Big Brother 19 Day 50

August 9 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Paul told Alex and Josh that somebody might have to throw the safety competition. Paul explained that Cody knows he is getting backdoored, so he may be thinking about putting himself on the block to guarantee he has a 1 in 6 shot at winning the veto as opposed to 1 in 10 at winning safety. Josh said that’s what they tried this week and it didn’t work. Josh asked who should throw it. Paul said anybody as long as someone takes that spot. Alex suggested that she should go up as a pawn next to someone like Elena, making her the actual pawn. Paul said they could put Mark and Matt up. Alex said they wont win the veto. Paul thinks they will if they know their game is on the line. Alex said Matt is pissing her off because he keeps talking about jury. Paul said if they can’t get Cody, they will go for Elena. If they can’t get Elena, Paul said they will go for Matt. Alex and Josh agreed. Paul said it’s very easy to mess with Mark. Alex said Mark is such an ass for not defending Josh when he was being bullied yesterday. Paul brought up that Mark said he can’t stomach to see people attacking someone when Cody and Jessica were being attacked. Paul said Mark had nothing to say when Cody and Jessica were attack Josh by calling him fat. Paul told Josh that Mark said Josh instigates and antagonizes. Josh said it’s all an act with Mark. Paul agreed. He told Josh not to bring it up again. In the APSR, Cody and Jessica went over the various noises that have been playing over the past couple of days. Jessica mentioned that it might be a true or false competition. Cody said he will still have the safety competition, which might be the better one for him to win so that he can compete for HoH after it. Cody figures that if this competition is not endurance, the next would have to be.

12:00-1:00 PM: Cody told Jessica that everyone will play for safety. He mentioned his only chance will be the veto if he doesn’t win safety, but he will be backdoored. Jessica said he should go for HoH either way. Cody agreed. Jessica asked him to promise not to throw any competitions for anyone. Cody promised. Paul told Raven not to give Mark and Elena the correct information for the HoH competition if they ask. Paul asked if Raven thinks they are still being paranoid. Raven thinks they are now more comfortable. Paul said they have to continue to make those two feel comfortable.

1:00-2:00 PM: Raven brought up that they have had a lot of firsts in this house. She mentioned it was the first time they have given away a $25,000 prize. Kevin asked if it was actually the first time. Alex said yeah. Kevin asked what the point of the $25,000 prize was. Jason said it was to get Paul in the house. Alex seconded that. Jason explained that someone was definitely taking the $25,000. Kevin asked if they were told ahead of time that the prize was $25,000. Jason said yeah. Alex said she tried for. Kevin asked Jason if he would have taken it. He said yeah. Raven said she too pushed the button. Kevin asked if that means they are not upset about Ramses taking the $25,000 then. Both Jason and Raven said they are not upset about it. In the storage room, Josh told Christmas he thinks that Alex and Mark have something. Christmas said Alex is also being nice to Cody in case she needs something. Christmas said she feels solid with Josh, Paul, Kevin, Alex and Jason, but they have to expect smaller groups to form. As for Mark, Christmas said he does not talk any game with her at all. Josh told Christmas not to share with Kevin what they talk about, due to how close Kevin and Paul are.

2:00-3:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Raven asked Matt who they should nominate. He said there is no point in talking about it right now when there is still a safety competition to come. Raven said they wont have much time to think about it if it’s a double eviction. Matt said if Cody, Mark and Elena are all still eligible to be nominated after the safety competition, he would nominate Mark and Elena with the goal of backdooring Cody. If Cody wins safety, Matt said he would nominate Elena and a pawn, telling Elena that he is going to backdoor Mark. Matt said they would want a strong pawn in that case. Raven suggested that Paul would be a good pawn. Matt said they would have to talk to him about it first. Matt told Raven that if she wins HoH and Cody wins safety, she use him as a pawn next to Elena. Matt said they would have to make sure that the third nominee does not use the veto on themselves in that scenario. Matt said he and Paul already discussed that they need to control who finishes last in the Temptation Competition. Matt and Raven continued talking in the APSR. Raven asked if she should compete in the Temptation Competition this week. Matt said he doesn’t think it would hurt since he doesn’t see her finishing in last. Raven said she is interested to see how Cody will behave after Jessica is gone. Matt said Cody is in an impossible spot, since he thinks Cody would prefer to leave to go see Jessica but he has to go to jury. For that reason, Matt expects that Cody will think he should try to take out as many of them as he can while he is there.

3:00-4:00 PM: Raven asked Paul who they should put up. Paul said they can have a group talk about the pawn. He said Alex would likely volunteer. Paul mentioned he will go up if they want to put him up. Paul said he feels pretty good about Kevin, Alex, Jason, and Josh. He added that he feels good about Christmas but she has her ways. Paul said Christmas will always be playing for the greater good, though she can’t do much. Matt brought up that Paul had said it would be good to get to the Final 5 with Christmas and Josh. He suggested that it might not be a good idea since Christmas and Josh are a pair. Paul said it doesn’t matter. Matt suggested taking Kevin over Christmas. Paul said Kevin is a better competitor and is capable of winning things, as opposed to Christmas who will be unable to compete in most of the things. However, Paul said he is down for having Kevin in the Final 6. Paul said they need to put Mark and Elena up next to each other if Cody wins safety. Even if Cody doesn’t win, Paul said it’s best to nominate Mark since he might try to save Cody if not. Matt agreed. Raven said she was thinking of putting Alex or Jason up next to Mark, seeing as they are strong competitors. Paul said he is down with that. Paul said he will go up if they want to put him up, but it’s scary since people could rally against him. He said he doesn’t see that happening though, so they can nominate him if they are in a sticky situation. Matt said he is available as a pawn from here on out since they are now in jury. Raven brought up getting Alex out once they are down to eight. Paul said it’s good to keep her around since she isn’t afraid to make crazy moves. He also said Alex is not going to turn on them since she knows she needs them. In the HoH room, Josh spoke to the camera. He said Christmas and Paul are his ride or dies. Josh said he wants to move forward with Christmas, Paul, Alex, Jason and Kevin, but he has concerns about Alex, Jason and Kevin forming a relationship with Cody. He is also worried about Alex and Jason getting close with Mark. Josh looked on as Jason and Mark whispered while playing chess. Mark told Jason that nobody will be able to beat Paul in the Final 2. Jason said nobody will, seeing as Paul is everybody’s buddy and they are all going to vote for him. Mark asked if people really hate Cody that much. Jason said he guesses so. Mark said he only hears Christmas and Paul saying how much they hate Cody. He said there is one voice saying everyone is uncomfortable with Cody. Jason said it’s Paul because he is threatened by Cody. Mark said if they can take Paul out, the players would have nowhere to go since they all follow him around like puppies. Mark told Jason that Paul is going to skate on by since nobody wants to upset him, even in arguments. Mark said it’s pathetic. Mark told Jason that if they don’t take Paul out early, he is going to go all the way. Mark added that everyone goes along with Paul. Jason admitted he is guilty of that.

4:00-5:00 PM: Josh asked Alex and Jason what the deal with Mark is. Alex explained that they need to coddle him as much as possible. She said they don’t want him to win and send Josh home. Josh said Mark is extremely disloyal, seeing as he turned on Cody. Alex said there could be an alliance between Cody, Mark, Elena, Matt and Raven if they aren’t nice to Mark. Josh said he is doing the same with Matt and Raven. Josh said Mark and Elena are trying to reintegrate themselves but they have to realize that those two are locked in with each other. Josh said Mark can act like he is best friends with him, but he is not buying any of it. Josh brought up that he heard Mark is telling people he provoked Cody and Jessica to get them to attack yesterday. Jason asked who cares.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned following a halfway party. The houseguests got pizza and cake. Matt and Raven were chatting up in the HoH room. Josh went up there and asked them if they can leave because he is going to have a conversation with Christmas. Josh then told Kevin, who was in the shower, that it’s annoying how Matt and Raven are always in the HoH room. Christmas made her way upstairs. Josh told her that Matt and Raven are in his room 24/7. He said he thinks Matt believes that he is the HoH. Christmas said Josh has to suck it up since he didn’t set a precedence on day one that people cannot come in there whenever they want. Josh said Matt is acting sketchy. Christmas said he is playing both sides like Elena and Mark have been. Kevin got out of the shower. He told Christmas and Josh that Cody will not nominate Alex or Paul. He said Cody may nominate Josh after what happened yesterday. They discussed that Matt keeps saying all he wanted to do was get to jury. Kevin said they can get him out first then. Christmas said Cody has to go first since he will come after them. Kevin said Cody is going to nominate two of Matt, Raven, Mark and Elena if he wins. Christmas mentioned that Cody might backdoor one of them and then claim he kept his word by not putting them on the block initially. Kevin said Cody wouldn’t have the numbers anyway. Kevin headed downstairs. Josh then told Christmas he believes that Alex, Jason and Mark have something going on. He mentioned walking in on Jason and Mark having conversations. He also observed that Jason’s demeanour changed towards him. Josh thinks Alex threw the veto to Mark. Josh let Christmas know he watched Jason and Mark sitting at the chess board talking, not moving a single piece. Josh said he later asked Jason what the deal with Mark is, and Jason became aggressive and asked what he is trying to say. Josh said Alex explained that they are just trying to keep Mark comfortable. Christmas pointed out that Paul used those same words with Elena. Overall, Josh still thinks Alex and Jason have more loyalty to their six with the two of them, Christmas, Kevin, Paul and himself. Josh said he has Christmas’ back and Paul’s back 100%. He clarified that Christmas is his #1. He said he loves Kevin as well.

9:00-10:00 PM: Josh told Christmas he can’t stand Mark. Christmas brought up that Mark had nothing to say when Cody and Jessica were attacking Josh. They discussed that Paul has their backs. Christmas said she will protect Paul but she doesn’t feel that he will protect her no matter what. Josh said he feels that way with Paul. Josh said Paul seems to be all in with Kevin, but Kevin is doesn’t seem to be all in with Paul. Either way, Josh said they are his boys. Christmas admitted that she questioned Paul for a minute because they have not had a straight up conversation. Josh said the same, but he thinks Paul knows where he stands. They agreed that they are fine with making it to the Final 4 with Kevin and Paul. In the kitchen, Cody told Mark that Kevin approached him with a deal to keep him and his alliance safe. Cody said the alliance is Alex, Jason, Kevin and Paul, and they are gunning for Mark. Mark said it doesn’t surprise him. Cody brought up Kevin offering him five weeks of safety. Cody said he just shook his hand. Both agreed that Kevin only offered that because he is concerned that Cody will win HoH. Mark said if either of them win HoH, they are going to reform the house. He said there is a bit of a chance that they can get Elena on board with doing something with them if she wins HoH too. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Christmas, Jason and Josh that Matt and Raven feel safe with them. He said they cannot rock that boat. Matt and Raven came upstairs. Matt said he feels better with Elena winning than Mark. Paul said he doesn’t know about that. Matt said Paul has a strong influence over Elena. Paul said he really doesn’t. Matt said he thinks Paul does. Paul again denied it.

10:00-11:00 PM: Matt asked who they should target if Cody is off the table, out of Mark and Elena. Alex said Elena. Josh said his preference is Elena but it’s either or at this point. Christmas agreed. Matt said the most dangerous people are the ones most likely to win HoH, and he believes Mark is more likely to win. Jason said Mark is more likely to win but Elena has a far better social game. Matt said the social aspect doesn’t matter much right now unless a bunch of them are lying to each other. Downstairs, Kevin told Jessica he doesn’t know why everyone is going to vote against her, but they are. Kevin let Jessica know he will keep an eye on Cody to make sure that he doesn’t go nuts. Kevin then went to the have-not room. He told Elena and Mark that he said bye to Jessica. Mark said it sucks how this week was with Cody and Jessica being singled out. Kevin said Cody has been shot at all season since he doesn’t have any social skills. Mark said it’s because he made a big move in the beginning. Mark said it would have turned out much differently had Megan not left and the nominations stayed the same. Kevin then spoke to Paul. Paul advised Kevin to be careful with Cody. He said they cannot throw any extra votes out there to keep Jessica. Kevin said he thinks Cody, Mark and Matt need to be the next three to go. Paul said he is fine with that.

11:00-12:00 AM: Josh asked Mark what he thinks about what happened yesterday. Mark said it was ridiculous. He explained that he didn’t hear the words Cody said, so his perspective is different. Mark explained he thought Josh was antagonizing as always, and he didn’t know that Jessica started it. Mark said now that he knows the full story, it was uncalled for. Josh said if people disrespect him, he can do whatever he wants and it’s fair game. Josh said Cody crossed the line by threatening him outside of the house. Mark agreed. Mark told Josh that in his honest opinion, Josh could have walked away. Josh argued that the worst thing you could do is walk away when being bullied or attacked. Josh said people knew he wasn’t the one to mess with when he started standing up for himself. In the HoH room, Alex and Paul discussed that Cody is likely to come after them. Paul said that in a perfect world, Cody and Mark would go back to back. As for Matt, Paul said they can get him out the week that they need to use him as a pawn. The two agreed that if they want to get to the end together, they need to go with Christmas, Kevin and Jason. As for tomorrow, Paul told Alex to throw it once Cody, Mark and Elena are out of the competition. He explained that a double eviction is coming and he would rather they be competing in that.

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