Big Brother 19 Day 44 - The Halting Hex is used; Josh wins HoH

August 3, 2017

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction episode, Jessica decided to use the Halting Hex. The HoH competition then took place. Josh won HoH. The scores in the competition were as follows:

Josh 23, Christmas 21, Cody 21, Jason 15, Mark 15, Elena 13, Raven 13, Kevin 6, Matt 6, Alex 2, Jessica 2.

7:00-8:00 PM: When feeds returned, the houseguests were discussing who Josh should make a have-not this week. Kevin told Alex and Jason the plan is put Cody, Jessica and Mark in the have-not room together. Paul came to Josh to tell him to make Mark a have-not again. Josh said he is about to have the worst power trip you have ever seen on Big Brother. Paul told Josh to notice how Mark and Elena are not happy. Josh told Alex, Jason, Paul and Raven that he is friendly and nice, but he will not talk game with Cody, Jessica, Mark or Elena. Mark entered the room. Not long after, Alex told Josh that Elena and Mark are mad. Josh pointed out that Mark is right there. Mark questioned why Alex keeps trying to start stuff. Mark said they are on the same page. Alex asked if they really are. She mentioned that Elena is talking to Cody and Jessica right now. Alex told Mark it’s time to pick a side. Mark said he is on her side. Alex told Mark to prove it. Mark asked what he has done to Alex. Alex explained that multiple people have told her that he doesn’t like her and wants her out. Alex asked if Mark wants her out. Mark said he doesn’t, though he has an issue with her since he is concerned that she is after him. Josh came by and told Alex and Mark they don’t need to do this. He suggested that they chill out. Despite that, the two decided to talk things over. Alex said Mark is the only one who gets snappy with her. Mark reminded Alex about what she just said in the room. Alex said Mark is always talking to Cody and Jessica. Mark denied it, but said he feels Alex has a problem with him because of how much time she thinks he spends with those two. Mark talked about know it’s best for his game for Cody and Jessica to go. They agreed that Jessica is the target this week. They also discussed the aggression they have towards each other. Mark said he has that issue with Elena too, so it’s not just her. They agreed to try to remain chill moving forward. Meanwhile, Josh told Christmas, Kevin, Matt and Paul that he plans to make Elena and Mark squirm even though they aren’t the targets. Paul went around encouraging everyone to compete in the Temptation Competition tomorrow so that they have the odds in their favour. Kevin asked Josh if they are going to take out Jessica. Josh said yeah. He told Kevin they are going to blindside her, making her think that Cody is the target all week long. Kevin said he doesn’t think he will play in the Temptation Competition. Josh encouraged Kevin to compete. He said everyone is going to. Kevin said he will then, but Josh better make sure that everyone else is. Elsewhere, Jessica told Cody she would like to see people start playing their own games. Jessica said people are blind to the fact that Paul doesn’t have partners or equals. She said Paul has people who work for him, and anyone who goes against it gets evicted. Jessica said it’s interesting to see the impact that adding one vet into the house has. Cody said people are a bunch of groupies.

8:00-9:00 PM: Cody told Jessica he expects the houseguests to go back and forth on which one of them to target this week. He said they will question why they would keep him, then the bi*ches of the house will say Jessica needs to go. In the kitchen, Christmas explained to Josh that it may not be wise to allow Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena to be in the have-not room together. They talked about splitting up Cody and Jessica. They figure Cody will end up sleeping in their anyway. They then talked to Paul about the idea. Paul said he was thinking the same thing in terms of not allowing them all to be together. In the storage room, Elena cleared the air with Josh after hearing about Alex’s comment that she was not happy about Josh winning. Elena said that is not the case, yet Alex tried to say it was fact. Elena said she can’t speak for Mark, but he is looking forward to Cody and Jessica leaving based on the conversations they have had. Josh then brought up that Elena and Mark voted against him last week. Josh looked for an explanation. Elena said she was going with what she heard the house was doing. Josh wasn’t willing to accept that answer. He said he would not have voted her out over Ramses even if the house was doing it. Elena said if she was next to someone like Paul, who he likes equally, and the house was voting her out and she had not had a conversation with him, Josh would have voted her out too. Elena said it was the best move for her game to do what the house was doing, but she would have been on board with evicting Ramses had she known what was going on. In the bedroom, Cody told Jessica they are the obvious targets, so they can sit back, shut up, and play the competitions. He said people will freak out the more that they chill, then someone else may end up making themselves a target. Jessica talked about her frustration with the argument that using the Hex cost people their jury spot. She pointed out that she warned Paul and he didn’t listen, so Paul is the one who put their jury spots at risk. Cody said he wants to put the fear of God in people that he is still in the house. If they are nominated together and he wins the veto, Cody said people will expect him to use it on Jessica. Cody said he will stand up and say they have decided that he is going to stay in order to take out every single one of them that he can. Cody said he may not talk to anyone the rest of the time that he is there, just to mess with them. Cody told Jessica to purposely get last in the Temptation Competition if he goes before her and puts up a score that she cannot beat. If she goes before him, he said to give it her all. The two agreed that Kevin is who they would like to see win the game at this point.

10:00-11:00 PM: Josh received his HoH room. After some people started to clear out, he let Christmas, Jason, Kevin and Paul know that Cody and Jessica are his targets. Josh said they have to make sure they win the competition tomorrow. Jason asked who he wants to go home first. Josh said he thinks Jessica is the stronger competitor. Paul agreed. Downstairs, Mark told Elena she has a cute hate. She was wearing Paul’s hat. Elena asked if Mark is jealous of her and Paul. Mark said yeah. He also admitted that’s why he was mad the other day. Elena said Paul asked her to rub his head that night. Elena said her behaviour towards Paul has not changed at all, and the only thing that has changed is the distance between her and Josh. Elena mentioned that Mark shows his anger towards her, not Paul. Mark said it’s more so about being hurt as opposed to being angry. Mark told Elena to be careful with Alex. He said Alex is influential with a lot of people, considering she knows a lot of stuff he has said to people. Mark admitted he wanted Cody or Jessica to win HoH tonight. Elena asked why. Mark explained that they would not have been targets, plus those two would have been guaranteed jury then. Mark said he does not feel good about his spot in the house. Elena said Cody and Jessica being there is going to put a bigger target on them. Back up in the HoH room, it was discussed that putting Matt in the have-not room with the other side may be beneficial. Josh called Matt upstairs to see if he is on board with that. Matt said he is.

11:00-12:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Paul spoke to everyone but Cody, Jessica, Mark and Elena about a plan to blindside Jessica. He thinks Cody will be rattled for the HoH competition if that happens. Mark and Elena joined them. Once they arrived, Josh told them Cody is his target. They agreed that everyone but Christmas will compete tomorrow. Mark asked Josh if he has any idea who he will choose for have-nots. Josh said he still has to think about it. After Mark and Elena left, Josh said he is going to make Jessica, Mark and Matt the have-nots for the week. Paul asked if they are positive about choosing Matt. Paul said he could be a have-not instead, then for sure the rest of the have-nots will not talk in front of him. Christmas said it’s time for Matt to start doing some work. Mark returned. He asked if Cody is the target. Josh said he wants Cody out. Mark said Cody leaving will be good for the environment, but Jessica is a better player. Paul agreed that Jessica is good. Josh reiterated that he wants Cody out. Mark said he would be grateful if Josh didn’t make him a have-not. Josh said he will keep that in mind. After Josh left, Paul said he thinks Josh is just messing with Mark. Mark said he would freak out if he is a have-not again. Paul said he volunteered to be one. Mark asked Paul to offer to take his spot if Josh picks him. Paul said he cannot overthrow the HoH’s decision, but he will volunteer.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jessica told Cody that even if one of them do not go home, it will be Mark or Elena. Jessica said she is not okay with any of the four of them going. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Elena she is good. Josh said he wants Cody’s head on a stick. Josh assured Elena that he looks at her separately from Mark. Afterwards, Elena told Paul it was shady that Alex threw her name out there to everyone. Paul said it was to Josh. Elena said everyone was in the room, including Mark. Elena told Paul that Matt and Raven are besties with Alex now. She observed that they are together all the time now, plus the dynamic of their relationship has changed. Elena said Matt and Raven are floating everywhere. Paul assured her that everybody sees that. Christmas told Josh she loves Paul but she doesn’t want Josh to do everything he says. They agreed to talk more later. Paul rejoined them. They discussed Mark being paranoid and not wanting to go back on slop. Josh said he would love to get Elena and Jessica out before Cody and Mark. Paul said he doesn’t disagree. Paul reiterated the blindside plan.

1:00-2:00 AM: Paul asked Christmas if her temptation is still in play. Christmas said she thinks so, since there didn’t seem to be an expiration date on it. Paul said he has a good plan if it’s still valid. He suggested nominating Jessica next to a strong pawn such as Alex. Paul said Christmas can then replace Cody if he gets selected to compete. Christmas said it might be a little early to use the temptation, considering they still have three more targets to get out. Paul said Cody might not even get picked to play, then she wouldn’t have to use it. Christmas added that she cannot use it if she gets picked. Christmas said they can talk about it further after the Temptation Competition. In the bathroom, Alex and Christmas discussed that Mark and Elena were not happy with anyone’s performance during the HoH competition. Christmas said Elena is freaking out because she needs to make jury. Alex said Matt and Raven are laughing up a storm with Cody and Jessica. She said they better not be playing both sides. Christmas said they are not. Alex let Christmas know she is not happy about Matt not pulling his weight. Christmas mentioned she suggested Matt should be a have-not, and Josh agreed even though Paul volunteered. Alex is irritated that Matt is so worried about going on the block. Christmas said he will play a different game now that they have made it to jury. Alex asked if Matt is throwing competitions. Christmas said absolutely. She said Mark, Elena and Matt are all throwing them. Christmas told Alex she has her back even though they had a rocky start. Christmas said she will help Alex, Jason and the team get as far as possible, then they can cut her then. Alex said she wasn’t thinking about that since she thinks Christmas deserves to be there. She admitted she had her concerns in the past. Christmas said she feels like she has a pretty good social game and she can get information out of people. Christmas told Alex she wouldn’t openly advocate that she wants Matt and Raven out in front of Paul. Alex said she was hoping she and Jason could get Jessica and Cody out, then Josh could take a shot at Matt and Raven. Alex and Christmas both said they would like to be the one to get Mark out.

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