Big Brother 19 Day 49

August 8, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Josh let Christmas know that Paul said he heard that Christmas is saying he is trying to protect Elena. Josh said Kevin was out there with Paul. Christmas said she doesn’t think that she told Kevin. Josh told her to drop it because he wants Jessica out now anyway since she is being too personal. Josh said Paul explained that he is trying to keep Elena close so she doesn’t react. Josh said he believes Paul is giving Elena information. Christmas mentioned that Paul’s biggest thing is loyalty. Josh told Christmas they will forget about it for now and then gun for Elena after Cody leaves. Josh said Cody will be locked and loaded like a rifle gun once they take out Jessica. Christmas said Raven is starting to be a nightmare. Josh said they were talking about that last night. Christmas advised Josh not to let his disdain for Matt or Raven show. Christmas said Kevin thinks that Matt should go next since they are getting rid of all girls. Josh said they also need strong competitors to go up against Cody if there is a Battle Back. Josh said Matt is playing Derrick’s game by not winning competitions. Josh told Christmas he doesn’t respect the way that Matt is playing it really safe. Christmas brought up that Raven went crazy personal at Cody and Jessica, and lost her top. Christmas said it was so bad. Josh agreed. He said Matt and Raven are followers and go with the numbers. Christmas said they haven’t really talked game to her. Christmas said Paul, Kevin, Josh and Alex talk game to her. However, Christmas said Matt and Raven haven’t thrown her name out there as far as she knows. Christmas told Josh she would like to get Cody, Elena and Mark out first. Josh mentioned Paul saying he doesn’t think he will win because there is only one vet. Christmas said that’s not true since Nicole won last season as a vet. Out in the yard, Cody told Jason he thinks that it will be an endurance competition this week. Cody said he is winning it if so. Cody said “f*ck him (Matt) and Raven”. Cody said if Jason ever wants to make it square for him saving him, throw a vote towards Raven to make her squirm. Jason said done. Cody told Jason he can throw him on the block or anything, but doing this one thing for him is all he asks. He said he doesn’t want it to be so lopsided for Jessica. Cody assured Jason he will not say a word. Jason said he will do it. Cody thanked him and said they are square.

11:00-12:00 PM: Out in the hammock, Jessica told Cody she wants him to unleash hell on these people. Jessica said to not let them sleep, and not let them breathe without his permission. She suggested that he become Evel Dick 2.0. Cody said he is not going to do that. Jessica asked Cody to ask Kevin who he is evicting. She said Kevin told her that he is not voting to evict her. Jessica said she would like for Kevin to vote to evict Raven. Cody said he told Jason that they can make things square between them if he votes to evict Raven, which Jason agreed to. Cody said he plans to say the same to Kevin and to Mark. Even if they all do it, Cody said that would only give them a tie. Jessica said she doesn’t want there to be a tie, seeing as Josh would have the satisfaction of voting her out. Jessica said she wants to see Raven’s reaction if those people vote against her. She said she would like to drag Raven’s security blanket out the door with her. Jessica said if Raven tries to hug her, she will palm her face and say “not today, Satan!”. In the bedroom, Jason let Alex know about his conversation with Cody about voting Raven out. Jason suggested that it could be a good move in order to secure that Cody will not come after them if he wins HoH. Alex wasn’t so sure about it. She said she guesses Jason could do that, but they wouldn’t be able to tell Kevin. Jason wondered if Cody told Kevin the same thing. Alex said they can talk to Paul about it to see what he thinks.

12:00-1:00 PM: In the kitchen, Paul said he thinks Matt went to shower. Paul said Matt is the cause of the California drought. Josh said Matt is the problem with the drought. Jessica said “Josh, can you spell drought?”. Josh spelled it correctly. Jessica said she is proud of him and she is pretty sure that she can stump him on 100 other words, so she is not too worried about it. Josh said he is actually very smart, with a college degree and a business. Jessica said “whatever you say, Josh” and walked away.

1:00-1:30 PM: Josh told the others about what Jessica had said. Paul told Josh to go asked Jessica how to spell evicted. Josh then headed into the kitchen where Cody and Jessica were sitting. Josh said "I don’t know how to spell drought, but can you spell “evicted”?”. Josh laughed and then headed back outside. Jessica said he is dumbest human being she has met in her life. A few minutes later, Josh returned to the kitchen to ask Jessica if she wants to talk. Jessica said she is warning Josh that today is not the day. Josh said he didn’t even put her on the block, but she was coming at him and trying to make him look stupid. Jessica said she still thinks he is a moron. Cody said Josh waddles around with his fat body, acting tough but it’s only because they can’t do anything about it in there. Cody said he dares Josh to try it on the outside. Josh said they are making it personal. Jessica said she is not in the mood for it and he needs to get away from her. Josh said he was talking about Matt, yet Jessica inserted herself and called him stupid. Josh asked how he is stupid. Jessica asked if he listens to himself on a daily basis, cause she has to. Josh said they are going to look stupid on the outside, because he tried. Cody told Josh he destroys him and will rip him apart on the outside, making the whole world know what a piece of s*it he is. Josh asked if Cody realizes that he is playing a game. Cody said it’s not a game to him, it’s real life. Josh said they haven’t spoken to him in 49 days and yet they have all these judgments on him. Jessica said they don’t speak to people that they don’t like. Jessica told Josh he is a coward and attacks her during ceremonies. Josh said he is HoH and living the dream. Jessica said he got lucky on a stupid competition. Josh told Jessica she is digging his grave. Jessica said she has a life outside of this. Josh questioned who asked. Jessica asked Josh to enunciate when he said “asked”. Josh said they are making the game really personal and they will feel really stupid. Josh told Jessica she will feel really stupid for playing Cody’s game when he singlehandedly ruined her game. Jessica said the only reason people keep Josh is because he is a moron. Josh said it’s sad he is 23 and he is more mature than 26 year old Jessica and 37 year old Cody. Josh told Cody and Jessica that they don’t even fit in with them. Cody said he is so glad that Josh is so cool in this house. Josh told Cody his social game is nothing if not for Jessica. Josh said he tried to play nice. Jessica said he hasn’t been nice to her since Day 1. Josh told Jessica she inserted herself and tried to make him look stupid. Jessica said he does that on his own. Josh said Cody has no social game except for her, so if he sucks and is a loser, she is dating one. Josh told Jessica she is going home on Thursday. Jessica said thank God since she wont have to listen to him anymore. Josh then told Cody his face is disgusting. Jessica asked if Josh has looked in the mirror. Jessica said Josh sounds desperate when he walks around saying he wants a boo. Josh brought up that she is going home on Thursday. Jessica said thank God and she wishes it was Thursday. She then started banging stuff to make noise, right in front of Josh. Cody got in between them in order to pull Jessica away. Jessica called Josh a fat ass. Josh said he would rather be that and have a good heart. Josh told Jessica her air time is up. He said Cody will be following her out the door next week. Josh said he tried to play nice. Jessica said he doesn’t know what that is. Josh told Jessica to stop. Jessica told Josh to bite her.

1:30-2:00 PM: Josh headed up to the HoH room. He cried. Matt consoled him. Josh said his family will be so hurt because of what Cody is saying about him. Josh said he could tell based on his letter from home that people were attacking him and saying stuff about him. Paul came up to the HoH room to tell Josh he did a great job standing his ground as a man, not saying anything petty. Paul said America will now see who the real bullies are. Paul said he is proud of Josh for standing up for himself. Raven joined them and hugged Josh as he cried. Paul said Josh only used game talk, which does not give anyone the right to call him stupid or fat. Paul told Josh to not ever let anyone bring him down. Paul said those were hurtful words and his sister became anorexic cause she was bullied like that. Paul questioned where Mark was with his anti-bullying stance during that. Alex, Christmas and Elena came upstairs as well. Mark walked through the door. Josh asked Mark to leave the room. Mark asked what he did. Josh told him to just leave and give him a minute. Christmas said Cody told Josh he would f*ck him up and split him in two on the outside. Paul went on about how allowing someone with that mentality is great when they are playing a game. Josh said he doesn’t care if they send him home, but do not send him home when Cody is HoH. Josh said he will make Cody’s life a living hell as soon as Jessica is gone. He said he will pots and pans 24/7. Paul said not to stoop to their level though. Christmas said Josh was threatened and that is enough for a restraining order outside of the house. Paul headed down to the APSR to speak to Jason, Kevin and Mark. Jason said now they are going to have to listen to Josh cry for three days about what he said and how sorry he is. Paul said he is crying about the things Cody said to him, such as calling him fat and saying he will tear him in two. Kevin questioned why production doesn’t say something to Cody. Paul said they should since Cody made threats. Kevin said Cody should apologize for making everyone feel apprehensive around him. Paul said he is not going to. Kevin asked if Cody can just leave. Paul said no since he signed up for this game. Paul explained to Mark that Jessica started this by saying she would be surprised if Josh could even spell the word “drought”, even though the conversation had nothing to do with Jessica. Paul said people genuinely don’t feel comfortable with Cody, and it’s getting to a point where it’s ridiculous and he is over it. Jason said Josh needs to “dry it up” and consider this a win. Alex and Paul told Jason that he doesn’t know how long Josh has had to deal with things like this for.

2:00-2:30 PM: Alex, Christmas, Elena, Mark, Kevin, Paul, Jason and Raven spoke in the APSR. Paul commented on how it’s ridiculous that the person who has the capability to hurt someone has been allowed to get in people’s faces and make verbal threats. Kevin said Cody won’t touch Josh. Paul asked if he is sure. Kevin said he is positive. Kevin told the group he would have called Cody out for getting personal and calling Josh fat if he was there. Kevin said he will go call him out now even, but he will get called to the DR. Paul said you can’t solve that behaviour with similar behaviour. Kevin asked if they should all sit down at the table to talk about it. Christmas said Cody does’t have the emotional intelligence to do so. Paul then called out Mark in front of the group, asking why he didn’t say anything about Josh being personally attacked about his weight. Mark said he was not there for it. Paul said he was. Mark said he was talking to Elena and Raven. Mark asked why Paul wouldn’t ask him instead of saying if he heard it. Paul said Mark doesn’t have to get defensive. He said Mark had a different approach while they were attacking Cody and Jessica. Paul asked why Mark didn’t feel that way now. Mark said he didn’t hear those words. Paul asked why Mark has nothing to say about it now. Mark pointed out that Josh personally attacked him, yet not one single person said anything about it. Paul said he knows Mark has been through this, so he wants to know how he feels about it or why he didn’t say anything when he has been attacked about his weight. Mark said he doesn’t know who started what. Mark mentioned that Josh went directly at Cody for how he looked. Paul said Mark heard that but didn’t hear Josh being called fat. Mark said Cody wasn’t screaming. Mark again pointed out that he got personally attacked but it was just fun and games. Mark asked who is the one that started all of this. Paul said it wasn’t Josh. Paul again asked why Mark doesn’t feel a certain type of way about the weight comments. Mark said he felt bullied by Josh and vocalized that to everyone, so it’s hard for him to feel a certain way when Josh attacks people. Paul claimed he is only asking because he hasn’t gone through someone attacking his weight. Mark said if Josh doesn’t want to get involved with them, he shouldn’t get engaged. Paul said Josh stood up for himself because he was getting bullied. When Mark said it’s wrong to say those words, such as fat, Paul told him he needs to vocalize that. Paul told Mark that he threw a drink in Josh’s face, then Josh’s actions derived from it. Mark asked if that made it okay for Josh to say what he did to him. Paul said no. Mark said the only person who was there for him was Cody. Josh joined them and said he will be raising hell for the next two days. Paul told Josh to go do what he wants. Mark told Paul if it was any other person in the house, he would have said something to Cody. Mark said everyone is acting like Josh didn’t say anything to them. Josh got the pots and pans. He went outside to ask Cody and Jessica if they are ready for the concert they are about to get for the next two days. Cody said he will rip the pan right out of his hands. Josh proceeded to bang the pots and pans. Cody charged towards Josh. Feeds cut.

2:30-3:00 PM: Feeds returned. Matt said this is the fourth time that Cody has threatened violence. Raven said that is ridiculous. Josh told his family that he never backs down and he is loving life. He said he is the happiest man alive. Jason told Josh not to let other people provoke him by saying “doesn’t it hurt your feelings that he called you fat?”. Jason said Josh was prepared for the things he heard when got into this. Alex said that’s not what she was saying. Josh told Alex that Jason is right. Jason said he is on Alex’s side. Alex said Josh was not prepared for what they said. Jason said Alex is putting that in his head. Josh said he has been told worse things. Josh said he is not a victim and he is not being bullied, so he does not want people involving themselves cause he can handle it on his own. Jason said he was defending Josh because he feels like the other houseguests are making him into more of a victim. Josh said not to worry about anything he says. Josh brought up that Cody got in his face again. Josh explained that Paul is so defensive because he has been attacked by Cody too. Jason said all he is saying is that he is not getting involved even though people are trying to make it seem like it’s everyone’s fight. Josh said he doesn’t need people getting involved. Elsewhere, Mark and Paul talked things over. Mark said people want to act like Josh is not doing anything wrong. Paul said he is really not. He said Josh is not going out of his way to personally hurt someone. Mark asked how it looks when you keep going at someone and bang pots and pans. Paul said he understands the aspect of only being able to push someone so far. Paul said he was not trying to point Mark out. Mark said he understands. Paul said he doesn’t know why Josh is upset with Mark. Mark told Paul that Josh harassed him the morning that Ramses left, yet no one said anything. Mark said if you antagonize someone enough, they are going to say something. Mark said the way Josh is acting is comical, yet people act like Cody needs to be taken out of the house. Paul said what Cody is doing is over the line. Mark said someone needs to say something then. Paul said they have. Paul told Mark he thinks Cody will hit someone or get someone to a point where they will want to become violent themselves. Mark pointed out that Josh said there will be two days of hell, which shows emotional instability on his part. Mark brought up that following someone around with pots and pans, constantly talking, is harassment. Mark argued that people look at certain incidents in order to be with the group and not put a target on their backs. Mark said it’s pathetic how the game has gotten. Mark said Josh is crying because of how someone treated him, yet he goes and antagonizes them some more. Paul said he now understands Mark’s point of view as someone who has been antagonized by Josh. Mark said he is sick of being made a target whenever he stands up for someone or says to stop bullying. Mark said it’s as simple as not throwing rocks when you live in a glass house.

3:00-4:00 PM: Mark told Josh that if he would have heard the weight comments, he would have said something. Josh said it doesn’t bother him. Mark asked why Josh was mad at him and didn’t want him in the HoH room. Josh said he needed a minute to breathe. Mark pointed out that there were six others around Josh. Josh again said he just needed a minute. Josh said he has to stay away from the pots and pans. Production told him. The two cleared the air and agreed that they are fine with each other. Josh then went to Paul to say he is not allowed to use the pots and pans anymore. Josh told Paul not to address Cody or Jessica. Paul said he is over it and he is tired of living in this environment. He said he didn’t come there to live in hostility. Paul spoke to Alex and Jason about their votes. Paul said Jason cannot vote to evict Raven, otherwise Cody could end up rallying the votes to save Jessica. He asked that they tell Kevin the same thing.

4:00-5:00 PM: Jason told Alex that Josh didn’t care about anyone calling him fat. Jason suggested that what Josh is concerned about is the backlash from what he does, since he is concerned about how he will look. Jason said Josh keeps doing this anyway. Jason told Alex that people are getting mad but they are using Josh as a pawn in order to get at Cody and Jessica. Jason added that everybody in the house is a bully when it works for them. In the bedroom, Cody told Jessica he is racking his brain trying to figure out a way to sacrifice himself for her. Jessica asked how he would do that. He said there are ways. Jessica mentioned that everyone is already on the block. Jessica said she doesn’t want Cody to punch someone in order to get evicted. Cody said he isn’t saying that. Jessica talked about the storyline of her falling on the sword for him when he wanted to fall on the sword for her. Raven talked about her wrist being injured during the altercation between Cody and Josh. Paul asked if she went to the diary room for it. Raven said no and asked if she should. Paul said to if it hurts. Raven said it hurts and she figured it’s because it’s bruised. She said she can go tell production she got hurt in the middle of the fight.

5:00-6:00 PM: Raven told Paul she doesn’t understand why Josh can’t bang the pots and pans anymore. She said it’s mental warfare. Raven then told Matt that Josh is no longer allowed to do that. Matt said that’s ridiculous. He said it’s part of the game. Matt said so Josh can’t play his game anymore because people cannot control their emotions. Paul said that’s exactly it. Christmas came inside. Raven told her that Jessica called her a fake b*tch. Christmas said she didn’t hear it. Raven said she just wanted Christmas to know. Christmas said she liked Jessica personally, but she is playing a really bad game. Christmas also said that Jessica needs to be able to understand the difference between game and personal. Later, Alex told Jason, Kevin and Paul that they can only have certain people win HoH this week. She said she doesn’t trust Matt and Raven to win. Paul said someone in the room needs to win HoH. He mentioned that Christmas would be good too. Alex said she is okay with being used as a pawn to backdoor Cody if needed. Paul said Matt and Raven can be used as pawns. Paul told Jason he should throw the Temptation Competition in order to ensure that he can compete for veto, giving them another strong player in it. Paul said he could do it if not.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason told Kevin that Cody approached him and said they can make it right for him not putting Jason on the block by throwing a vote Raven’s way to make it not so lopsided. Kevin asked if Jason is going to do it. Jason said no. Kevin said if you lose, you lose, so it shouldn’t matter if it’s 4-3 or 7-0. Kevin said Cody is a baby and maybe he should offer to go instead of Jessica. Jason said he was going to entertain evicting Raven prior to everything that happened this afternoon. Kevin said he is voting to evict Jessica. A for next week, they talked about backdooring Cody. Kevin suggested nominating Matt and Raven, and telling Alex or Paul to throw the Temptation Competition in order to be the third nominee.

8:00-9:00 PM: Kevin told Paul that the theory he had about Cody is over. He said he will not help Cody or even talk to Cody anymore. Paul said Cody’s behaviour is crazy. Kevin said that behaviour cost Cody the help he was going to give him. Kevin said Cody is on his own. Kevin added that Cody is not that scary that they all need to be afraid of him. Paul agreed. Paul said if Cody gets in his face and does something, he doesn’t know if he will be able to contain himself. Paul said he doesn’t want this to escalate any further. In the kitchen, Elena told Josh she thinks the votes are going to be 6-1-1. Josh asked why that would be. Elena said she doesn’t know but she has a feeling. Josh disagreed. He doesn’t think anyone other than Cody will vote to keep Jessica.

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