Big Brother 19 Day 52 - Mark wins safety; Elena, Jason and Matt are nominated

August 11 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Kevin asked Paul who Alex is going to put up. Paul said Mark and Elena will likely be going on the block. Kevin asked Paul to explain the reasoning behind keeping Matt and Raven for so long. Paul said they are too sissy and would never do anything to them. Paul added that Matt wont win anything, since he is playing the type of game where he doesn’t have to. Paul said Matt is trying to play like Derrick or someone who got to the end without winning. Kevin brought up that Raven injured her figure yesterday and then wrapped it up even though it was just a scrape that a two year old would get. Christmas said Raven is injured every day. Kevin said she came out with a cast bigger than her hand when she hurt her finger.

11:00-12:00 PM: Feeds returned after the houseguests each made a trip to the Den of Temptation to decide whether or not to compete today, Based on the discussions on the feeds, the plan was for everyone but Christmas to compete.

12:00-1:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Matt said he doesn’t think that Cody will be throwing the competition. Raven said if the competition is something athletic, they can get Josh to throw it. Matt said he will throw it if it’s based on the sounds that they have been hearing this week. They then discussed the plan for have-nots. Alex said she is thinking of picking Cody and Josh, then the others will be whatever the group decides. She plans to ask for volunteers. Raven said Alex should pick Mark. She said it would be funny to have Cody, Josh and Mark in the room together. Paul and Matt agreed. Raven later said that even though she wants Mark to be a have-not, they need their nominees to be able to perform well in the veto competition. As for nominees, Matt suggested that nominating Mark and Elena is best since they need to keep their numbers off of the block. Matt told Alex that even if Mark or Elena nominate her, he is confident that she will pull herself off. Paul said one of them will win the veto if he is nominated next to Alex. If Cody saves himself, Alex said she thinks Elena needs to go this week. Paul said they should not let Mark and Elena know what they decide, blindsiding one of them on eviction night. Matt said Mark is no threat of winning anything mental. Paul said Elena is. Alex agreed but said Elena did not perform well yesterday. Paul said that’s because she doesn’t do well under pressure. Meanwhile, Kevin and Christmas discussed that Cody will be gone if he doesn’t win safety or get picked to play in the veto competition. Kevin asked who they should target if Cody is safe. Christmas said Mark. She explained that they don’t want to upset Matt and Raven yet when they are on their side. She said Elena is a bigger social threat than Mark is, but everyone sees through her. Christmas mentioned that Elena sleeps all day because she is up all night talking. She told Kevin about catching Mark and Elena in the have-not room the other night. Christmas told Kevin she didn't want to compete in the Temptation Competition because she might get blamed if something happens and things don't go according to plan. Back up in the HoH room, Matt told Josh to throw the competition if it is an athletic one. Matt said he will throw it if it has to do with the sounds. Josh said okay. Feeds then went down at 12:29 for the Temptation Competition.

3:00-4:00 PM: Feeds returned following the Temptation Competition. Mark won the competition. He is safe for the week. Matt finished in last. He will be the third nominee. Kevin said Mark ruined the plan. Paul told him that someone else can go up next to Elena. Kevin suggested that it should be a strong player. Should Cody win the veto, Kevin said Matt can go. Paul mentioned Elena could as well. Kevin didn’t want to send home another girl. Kevin asked Paul if he wants to play in the veto competition. Paul said he doesn’t want to put himself on the block. Kevin said they have the votes. Paul still didn’t want to do it. In the storage room, Alex asked Jason if they should nominate Elena and Paul. Jason said to maybe put him up instead of Paul because they don’t want people to flip on Paul. Alex said Paul agreed to be a pawn before. Jason said Alex can put him up. He said they should be solid with either of them on the block. Alex said it would look like they are being fair if Jason goes up. Paul joined them. Alex said she is thinking of nominating Jason or Paul next to Elena. Paul asked why not Josh. Alex and Jason explained that Josh wont win the veto. Paul said he owes Alex one and will do it, but if Jason is down it could be him too. Paul said it’s up to Jason. Jason told Alex he doesn’t care if he goes on the block. Alex told them to figure it out and let her know. Paul told Jason that if he goes up, Mark and Elena wont freak out since Alex and Jason are close. If Paul goes up, he said wouldn’t mind it but the perception is not as good. Jason said he will go up. Paul told Jason to pick him to play for the veto if he gets houseguest’s choice. Jason and Paul then spoke to Alex and Kevin. Paul said Elena will feel more comfortable if Jason is on the block. Alex then called Elena over. She let her know she is thinking of putting her up next to Jason. Elena said she was thinking of offering to be a pawn. She asked if she can be the one taken off the block with the veto. Paul said yes. Elena said her one concern is that if Cody wins the veto and leaves nominations the same, she will likely go. Paul told her not to put that in the universe. Paul said it wont happen. Kevin assured Elena that she wont go even if that happens. Jason said it will be easy as long as Cody’s name doesn’t get picked. Paul added that there is literally only one chip that cannot be pulled. After the group dispersed, Kevin told Christmas they need to get Matt out over Elena if Cody wins the veto. Elena headed to the bathroom. She let Mark know that she is going up next to Jason. Mark asked if Paul didn’t want to be a pawn. He figured Paul would have wanted to compete. Elena said she doesn’t know. Mark asked Elena who she would pick to play for veto. Elena said Paul. Elena later mentioned that Cody could take her off the block if he wins the veto. Mark said Cody would do it 100%. Elena joked that she could pick Cody to compete. Mark said he would rather have Cody play over him, seeing as Cody would go up if he won the veto and used it on Elena.

4:00-5:00 PM: Alex asked Jason what they should if Cody wins the veto. She suggested voting Elena out. Jason said he doesn’t care if it’s Elena or Matt. Alex pointed out that Matt and Raven are with them for now. Alex said Kevin is not as good as they thought in terms of remembering dates and stuff. Alex told Jason that Kevin has become dead weight and he is irritating her. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Alex he doesn’t know what is up with Kevin. He mentioned Kevin saying that Alex and Jason only tell each other stuff. Paul said Kevin is being weird and Alex needs to put him in check. Alex told Paul she knew the conversations that Kevin had with Cody were red flags. Paul agreed. Josh then spoke to Alex. He explained that Matt and Raven tried getting him to throw the competition, which he agreed to last minute. He said Matt then told him he would throw it once he found out that the competition was about the sounds. Josh said it’s concerning that Raven pushed so hard to get him to be a pawn over Matt. Downstairs, Christmas spoke to Jason about their options should Cody win the veto. Christmas said if they get rid of Elena, they will keep the peace with Matt and Raven. If not, she said that would leave a potential alliance of Mark, Elena, Cody and Raven. Christmas then said Raven would not be on board with that since she hates Cody, so they may be able to reel Raven back in even if they get Matt out. Cody came by the APSR where Mark and Elena were talking. He asked Elena if she is expecting to be a pawn. She confirmed that she expects that. Elena asked if he is expecting to get backdoored. Cody said yeah. Elena asked Cody if he would use the veto on her if he wins it. Cody said yes. Elena said that makes her feel a lot better. Elena later spoke to Cody in the have-not room. Elena said she was worried because she wouldn’t have the votes if Cody wins veto and doesn’t use it on her. She said it would be her and Matt on the block. Cody said there would likely be a pawn from the other side. Elena said it may even be someone like Jason. Cody told Elena that Kevin tried to hedge their bets last week by approaching him to join his alliance with Alex, Jason and Paul. Cody said their plan was to go after Mark first, then go after her. Cody said he told Kevin sure, but he was going to possibly put him on the block next to Paul if he had won HoH. Cody mentioned that Paul has a deal with every single person in the house, yet they don’t care. Cody doesn’t understand why people keep Paul around. Cody said everyone does what the house wants. Elena said it will result in Paul standing at the end with $500,000. Cody said nobody is wanting to draw a line in the sand even though they are already targets. He mentioned Elena and Mark as people who are already being targeted. Elena told Cody she made a joke to Paul that she is picking Cody if she gets houseguest’s choice. Elena said it would be funny to pick him. Cody said it would be incredible. Elena said she would be screwed if she did that and neither of them won. Cody said he would still be targeted ahead of her.

5:00-6:00 PM: In the kitchen, things got heated between Christmas and Mark after Mark questioned why Christmas whispered to Alex that he was talking game with Cody. Christmas said she observed that Mark and Elena were talking game with Cody. Mark asked how it was talking game. Christmas said Mark asked whether or not Cody threw the competition. Mark questioned if that is talking game. Christmas said yeah. Mark asked why she waited until she had the HoH one on one to bring it up, rather than doing it in front of the group or asking him about it. Christmas said she didn’t think it was appropriate to blow up his spot. Mark asked why not come to him first then. Christmas said she didn’t need to. Mark said Christmas is trying to make people suspect of her. Christmas said she told one person. Mark asked how she thinks things get around. When Mark questioned if Alex is the only person Christmas talks to, Christmas replied by saying Mark is being a bully right now. Mark said he is curious why she went to Alex. Christmas said they walked out together and she wanted to get some clarity. Mark asked how she is getting clarity from someone who wasn’t there. Talk shifted to Mark flip flopping and only voting to keep her because he realized he was in the minority. Mark said he kept Christmas because of their one on one talk. Mark then called Christmas out for voting the other way the week that Cody left. Christmas asked what he is talking about. Mark said Christmas wanted to stir the pot. She said she had just got out of surgery and wouldn’t want to stir the pot. Josh eventually stepped in, saying Mark is a flip flopper. Josh said Mark flipped on Cody and Jessica when he ended up staying over Ramses. Mark said flipping is implying that he was working with them. Christmas said Mark had no problem shunning Dominique but he wont do it to Cody. Josh said they should go ask Cody if he has an alliance with Mark. Josh went to Cody to ask. Cody said he is done talking game. Cody said there is no more game for him now that Jessica left. Josh asked if Cody will hear him out really quick. Cody said no. Josh continued on anyway, saying Mark has been disloyal to Cody. Cody told Josh he has no friends in the house. Before leaving, Josh told Cody he respects how he and Jessica came directly at him instead of pretending to be his friend. Paul then spoke to Cody. He asked if Cody was lying to him before he left the first time. Cody said no. Paul said that’s all he needed to know. Cody explained that Mark was not about it when he brought up going after Paul. Cody said Mark has been loyal to Paul the entire time. Cody said he floated the idea out there to Mark that they should target Paul, but he backed off the idea when he saw that Mark wasn’t on board. When Paul rejoined the group, Kevin asked what Cody said. Paul said he isn’t talking. Christmas said that’s because he doesn’t want to blow up Mark’s spot.

7:00-8:00 PM: Feeds returned following the nomination ceremony. Alex nominated Elena and Jason for eviction. Matt is the third nominee. Up in the HoH room, Mark filled Alex in on his conversation with Christmas. Alex said she didn’t even hear what Christmas had told her earlier. Alex told Mark that a lot of people are still upset about him not leaving the nominations the same last week. Mark said he won the veto. Alex said she gets his point of view but you want to build up that trust in order to extend your longevity in the game. Mark then explained his relationship with Cody. He said they did not talk game once Cody returned, but he and Cody are friends. Mark said he hopes Alex knows where he stands with her and Jason. Alex said she does and that’s why she didn’t put him up. Mark said he had safety. Alex told Mark that she wasn’t going to put him up anyway. Mark headed downstairs to have a conversation with Christmas. Christmas said she thinks they both got wrapped up in the heat of the moment. Mark agreed. Christmas said she didn’t bring it up in front of the group because she didn’t want to seem like she was calling him out. They continued to have a lengthy conversation to hash things out from today and from all the way back to week one. Up in the HOH room, Paul told Alex she is right that Kevin thinks he has them all eating out of the palm of his hand. Alex said Kevin has to go since he is stirring the pot so bad. Paul said he will nominate Kevin the next time he wins HoH, just to see how Kevin acts. They agreed that they should keep Josh until the end. Jason was mentioned in their Final 5 as well. The fifth person was left up in the air between Christmas, Kevin and Raven. As for this week, if Cody wins the veto, they agreed to target Elena over Matt.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul told Christmas he wants to take her and Josh as far as he can. He said they are the only two who have not screwed him over. Christmas said she is glad Paul sees that. She said Josh has had her back since Day 1. Paul said Josh has had his back since Day 1 as well. Paul asked Christmas to try to calm Kevin down a little, since he seems to be freaking out a little bit. Christmas asked what they need Kevin to be doing. Paul said they just need him to chill. Paul said they will get Cody out this week, then he will win the double eviction HoH. Paul said he thinks they need to send Mark out over Elena. Christmas said she agrees. Up in the HoH room, Jason spoke to Alex and Paul about Kevin having asked him three times if he can come live with him if he is not married anymore. Paul said Kevin asked him about marrying another woman. Jason said Kevin also asked if he would hump Christmas in the jury house, which he said no to. Paul said Kevin gets weird whenever you ask him about his wife.

9:00-10:00 PM: In the storage room, Mark told Elena he had to call Christmas out because she heard Elena asking Cody if he would use the veto on her. Elena said there is no way that Christmas heard. Mark said she did and that’s why she kept bringing up the veto. Mark said he had to do this in order to prevent Christmas from spinning it around on Elena when she is on the block. Jason checked in with Kevin to see what’s wrong. Kevin asked if Jason thinks the DR would call his family for him. Jason asked what’s wrong. Kevin said nothing. Jason told Kevin they can see that something is bothering him. Kevin asked if he goes into the DR and asks them to say hi to his family for him, will they do that without giving a message back to him. Jason said to go do it. Kevin was tearing up at one point during the conversation.

10:00-11:00 PM: Cody stopped by Kevin’s bed to check on him. Kevin said when you start thinking about your kids, it makes you question what you are doing there. Cody said it will all be worth it if he wins the game. Cody said hopefully his chip will get pulled tomorrow. Kevin said it would give him a chance. Kevin said there is roughly an 8.8% chance that his chip will be pulled. Cody pointed out that they had a much smaller chance to get on the show, so 8% is pretty good. Up in the HoH room, Jason told Paul that something from the real world is bothering Kevin. Jason mentioned that Kevin wanted to go to the diary room to talk to his wife. He said Kevin was crying. Paul wondered what it was about. Jason said you never know and he has probably had a sketchy life. Jason added that you don’t know what he has been through. Paul wondered if he should try to get it out of Kevin. Jason encouraged Paul to do so. Paul then went downstairs to pull Kevin aside to talk. Paul spoke about how tough the game is. He said he cried a bunch of times last year. Kevin said he doesn’t cry but he almost did. Paul reminded Kevin that he has already made it to Day 52 and there are only 40 days to go. Paul encouraged Kevin to keep battling through it. Kevin said he is not going to quit. Paul told Kevin he is there for him if he needs someone to talk to, since sometimes you have to let it out. Paul encouraged Kevin to have a good time playing the game. Kevin said they should go have a good time. He thanked Paul and said his parents raised a good kid. Paul quickly checked in with Alex, Christmas and Josh. He said he would even like to talk to Cody. He asked if they mind if he has that conversation. They said no. Paul spoke to Mark before talking to Cody. He explained that it’s a non-game talk. Paul said he is very open to talking if at any point Cody needs someone. Paul said he is able to shut off the game. Paul said Cody doesn’t have to stay alone in the have-not room if he doesn’t want to. Cody thanked Paul for the chat.

1:00-2:00 AM: Kevin told Jason they should nominate Matt and Raven if either of them win HoH. Jason nodded. Kevin said Raven will cry and follow Paul around if Matt leaves. Kevin suggested getting Cody, Matt and Mark out, then going after Elena and Raven, and then Josh and Christmas. He said that would leave them in the Final 5 with Alex and Paul like they wanted. In the bathroom, Mark said he hopes Cody gets picked to play for veto so he can win and take Elena off. Elena said that doesn’t look good for her. Elena said ideally Cody wins, takes her off, and she can act shocked, then Cody wins the next HoH. If Cody stays and she or Mark win HoH, Elena said they would have to do something with him or else the house would be pissed. Mark asked who Elena thinks the targets will be after Cody leaves, implying that it will be them. Elena said it could be them but Paul is assuring her that everyone has side agendas. Elena said she knows Paul has a deal with Alex, Jason and Kevin. She said she is waiting for him to admit it to her. Elena said she may call Jason out on it since Jason doesn’t know how to act in those situations. Mark talked about needing one of them or Paul to win HoH. Elena said she is nervous about Paul winning at this point. She said she doesn’t think they are 100% safe with him. Elena talked about Mark’s argument with Christmas. She said Christmas is not some real life gangster. She added that Christmas is scooting around the house. Elena talked about Christmas being a badass and aggressive. She said she is those things too, so Christmas needs to calm down. Elena talked about possibly going to Matt and Raven to talk about needing each other as a four. Mark said he doesn’t trust Raven at all, and he doesn’t trust Matt either. Mark said he trusts Alex and Jason more than those two at this point. Elena said they need to find a way to switch up the eviction order to get Matt and Raven ahead of them.

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