Big Brother 19 Day 43

August 2, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Alex told Jason she thinks they may be getting pulled in for a coup and they are getting Mark to do the work. Jason thinks Elena and Jessica will try get them to go against Paul. Alex said they should say yes and then screw them over. Jason said that would be awesome. Jason said Matt and Raven drive him nuts. Alex said she likes Matt and Raven on a personal level, but he and Raven are not pulling their weight. Jason asked why she likes them on a personal level. Alex said because they are on TV at this exact moment. Jason said he is a little slow. Alex suggested that they should try to get Paul alone to study with him. Jason said that wont work, since they need to use this information against him at some point. Alex said she thinks Paul will take Jason, Kevin and herself to Final 4.

1:00-2:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Matt and Raven discussed that Jessica will definitely use the Hex. Matt wondered if it will result in there immediately being a double eviction that night. Raven said she thought of that. Matt then said it can’t be that since they wont be able to fit all of the competitions in with the Temptation Competition in play. They mentioned that there could be a special eviction episode on Sunday. Raven said there is definitely a catch with the Hex since Jessica didn’t want to have to use it. Matt and Raven agreed that they are voting to evict Jessica if they have the chance to vote tomorrow. Raven said Jessica has a better social game, plus Cody would be a mess without her. Matt said he thinks the most important thing to Cody and Jessica is being together. He wondered if they would risk being isolated from each other for eight weeks. Raven said Jessica is probably looking at it as though they are going to go home either way. Matt said if Jessica doesn’t use the Hex, they could be guaranteed to see each other next week. Raven said the next person would go to jury, so they are separated regardless. Matt said there is no reason for Jessica to not use it then, since they may as well take the chance at being in jury together. Raven agreed. Raven said she will be going on the block next to Paul if they win HoH. If Paul wins safety, Raven thinks she would be nominated next to Alex instead. Matt said he thinks Cody would nominate Josh and Paul, but Jessica might nominate Alex or Raven next to Paul. Matt figures they will assume they don’t have a realistic shot at winning the game, so they will target whoever they least want to be in jury with. Matt said he will throw HoH if Cody, Jessica and Mark are out. Raven suggested that he stay in it just to be safe. Matt said he will only throw it to Josh or Raven then. In the bathroom, Christmas explained to Mark that some people may shift their focus to him when they keep seeing him alone with Cody and Jessica. She said it particularly doesn’t look good when Jessica is saying that someone is feeding them information. Mark said they would have known that they were going on the block if he was feeding them anything. Christmas said you don’t want to talk any attention away from them. She said they will understand if he tells them that he can’t associate with them because it’s not best for his game. Back up in the HoH room, Matt said the live feeders will understand the situation, but it may be being portrayed differently on TV since Jessica received the temptation. Matt said in terms of playing the game, Cody does not deserve to be there. Raven talked about Cody getting in people’s faces after being put on the block. She said she would not do that and she knew coming in that she could be targeted cause people will not want to go up against her in the Final 2. Matt mentioned that Jessica is putting everyone’s jury spots in jeopardy if she uses the Hex. Raven said it will put the nail in Jessica’s coffin since it’s very selfish, but go ahead and use the Hex.

2:00-3:00 PM: Mark and Jason talked game while playing chess. Mark said his main goal on Thursday is to win HoH so he can clear his name by nominating Cody and Jessica. Mark asked if Jason thinks he will be in the clear once Cody and Jessica are gone. Jason said he doesn’t know but he thinks that Mark is in a little bit of trouble right now. However, Jason said Mark is definitely not the target ahead of Cody and Jessica. Mark said he will be public enemy number one when those two leave, so he has to work on changing that. Jason said he thinks Paul wonders about the two of them since he is always batting for Mark. Mark told Jason he doesn’t have to do that as much anymore. Mark asked how Jason feels about Paul. Jason said Paul knows the game and wants to win. Jason said he doesn’t think he can beat Paul since that guy has a sharp mind and remembers everything. Mark asked how Kevin is. Jason said Kevin never says Mark’s name, and he cannot stand Josh. They both agreed that Kevin is very smart as well. Mark said he needs to find out who is stirring the pot with him. Jason said he thinks it is Elena. Mark said it’s also Alex a bit. Mark said he is worried about Elena, Matt and Raven. Mark told Jason he is going to speak to Alex. Jason advised him to do it as a person and not as a game player.

3:00-4:00 PM: The houseguests were let out into the backyard. Awaiting them was a practice apparatus, seemingly for the upcoming HoH competition. Each houseguest was given 10 practice shots with the oversized putter and golf balls.

4:00-5:00 PM: Once the houseguests headed inside after practicing for the competition, Cody asked Jessica how she is feeling. Jessica said she is frustrated because competitions like this don’t prove anything. Jessica said it’s literally just luck. Jessica told Cody it’s frustrating that luck is going to determine whether or not they stay or go. Cody said they will have a good week, remain positive, and make the best of their last week if it comes down to it. Jessica let Cody know that what she has to say in her speech tomorrow will put the last nail in the coffin to ensure that she will leave over him if they don’t win HoH. Cody said they can play in the Temptation Competition together if they don’t win HoH. Jessica said one of them will have to win that and one of them will have to win the Power of Veto in order to keep them both safe. Cody said they will fight. Jessica said they always do. Up in the HoH room, Paul told the group that they need to make Cody and Jessica uncomfortable for the next day. He said he is not saying to attack them, but they have to go about it strategically. Paul said he will periodically wake Cody and Jessica up throughout the night in order to throw them off prior to the HoH competition. Paul wondered if they would be able to get Jessica to choose not to use the Hex. Matt said Raven made a good point earlier that there is no downside in them using the Hex. Matt explained that Cody and Jessica cannot be together for the summer unless they win HoH next week and both make it to jury. Paul questioned why they wouldn’t salvage Jessica’s game since she is the better player. Paul said Jessica could decide not to use the Hex, then keep that power for next week. Raven added that Jessica will piss off the whole house by using the Hex. Matt said they neither of them expect to win the game at this point. Paul questioned why they would keep messing it up for everyone else then. Matt asked what Paul wants them to do, and if he expects them to just both self evict. Paul said they can at least try. Matt said that’s exactly his point, which is why they are going to use the Hex. The group discussed that this type of competition was ideal for them since they have the numerical advantage.

6:00-7:00 PM: Paul told Raven the worst case scenario is that Cody or Jessica win, but the second worst case scenario would be Elena or Mark winning. Paul said Raven did a pretty good job with her practice shots. Raven then headed up to the HoH room to speak to Matt. They discussed that Christmas is becoming overwhelming and overbearing. They said they love her and feel bad feeling that way about her, but it’s too much. Paul joined them. Matt asked Paul to let him talk to Elena one on one if he sees it happening, because he thinks he is almost back to where he was with her two weeks ago. Paul said he feels the same. Paul said they will have to nominate Mark and Elena if Cody and Jessica manage to finagle their way out of this one. Paul asked if they should get rid of Elena. He suggested that Mark would go back to Cody and Jessica if that happens. Raven agreed. They discussed that targeting Mark over Elena is the best option. Paul said they can justify it to Elena by explaining that it’s best for her game. Matt said he is confident that the three of them can control Elena. They discussed nominating Josh next to Cody and Jessica if either Cody or Jessica lose the Temptation Competition. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Jason and Mark discussed that it’s fishy how Elena dropped Mark. Mark said she is spending more time with Paul and Matt now. Jason said she is even spending more time with him. Jason told Mark it could be a test of his trust, so don’t bail on Elena. Mark said he wont even though it hurts. Mark said Dominique ruined everything for him since she couldn’t keep her mouth shut. He said he would be talking to her and not be with Elena so much if she were still in the house today. Up in the HoH room, Matt and Raven said they would like to be able to trust Elena. Raven mentioned Mark got upset last night because Elena was laying on Paul. Raven thinks Elena is doing it on purpose, rubbing it in Mark’s face. Raven discussed her ideal eviction order. She said it would be Jessica, Cody, Mark, Christmas, Elena and then Josh. Matt said Kevin could go next after that.

7:00-8:00 PM: Christmas told Josh that everyone sees they are tight. Josh said they can tell people that they don’t talk game. He thinks the only one who knows how close they are game wise is Paul. Christmas thinks that some others do. Christmas suggested that Josh tell people she doesn’t talk game with him anymore since he blew up in the hot tub. Josh assured Christmas that she is his #1. Christmas and Josh agreed that Raven’s comments during Monday’s confrontations crossed the line. Josh said it was game related and then Raven started saying things such as Jessica is a slut. Christmas said it was personal. Christmas said Raven lost it and she doesn’t even think she knew what she was saying. Josh said he would not forgive her if he were Jessica. Christmas added that Raven is no longer the angel of the group when she personally attacks like that. Josh said it was a red flag since Raven did that to Jessica even though they were previously best friends. The two discussed that Paul sees they are loyal to him, leading to him becoming more loyal in return. Christmas said they need to make sure that Paul doesn’t get duped by Elena. Josh suggested that Paul may like Elena in the same way that he does. From a game perspective, Josh said he wants Elena out. They then circle back to talking about Raven. Josh said he isn’t liking her attitude and the way she will tell him to shut up or get out in front of the group. Christmas said Raven’s welcoming is wearing out. Josh said he would love for it to be Christmas, Jason, Kevin, Paul and himself together at the end.

9:00-10:00 PM: Cody told Jessica if it looks like he is going to win safety, she should purposely lose the competition so she can be put on the block and be guaranteed a spot in the veto competition. Jessica told Cody she doesn’t know who will take over the leadership position if the two of them and Paul are gone. She said she doesn’t think Alex has the leadership skills. Jessica doesn’t think there would be anyone there to take over as the leader. Up in the HoH room, Jason asked Kevin who he would target first between Matt and Raven or Mark and Elena. Kevin said it is unfortunately going to be Mark and Elena. Kevin said Matt has a better shot at beating them in competitions than Mark does. Jason said they should nominate Matt and Elena when it comes down to go after those two couples. Kevin thinks that they are making a mistake in targeting Jessica over Cody. Kevin said Cody will keeping winning competitions. Kevin mentioned that Cody has a whole bunch of people to target before he and Jason at least. Alex joined them. Kevin asked her if she thinks that they should get rid of Cody first. Alex said Jessica needs to go because she is the controlling one. Kevin argued that Cody will nominate Alex and Paul, while Jessica is not good enough to win competitions. Alex said she hates Jessica though. Alex said she does not want Jessica in jury. When Jason suggested nominating Matt and Elena, Alex said that wont do anything. Jason asked if Matt and Raven don’t ever deserve to be nominated since the just float around. Alex said she didn’t say that, but they are more loyal than others that need to go first. Alex told Kevin that Mark said he knows for a fact that Kevin voted against Jillian. Alex said he also called Kevin shifty. Kevin said Mark can go then. Jason said Elena is a bigger threat than Mark is. Kevin headed downstairs to confront Paul about telling Mark he voted Jillian out. Paul swore he didn’t. Kevin said they have to get rid of Mark. Kevin asked if he should go confront Mark about it. Paul said no. Paul went up to the HoH room. Alex said she told Kevin that to make him hate Mark. Paul said he hates Mark and wants him out now. Paul suggested that Mark may have been one of those votes. Alex said Dominique was the other.

10:00-11:00 PM: Alex, Paul, Jason, Josh, Kevin and Raven chatted in the HoH room. They discussed that they will vote to evict Jessica if for some reason they get to vote tomorrow. Paul said Jessica is the stronger player since she has a social game. When Mark was mentioned, Paul said Elena has made comments such as he is messing her game up and she would not be mad if he were to leave. Josh found that to be disloyal coming from someone who has an intimate relationship Mark. Paul said they don’t. Alex said they have never even kissed or anything. Josh said he would prefer to get Elena out before Mark. Paul told him that comes after Cody and Jessica leave, so there is no need to jump the gun. Matt made his way upstairs. Paul asked him if he can have a last ditch conversation with Jessica in hope of getting her not to use the Hex. Matt said he can try tomorrow. Paul suggested that he play the angle that it would help further Jessica’s game, plus it is best for Cody to leave the house.

11:00-12:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Paul went over numerous theories as to why he doesn’t necessarily believe that Jessica can remove all of the nominees from the block tomorrow. While some houseguests questioned that, others agreed with what Paul had to say. He thinks that it was weird Jessica said she would feel more safe if Paul uses the veto on her, plus he think the mood of Cody and Jessica has been odd.

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