Big Brother 19 Day 42

August 1, 2017

12:00-1:00 PM: Paul told Christmas and Raven he did a lot of thinking last night and he never cared. Christmas said it was a good opportunity to get a lot of information out. Raven agreed. Christmas said Cody and Jessica have lied, lied, lied. Paul said they now know who has really stirred the pot. Paul said when you get called out and have nothing to say, you lied about something. Raven said she had a lot to say but Jessica walked away. Paul said he doesn’t know what their agenda is and he doesn’t care, but don’t be mean and don’t choose not to participate in the game.

1:00-2:00 PM: Out in the backyard, Elena told Paul she asked if Jessica was trying to imply she is working with her. Elena said Jessica told her she wouldn’t to that. Elena said if Jessica implicated her, it could be being doing to cover her tracks. Paul said Jessica implicated her 100%. Paul said Jessica said “just so you know, people in this house talk. When they need something, they will say anything. I know for sure you have been saying stuff about me”. Paul added that this was said after Jessica told him that everybody in the house is a liar. Paul said Jessica claimed that she will continue to work with like minded individuals, then turned and laughed with Cody. Paul said Elena’s name was not mentioned but she was heavily implicated.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul continued to rehash the conversation he had with Jessica yesterday. Elena said it was hard for her to avoid jumping in yesterday to ask if she was at all implicated. Elena said she assumed that Jessica had implicated her but she is fine with it as long as Paul knows where she stands. Paul said he doesn’t think that Elena did anything wrong. Elena said she didn’t relay anything that they didn’t know she was relaying. Paul said Jessica was implying that Elena was being malicious and has an agenda against him. Paul said he thinks it was being done in order to get him to target Elena and Mark in order to get the spotlight off of Cody and Jessica. Paul assured Elena that nothing Cody and Jessica say holds any weight at this point. Paul talked about targeting Jessica before Cody since Cody will have nothing without her. Josh came by and said he thinks he is going to have a conversation with Cody and Jessica. Paul said no you are not. Josh said he just wants to address them cause it’s on his mind. Paul told him to get over it. Elena and Paul explained that Josh will not get anything out of it. Paul said Cody wont tell Josh why he has anything against him. Elena promised that it wont serve any good since Cody will not give up information. Josh said he will have to let it go. After Josh left, Paul said he doesn’t think it’s worth entertaining conversations with Cody and Jessica at this point. Elena said she wont be mean, and she will say hi when she sees them. Paul agreed. Paul said even if Cody and Jessica win HoH, he wont be campaigning to them. Paul said he will dare them to put him up. Paul said they will try to pin him down with someone. Elena said it could be her. Paul wondered if they would put Raven up. Elena said she would not be voting Paul out at this point. Paul then spoke to Alex, Jason, Josh, Mark and Elena to discuss how many of them should compete in the Temptation Competition. Mark suggested that as many people as possible should compete. Paul said they could have a strong competitor throw it so that they can have someone strong playing in the veto competition. Mark said that strong competitor might be their best option to win the Temptation Competition to keep safety away from Cody and Jessica. Paul said that’s true. Unless they can see how everyone else is doing, Paul said they shouldn’t throw it.

3:00-4:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Matt pointed out that the next three days are irrelevant. Matt said Cody and Jessica have to know at this point that Jessica will be targeted first over Cody if they have a say in it. Matt wondered if Cody would even want to stay if Jessica leaves. Christmas said they can’t have him self evict. Matt said he agrees with keeping things chill but he thinks Cody and Jessica need to know Jessica is leaving first. Matt said he wants Jessica to think about the repercussions of leaving Cody in the house by himself. Matt said it’s not good for Jessica if Cody stays and ends up punching Josh in the face. Christmas, Matt and Raven discussed that it may be wise for Cody and Jessica to hear this from Matt. Down in the kitchen, Jessica told Elena the only thing that came out of Paul’s mouth that was true is she said every person has let her down or betrayed her. Jessica explained that she couldn’t single Elena out as someone who has not done those things. Elena said that was the smart move for both of their games. Elena assured Jessica that she will let her know if something comes up that she is genuinely worried about. Elena said anything she does game wise is just game. Jessica told Elena to do what she has to do. Elena said she loves Jessica. Jessica said the same back to her. Matt, Raven, Elena and Paul then spoke in the bedroom about Matt possibly having a conversation with Jessica. Elena said she already made it clear to Cody and Jessica that Jessica will leave first if the Hex is used. Elena said Jessica’s reaction was “mhmm” and Cody said that’s fine with him. Matt said that’s selfish of Cody to be fine with his girl going home. Paul said if Jessica doesn’t use the Hex, Cody goes. If she does use the Hex, Paul said Jessica will go next.

4:00-5:00 PM: Raven asked Matt if he is going to have a conversation with Jessica and Cody. Matt said he wants to see how the day goes. The houseguests were told to head outside for an outdoor lockdown. Paul told Jason that Elena and Mark are still being super weird. Jason said they will jump back over to Cody and Jessica’s side if they win HoH. Paul agreed. Paul quickly headed upstairs prior to joining the houseguests for the lockdown. He asked Elena to come with him to grab some food. While up there, Paul asked about her conversation with Matt. Elena said Matt saw her talking to Jessica, so he was asking what that was about. Paul said if at any point Elena wants to find out the things Jessica was saying, put them both in a room and he will call her out. Elena said she doesn’t think it’s worth it. Paul agreed.

6:00-7:00 PM: After the outdoor lockdown ended, the houseguests made their way inside. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Josh he is sick of Cody’s attitude. Josh said he has been sick of it since Week 1. Josh said he has gotten to a point where he can no longer focus any time on Cody. Paul said the same. Josh suggested that they gun for him and then send him out the door again. Paul said Jessica has to go first. Josh mentioned that Jessica was able to bounce back without Cody around. Paul said Jessica is also the one holding Cody’s leash. Paul argued that taking Cody would be doing Jessica a favour. Later, Paul spoke to Christmas and asked her how she feels about Mark and Elena. Christmas said they are playing both sides. Paul agreed. Christmas thinks Elena helped Cody and Jessica study. Paul said Elena knows they are terrible for her game. As for Mark and Elena themselves, Christmas said they are still partners in the game but Elena may have told him she doesn’t have feelings for him. Christmas thinks Elena is playing hard for their team but she is also letting Cody and Jessica know she is with them too. Christmas asked if Mark is dropping her name to anyone, or if he is just griping about her. Paul said he doesn’t know, but Mark has said it to her a lot. Christmas said she has no idea if Jessica will use the Hex. Paul said who cares. He mentioned they can try whatever they want but there’s no way that it will work. Christmas said when it’s 10 against 2, Cody and Jessica are not going to make it much further. The two discussed that Matt is not playing the game, opting to lay low instead. Matt and Raven then joined them in the HoH room. Christmas brought up that Jessica is playing the victim. Raven said she needs to go first, since she cannot stand her. Paul agreed that Jessica is going first. When Paul said he still has questions about Mark and Elena, Matt said he thinks Elena is fine. Paul agreed. As for Mark, Matt said he is an absolute idiot. The group discussed that they will have a huge numerical advantage in the HoH competition. Matt said Christmas wont be able to compete if it’s a physical completion, plus Josh doesn’t count. Matt said they are not exactly an all star team so far. Matt admitted that his performance has not been good either.

7:00-8:00 PM: Matt asked Christmas, Paul and Raven if they think they are good if Mark wins HoH. All three said no. Matt said he doesn’t think Mark understands what happened yesterday. He said Mark was sticking up for Cody and Jessica. Christmas said he did so passively. Paul said Mark did that because he wanted to backtrack once they questioned why he isn’t saying anything. Matt said he thinks they would have got Cody to crack if not for Jessica being in the house. Paul said he thinks Jessica means well, but Cody is bringing her down. Paul compared it to Frank and Bridgette last season. He said Bridgette was amazing on her own.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul told Elena and Kevin that if they get the chance to vote this week, that means Jessica didn’t use the Hex. He said they then need to vote Jessica out. Kevin mentioned that Cody and Jessica are making a mockery of the game. Paul said it is frustrating him. Kevin questioned who counted the votes for the temptation. He said production could have done whatever they wanted. Elsewhere in the backyard, Mark told Cody he is 1000% with him and Jessica. Mark said there is no way he can send them home, especially if he is in power. Mark told Cody and Jessica he would do anything for one of them to win HoH this week. Cody said he will be fighting for safety if they don’t win HoH. Cody thinks people fear Jessica more than him at this point. Jessica said it’s because her patience is gone. Cody told Mark he will end up regretting it if he attempts to appease people and still ends up at the bottom. Mark agreed. Mark said it’s all about Thursday since he can’t handle this anymore. He pointed out that Elena hung him out to dry. Paul spoke to Elena about who he might be nominated next to if Cody or Jessica win. Elena said they might nominate Paul and Raven, or put two pawns up in order to backdoor Paul. She said one of the pawns would have to be Raven. Paul figured he would have 4-5 votes at least. They counted off Elena, Mark, Kevin, Josh, Christmas, Alex and Jason as likely votes on Paul’s side. Elena said Jessica wants Alex out, meaning she might be nominated next to Raven. Paul said Alex also might go up next to him. Kevin asked Christmas what she thinks about Matt. Christmas said she thinks she would like for him to start playing the game. Kevin said no kidding. Christmas thinks Matt will be a good player once he starts playing. Kevin said he is keeping to himself right now. Kevin explained that it’s the best thing to do since he is chilling while there are a bunch of train wrecks.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jessica told Cody she still thinks that Paul’s gameplay is great. However, she said she wants it to be over since she is inside of the house. Jessica suggested that Cody would love it if he were at home watching and she was playing Paul’s game. Cody disagreed. Jessica said Paul is controlling people, and it’s other people’s fault that they are not playing their own games. Cody said he gets that but the wants to see everyone compete. Jessica said a lot of people are deciding to play it safe because of the money. She said she would rather see everybody in the house play their own game instead of being puppets.

11:00-12:00 AM: In the kitchen, Josh told Alex and Christmas that Mark is regretting everything he did. Alex said he isn’t. She told Josh that Mark is just realizing that he picked the wrong side again. It was discussed that Cody is now trying to act nice with some people. Christmas suggested that Josh speak to him in order to find out what kind of information he has. She said they will understand that Josh is not saying or doing anything wrong, even if Cody tries to spin it to them that he is. Josh said no matter how many conversations he has with Cody, Jessica, Elena and Mark, they did him wrong and they are his targets. In the bedroom, Alex asked Jason why Cody is trying to be nice to them now. Jason said Jessica might be the poison. He said Cody might actually be a nice guy. Alex said she doesn’t know why America gave Jessica the Hex. She said that’s the type of person you hate in high school. On top of that, Alex told Jason that they are the underdogs, not Cody and Jessica.

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