Big Brother 19 Day 51 - Jessica is evicted; Alex wins HoH

August 10 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Jessica told Cody she wants him to be happy while he is there. He said her memory will keep him happy. Jessica said it will be a quick 50 days and he can knock them out. She told Cody to enjoy the time apart, because he is not getting rid of her afterwards. Cody let Jessica know he asked Mark for a sympathy vote for her. He said Mark told him he would think about it. Cody said Mark will be on the bottom regardless. Jessica said what Mark doesn’t realize is if Kevin doesn’t vote to evict her, Mark will get blamed for it anyway. Cody said he wants Mark to think for himself for just one vote. Cody told Jessica it pisses him off that Mark wont give one bit of loyalty. Jessica said she expected that since Mark is trying rebuild things. Cody questioned how many times Mark has to get screwed over before he realizes he is on the bottom. Jessica pointed out that if Cody, Mark, Jason and Kevin all vote the same, it will be a tie and give Josh the power to break the tie. Jessica said she doesn’t want that. Cody said he is more or less asking for votes because he doesn’t think they will do it, but he wants something. Cody said if he is the only vote to evict Raven, f*ck them all. Cody commented on how voting with the house is so weak and gets you nowhere. Cody said he is concerned for Mark in personally since he may end up being remembered as the big guy who didn’t do anything. Cody said they are against all odds since they are up against a vet with a groupie base. Cody questioned how you take on groupies. Jessica said by giving them someone else to follow. Cody said when you have to nominate a third of the cast, that goes out the window.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jessica told Cody to take out someone big for her. She said that would be better than buying her flowers. Cody said he will try. He told her that he will keep throwing people on the block in order to see what sticks. He expects that people will always evict the weaker of the two targets on the block. He added that someone will end up on the block as the third nominee, ruining the plan anyway. Jessica said that’s why it’s not the end of the world if he doesn’t win HoH this week.

1:00-2:00 PM: In the have-not room, Kevin asked Mark about his vote. Mark told Kevin he has to vote Jessica out. Kevin said it will be 7-1 then. Mark said he hopes so, otherwise he will get blamed for the vote. Kevin said they might blame him too. Kevin said he is voting Jessica out even though it’s against his better judgment. In the storage room, Elena told Mark she saw Jason and Kevin talking, then they stopped when she came by. Mark said it has been going on all week. He said he walked in on Kevin and Paul talking. Mark told Elena she is not going anywhere, but he is very concerned moving forward. Elena mentioned that Jason and Kevin were discussing that they should ask Mark something, then they said it would be Raven so they have to ask Matt. Mark let Elena know that Kevin just asked if he is voting Jessica out. Elena said someone will vote to evict her. Mark said he will be screwed then. Elena and Mark spoke in the have-not room. Mark said Cody and Kevin have been talking. He said Cody told him the alliance is Kevin, Paul, Alex and Jason, and he is their target. Mark said Cody was told he will be given five weeks of safety if he follows through with the plan to target him, cause they will go after Elena, Matt, Raven and himself. Mark said he doesn’t trust Paul at all. Mark brought up that Paul wanted to use them as pawns against Alex even though Alex would have had the votes. Elena told Mark that Jessica said someone on the other side is keeping her informed. She said Jessica also mentioned that Paul made an agreement with the other side so he is guaranteed safety either way. Mark said it’s clear. Elena thinks that either Jason or Kevin are the ones giving Jessica information. Jason joined them. Mark let Jason know that if the votes don’t come out as planned, it wasn’t him who flipped. Jason said it’s fine. He mentioned if they spread the votes the wrong way, it would be stupid. Elena asked why they are spreading the votes. Jason didn’t respond. Elena said good talk. Mark asked Jason why they are spreading the votes. Jason said they are not. Mark questioned why Jason would say that. Elena said something is going on. Elena asked if she should pack. Jason said she isn’t going anywhere. Mark asked Jason who he is voting to evict. Jason said he is just going to evict Jessica. Mark asked why he is “just” voting to evict Jessica when that’s the plan. Jason then said he thought it was Mark’s idea to spread the votes. Mark asked why he would want to do that when Elena is on the block. Paul entered the room. Elena asked him if there is a plan to spread the votes. Paul said no. Once Paul left, Elena asked Jason if there was a plan to split the votes between Jessica and Raven. Jason said he doesn’t really know, which Elena took as a yes. Jason said he is a tool and maybe he was just getting half of the conversation. When Mark asked which conversation, Jason said no conversation.

2:00-3:00 PM: Mark asked Elena what if Dominique was right but she was wrong about Elena. He asked what if it was Paul and Raven. Mark said Paul is playing everyone in the house. Elena said of course he is. She said she is not blind to that, but there is a pecking order. Elena explained that she is fine with what Paul is doing as long as he is actually protecting her. Mark pointed out that Paul wanted to use her as a pawn. Mark said they have to win HoH today. Elena said that they or Cody have to win. Elena asked if Cody agreed to target them. Mark said he wont do it. Mark asked if he should vote to evict Jessica. Elena said yes. Paul joined them. Mark asked if he or Elena are going up as a pawn if Paul wins HoH. Paul said that isn’t his agenda. Paul said they have not done anything wrong to him. Elena asked if anyone has. Paul said yes. Paul assured them that they will not go up or get backdoored if he wins, as his objective has remained the same in terms of getting Cody out. In the storage room, Jason told Alex that he and Kevin were whispering about what to do with the vote for Cody. Jason said Elena came around the corner, making him look like a deer in the headlights. Jason told Alex he then had to ask where Mark’s vote is going in order to change the subject. Jason said the vote will probably be 6-2. Mark headed to the bedroom to speak to Jessica. He said he loves her and cannot wait to see her on the outside. Jessica wished him good luck. Mark said he hates how Jessica was treated and what was said about her this week. Mark said it was wrong. Mark said he will do everything he can to work with Cody and make something happen. Mark said it’s pathetic how everyone takes Josh’s back. Jessica said that’s because Josh is a moron and not a threat, so he will be carried along. Mark then let Cody and Jessica know that he will be voting to evict Jessica. Jessica told him to do what he has to do. Jessica then pulled Kevin aside to give him a hug and say goodbye. She said she doesn’t want to say goodbye at the door. Kevin asked Jessica to get in touch with his daughter in LA to watch the show together. Jessica promised to find a way to get in touch with her. Jessica then pulled Jason aside to say goodbye and tell him she hopes he does great on the show.

3:00-4:00 PM: Jessica told Cody to be careful. She said don’t even trust Mark or Elena since everyone is in it for themselves. Cody said he doesn’t care about any of these people. Jessica said to look out for himself. They discussed that they are proud of how far they made it together. They agreed that they could not have asked for a better teammate than each other. Cody said all is not lost if he loses HoH, since he will have more opportunities after that. Jessica asked Cody to make sure that no one tries to hug her after she gets evicted. She said Elena is the only one that’s okay. Cody said he will carry Jessica to the door.

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight’s live eviction episode, Jessica was evicted by a vote of 7-1-0. Alex won HoH. Julie informed the houseguests that they have all at least made it to the jury. Julie then told the viewers that next week will be a live double eviction episode. There will be a bonus episode next Friday as well.

7:00-8:00 PM: When feeds returned, Cody was moving himself into the have-not room. After Cody moved into the have-not room, Paul asked Josh if he wants to volunteer to be a have-not. Josh said yeah. The majority of the houseguests were in the kitchen talking about Jessica’s speech. Josh said he was going to play nice but then Jessica fired him up. Raven said the guy who claimed to respect her the most voted her out. Paul commented on Jessica calling them idiots, yet she is the one who didn’t make it to jury. Paul said Jessica is mad that her Hex didn’t work the way she wanted it to, so she had to act childishly on TV by saying something to him. Josh said Jessica had all week to say something to them, but didn’t. In the bedroom, Kevin told Jason they should nominate Mark and Matt, then try to backdoor Cody. Jason said Cody probably wants to leave at this point. Kevin agreed since nobody is talking to him. Alex and Paul joined. Alex said she thinks Raven asked her to let her win, but she pretended not to hear that. Paul asked what Alex is thinking for nominations. Alex said she is thinking Matt and Elena. Paul said he is down for that. Alex said they will have to convince Matt to go up. Kevin asked what happens if Cody throws the competition tomorrow. Paul said they need someone to throw it even worse. Josh came by and said he isn’t sure that he wants to be a have-not. After he left, Paul told Alex to make Josh a have-not. He said they have to get Josh back into shape, plus it’s hilarious.

8:00-9:00 PM: Matt told Raven it’s very telling that Cody decided to vote her out over Elena. Matt said he is sure that Elena is not thrilled with that, seeing as it makes things very obvious. Raven said Cody even moved into the have-not room with Mark and Elena. Matt said he will be interested to see what conversation Mark and Elena have with Alex. He said Alex will let them know. Matt and Raven discussed that the double eviction is likely to be next week. Jason came by and said the same thing. Jason let Raven know that Cody was trying to get he and Kevin to vote to evict her. Jason said Cody explained that he didn’t want it to be a clean sweep against Jessica. Raven said she is not going to look at Cody anymore.

9:00-10:00 PM: Cody told Kevin he is going to compete for safety for sure. Kevin said he guesses that everybody is going to. Cody said they will have to. Cody said if he doesn’t get safety, he will have to hope his chip gets pulled for the veto competition. Kevin asked Cody what his plan is for when this is over. Cody said he and Jessica are going to have a pretty good relationship. Kevin asked if he is going to move LA or if she is going to move Dallas. Cody said they will go back and forth. Kevin told Cody they will be coming after him every week. Cody said it has been that way from the start. Cody said the craziest thing is he wouldn’t go after Alex. He said Alex coming after him would be a waste of her HoH. Cody mentioned he has maintained from the start that he wants Alex to do awesome in the game. Kevin said Cody has only two options, winning safety or winning the veto. Cody agreed. Kevin let Cody know that they are going to make him a have-not. Cody said he is already in there and he is already eating slop. Kevin also said they will be putting Josh in there with him. Cody said that’s fine. Paul brought up the need to have someone throw the competition so that Cody can’t be the third nominee. Christmas asked if she needs to do it. Paul said it’s a possibility. He pointed out that she would be taking Cody out of the veto competition again. They said they will see what Alex wants to do later on. Paul said it will be stupid if he is getting a villain edit for going after America’s sweetheart. Kevin and Paul spoke in the APSR. Kevin relayed his conversation with Cody to Paul. Kevin said they should knock Cody out of the game and get it over with. Paul said he has an issue with Cody and Jessica playing the victim role. He said he is probably being portrayed as an ass for going after that couple when they have been arrogant, rude, bullies, and made people cry. Kevin said Paul is probably doing the best of everyone on the outside. Paul disagreed. Paul feels that he will be portrayed a certain way since he is playing so aggressively. Paul said he has no respect for Cody or Jessica. Paul said they have to tiptoe their gameplay around Cody since he can’t control his temper. Paul bet Kevin that Cody will get lucky and pull out a win tomorrow. Elsewhere, Elena told Mark she does not want to be one of the first to jury. She said she needs to stay as long as possible to maximize things for her career. Mark said they have to make sure that Cody goes. In the other room, Alex asked Jason what they should do. Jason said nominate Elena and Matt, then backdoor Cody. Jason asked if they should target Matt if Cody wins safety. Alex nodded.

10:00-11:00 PM: Christmas said she wants to compete tomorrow. Kevin wasn’t sure it would be a good idea since it may not even be something that she can do. Christmas said even if that happens, she is automatically on the block and she takes Cody’s spot. Kevin said everyone else should clearly compete tomorrow. Christmas agreed. Kevin told Christmas that Matt and Raven are talking about a Final 5 with Alex, Jason and Paul. Kevin questioned who Matt and Raven think they are. Kevin also didn’t like that Raven is bringing his name up and saying that Cody asked him to vote her out when he didn’t. Christmas told Kevin not to worry about it, because nobody is liking Raven. Kevin said she is picking on the wrong person, since he will influence people to go against her. Kevin said Matt and Raven will be his targets after Cody leaves. In the APSR, Christmas said Paul is worried about being seen as a bully. Josh said when the comment was made by the fan outside, Paul took it as being directed towards him. Josh said maybe their approach is wrong because they are being intense and aggressive. Christmas argued they are just standing their ground since Cody and Jessica are malicious. Josh said they are the bad ones since they don’t play victim, don’t back down, and don’t go cry in a room. Christmas said just because they don’t cry, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t hurting. Josh mentioned that Jason is getting really close with Mark. He said they definitely have something. Josh told Christmas that they have to keep that between them, otherwise they will become the targets. In the bathroom, Kevin told Jason they should put Mark and Matt up. Jason suggested Matt and Elena. Kevin said Raven appears to be the better player than Elena, so maybe she should go up with Matt. Kevin said that would stop Matt and Raven talking about Final 5. in the APSR, Matt told Kevin, Paul and Raven he would be shocked if Cody is invested in the safety competition tomorrow. Paul said he is. Raven said Cody didn’t seem to know the sounds well, so he might throw it. Paul said they have to agree on someone to throw it as well. He said he would do it but he wants to gun for the safety so that Cody can’t have it. Josh came by. Paul asked how he feels about throwing the competition. Josh said he doesn’t feel good doing it, plus he would rather win it. However, Josh said he is game and will do whatever he has to do since he knows that he has the votes.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul spoke to Alex, Christmas, Jason and Kevin about nominations. He said he knows they want to put Matt and Mark up, but do they really want to run the risk of pissing off both couples when they might align because of it. Alex mentioned putting Elena and Matt up. Paul said that is still two couples. Paul suggested nominating Mark and Elena again. When Alex said those two would have to be convinced, Paul said they don’t really have a choice. Paul said they need to keep making Matt and Raven feel comfortable. Jason said they could put Matt and Raven up, opting to reel in Mark and Elena instead. Paul said Mark and Elena are already paranoid though, so it wouldn’t make as much sense to leave Matt and Raven feeling that way too. Paul told Alex she can do whatever she wants. He asked if she gets what he is saying though. She said yeah.

12:00-1:00 AM: After Alex got her HoH room, the game talk picked up. Alex agreed with Paul’s suggestion that Mark and Elena should be nominated together. While Christmas said she would like to compete tomorrow, Alex told her that it’s best she doesn’t. Alex explained that they need to stack the veto competition, but Christmas could end up being dead weight if she cannot compete. Alex added that Christmas would be best as a vote. Once Matt and Raven joined, Alex said she would like for someone to throw the competition. Matt said he doesn’t have an problem throwing it. Josh said he is down for whatever but he would prefer to compete. It was tentatively agreed that Matt would be the one to throw it. Alex said her targets, in order, are Cody, Elena and Mark. Mark joined them and broke up the talk. Paul told Matt they can wait to see what the competition is before deciding if he or Matt will throw it. They agreed that Matt will be the one to throw it if it’s about the sounds that have been playing over the speakers of late. Josh said Paul seems to have it down pat, so he should gun for it. Paul said he will. Downstairs, Raven told Matt that Alex can nominate him next to Mark if Josh is the one who throws the competition. Raven said that would leave Alex with a backup plan of Elena. Matt asked why it matters who throws it when they are interchangeable for this purpose. Raven said people will not think that they are with Alex if she nominates him, plus Matt has a better shot at winning safety than Josh does.

1:00-2:00 AM: Matt agreed with Raven that throwing the competition during Alex’ HoH reign looks fishy. Raven pointed out that Matt also wouldn’t be able to use the veto on himself if he is the third nominee. Matt and Raven agreed that it would look sketchy if Matt throws the competition in order to be put on the block next to Mark and Elena. They said they have to talk to Alex. Matt and Raven headed upstairs. Alex, Christmas, Josh, Paul and Jason were there. Raven brought up that it’s super sketchy having Matt throw the competition to end up nominated with Mark and Elena. Raven explained that they can have three strong competitors in the veto if Josh throws it and Matt and Mark are nominated. Paul said that’s a good point. Josh argued they would then have two of their numbers on the block. Paul said that’s a good point as well. Josh also said he believes that Elena is a stronger competitor than he is. Matt said he is down to throw the competition or to be a pawn if that helps Alex’s game. Alex said this is another team week, so it’s not about her game. They discussed that it’s a done deal if they win the competition tomorrow. After Matt and Raven left, Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh and Paul discussed that Raven tried to change the plan. Josh said he knew Raven was pissed. Paul questioned why Matt and Raven continue to protect Elena. Josh said they can’t turn on Matt and Raven right now. He said they are numbers, as opposed to Mark and Elena who turn on everyone. Jason told Paul that Cody said if they don’t take Paul out ASAP, there will be nobody to get him out. The group expressed concern that Kevin did not mention that to them. They figured Cody said the same thing to him. They pulled Kevin upstairs. Kevin said Cody didn’t say that to him. Paul told Kevin to be careful with Cody since he will use the things you say against you. Kevin said he doesn’t care about Cody. He said the deal that they had is off. Paul asked who they should target if they can’t get Cody out. Kevin said Matt. Jason agreed. Paul doesn’t think that Matt should go before Mark or Elena. He said Raven would then align with Mark, Elena and Cody.

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