Big Brother 19 Day 41 - Paul uses the Power of Veto on Jason

July 31, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto ceremony. Paul used the Power of Veto on Jason. Since he was the third nominee, Paul did not have to name a replacement nominee. Cody and Jessica remain nominated. Kevin asked Jessica what she is going to do. He said he wont ell anybody. Jessica said she doesn’t know yet. Kevin said that’s a good answer. Jessica went to Cody and told him she wants them to win HoH, but they could also win the temptation competition and the veto competition to keep themselves safe. She said there are three competitions and if they don’t win them, they deserve to go home. Jessica called it a do or die week. Meanwhile, Paul asked Jason if he is going to compete in the temptation competition next week. Jason said yeah. Paul said he is probably going to play too. Jessica overheard that and told Cody that everyone but Christmas will likely be competing. Cody and Jessica headed to the bedroom. Jessica said Christmas, Paul, Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven are one clear side even though Paul is playing both sides. She said Josh, Jason, Alex and Kevin are the other side, so it’s 6 on 4 with the two of them on their own. Jessica said she will nominate Alex and Raven, get Alex off of the block, and put Paul up in her place. Up in the HoH room, Raven asked Matt what she thinks about what Paul said in regards to possibly targeting Jessica over Cody. Matt said it’s an easy decision for him. He said they should get Cody out. Raven said she has gone back and forth on it since Jessica could align with Christmas, Mark and Elena. They discussed that Cody might self evict if Jessica leaves. Jessica walked in on Jason, Kevin and Raven whispering. She feels that she saw Jason telling signalling that she was coming so stop talking. Jessica pulled Raven aside and said that did not make her feel comfortable. Jessica said it really looked sketchy, and the last thing Raven should want is for her to feel that she is in on something. Raven told Jessica to let her look her in the eyes. Jessica said Raven looked her in the eyes to say she was going to vote Josh out on Thursday. Raven continued to ask Jessica to talk, but Jessica left the room. Cody, Jessica and Raven then spoke in the APSR. Raven emphasized that nothing was going on and that they were talking about the veto. Cody asked Raven why she is against him. She said the whole house is. Cody asked if she is just going with the house. He said he gets it if that’s the case. Raven said if she goes against the house, the house will go against her. Raven reported back to Jason, Kevin and Paul about her conversation. Meanwhile, Jessica told Cody she is sick of how fake Raven is. Jessica said Raven will run to Paul, then Paul will panic some more. Jessica said she loves it. Paul told Jason to go ask why Raven is crying. Raven was not actually crying at the time. Jason listened. He went to Cody and Jessica to ask why Raven is crying. He assured them that they were only talking about the veto, not about Jessica.

1:00-2:00 PM: Cody and Jason talked things over. Cody said he was loyal to Jason from the start. Cody asked what was up with Jason’s speech. Jason said it seems as though Cody couldn’t care less about things since he returned. Cody made it clear he didn’t appreciate it and didn’t like how Jason threw it in his girlfriend’s face. Jason apologized for making it personal. He talked about not wanting play the middle, so he wanted to make his stance clear in terms of which side he is on. Cody told Jason he will look back on it and regret not teaming up with him. Back in the bedroom, Paul asked Raven if he can stick up for her and ask Cody why he made her cry. Raven said Cody didn’t make her cry. Raven then started crying. Raven said she didn’t do anything and she was literally just talking to Jason and Kevin about the veto. Paul spoke to a group in the bedroom, saying he is going to torment Cody, and he doesn’t care if the Hex is used. Jessica went to Raven to say she is sorry that she is upset. Jessica said the whole house needs to relax. Jessica said she now looks like the evil person for making Raven cry, even though she was just defending herself cause no one else will. Jessica told Raven to stop crying. Raven said she has two hearts, so it’s what she does. Raven said she will let people know why she got upset. In the storage room, Paul and his allies talked things over. Jason said he damn near said Cody told a BS sorry about being in the military. Jason added that he was going to say he doesn’t even think Cody’s name is on those dog tags, since he isn’t even in the Marines. Jason said he is sure that Jessica will use the Hex now. Paul said he is going to make Cody crack. Paul said he has the power this week and he doesn’t care if he is being threatened with the Hex. Virtually the entire house with the exception of Cody and Jessica had gathered around by this point. Matt told Paul to chill out. He said this is not something to get upset about. Matt said he thinks Cody and Jessica feel as though they are being personally attacked. Paul said they aren’t. Matt explained that Jessica is doing nothing more than standing up for her man, which everyone else would do in her situation. Matt told Paul he knows that he has played before, but harassing Cody and Jessica for the remainder of the week is not going to convince them not to use the Hex. Christmas said Jessica’s one request was not to harass Cody, and she took Jason’s speech as harassment. Josh cut in and said Jessica attacked him. Christmas told Josh to sit down and let her finish. Christmas said to let them be and they can retaliate if the Hex is used. They talked about Jason not know about Jessica’s request. Paul asked why Jason deserves to be scolded for his speech then. Matt reiterated that Jessica is just sticking up for her man. Matt clarified that his goal is to make sure that Cody goes home. Paul said he will not be pumping the brakes, considering Jessica wont use the Hex if Cody blows up. Christmas suggested they should start questioning Cody’s military background. She said he will take it so personally if he is in the military. Paul turned to Jason to tell him to question Cody’s military. Paul said Cody will flip, then he and Josh will jump in to make Cody crack. Paul talked about the plan to get Cody to blow up. He said there is no way Jessica wont use the Hex unless they make it happen. Paul said you have to use words like “coward” and say Cody is not a man. Paul brought up that Jason wants to question Cody’s military. Matt said if they are going to do it, they have to go all out.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Matt and Raven that if they are going to get Jessica not to use the Hex, they need to put Cody in an uncomfortable spot where he wants to leave or he gets aggressive. Matt said they should do it 24/7 if they do it. Paul said he needs the backing of everyone. Christmas joined them by this point. Paul said they wont go at Jessica, but they will make comments about how Cody is the piece of sh*t and Jessica is standing next to him. Paul said Mark and Elena are the only people who wont say anything to Cody and Jessica. Paul said to let them stand out. Paul told Christmas, Matt and Raven not to stand out. He said to fight the house fight and pinpoint the people not in the numbers. Josh joined them and asked why they don’t give Cody hell for four days to remind him why he doesn’t want to stay. Paul said that’s the plan. Paul encouraged Josh to say Cody’s girl has to talk for him since he wont talk for himself. Paul said they need Josh to show his true colours since he is a bully. Paul told Christmas he needs her to take a jab at Cody. Christmas said she will. He then told Matt he needs him to back him up. Matt said he will. After Paul left, Matt pointed out to Christmas and Raven that they are using a tactic that could lead to Cody punching someone in the face. Matt said he prefers not to go these extremes, and he does not want them to moving forward. Matt said they are putting people in physical danger, which is not cool. Matt said he will do everything he can to help the plan, but it is unnecessary. Christmas said it’s necessary because Cody made it necessary. Matt said it’s stupid to attempt to get a man who has killed people to crack. Matt asked if Christmas will feel great about it if Josh gets punched in the face. Christmas said Cody is then not as disciplined as he should be. Matt asked if Cody knocking somebody out is what it will take. Christmas asked why Matt is arguing with her. Matt left. Christmas told Raven to tell Matt to lecture everyone else, cause she agrees with him and she doesn’t appreciate him lecturing her. Raven went to Matt to advise him to have a conversation with Christmas. Matt said he doesn’t need Christmas in the game. He said she needs him. Matt said he will talk to her if she apologizes for her tone. In the bathroom, Jessica told Cody her biggest fear in using the Hex is him. Jessica said if he wants to go home, she will honour that. Jessica said she doesn’t want to leave Cody in a situation that might push him to do something or act in a certain way. Cody said he needs a good week in the house and he can’t go out like this. Cody said he will control himself and he wont say anything if people say stuff to Jessica. Jessica told him he can say things but be smart about it. Jessica said she will ask him again on Wednesday or Thursday if he still feels the same way. Jessica let Cody know about the Plan B that she put into motion. She revealed the deal she made in case Cody doesn’t want to stay. Cody said he wouldn’t trust any deal that people make with her. Josh began tormenting Cody. He said Cody should have thrown the Battle Back to Cameron. Josh said last he checked, Jessica had a muzzle on Cody. Josh said Cody has no personality and he bores him to death. Cody did not react to any of it. At one point, Cody and Jessica decided to make out while Josh was taunting him. Josh continued on, saying he is going to mess with Cody until he self evicts.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jason told Josh that what he is doing is aggravating him a little. Jason explained that he is not a big fan of 10 against 1. He compared it to punching someone who is half your size. However, Jason said he will continue to watch it so he is a hypocrite. Paul spoke to Jessica to question what happened with Raven. Jessica said Cody wasn’t in the room and has nothing to do with it. Paul said everybody is uncomfortable with Cody. Jessica said Cody didn’t do anything. Jessica said she thinks that where the game is being taken is out of line. She told Paul that he knows how much power he has, and if he tells someone to do something they will stop. Paul claimed to have told Josh to stop multiple times. Jessica said Paul uses his power when he wants to, then says he doesn’t have any power when he doesn’t want to. Jessica said she thinks Paul has power over people since he is a vet and people seek his approval, which Paul uses. Paul said he never tells anyone to do something, but he gives advice when asked. Paul asked why he wouldn’t use his power in this scenario. Jessica said because it’s great for him if all eyes are on she and Cody. Jessica said she has a hard time believing that Jason came up with the speech on his own. Paul denied any involvement in it. When Paul said Jessica has a temptation and can do with it what she wants. Jessica said she is going to be using it. Paul said he doesn’t want to be accused of being a psychological manipulator. Jessica said she doesn’t think it’s a negative thing. Jessica mentioned she knows that her name has came out of Paul’s mouth. Paul pointed out that she knows that based on hearing it from people who she previously claimed were untrustworthy. Jessica said she is not ignorant to what is going on, and Paul isn’t the only one who has people feeding him information. Paul left the room. He let everyone know that Jessica is using the Hex and she is claiming that people are feeding her information about what he has said. Paul said he is banking on making Cody’s life miserable this week. Kevin said he agrees. Paul reminded everyone that they are not longer guaranteed a spot in jury. Josh headed into the APSR with Cody and Jessica. He asked if love is really worth messing up everyone’s game who deserves to be there. Josh said he is pissed since he is no longer guaranteed jury. Jessica told Josh that if he wants security, he can go out and get it himself. Josh told Cody he made everything personal. Josh added that Cody said disgusting things. Cody said Josh is a disgusting person. Jessica told Cody to stop. He then left the room. Paul asked Cody if he still thinks he is a character on a TV show. Cody said he has not more words for Paul. Paul then told Alex about the deal Jessica made to get her out, pretending that Alex didn’t already know about it. Alex confronted Cody about it. Cody said he has no idea what she is talking about. Alex said Jessica is lying to Cody then. Cody kept telling Alex that people are trying to stir things up. Cody walked away and headed back to the APSR with Jessica. Cody let her know that people are trying to stir things up. He said it requires more fortitude to walk away than to engage. Jessica said boo hoo, Paul didn’t get what he wanted.

5:00-6:00 PM: Everyone started going at Jessica. It got underway with Alex asking why her. Jessica said because Alex nominated her. Alex said they saved her and told people to keep her when everyone wanted her out. Jessica said she doesn’t owe Alex anything for putting me on the block. Paul asked if Cody knows about the deal that Jessica made. Jessica said yes. Paul said Jessica is a liar then, since she claimed she wouldn’t tell him. Jessica said she’s not a liar since she said Cody doesn’t know, but he didn’t know at that time. Josh said Jessica is going to war for a man who will not even stand up for himself. Raven then got involved, leading to a screaming match between her and Jessica. Cody and Jessica headed out to the hammock. Paul encouraged everyone to go outside. He said Cody and Jessica don’t deserve a sanity moment. Alex and Mark got into it, after Alex brought Mark’s name up in an argument about her cat ears. Mark did not want to get involved. Josh got the pots and pans and headed outside. He taunted Cody from across the yard. Paul continued to make comments about how all of his dogs are barking. Jason said the only way to get Cody out is if he punches Josh. Paul said he could punch him too. Jason said maybe Jessica will swing on somebody. Cody and Jessica remained in the hammock and did not acknowledge all of the houseguests who were yelling. Cody said they are scared cause they want jury that badly. Jessica it’s $8,000 and they should get a job. Jessica said this is exactly what Paul did to Dominique, gathering the house and making her snap. Paul was called to the diary room. Once he returned, he told Jason they cannot talk about violence or self evicting. Cody told Jessica she has to use the Hex now. She agreed and said it will be funny if someone else loses out on $8,000. Matt told Paul he was fine until they went at Raven. Alex asked Cody what kind of Marine allows the America flag to be tossed on the floor, referring to something of Jessica’s that was flag related and apparently on the floor. Christmas chimed in on that as well. Cody told Jessica that they don’t know what they are doing by attacking his Marine status. Jessica let Cody know she is happy about how he is acting. He said he is happy to do it for her. Cody observed that Mark is having a hard time with what’s going on. Jessica asked Cody if he wants to walk from the show with her. Cody said he will do whatever she wants. Jessica said they wont get paid. Cody said she is his payment, but it would be awesome for the Hex to be used. Jessica said she has to remember that what she does could impact her for the rest of her life. Cody said he will walk with Jessica if she wants to go. Jessica said walking wont hurt her job but staying might.

6:00-7:00 PM: Jessica told Cody she doesn’t want to give anyone what they want in the house. She said walking would do that. However, she said not doing what they want is making her life harder. She said she could be home in 12 minutes. Cody again said he will walk if Jessica wants to. Jessica said she would like for them to go have a conversation about it in the diary room. She said she would like to know what the procedure for walking is before she makes a decision. Jessica was concerned that she will not have exit interviews and a platform to defend herself if she walks. She also worried about the perception if she decides to walk. Jessica said if people start touching their belongings, she will walk. She told Cody she wants to be able to stomach it and get evicted. She didn’t want to let the fans down who voted for her to received the Hex. While Jessica said she doesn’t want to let the fans down, Cody said people will admire them either way. Elsewhere, Paul commented to people that Cody has called Josh a sexual predator, yet Jessica goes around sticking her finger up people’s asses. Christmas spoke to Alex, Josh and Kevin about Cody thinking he will have a comfort with Jessica in jury. Christmas said it will not happen. She told them Cody will self evict from jury. Paul told Josh they have made their point clear and they need to continue to do so, but they don’t want to provoke a fight. Paul said they don’t want to stoop to their level. They discussed that Megan quit and messed up the game, which is something that they do not want to further do. Paul said Cody can go home by Jessica not using the Hex, and he is pretty sure this is the way to get it done. Paul told Josh they will keep doing this but they will do it tastefully like the gentlemen that they are.

7:00-8:00 PM: Someone with a bullhorn yelled from outside of the backyard walls. They said “America loves Jess”. The second part sounded like “Paul is being a bully”. Jessica was outside but did not hear what it said. Big Brother called a lockdown. Matt told Paul all that he heard was “America” and “bully”. In the bedroom, Jessica told Cody she is really worried about someone getting in their faces. Cody said he is too. They continued to weigh out their options. Jessica said 10 days is not a long time but a lot can happen in those 10 days.

8:00-9:00 PM: Mark spoke to Josh about how what is going on is not a good look and he will not participate in it. Josh explained that on his end, Cody and Jessica have personally went after him throughout the game. He said he was not treated like a human being. Josh said he has been bullied his whole life and he will not go after someone without reason. He said he could take it to personal levels like they have, but he wont. Josh said he tried to have a conversation with Cody, but Cody called him disgusting. Mark said as someone who has been bullied, he is not going to include himself when it’s eight people going against two who are not doing anything. Mark said he doesn’t like seeing people being kicked while they are down. Josh then spoke to Christmas. He said he thinks production is looking out for them and for their image, asking why they are doing this. Christmas said it’s a mental game and she is not sorry that some people don’t have the mental tenacity to survive. Josh said he thinks he and Paul need to chill. Josh said he thinks production checked them because Cody and Jessica were either talking about self evicting or Cody was talking about hitting someone. On top of that, he thinks they wanted to help protect their image. Mark then spoke to a room full of people, including Alex, Elena, Matt, Raven, Christmas and Paul. He said Cody and Jessica are not attacking people, and didn’t do that when they were on the block either. Raven said they literally attacked her. Matt asked Mark how many times Raven has attacked somebody. When Mark said zero, Raven asked why she is being attacked. Mark clarified that he is not defending Cody and Jessica. However, he said he thinks everyone has made their point. Paul said he is not trying to harass anyone. He explained there is strategy involved since they will be in danger if Cody or Jessica win HoH. A number of them agreed that they made their point today. Mark relayed that Jessica said she does not want to stay if Cody leaves, so she wants to be evicted first. That led to Christmas, Alex and Elena discussing that Jessica can decide not to use the Hex and they will vote her out if that’s the case.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul said if he is being portrayed as a bully because Cody and Jessica are victimizing themselves under his HoH, it’s upsetting. Paul said he is trying to protect the people he genuinely feels for, and he doesn’t genuinely feel for a bully. Paul said it’s frustrating since he is not trying to put people down, but rather give them a taste of their own medicine. Elena told Mark she knows the way that people are looking at Mark now that he sort of defended Cody and Jessica. Mark said he doesn’t mind hurting his game because of it, because what happened was ridiculous. Elena said she wasn’t going to get involved in either defending or tormenting. She did say she would have done more damage than Raven did had Jessica came for her. Cody and Jessica each had a diary room session. After Jessica, she told Cody the woman she spoke to was super sweet and it was nice to have someone be nice. She said it’s good to know that people cannot mess with their things. Jessica said all she knows is that she has to push herself. She told Cody she cannot give up. Cody said she has the strongest teammate she could possibly have.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jessica told Cody there is a very good possibility that they will be split up. Cody told Jessica to tell him how she wants it to go down, then he will make it happen. Jessica said she wants to be the one to go. Jessica said if they don’t win HoH, she will still play for safety and for the veto, because she is not going to play dead. Jessica again said she wants to be the one to go first if they are going to get split up next week before jury. Cody said he will keep winning safety and HoHs, tormenting them for as many weeks as possible. Elena joined them. Jessica asked Elena if people will honour what she wants if she doesn’t win HoH and she wants to leave over Cody. Elena said she thinks that is their plan. She told Jessica not to ask to be evicted over Cody, otherwise they will do the opposite. Elena asked if they want her to put them on the block if she wins HoH. Cody said no. He said they want to stay together.

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