Big Brother 19 Day 39 - Paul wins the Power of Veto

July 29, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: This week’s have-nots were selected. Paul chose Alex, Christmas and Elena to be the have-nots. He chose them since they had not yet been on slop. Mark is still a have-not due to last week’s have-not temptation. Up in the HoH room, Jason and Paul discussed that Cody and Jessica didn’t even try to study for the veto competition. Jason said they probably have it worked out where Jessica is not going to use the Hex, letting Cody go for the betterment of her own game. Paul told Jason he will use the veto on him if he wins it. He wants Jason to make it clear in his speech that Cody is the target and he will be a vote to get him out. They are holding out hope that Jessica can be convinced not to use the temptation. Jason said he doesn’t get why Cody wouldn’t want to just say to vote him out, seeing as everyone hates him. Players were picked for the veto competition. The veto players are Paul, Cody, Jessica, Jason, Kevin and Raven. Christmas is the host. Josh let Mark know he will not be messing with him anymore as long as Mark doesn’t come at him. Josh said he knows it is bothering Mark. He added that provoking Mark to a point where he will want to knock him out is a coward move. Mark said he appreciates that. The two shook hands.

11:00-12:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Elena helped Jason, Kevin, Paul and Raven study. Raven commented on how she slept through the last three messages, so she does not know those. Paul told Kevin to do well but get a few wrong. He said Kevin can win if he wants to. Kevin said he will let Jason and Paul have it. Paul said he will use the veto on Jason. Paul told Jason that if he shows disdain to Cody in his veto speech, he should be empathetic to Jessica as well so that she feels comfortable. Elena said Jessica will take personal offense to it if too much disdain towards Cody is expressed. Alex said Cody and Jessica may not have a three week temptation, then they are going to look like idiots on TV. Elena asked if she means that they send Cody home and then they continue to not target Jessica because they assume she has this safety. Jason said surely they will make her clarify. Alex and Elena said that will only happen if she uses it. Elena said if Jessica is not anyone’s target next week like they are claiming, it wont matter next week which his when it should expire. Kevin said Jessica told her the temptation expires after four weeks, as she said “it is one week longer than Paul’s”. Jason said they would never give her four weeks. Elena said she can only use it once in the four weeks.

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul told Elena and Mark he is going to get clarification on Jessica’s temptation in the diary room. He explained that Jessica is not allowed to lie about it, so you are able to go in there and ask specific questions about conversations you have had with her about the temptation. Elena asked if she can go ask as well. Paul said yes. Later, Elena asked Mark what his thoughts on Jessica and Cody are. Mark said he told Cody he loves him and can’t wait to talk to him after the show. However, he said he let Cody know that he needs to stay away for now since he gets associated with him. As for their relationship, Elena told Mark that if she acts a particular way around him in front of people, it’s because people need to perceive separation. Elena asked if Mark understands. He said he has go it. He then rolled over in the bed, turning away from her. Mark started crying. Elena told him this isn’t easy for her either. Elena asked if he is crying about her. Mark confirmed that he was. Elena then spoke to Cody. She said she is not trying to hurt Mark, though he seems to be a bit hurt. Cody said Mark is a passionate guy. Cody explained that he tried to change who he was and do whatever Jessica wanted this past week, which led to him being the most miserable he has been. Cody said he and Jessica are now in the worst position they have been with each other. Cody and Elena discussed that there is no middle ground that can be played, as you either have to go with personal feelings or play the game. Elena said it hurts her to see Mark upset, but she knows they can explore things after the show if he is genuinely interested in her. Elena said she is not necessarily breaking up with Mark even though she is distancing herself a bit. Cody mentioned that Jessica will not let him sacrifice himself for her. Elena asked if she is going to use the Hex. Cody said he imagines so. Cody said Jessica will not let him jump on the grenade. Cody admitted he considered being mean to Jessica in attempt to get her to let him go, but he doesn’t know if she would buy it. Elena discussed that there are a couple of ways she can deal with her situation with Mark as well. She said she is stuck between a rock and a hard place and does not know what to do. Meanwhile, Paul told Alex and Christmas he thinks that the seeds they planted with Mark and Elena are working. Christmas asked how Paul feels about those two. Paul said he feels good that they will help execute the plan this week. As for next week, he said he will have no sympathy. Christmas pointed out that Elena has a very good social game. Paul said he is not a fool to it, so don’t worry.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paul told Alex and Christmas he thinks that only one person gets to use the temptation. Paul suggested that Cody will for sure go if they don’t evict Jessica. Alex said Jessica could be bluffing and they could evict her. Paul said he was thinking that too, but the temptation might activate if they evict her. Christmas said Cody can be protected if all of the nominations are null. Matt and Paul said that’s not what the temptation is. Elena reported back to the HoH room to let them know about her conversation with Cody. She said he wants to sacrifice his game but he doesn’t think Jessica will let him. The group discussed ways in which they could possibly get Jessica to realize that she has to let Cody go. Meanwhile, Jessica told Cody she cannot distance herself from him. Cody said what bummed him out the most about yesterday is he wants her to always have his back. Jessica said it hurt her feelings that they went through everything they did and then they were headed right back in that direction again. Jessica said Cody had every right to be upset but she doesn’t feel that the degree to which he got upset was justified. Despite everything, Jessica said she would never have any kind of hand in his eviction. Jessica let Cody know that she is still standing by him. She said he makes her more happy than angry. Cody said he will make Jessica $500,000 outside of the house since she is giving that up for him. Jessica said she doesn’t want to be separated before jury. Cody said he hoped that people would be sympathetic to it, but he knows he will be leaving next week if they don’t win HoH. Jessica added that he could win safety and then she would go. She said she is fine with that and she does not want anything to be handed to her. In the bathroom, Jessica told Kevin she didn’t study and neither did Cody. She said they wont win the veto, so everyone stayed up studying for nothing. Kevin asked if she is going to do her thing on Thursday. Jessica said she hasn’t decided yet, because part of Cody wants to stay and part of him wants to go. Kevin said he told Cody to be ready since they are going to hunt him down every time and make things miserable for Jessica. Jessica said it has been five weeks and they are still standing. She told Kevin she likes going down with a fight. Kevin asked if the power is gone if she uses it. Jessica confirmed that it is. Kevin asked what happens if Jessica needs it for herself. She said it’s only good for this week and next. Jessica said she feels as though people should take out Cody themselves if they want him to go.

2:00-3:00 PM: The houseguests continue to be skeptical about the power Jessica is claiming to have. They aren’t convinced that both Cody and Jessica will be safe. Even if Cody can be saved, they want to convince Jessica that it’s best for her to let him go. Paul told Alex, Jason, Josh and Kevin that Matt said Jessica is going to become the target ahead of Cody if she uses the Hex. Matt was irritated that Cody would then have received three shots at making it to jury. Paul headed upstairs to tell Mark and Elena that they will have to tell Jessica people are going after her, not Cody, if she uses the Hex. Paul expects Cody would then convince Jessica not to use it. Paul told Elena that Kevin said Jessica is trying to convince Cody to stay, so she is doing a terrible job convincing Jessica to let him go. Elena said Jessica has been sleeping all day but she will talk to her.

7:00-8:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Paul won the Power of Veto. The unofficial scores were Paul 22, Kevin 16, Raven 16, Cody 15, Jason 15, Jessica 12. The houseguests wondered how Cody did so well when he didn’t study. They said there is no way you could get 15 correct by guessing. Paul told Matt he is waiting for a comment from Cody and Jessica saying that he will look so dumb for doing all of this work for nothing. Paul headed downstairs to speak to Mark and Elena. Paul asked for their feel on Cody and Jessica. Mark said Cody’s whole mindset has changed since yesterday, as he and Jessica are now doing better. Paul said Jessica will be preventing nine people from getting to jury in order to save one that nobody likes if she uses the Hex. Paul said he is not the one who people will be pissed at if the Hex is used, so he doesn’t care what Jessica does. Paul said he will play in the safety competition if they win HoH.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul spoke to Alex and Christmas about the talk he is going to have with Jessica. Christmas wants to know if the people who are on the block are allowed to play for HoH if the Hex is used. Paul said Jessica is claiming that they can. Paul said he will tell Jessica that Cody’s social game sucks, so they will target her first if she uses the Hex. He said Jessica will be giving up her jury spot if she decides to go that route. Christmas said Jessica is willing to gamble and hope that she or Cody win HoH. Paul said he will make it clear that it’s not a wise decision to do that. Alex and Christmas brought up that they could say they will drag Cody along deep into the game to keep Jessica apart from him. Paul talked about sending Jessica out before jury and then making Cody the first member of the jury. Meanwhile, Elena spoke to Mark about distancing herself from him for game purposes. She said she may end up resenting him a little bit if she destroys what is left of her game remaining attached to him in what is perceived to be a romantic way. Elena said they have only known each other for 40 days, so she hasn’t even decided how she feels. Mark asked if she thinks that him giving her space is better for her game. Elena asked if he is not seeing this the way she is. Mark said he will give her space if that’s what she wants. Mark said he doesn’t want to hurt her game but he also doesn’t want to lose any ally as close as her. Elena said Mark can use this opportunity to get closer to other people in the house. Mark asked if Elena sees the strength in the group with Jessica and Cody. Elena said no. Mark then asked if she trusts the other side. Elena said she trusts Paul and still has enough trust in some others. Mark wished Elena the best of luck. She told him that’s cold and not to say that. Elena said that just because they are not a showmance, it doesn’t mean they wont have each other’s backs. Mark said he will always have her back. Elena said the same to Mark. After that talk wrapped up, Mark headed up to the HoH room to ask Paul for advice. Paul suggested that he lay low and use this time to fix his game. Paul discussed that other people making themselves targets all the time, so Mark should try not to stick out or do anything. Mark thanked Paul for talking to him. He said Paul is the only one who he feels like he can talk to on a real level.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kevin told Paul that Alex said Raven wants Paul, Alex, Jason and Matt to be in the Final 5 with her. Paul said Raven told her that Alex was the one who said that, meaning that Raven is likely lying. Paul told Kevin it’s way too early to be making those types of deals anyway. Kevin asked what they are going to do with Cody. Paul said they are going to get him out. He said Jessica is the next target if she uses the Hex. Paul said he plans to make Cody miserable after the childish behaviour that he displayed yesterday. Paul said he will make Cody crack. Kevin said there will not be an eviction if Jessica uses the Hex. Paul said he will wait for answers about the temptation, because that makes no sense. Paul told Kevin he will be sending Cody home this week. Kevin mentioned that Jessica will likely do better without Cody. He noted that she was blooming while alone in the house without Cody the first time. Kevin asked Paul if he is going to take Jason off the block. Paul said he is, plus Jason is going to make a backhanded speech towards Cody.

10:00-11:00 PM: Elena went to the diary room to request the key for the have-not temptation. She ended up choosing the purple box. It was the wrong one. Elena will now be a have-not for two weeks. Matt and Raven chatted up in the HoH room. Matt said he prays to God that, after the conversations they have had, Mark and Elena would have the common sense to nominate Cody and Jessica. Matt said he doesn’t think Elena is willing to win an HoH at this point. Raven talked about having a conversation with Mark and getting him to say that he would not put them up. She wants to use that if he ever tries to do it. Matt said even if Raven is put up at this point, it wont be to target her. He said it will be done to get he or Paul out. Raven agreed. Raven said Mark doesn’t seem to like Alex or Jason, so those may be his nominees. Matt added that he doesn’t like Christmas either.

11:00-12:00 AM: Matt told Raven he doesn’t think that Cody and Jessica will put them up even if they win HoH. Matt expects they would nominate some combination of Christmas, Josh and Paul. Matt said the game will really open up for them if Cody leaves this week, given that a massive hurdle would be cleared. Raven brought up that Elena is saying they promised to keep Jessica safe if Cody leaves, so they have to stick to that. Matt said nobody agreed to that. Matt told Raven he is willing to make that deal if that’s what it takes to get Jessica not to use the Hex, but he would have no problem nominating her anyway. Raven suggested that Elena is playing both sides. She thinks Elena is leaning towards Paul right now, but that could change once Cody leaves. Matt talked about Alex being fantastic. He said his feelings for her have really changed. Matt said she is vicious and has no chill. Matt told Raven he would have no problem taking Alex to the Final 5, as she is exactly the type of player he wants on his team.

12:00-1:00 AM: After coming out of the diary room, Paul told Mark and Elena that he got one question answered. He said nobody in this game is guaranteed safety for the next three weeks. Paul said he has the answers to three or four more questions coming tomorrow. Paul said it’s a lie that Jessica’s temptation gives her and Cody safety for 3-4 weeks as she claimed on Thursday night. Elena wondered why they didn’t try to win the veto. Paul said he doesn’t care what they are up to. Paul said certain people don’t deserve to be in the game any longer. Mark said the temptation might have something to do with the votes. Paul agreed. Mark asked how Jessica got away with saying she and Cody are safe if she cannot lie about the temptation. Paul said that’s why Jessica and Cody started saying they can’t talk about it. Mark brought up that Jessica might have something she can use after the vote. Paul said nobody is guaranteed safety. Mark said that might be because Jessica can use it on anybody. Paul stressed that nobody is guaranteed safety. Paul said someone would be guaranteed safety if Jessica had a safety temptation. Elena said there could be a loophole in that nobody is guaranteed safety unless she uses it. However, Elena said she doesn’t know why Paul would be thrown off.

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