Big Brother 19 Day 47

August 6, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Cody asked Kevin if there is any way to save Jessica. Kevin said he doesn’t know but he is trying. Kevin told Cody the ones that are going to screw him are the ones he kept safe in the beginning. Kevin said he is not voting Jessica out and neither is Cody, so that’s two of the five votes that they need. Cody said he will be a weapon for anyone that helps. Kevin asked who Cody would go after if he wins. Kevin said he has to go after the people who screwed him over. Cody said he is willing to do anything based on who helps him. Kevin suggested that they can take Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena out, then go after Christmas and Josh. Kevin said they are then talking top five and it’s every man for himself. Kevin told Jason that Cody wanted to know if there was any way to save Jessica, so he said no. Kevin said Cody is coming after everybody except for them. Kevin said Cody told him all he has is his word, and he keeps his word. Kevin said he will make sure that the two of them, Alex and Paul are safe with Cody. Jason said he doesn’t think he will be able to drop and let Cody have HoH. Kevin told Jason that Alex, Paul and Cody are not going to put him up, so it’s too early to be hanging on until you pass out just to beat them. Kevin said he will have Cody tell them that they are good in front of Jason, so Jason can see his eyes. Jason said he has no quarrel with it at all. Kevin said they should send the two showmances out, then Christmas and Josh.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jessica told Cody the problem with putting Matt and Raven up is she thinks that Matt would use the veto on Raven. Jessica said Cody wouldn’t be able to backdoor Paul then. Cody asked if she thinks he should nominate Christmas next to Raven. Jessica said it has to be someone next to Raven who is going to win the veto. Cody said he could throw Alex up there if Jessica wants. Jessica said she forgot that Cody will be playing for veto, so it doesn’t matter who goes up as long as he wins it. Cody asked Jessica who she wants to see out of the house more than anyone. Jessica said she wants Paul out, for no reason other than it would change the game. Cody said he would try to get into a situation where Paul and Raven are on the block next to each other. Jessica let Cody know that she plans to call Paul out in her speech on Thursday. Cody asked Jessica how nasty she wants him to get. Jessica said he should be game obnoxious, Evel Dick status, but not attack people personally. Elsewhere, Kevin told Jason they need to get Matt and Mark out, then they are clear sailing to the Final 5. Kevin said he is not going to let Cody mess with Alex or Paul. Kevin said it’s not a bad idea to keep Cody close to them. Jason said he is doesn’t want Kevin to be promising Cody a bunch of things, or else he will end up breaking those promises. Kevin mentioned getting Cody out when there is a clear shot to backdoor him. He thinks there will be a Battle Back between the first four jurors, so he suggested sending out Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena first. Jason said the order should be Matt, Elena, Raven, and then Mark last. Once Paul came outside, he talked about rattling Cody before the HoH competition by telling him good job sending his girl out. Paul said Cody will not compete as well then. Kevin told Paul that even if Cody does well, he is not going to come after them. Paul said he hopes not. Kevin then implied that Cody is going after Matt and Raven.

12:00-1:00 PM: Christmas told Alex that she caught Cody, Mark and Elena up chatting late last night. Christmas said Elena wont want to go up as a pawn if they win HoH next week, but she is going to have to. Christmas mentioned that Mark and Elena are still tight and they catch up at night when they think people wont notice. Josh joined them. He said he wants Elena out and he doesn’t know if they will ever get this chance again. Christmas advised Josh to talk to Jessica in order to secure his safety with Cody for a week or for his next HoH win. Alex suggested waiting until later in the week. Christmas said they can’t start doing this now since it needs to be a last minute flip. Josh said the votes to evict Elena would be from Alex, Jason, Christmas, Cody and Kevin. Christmas said she supports Josh. Josh said even though Cody and Jessica would both be in jury, there are still six weeks for their votes to change. Josh said Elena is someone who can turn the house. Josh said this move will blow up the house. He told Alex and Christmas he needs them to have his back next week. Christmas said the house will be divided and it will be chaos. After Josh left, Alex told Christmas that as much as she wants Elena out, she thinks Jessica is the smart move. Alex said she will do whatever Josh wants. Christmas said she is torn and she was thinking about it last night. Jason came by. He said if Josh changes his target, they will say they are going along with it but they will vote Jessica out anyway. Alex said she doesn’t want to lie to him. Jason said he is voting Jessica out. Christmas told Alex and Jason they have to understand that Elena will turn Paul, Mark, Matt and Raven. Alex said that they might have to go after someone other than Cody next week if Jessica leaves. She mentioned Matt’s name. Christmas threw Elena’s name out there. Christmas said if they keep Jessica, they can make a deal with Cody, and then go after Matt. Alex said the reason she doesn’t trust Jessica is that she knows she will always be a target and she is always lying. Alex said she doesn’t trust Elena or Jessica. Christmas said she sees Elena gaining ground. Alex said she does but doesn’t, since Elena is becoming the new Dominique in terms of making people uncomfortable. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Jason he is seeing the bigger picture. He explained that Cody and Jessica are clear targets, while Elena is playing a really good, strategic game. Jason questioned how Elena can do anything. Josh asked how can she not. He said Elena has Mark, Matt, Raven, Jessica and Cody. Josh pointed out that Elena instantly dropped Mark, Cody and Jessica. Jason said Josh is getting paranoid. Josh said he is not. He said everyone will have eyes on Cody and Jessica, but nobody is looking at Elena. Jason said he thinks Jessica has to go. Jason said the difference between the two targets is their men, since Cody is a lot stronger with Jessica than without her. Josh said people want Elena in the game to be a competitor on their side to come against them. Josh told Jason to stop thinking about what the house wants and start thinking about what is best for his game. Josh said Elena will fly under the radar and be forgotten about. Eventually, Jason said Josh sold him on the idea. Josh said it’s not about selling him, but rather about what’s best for their games. Josh said Cody and Jessica can benefit Alex, Jason and himself. Jason pointed out that if Elena goes, Cody may then want to leave when Jessica does go since they will be able to be together in jury. Christmas came upstairs and told Josh to chill on the Elena thing.. She said you don’t want to get the house riled up right now. Josh said he is only telling the two of them. He said he doesn’t want Paul to know anything yet.

1:00-2:00 PM: Christmas spoke to Josh alone. She said she believes Alex and Christmas would be on board with the plan to evict Elena. However, she said Jason told them there is no way he will keep Jessica, then he came upstairs and said something differently. Christmas mentioned that Elena has Paul in her pocket, which doesn’t help them. Josh said Paul was defending Elena all last night. Christmas said those two had a private conversation as soon as Elena went on the block. Josh said Paul will either be with him or against him, because Elena is going home if he wants Elena out. Christmas said Jessica started talking to her again today, so she thinks their relationship is fine. Christmas brought up that she had to use the temptation or else Paul would have told someone and outed her. Christmas let Josh know she thinks she can be the middle man between Josh and Jessica. Christmas also said she has Kevin’s ear. Christmas said Paul has floated from one side to another too much. Josh said it’s pissing him off that Paul is protecting both sides. Christmas said it’s the Big Brother house, not Paul’s house, and he has to pick a side. She thinks Paul is making it clear that his true alliance is with Elena. Christmas asked what Josh wants her to ask for from Cody and Jessica. Josh said safety. Christmas said they will need something more specific. They discussed that this move will split the house. Christmas said she is not going to look like a pushover in front of millions of people. Josh said that’s why he wants Elena out. Christmas told him she loves it. Meanwhile, Alex told Jason that Josh really wants to keep Jessica. Jason said fine. Alex said no. She told Jason to get rid of Jessica. Alex added that she wants to punch Jessica in the face every day that she sees her. Alex mentioned being concerned about Cody and Jessica each having a jury vote. Jason argued that Elena will not vote for them either. Jason said it doesn’t matter and it’s whatever Josh wants to do. Alex retired that she doesn’t want Jessica in the house. Josh, Matt and Raven spoke in the HoH room. Raven said Matt and Paul will speak to Mark about not using the veto. Matt said if it is used, it doesn’t hurt Josh since he and Raven are willing to go on the block. Matt said Jessica is going home, so they need to start looking ahead to next week. Matt advised Josh not to get upset at Mark, since they need Cody to remain his target. Josh asked Matt and Raven to decide which of them wants to be the pawn. The two headed to the APSR to talk things over. Matt told Raven he would love to get to the Final 5 with Alex and Jason, but he, Raven or Paul would be guaranteed $500,000 should they go with Christmas and Josh instead. Matt said it’s best for their game if Mark uses the veto, considering it gives them a reason to put him up. Matt let Raven know he would prefer that she goes up since he would like to be a pawn when it actually matters. Matt said this is the safest week to be a pawn. Raven agreed to do it. They asked Paul if they should talk to Mark about not using the veto. Paul said he isn’t going to. They then asked Paul for his thoughts about Matt’s theory that Raven should go up. Paul said it makes sense. Josh came by. Raven told him to put her up if he needs to name a replacement nominee.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jason asked Christmas if she thinks it’s best to get Elena out, or to get Jessica out. Christmas said there are pros and cons to both. Christmas said Elena has the ability to rally people more than Cody and Jessica do. Jason pointed out that Cody has been talking to Kevin, Mark and even Paul. However, Jason thinks Cody or Jessica would be fine with leaving once one of them goes, since they would both be in jury if they made it past this week. Christmas said they have a lot of leverage to use in order to get protection for themselves from Cody and Jessica if they keep Jessica around. Josh joined them. He said Elena has backstabbed her allies and she will do the same to them. Christmas said if Josh gets Elena out, he has to spin it to Jessica that he did this in order to squash everything with her. Alex said that keeping Jessica would eat away at their own numbers if they cut a deal with them. She asked who they would target next. Josh said they will still have the numbers and they can go after Cody, Jessica and Mark next. Alex argued that they may not be able to pin them down next week, given that there is another Temptation Competition. Out in the yard, Elena talked about how crazy it is that one of the people in the house will win $500,000. She asked Jessica who she thinks it will be. Jessica said she would vote for Paul if she had to choose right now. Jessica said she thinks he is playing a really smart game. Elena agreed. On the other hand, she said she would never vote for Raven. Jessica told Elena that either Matt or Raven will go on the block tomorrow. Elena asked how Jessica knows. Jessica did not want to reveal her source. Jessica informed Elena that Christmas doesn’t like her. Jessica said her other friends have told her that Elena’s name is coming out of Christmas’ mouth. Jessica said she is not going to campaign against Elena, but she has been told that Christmas is someone whose vote she could potentially get.

3:00-4:00 PM: Jessica told Elena the person who will likely get her furthest in the game is Paul. They discussed that people will either look to Paul to lead them all the way to the end, or they will turn on him soon. Elena said she is curious who it is that Jessica is talking to. Jessica said she doesn’t want to jeopardize their game. Both girls said they hope that Raven is nominated tomorrow. However, Elena doesn’t think that people would vote Raven out over her if things change, due to her diseases. Jessica said people are over that factor. Elena said she has had to listen to Raven and Paul tell the same stories about Cody and Jessica 10-12 times now. Elena told Jessica she would be irritated if Kevin made it to the end, seeing as he hasn’t even watched an episode. She added that Kevin doesn’t know what he is doing unless that is his strategy and he is playing it so well. Jessica said the people who are mindless and are taking directions are the ones staying in the game. As for those who have their own thoughts, Jessica said those people are targeted. Elena admitted that she would have to put Cody on the block next week. Jessica asked Elena not to backdoor him. Elena said she wont. Jessica said Cody would respect it more if he is put on the block initially. Jessica suggested nominating Alex next to Cody. Elena said she would probably do that.

4:00-5:00 PM: Raven let Christmas know that she is going on the block if Mark uses the veto. Christmas told Raven she has nothing to worry about. Christmas said it’s so shady that Mark is going to use the veto. Raven said she trusts the house. Raven thinks the only vote she will have against her will be from Cody. Christmas mentioned that he might vote to evict Elena, so she may not have any votes against her. Raven said Matt, Paul and Christmas are the only people she has told that she is going up tomorrow. Looking ahead to next week, Raven said she will backdoor Cody if she wins HoH. Paul headed to the APSR to talk to the cameras. He said Matt is doing nothing in the game. Paul made it clear that he wants to put Matt on other people’s radars. Paul said he feels pretty good with Alex, Jason, Kevin, Christmas and Josh. Paul said true colours are starting to show, which is what he needs. He noted that Raven is someone who came in super sweet and super nice, yet she is crazy and has a temper. Paul said the same goes for Christmas. He also mentioned Elena. Paul said he needs to keep having a hand in everything but not be too crazy about it. Paul thinks Kevin is playing the best game in the house right now. Paul said that once he gets Cody out, he thinks he can steamroll if he gets Matt and Elena out. Paul said he thinks he can make it work if he sticks with Alex and Kevin.

5:00-6:00 PM: While Paul spoke to the cameras, he said he needs to drill into people’s heads that he will not win the game at the end even though he will. Paul told Elena he has come to terms with losing if he makes it to the Final 2. Paul said he knew he had no chance at wining the game as soon as he found out that he was the only vet. Paul said he made it to jury, which is probably as good as he can get. Elena told Paul she isn’t sure about that. She said there are few people she would consider voting for over Paul. Elena brought up that people could easily send her home this week because they know that Jessica will still be a target. Paul said that is hands down the dumbest thing Elena has ever said. Paul said Cody and Jessica are a power duo, so there is no reason why anyone would leave them in the house. Paul then spoke to Mark about this being the week to show his faith in the house by leaving himself on the block. However, Paul said it’s his right to use the veto and he will not tell him not to. Mark said there is not a chance in hell that he is not going to use the veto.

6:00-7:00 PM: Elena told Josh that as long as nothing goes crazy this week, she is at least secured jury. Josh said yeah. Elena asked Josh if he knows who he will nominate if Mark uses the veto. Josh said he has no idea, plus he plans to talk to Mark later. Elena let Josh know that Mark is going to use the veto. Josh commented on Jessica handling things well this week. Elena said she hopes there is nothing crazy going on and that Jessica is indeed going home this week. Elena mentioned that it is a little bit scary to be on the block, but she trusts everyone and trusts that they will honour Josh’s decision. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Kevin he needs him to have his back this week. Kevin assured Josh that Cody will not put him up if he wins. Josh asked who should go, Elena or Jessica. Kevin said he guesses they have to send Jessica out. As for next week, he said nominate Matt and Raven in order to get Matt out. Kevin suggested that Josh should play with Cody for a few weeks since he is not going to put him up. Kevin clarified that he is not saying to bring Cody into their six. Josh said he feels so good about the people they have. Josh listed off the six as Kevin, Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason and himself.

7:00-8:00 PM: Josh told Christmas that Kevin said Cody is going after Matt and Raven. Christmas said Kevin has developed a relationship with Cody, and apparently they are included in the group that Kevin is getting Cody to protect. Christmas told Josh to expect that whatever he tells Kevin will get back to Paul. Josh told Christmas he wants Elena out. Christmas said they made jury, so let’s flip things and cause some chaos. Christmas told Josh that every time he has a conversation with Paul, Paul is telling a different group that they are his top eight. Christmas said it shifts based on who is in the room. Josh said Paul controls Matt and Raven and he knows that they will never go against him. Josh said he didn’t question where Paul stood until this week, but now he is wondering why Paul wants to protect Elena. Josh said it’s not a team effort if Paul is not considering what is best for his game. Christmas and Josh think that Paul is leaking information to Elena. Christmas said it’s very likely that Paul is working with every person in the house. Josh said he has control over a lot of them. Christmas said she doesn’t care as long as Paul has her back. Josh thinks he can talk to Paul in order to get him on board with his plan to target Elena. Christmas said the decision is Josh’s. Josh said he is really torn. Christmas said she is going to play devil’s advocate. She said Josh would be keeping a couple together that has disgraced him, plus he will give Jessica a jury spot, if he decides to target Elena. Christmas said she thinks they have been looking at it wrong since they should be considering which move gets the most people to have their backs. Christmas suggesting leveraging the situation in a way that is less destructive. Josh said his only fear in getting rid of Elena is that Paul will not understand and he will drift away. Christmas explained that Cody may decide he doesn’t need them if Jessica stays. Josh then said they should get Jessica out. He said he needs to stop going back and forth on it.

11:00-12:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Mark told Alex and Jason that Cody wanted to work with the two of them from the beginning. He said he doesn’t think that Cody will be after either of them. Alex said she honestly thinks that Cody is a good guy, and she still kind of trusts him. Alex said Cody just got wrapped up in Jessica. Jason agreed. Alex said she thinks Cody genuinely likes Jessica, but she doesn’t know how much she likes him. Mark said Jessica did throw away jury for him, though it was discussed that Jessica did not see things playing out this way.

12:00-1:00 AM: Christmas told Kevin that Josh was thinking of targeting Elena, then he realized that the magnitude of that move would make it not as smart as getting Jessica out. Kevin said Jessica has to go, because then Cody wont know what’s going on. Christmas said Jessica and Cody can then go back to back. Paul came by to ask if Mark is pulling himself off. Christmas said apparently. Raven said that’s what Mark told Matt. Paul asked if Raven is going up. Raven said 100%. Paul said she has nothing to worry about. Christmas said it’s weird that Mark is using the veto. Raven said it’s okay with her. Raven then told Alex she is going up. Christmas told Kevin that Raven only volunteered to go up because she can later say that she already went up as a pawn. Raven headed upstairs with Matt. She told Matt that Alex, Christmas and Kevin know she is going up tomorrow. Raven said they are pissed. Matt said that’s good since their plan is working. Raven told Matt that people are saying Mark should man up and stay on the block.

1:00-2:00 AM: Raven asked Paul if he knows that Mark is jealous of his relationship with Elena. Paul asked how Raven knows that. She said Elena told her. Paul said he picked up on that but he told Mark that he has a girl waiting for him on the outside. Paul is concerned that Mark will nominate him due to the jealousy. Raven asked what the plan is if Cody wins the Temptation Competition next week. Paul said Mark will go home. Raven agreed. They talked about how it may not be best to use Elena as a pawn again. Matt said they could always nominate Josh next to Mark. Matt said he would like to take Josh to the Final 5. Paul agreed. Matt said if they are at the end with Christmas and Josh, one of them is guaranteed $500K. Paul said they can bring Alex and Jason along for as long as they can. Matt said he loves Alex but she is too good of a competitor to take too far. Paul said they are golden if they have Christmas, Josh and Kevin in the Final 6 with them.

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