Big Brother 19 Day 40

July 30, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Paul told Jason and Kevin he is thinking about using the veto on Jessica in order to put Elena up in her place. Paul believes the Hex can only save Jessica plus one, so he thinks she would then be forced to choose between saving Cody and saving Elena. They discussed which votes Jason would be confident in. He said Alex, Josh and Kevin. Paul asked what he thinks about Matt and Raven. Jason said he isn’t sure. Paul said he can get them in there. Kevin thinks they would do whatever Paul wants. Kevin said it’s a good idea but Jason needs to feel safe with it.

11:00-12:00 PM: Paul pulled Matt aside to fill him in on the plan. Paul said if Jessica saves Cody, her next closest ally goes home. If she saves Elena, Cody goes home. Paul asked if Matt would ever vote Jason out. Matt said he would not under any circumstance. He added that he wants to go to the Final 5 with him. Paul said Mark will hate Cody and Jessica if Jessica chooses to keep Cody and send Elena home, since the whole house is voting Elena out if Cody is saved. After hearing that Matt and Raven are on board, Jason let Paul know that he is on board with the plan. Paul then had a chat with Jessica. He said nobody sees her as a target and nobody dislikes her. Paul explained that people get to Cody through her. Paul asked if Jessica is safe and she can choose to protect one person. Jessica explained that she can take everyone off of the block and nobody will go home. She said there are no replacement nominees and they will just go outside and compete for HoH. Paul asked if she has to be on the block to use the Hex. Jessica said no. Paul said they are only a week away from jury and her using the Hex would prevent nine people from getting there. Jessica said nobody but Cody keeps her safe, and she doesn’t care what anyone says. Jessica told Paul people are going to have to take Cody out on their own, cause she will not have a hand in it. Jessica said the others are to blame for her using the Hex, since she had no one she can trust and she was put on the block anyway once Cody left. Paul told Jessica she will become the target ahead of Cody if Cody stays. Jessica said she came to play a game, and so be it. Jessica told Paul she wants to make it to jury with Cody and she will do what she can to make that happen. Jessica said there is no deal she would feel safe taking. Paul told Jessica she doesn’t need Cody. He argued that she is saving him and he is dragging her down. Paul asked Jessica if she has thought about the fact that she might not make jury if she uses the Hex. Jessica said of course she has. Paul then revealed that early on Cody told Matt he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the game in order to take Jessica and Raven out. Jessica said she would want some things in exchange for not using the Hex. She said she doesn’t want to go on the block for at least two weeks. On top of that, she wants whoever wins HoH to take Alex out. Paul said he can guarantee that she wont go on the block but he can’t guarantee the second part. Jessica said if they want Cody out that bad, then she wants Alex out that bad. Jessica told Paul that if there is any issue with that, she will use the Hex and go after Alex with two people instead of one. Paul told Jessica she can make the house happy by letting Cody go. Jessica said she is tired of making the house happy when the house has never made her happy. Jessica said it doesn’t sit well with her to have a group of people saying they will target her if she doesn’t do something. Paul said this attitude is not how you play Big Brother. Jessica told Paul she is not going to be bullied into doing something. Jessica said the only people she wouldn’t expect to go after Alex would be Jason, Josh and Kevin. Jessica told Paul he can get back to her. She said she has to talk to Cody about what Paul said. Paul suggested that she confirm with Matt first. Jessica then went to Matt to ask what Cody said to him in the beginning of the game. Matt said he doesn’t want to go there. Matt explained that it is not relevant at this point since they are now five weeks into the game. Matt said he doesn’t think it is important anymore. Jessica spoke to Cody to ask if her mom is going to love him or hate him after this. Cody said he doesn’t know. He asked what people are telling her. Jessica said she gained so much respect for Matt today. Jessica asked Cody if there anything he said to Matt early on that she should know about. Jessica told Cody that Matt said this conversation was five weeks ago and it doesn’t matter now since Cody feels differently about her. Jessica asked if Cody’s allegiance to Alex and Jason was so they would take her and Raven out. Cody said he never had an alliance with them to take Jessica out. Jessica asked why he wanted to keep Alex and Jason in the game then. Cody explained that all he wanted to do was flip the house on Paul.

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul made his rounds, telling everyone about the deal Jessica is offering in exchange for not using the Hex. Paul told everyone but Mark and Elena that they will go back on the deal afterwards. He played it off to those two as if they would follow through on it. Everyone agreed to get on board. Cody told Jessica he was with Matt and Mark at the start, then Mark said Dominique was levelheaded so they brought her in too. He reiterated that at no point did he tell Alex and Jason to do anything other than keep the couples and Dominique safe. Cody said it’s blowing his mind that she is questioning his loyalty when that’s all he has had in this game. Jessica said she is not questioning his loyalty now. She brought up the early weeks. Cody suggested that they are twisting things. Jessica said it says a lot about who is willing to go there and who isn’t. Paul pulled Alex up to the HoH room. He said Jessica is a lot stupider than he thought. Paul said he pretty much bullied her into a corner, then Jessica offered not to use the Hex in exchange for two weeks of safety and for the house to target Alex. Paul then went to Jessica to let her know that the can make what she wants happen. He said Matt and Raven told him that Alex was pretty much their next target anyway, and Mark, Elena and Christmas are also on board. Paul said he can get everyone in a room to confirm. Jessica asked Paul to give her some time. Jessica went to Cody to ask for his thoughts. Mark said his association with Cody is causing Elena to distance herself, plus it’s impacting how others perceive him. Mark assured Jessica that she will never be his target regardless of what happens. They discussed that Cody will be a target in front of them if he stays. Mark said that in a perfect world, Jessica uses the Hex and one of the three of them wins HoH. Mark said he will deny saying that if Jessica brings it up. Jessica asked Mark about the comment that Cody allegedly made. Mark said guys talk and it’s a game. However, he said that was Week 1 and it would be crazy to use that against Cody. Mark assured Jessica that he will keep her safe like a little sister. Jessica then went to Cody to let him know that Mark had his back and said the same thing that Matt said. When Jessica called Cody babe, he told her there is no babe stuff. Cody told Jessica to find somebody else to distrust. Cody let Jessica know that she lost him since he doesn’t need anybody questioning him. He said the people closest to him never question his loyalty. Jessica said Cody is overreacting. He said he doesn’t care how she thinks he is acting or what her standards are. Cody left to go work out in the backyard. After he left the room, Jessica said she didn’t sign up to be a babysitter.

1:00-2:00 PM: Paul told Christmas, Matt and Raven that Alex knows the plan. He said Mark and Elena believe that it’s real. Paul said they will put Alex up as a pawn, then put Mark up next to her. He said they will convince Elena, Jessica and Mark that Mark is the pawn. Paul said they will then keep Alex, blindsiding them again. Paul then spoke to Alex again, telling her that Mark and Elena are convinced that the plan is real. Paul said it’s best that Alex doesn’t win HoH, because they need to use her as a pawn next to someone like Mark. Afterwards, Jason asked Alex if Cody is really going home. Alex said hopefully, but she honestly would rather Jessica use the Hex now. Jason said he told Paul the same thing. Jason asked if Paul is lying in bed with the other side. Alex said no. Jason said he would like to see Elena go this week since she is the one telling Jessica to target Alex.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jessica asked Paul if he spoke to everyone. Paul said Josh, Jason, Alex and Kevin have no idea. He said the others know the stipulations that Jessica made in order for her not to use the Hex. Paul told Jessica that Christmas, Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena are on board. Jessica asked Paul to get everyone in a room if he sees an opportunity to do so. Paul said he can’t make it obvious. Paul told Jessica her social game is great and people like her. Paul said he would rather work with Jessica than against her. He pointed out that this secures them in jury. Paul said he genuinely thinks it is better for Jessica’s game not to have Cody around. Paul told Jessica she did all of this for something, so don’t throw it away for nothing or for something that will still be there waiting for her after the show. They again agreed that they will get everyone in a room at some point. Paul asked if Jessica is fine with him using the veto on Jason. She said yes. After Jessica left the room, Paul danced around and said he cannot believe it. Jessica headed to the bedroom to ask Cody why he is hiding in there. He said he is just chilling. She asked if he wants to talk. Cody said no. Jessica said she is sorry if she let him down. Cody said she doesn’t have to be sorry for anything. Jessica said she is also sorry if he felt unsupported at any time. Cody said she has been nothing but loyal to him, and he thinks she is amazing. Jessica said she hopes Cody has some time to clam down and that he will come back around. Cody said he wants out. He told Jessica not to use the Hex. Jessica asked what about them. Cody said they will figure it out after the show. Paul rounded up Christmas, Elena, Mark, Matt and Raven to meet up in the HoH room with Jessica. Jessica said if she is going to avoid using the Hex in order to let them vote Cody out, she wants Alex out. She also said she wants two weeks of safety. Everyone agreed. Jessica reminded everyone that Cody went to war and was overseas with people who he trusted with his life, then he came into this game where people lie and stab others in the back. She asked that people keep that in mind because she does not want him to be portrayed in a negative way. Jessica said she is not excusing how Cody has gotten into people’s faces, but she wants them to consider what he has been through when discussing him. They agreed. Paul said that’s even more reason why he thinks this environment isn’t good for Cody. He said it will only get worse as the game goes on.

3:00-4:00 PM: Jessica went to check on Cody. He said he thinks that maybe his standards are too high and that’s why there are very few people close to him. Cody mentioned that the damage might be done. He told her that she will be fine without him. Cody said Jessica doesn’t need him. She replied by saying he doesn’t need her but they are making a choice to be together. Cody said right. Jessica then asked if he doesn’t want to be with her anymore. He didn’t reply. Jessica said Cody shouldn’t have to think about it. Cody agreed. Jessica asked if it’s over, since she is still standing there and it’s up to him to decide if he wants to walk away. Cody said he would have already walked away if he could have, but they are stuck in the house together. Cody explained that his feelings have not gone away. He said he still loves her but he is done with proving himself and changing himself. Cody said he doesn’t need the people in his life that are closest to him to be questioning him. Jessica asked if he understands why she asked. Cody said no. When Jessica asked if she can explain, he said there is no explaining to be had. Jessica somewhat explained anyway, telling him it was more about her than about him. She said she feels like he did the other night when they argued and he thought there was nothing he could say that was the right thing to say. Jessica said she is still there trying because she wants to know that she tried everything if things don’t work out between them. The two started making out not long after, then the feeds switched to another room.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody and Jessica continued to talk through their issues. At one point, Cody asked if she wants to use the Hex and try to win the next HoH. Jessica laughed and told Cody he is literally bipolar. Jessica said she just asked the diary room a question and she is waiting for them to get back to her. She said if people are so concerned about making it to jury, Paul can use the veto on Cody in order to put Alex up, then someone leaves this week. However, she wants to know if she can use the Hex after the votes are revealed, so she can use it if she is the one to be evicted in that scenario. Cody said they wont let that happen. Jessica said she was told that they will ask and get back to her. Jessica eventually got called to the DR. When she returned, she told Cody that she cannot use the Hex after the votes. She said it would have been idea cause it would have put them in jury. Jessica told Cody that Paul was planning on nominating Alex and evicting her. Cody told Jessica not to believe anything that Paul says. Jessica said she is assuming Alex will go on the block if Paul uses the veto. Jessica said that will be satisfying for her even though no one is going home, since it will create tension between Alex and Paul. She also wants Alex to have to worry while on the block for a few days.

6:00-7:00 PM: Cody told Jessica that Kevin was doing his best to get information from him as to whether or not Jessica is going to use the Hex. Cody said Kevin told him that Paul sent him out into the yard to eavesdrop on them, but he said he isn’t going to do it. Jessica said Paul is definitely worried since he got up immediately this morning and he tried to speak to her right away as well. Jessica brought up what Cody said about keeping Alex and Jason to take her and Raven out. She thinks Paul expected a different reaction when she asked Matt and Mark about what happened. When Cody heard they said it was something from Week 1 that didn’t matter, Cody laughed and said so many things were said in that first week. Cody told her it might have been said but the only deal he made with Alex and Jason was to keep them safe.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jessica told Paul she doesn’t feel comfortable with being on the block on Thursday since people may try to vote her out for having a power. Paul said she will be safe anyway. Jessica explained that it has to be used before the vote. Paul said nobody thinks that, so no one is not going to vote Cody out. Jessica said Paul could use the veto on her, then she doesn’t have to use the Hex. Paul said that will lead to people asking questions. Paul asked if she would feel comfortable if he didn’t use it at all. Jessica said no. Paul said he wants Cody out of the game. Jessica said a lot of things she has been promised have fallen through. Paul talked about how his veto speech will make it clear that Cody is the target. Jessica said she might get defensive if Paul’s veto speech attacks Cody. Paul said he wont say anything negative except for one comment that Cody made towards him, which he will do to make TV. Jessica said people should take into consideration the stress that Cody has went through in his life. She asked Paul to be a little sympathetic. Paul said he wont say anything about Cody in his speech. Jessica let Paul know that she will use the Hex if she feels that she is in danger on Thursday. Paul guaranteed that she will not feel that way. He said he will not tell anyone that the Hex has to be used before the vote. In the bathroom, Jessica told Mark she doesn’t know what to do. Mark said he has her back either way. Jessica said she is not going to be safe no matter what people say, since she is going to play a big game and be out for blood. Jessica said Paul is freaking out since he wants Cody out of the game. Jessica said she doesn’t want to give Cody that satisfaction. She pointed out that they have their own rivalry, Cody is her boyfriend, and she wants no part in that. Jessica said the biggest thing will be whether or not Cody wants to stay. She said she needs him to be able to handle it if he stays. Mark said as a person he hopes that she uses the temptation. As a player, Mark said it would be fun. Jessica said she would be more okay with not using the Hex if anyone other than Paul was HoH. She said Cody is her boyfriend and she will have his back no matter what. Mark said he loves the way she is playing the game since she stands by Cody, unlike Elena who distances herself from him. Jessica asked for Mark’s word that he will not come after them if she uses the Hex and he wins HoH. Mark said they will not go up as the target or as a pawn. However, Mark plans to tell people he will nominate them. Jessica said she will not keep Cody in the game if his mind is not right, even though she would selfishly like to go balls to the wall.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark spoke to Cody and Jessica about people being scared to go against the house. Mark said it’s pathetic. He talked about how he didn’t say a word to Dominique after she threw Elena under the bus, yet Josh is throwing him under the bus and Elena is all buddy buddy with him. Mark told Cody and Jessica his chances will be a lot stronger if the two of them both stay in the house. Cody and Jessica then spoke alone. Cody said his feelings are still the same for Jessica, but it crushed him that he hadn’t earned her trust yet. He said a relationship doesn’t exist if there isn’t 100% trust on both sides. Jessica explained it wasn’t about not trusting him. She thought that Cody saying he needs Alex and Jason to take her out contributed to a storyline that she is jealous of Alex, which is something Cody apparently believes was being portrayed based on his interviews. Jessica let Cody know she had a talk with Paul about how he better not go off on him in his veto speech. Jessica said Paul shook her hand that he wont say anything about Cody.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh asked Elena if she and Mark are good. Elena said they are fine but they are not a thing. Josh asked why they are not a thing. Elena said they were not 100% on the same page, which led to her suggesting that there be more of a distance between them. Josh said poor Mark. Elena said Mark is fine. She added that if Mark is genuinely interested in her, they can pursue it outside of the house. Elena said it’s not easy to explore a relationship in this environment. Elena said Mark really really likes her. Josh asked if Elena is not on that level. Elena said she is not. Josh said he wont be disrespectful to Mark and make jokes about Elena anymore. Josh told Elena to give it time and they will be fine. Elena said or they wont. Josh told her they will be friends if not. Elena agreed.

10:00-11:00 PM: Josh went to Kevin to tell him he has some news for him. He said Mark and Elena aren’t together anymore. Kevin said he is going to ask about it. Josh told him not to. Kevin asked if he can ask how come he doesn’t see Elena hugging Mark anymore. Josh said he can do that but he doesn’t want him to do it right now. About 15 minutes later, Kevin was in the bathroom with Elena, Josh and Christmas. Kevin asked Elena why she isn’t sleeping in the same bed with Mark in the have-not room. Elena said the beds are pretty small. Kevin mentioned he beat Josh in pool. Josh told Kevin he is embarrassing him in front of his crush. Kevin asked which girl it is today. Josh said it has been Elena from the moment he saw her. Josh later talked about taking the rest of Elena’s two weeks of slop to show his love for her. They stood outside of the diary room, attempting to get in. Josh said Elena wants nothing to do with him but he doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants out of life. Josh looked to the camera and said he wants to show Elena the man that he is, plus show her that he is better than Mark. The diary room opened and both Josh and Elena went in. Mark got out of bed and joined Cody and Jessica in the hammock. Mark said he was trying to fall asleep but he heard Josh and Elena running around and giggling. Mark said he thinks they went in the diary room in attempt to get Josh to take Elena’s slop for her. Jessica said Elena is genius if she pulls that off. Mark said it doesn’t make him feel any better.

11:00-12:00 PM: Alex, Jason and Kevin talked things over in the APSR. Kevin said they have got each other and Paul will also stick by them. Kevin said to let Paul do his little Napoleon and run his game. Kevin told Alex and Jason they have got the three of them, Paul, Josh and Christmas. Kevin mentioned that they should put Raven up and send her out. He said Jessica can go at any time. Kevin brought up that even if Cody does stay this week, he is not going to nominate any of them. Kevin said Cody hates so many other people. Alex threw Paul’s name out there again. She said they are not going to win the game without him. Kevin and Jason agreed that Paul has their backs. Elena and Josh returned from the diary room. Elena said Josh made an official request and Big Brother is looking into it since it has never been done before. Out in the hammock, Mark spoke to Cody and Jessica about how Elena’s plan to distance herself from him doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t think anyone is going to buy it after 40 days. Cody said he thought they were closer than Matt and Raven, and nobody can separate those two. Mark said he doesn’t understand where this is coming from. Cody said he is sure it’s a direction from Paul. Cody and Mark spoke alone. Mark asked Cody if he wants to stay. Cody said he does now. However, he said he has nothing if he doesn’t have Jessica in this game. Mark said he feels the same about Elena. Mark told Cody he wants them to win HoH so bad. Cody said he doesn’t want Mark to ever do what the house tells him to do. Mark talked about how the things he has done in this game have been for Elena, such as not speaking to Dominique. Cody said it would be funny to nominate Matt and Raven if he wins HoH. Mark said he needs Josh out. Cody said he would love to take him out. Mark said it’s a bit of a wasted HoH based on how poorly Josh performs in competitions.

12:00-1:00 AM: Elena and Jessica discussed the Hex. Elena said everybody’s main concern is that they want Cody to leave, plus they don’t want their jury spot put in jeopardy. Elena said it’s in Jessica’s best interest game wise not to use the Hex. Elena told Jessica that people will be less receptive to bringing her back in because she risked their jury spots. Jessica said she didn’t come into the game wanting to do what the house wants. Jessica told Elena she is there to play the game, make big moves, and make a name for herself in this game. Jessica thinks people on the outside will respect that even if the houseguests do not. Jessica started talking about there being one person in the house who wants to control everything and have it done their way. Jessica reminded Elena that they didn’t come there to play anybody’s game but their own. Jessica said she doesn’t respond well to people telling her what to do. Elena said Jessica will be the target ahead of Cody if she uses the Hex. Jessica said that’s fine since getting evicted doesn’t scare her. Jessica added that America gave her the Hex to use it. Jessica continued to talk about Paul, saying he is playing a very psychological mind game. Jessica referenced their talk this morning as evidence that Paul is willing to say anything. Jessica said Paul is playing a masterful game and he is the biggest thing between them and the grand prize. Jessica suggested that the entire game would change if someone pulled the trigger on Paul.

1:00-2:00 AM: Jessica told Elena that every person in the house should see Paul as their biggest threat. They both agreed that Paul will win the game if he makes it to the end. Jessica thinks Paul manipulates people to get what he wants, rewarding them afterwards. If they do something wrong, Jessica said Paul will put those people in the dog house. Jessica admitted she would have an easier time getting behind not using the Hex if it wasn’t during Paul’s HoH reign. Jessica doesn’t want Paul getting credit for taking Cody out when she would be the one doing it. Jessica let Elena know that the thing holding her back from knowing what to do is Cody’s behaviour towards her over the past couple of days. Jessica said she is not currently leaning either way. Up in the HoH room, Paul asked Cody who they think is a stronger competitor between Jessica and Cody. Matt said Cody is the biggest threat competition wise in the game. Paul said Jessica has won more competitions and her social game is really strong. Paul said Jessica is untouchable for two weeks if they take Cody out. If they take Jessica out, Paul said Cody is not untouchable for two weeks. Matt said he doesn’t know how they can take Jessica out. Paul said it’s possible. He told them it cannot leave the room or else Jessica will use the Hex. Matt said he and Raven have a pretty good influence on Jessica. Matt said there is not one person who can influence Cody other than Jessica. Paul argued that Cody will not compete well under pressure and wont deal with pots and pans, vaseline, and so on. Paul said the only thing he doesn’t like about the situation is that Cody would be a vote in jury. They discussed that Jessica has a great social game and she could reel people in if she stays. Paul revealed to Matt and Raven that Jessica has to use the Hex prior to the start of the vote. Paul thinks Alex would lean towards getting Jessica out since she hates her. Paul said he is trying to set his emotion aside and decide which move is the best game wise. Paul said Cody will never have numbers. Matt asked how the rest of the house would feel about it. Paul thinks they would be on board with getting Jessica out. Paul said they would have to win HoH if they keep Cody since they would be leaving Mark and Elena out on the decision again. Paul told Matt and Raven they have some time to think it over.

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