behaviour in the HoH room disgusting. Jessica said she is torn over what to do. Jessica mentioned that Matt and Raven have floated by the entire game. She added that Raven likes attention and has a different accent and voice every 10 minutes. Jessica said she has to have a conversation with Cody but she would prefer that he approach her. In the other bedroom, Mark apologized to Josh for charging at him, for throwing the drink in his face, for laughing at him and so on. Mark admitted that he was wrong. Mark said he lost his cool and he was trying to take the pans. Josh said okay. Mark said he wont tell Josh to stop. Josh said he wont stop. In the have-not room, Cody apologized to Jessica. She told him his reaction was too much and she has certain standards that those she associates with have to meet due to her job. She said she doesn’t want to be dating a hot head who she has to worry about getting into fights. Cody said he ruined her game, and he regrets if he ruined anything outside of the house. Jessica said she needs someone to balance her out when she is mad. Cody said he doesn’t think he is capable of that. Cody said he doesn’t feel like he will be able to say the right things right now. Jessica said she didn’t take him for a quitter but apparently she was wrong. Jessica said Cody didn’t even try to make things better. Cody said he will do whatever he needs to do. He said he wants her to be happy and he doesn’t want to ruin her game. Jessica said she doesn’t know what to do. She asked if Cody acts like this in the real world. He admitted that he does at times. When the conversation continue to go nowhere, Jessica told Cody that she will be around if he wants to talk. She then left the room.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody told Mark he is going to try to win the veto, use it on Jessica, and then make sure she doesn’t use the safety. He said he will be mean to Jessica if that’s what it takes to ensure that she doesn’t use it. Cody said they can repair things after the show if it’s meant to be, but she has set out some standards that he cannot meet. In the storage room, Paul spoke to Jessica. While everything was taking place, he spoke to his allies about attempting to get her not to use the temptation so that they can still send Cody home. Paul told Jessica that people have empathy for her. Paul said Jessica’s social game is strong but Cody’s is so bad. Paul told Jessica to jump on the train and get on board with the numbers. He said the only reason she is on the outs is due to Cody. At the end of the conversation, Jessica said she has some thinking to do. Jessica went to Cody to ask if he wants to stay. He said he doesn’t want to ruin her game. Jessica asked why she would help the others by send him home when he is going after them. Cody said it would be helping her own game. They discussed their relationship for a while before Jessica asked Cody if he is quitting. Cody said he is trying to jump on grenade for her. Jessica said she doesn’t need that. Jessica said she wouldn’t be able to not use the Hex on him, unless he is wanting to go home for his own reasons. Cody said the reason he wants to go is for her sake, not his.

12:00-1:00 AM: The houseguests were played a BB Storm Watch clip for tomorrow’s veto competition. Afterwards, Cody and Jessica headed to bed. The rest of the houseguests studied up in the HoH room. In the bedroom, Cody said he wants Jessica to be happy. Jessica told him to try. Cody said he doesn’t think he can make it happen. Jessica asked what he wants her to do with that information. Cody told her to find somebody better for her if that’s what it takes to make her happy. Cody said if he can’t do it now, he wont ever be able to. Jessica said he has kept her happy up until this point. Cody said this is not just a speed bump, as this is what happens in his life. Jessica said she is not happy with him throwing in the towel. Cody said Jessica will never be satisfied with him. Jessica said she has only been unsatisfied this one time in the 38 days that they have known each other. Cody said he will never be unhappy with her. Jessica said she is lying in bed next to him because she is holding on to something that he is telling her will never work.

1:00-2:00 AM: Jessica told Cody that people are trying to get her not to use the Hex. Cody wanted names. Jessica didn’t want to give names. She eventually said she has spoken to Christmas, Elena and Paul, but those people were speaking on behalf of the house. Jessica assured Cody that she will use the Hex in this situation. Up in the HoH room, Elena told Paul that Cody is saying he wants to leave since he is hurting Jessica’s game. Elena said Jessica is really pissed about how Cody behaved in the HoH room earlier. Paul said they have to convince her that the better move is to let Cody go. Elena told Paul about her conversation with Mark. Elena said she is putting all of her trust in Paul.

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