Big Brother 19 Day 53 - Matt wins the Power of Veto

August 12 2017

9:00-10:00 AM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Alex, Elena, Jason, Matt, Mark and Paul will be competing. Up in the HoH room, Kevin said basically it’s all set. Jason said it’s done. Paul said they don’t have to talk game for the rest of the week, seeing as Cody is gone. Paul asked if they should get Mark out before Elena. Jason said he doesn’t care. Paul mentioned Mark is winning more competitions and he is constantly being called out. When Kevin brought up that Mark will go after Matt, Raven, Christmas and Josh, Paul said Christmas and Josh are good for their game. Jason said he would rather go after Matt and Raven since Mark and Elena are easier to hang out with. Paul told Jason to separate emotion from game. Paul said Matt is probably going to throw the veto competition since there is no replacement nominee if he uses the veto on himself. Alex said they should reiterate that to Matt. As for Mark, Paul said he will have to use the veto if he wins. If not, Paul said Elena will be going home. Paul told Alex, Jason and Kevin they need to take a shot at the couples during the double eviction because they cannot have the four of them uniting. Once Kevin left, Alex said Kevin never comes up in the HoH room. She said he is getting sketched out. Paul said Kevin is being so weird. Alex mentioned Kevin is being paranoid but he is trying to play it off as missing his family. Paul wondered why Kevin isn’t so happy that Cody is leaving. Alex said Kevin will need to go if he doesn’t snap out of this before Cody leaves. Paul told Alex and Jason they need to make Matt and Raven believe they are still the five. Jason asked why Kevin is such a douche. Paul said Kevin could have had the fifth spot but he is just too good. They discussed that Christmas may be the best option to go to Final 5 with the three of them and Josh. After Paul left, Alex told Jason she wants Cody to think that Paul is running the show so he has animosity against him if they ever make it to the Final 2 with Paul. Alex said Cody has no idea they are working with Paul, as he just thinks that they are Paul’s pawns. Alex said she believes they can steamroll to Final 3 with Paul. Jason said he doesn’t know what to do about his Day 1 talk with Josh and Mark in which they agreed to go to Final 3 together. Jason let Alex know that Mark said Paul has to go if they want to win the game. Alex started talking about Final 3 scenarios. She said she will probably pick Jason over Paul, but she is not going to promise anything. Alex explained that she doesn’t want to look bad on TV by promising one thing and then going back on it if something changes in the next few weeks.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jason said Paul knows he can’t beat Alex at the end, though women are always catty when they vote. Alex said she thinks they can make it to the end with Paul. Jason wondered if her comments about not promising Final 2 were because she doesn’t think he can carry his weight. Alex told Jason he deserves to win as much as she and Paul do. Alex said she would love to see Jason and Paul in the Final 2. Alex said Paul is playing the game really well and she knows he is not talking behind their backs. Alex mentioned that Paul’s whole thing is friendship, so he wont be able to make money off of it after this if he goes against it. In the APSR, Raven told Matt she will nominate Josh and Mark if she wins. If Mark wins the veto, she said she would then throw Elena up on the block. Matt suggested that nominating a stronger pawn, such as Alex, Paul or himself, would be better since they cannot have Elena win the veto and save Mark. Raven said she gets what he is saying. Matt commented on how sending Cody home this week is huge since Paul now may not get nominated again until the Final 5. Matt said Paul can help them work everybody since everyone trusts him. Jason told Kevin that Alex is one of the ones running things. Kevin said he told Jason that from the beginning. Kevin said Paul is a gamer as well. Jason said they need to go back and forth with the competitions. Kevin mentioned Matt and Raven should go before Mark and Elena. Jason said the reason why they want Mark and Elena to go first is because they have flip flopped. Kevin argued there is nowhere to flip flop anymore. Jason said they really don’t have a choice and they have to get Elena and Mark out since they have already taken shots at them. Kevin asked who annoys Jason most between the two couples. Jason said Matt and Raven. Kevin said they are on the same page then.

11:00-12:00 PM: Cody told Kevin his only hope is that people talk and change the plan. Cody let Kevin know that he has a daughter. He asked Kevin not to say anything, because he doesn’t want anyone to use it against him in the game. Cody explained he wanted to accomplish as much as he can in the game so that she can see him compete. Kevin asked if Jessica knows about Cody’s daughter. Cody said yes. Kevin then asked if Cody is close with his daughter. Cody said he is. He told Kevin he gets her for the summers, so he had to give that up to be here. Up in the HoH room, Paul asked Matt what his plan is for the veto competition. Matt asked what he should do. Paul said Matt will have to use the veto on Jason if he wins it, so he could throw it unless he is fine with that. Matt said he would use it on Jason but he doesn’t know if that’s best for them. Matt asked if they should just all throw it to Alex. Paul said it’s not a bad idea but he feels a bit bad that they are making Alex do all of the work. Paul said he will throw it if Matt throws it. Paul said he may throw it since he doesn’t want to be the one to pull someone down. Paul said they can’t throw it to the point where it’s obvious that they threw it. Raven told Paul that people will look at him weird if he doesn’t try his best. Looking ahead to next week, Paul said he thinks Mark has to go over Elena. Matt agreed. Raven mentioned her plan to put Josh up next to Mark. Paul said she could do that since Josh likely has the most numbers of anyone right now and he would not go home. Paul said they have to keep Josh as long as they can. Matt and Raven agreed.

12:00-1:00 PM: In the kitchen, Elena asked Matt if he would take her off the block if he happens to win. Matt said he would have to ask Alex. Elena said she had to pack last week and offered to be a pawn under the condition that she could be taken off of the block. Matt said he is not going to disrespect anyone’s HoH. He told Elena she can talk to Alex about it if he wins the veto. Upstairs, Cody was at the chess board playing a game by himself. Paul came by and asked if he wants to play a game of chess. Cody said he is just playing himself.

1:00-2:00 PM: Kevin told Paul that Cody has a 5 year old daughter. Kevin said he told Cody he should have just said that at the beginning, but Cody said he didn’t want it to be used against him. Paul asked if Jessica knows. Kevin said Cody told her. Paul said he thinks it would have helped Cody if he had let people know about his daughter. Kevin explained that Cody only sees her in the summer, so that’s why he is upset sometimes since he is missing out on that this summer. Kevin also told Paul about Cody’s brother passing away in an accident while Cody was over in Afghanistan. Paul said things would have been so different had Cody expressed everything to them. Kevin said it would have given everyone a different outlook on him. Paul agreed. Paul questioned why Cody would put on the persona of an aggressive, mean, tough guy when he could have been perceived as the sweet father. Kevin said he may tell Cody he should let some people know before he leaves. Kevin said he doesn’t want it to get around when he is the only one who knows. Paul said he wont tell anyone. Kevin said he let Paul know so it may change the outlook of the next couple of days, not that it will change anything in terms of the vote. Paul brought up the way Cody was “grab-assing” in front of his kid. Kevin said he was going to say that to Cody but he didn’t since Cody was being semi-emotional for the first time. Paul said his respect for Cody is thrown out even further when he is behaving like that when his daughter is watching. Paul said it’s bizarre the way that Cody chose to behave and set an example.

2:00-3:00 PM: In the APSR, Josh told Paul he has seen Jason and Mark getting very close. He mentioned the two played chess a lot but didn’t ever touch a piece. Josh worried that Jason is naive and cannot see that Mark is playing him. Josh said Jason got really defensive when he questioned him about Mark. Paul told Josh he needs to tell Alex. Josh said no. Josh said acting on it could enable Elena and Mark to be able to sway Jason. Paul said Alex will not confront Jason, so he needs to tell her. Josh said he can’t. Paul said he is telling him he has to so that Alex can pay attention to it. Josh said they can just get Mark out. Josh later talked about telling Alex it’s concerning how Mark is trying to get close to Jason, since Jason is going to fall for it. Paul also wanted Josh to mention the Final 3 deal with Jason and Mark to Alex. Josh said he can’t. Paul said he has to. Josh was called to the diary room. He asked Paul not to tell. Paul went upstairs to tell Alex that Josh thinks Jason and Mark have something going on. Paul said Josh also mentioned a Final 3. Alex said Jason is feeling guilty because he made a Final 3 on Day 1 with Josh and Mark. Paul said Josh told him he wasn’t there for it. Alex said she isn’t too worried about it, since it seems as though Jason is just worried about his reputation in terms of going back on a deal. Paul said Mark went back on his alliance with Cody. Alex said Mark is driving her nuts. Paul said he needs to go next.

4:00-5:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Matt won the Power of Veto. Elena won $5,000, Mark won a trip to Colorado, Paul and Christmas will be in a costume and strapped together for 48 hours, Jason has to wear a unitard, and Alex has to cook hot dogs. There were discussions about Elena being a liar and disloyal when feeds returned. Alex, Christmas, Jason and Josh were discussing potentially evicting her over Cody. Alex was upset that Elena promised not to curse her and then did in order to take the $5,000. They discussed having four days to think about which way to vote. When Paul heard a mention of keeping Cody, he said no.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody told Elena she is crazy. Elena asked if taking the $5,000 is going to make her more of a target than she already is. Cody said yeah but he would have done it. Cody said to let them sulk. He said every time the others do something it’s justified, but any time they do something it’s not. Elena said she will be on the block next to Cody since Matt will not use the veto on her. Cody said Matt is so dumb. Cody told Elena she just kicked Alex in the nuts. Elena said she is a perpetual pawn. Cody told her that’s all she is to them. Cody said it was a great move. Elena then spoke to Kevin who told her that she would have looked stupid if she didn’t take the $5,000. Elena said the Power of Veto was going to be used on her but now it wont be. Kevin said it doesn’t matter since she isn’t going. Elena said being a pawn makes her feel disposable. Kevin said she is a queen, not a pawn, because a pawn gets votes against them sometimes. Up in the HoH room, Paul asked Matt if he is 100% using the veto on Jason. Matt said as long as that’s what Alex wants him to do. Paul asked Alex. She said yeah. Back downstairs, Elena told Mark that Alex is pissed. Mark said she might be but she is not going to be petty this week. Elena said she feels bad but Alex would have done it to her. Mark said he truly believes that Alex and Jason have their backs. Elena said she definitely does not. Elena asked Mark who he is putting up if he wins. Mark said Josh and someone. Elena asked if he would put Christmas up. Mark said he is not worried about her. He mentioned needing to get Josh out. Mark said the way this season is being played is pathetic. Elena said they could go rogue and put Alex and Paul up. Mark said it’s not that bad of an idea but they would have to make sure that they are good with Matt and Raven first. Mark said he doesn’t think Paul will be throwing them under the bus any time soon. Elena said Paul wont put them up but he will make sure that Alex or Jason do. Mark said no one in the house is a strong player aside from Paul. He said the season would be a joke if they took Paul out. Mark told Elena the only ones they would have to be scared of then would be Alex and Jason. Mark said people are hooked on what Paul says or does, but he needs Josh out of the house. Mark said Kevin worries him. He talked about catching Kevin and Paul talking multiple times. Elena said Paul could use Kevin’s HoH to take a shot at them. In the bedroom, Paul warned Kevin to be careful with Cody. Paul said Cody might have made things up because he knows he can get to Kevin because he has kids. Paul told Kevin to remember that Cody turned his back. Kevin said he will be voting Cody out.

6:00-7:00 PM: Elena asked Matt what he thinks will happen after Cody leaves. Matt said he doesn’t know. Elena said she is the most disposable person in the house. She pointed out that she has been on the block as a pawn two weeks in a row. Matt said the only person he knows for a fact would never vote him out is Raven. Elena said the same about Mark. Without saying much specifically, they implied that they would like to go far in the game together. Matt said he doesn’t care that much at this point. He explained that his goal was to make jury and to get Raven as far as possible. Elena said jury was the #1 goal but now she is forced to think that she would like to win the game. Elena added that remaining in the house as long as possible will help maximize her opportunities in the entertainment industry.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason got his “Xtremeitard”. He has to yell out that things are “so extreme” when messages over the speaker prompt him to. Up in the HoH room, Josh told Alex he doesn’t think that they should act on Elena this week, but he will respect whatever she wants to do. Josh said Elena is greedy and selfish. He told Alex he doesn’t have to talk about it anymore since Alex now sees it. Alex said people had been seeing it. Josh said he is worried about how close Mark and Elena are trying to get to Jason. Alex said she addressed that with Jason. She explained that they need him in that role in order to keep Mark and Elena feeling comfortable. Alex told Josh she will have Matt use the veto on Jason. She said Elena can sweat on the block, then they will decide on the vote over the next few days. In the bathroom, Kevin told Jason he was thinking they should go after Matt and Raven next, though it definitely has to be Elena now. Kevin said Alex should make Elena a have-not for taking the money. Kevin said he didn’t know about their deal when he said he would have taken it if he were Elena.

8:00-9:00 PM: Kevin told Alex he didn’t know she made a deal with Elena. Alex said Elena is the one who made a deal by asking her to promise that they wont curse each other. Alex said she is not talking to Elena. Kevin asked if Alex is going to make Elena a have-not. Alex said she promised that she wouldn’t. Jason told Alex to stick to her promise then. Kevin said Elena didn’t stick to her promise. Alex said she will make a comment that she is not making Elena a have-not because she is going to keep her promise not to make her one for her birthday. Christmas and Paul got their costumes and will be attached for 48 hours. Christmas mentioned that Alex is pissed. Paul said she is really pissed but they have to make sure that Cody is the one who goes this week. In the bathroom, Elena told Mark she felt really bad about taking the money for minute, but Alex is the dumb one based on what she did. Mark said Alex should have taken his prize. Elena said there is no way she wouldn’t have been a good sport about Alex taking he money. Elena pointed out that she won the competition.

9:00-10:00 PM: Alex got her camp councillor outfit and camping gear. Whenever a certain sound goes off, she has to set up a tent, sleeping bag, and other camping gear. She then has to grill hot dogs for the houseguests. After she is done, she has to pack it all up. Out in the yard, Christmas asked if that will go on for a week. Alex confirmed that it will last a whole week. In front of Elena, Alex said that’s what happens when you promise not to curse someone. Inside, Elena told Mark it sucks to be Alex but she doesn’t feel bad about it. Mark said it was Alex’s fault. Elena said that’s what happens when you are dumb and you don’t know how to play an elimination competition. Elena said Alex tried to guilt trip her out of taking the money when she is the one who won the competition and could choose any prize she wanted. Out in the yard, Alex told the houseguests that Elena still hasn’t apologized at all. Elena commented that Elena is such a kind girl, promising not to curse her and then doing it anyway. Matt said sorry to Alex. Alex said she would have loved it if she earned it, but someone lying to her is what is pissing her off. Josh told Alex to be as salty as she wants but don’t make a dumb decision. In the kitchen, Cody said the HoH usually takes the veto. Elena said or the person on the block takes it if they are going home. Elena said maybe she will go now. Back in the yard, Paul pointed out that Elena asked everyone to use the veto on her and then she didn’t even take it herself.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Alex that as much as she hates Elena right now, Cody has taken this opportunity to reinsert himself and he has to go. Paul said they need to stick to the plan and then get Elena out next week. As soon as Alex finished the whole hot dog cooking process, which took 51 minutes, she had to do it all over again. In the bathroom, Paul told Raven they are voting out Cody. Raven agreed. She said Matt agrees as well. Christmas asked Paul why Elena isn’t being more apologetic. Paul said she doesn’t know how to react but it’s making it easier on them for next week. Paul told Christmas they cannot let Cody reinsert himself and make them have to deal with him later on. Paul reiterated that it would be stupid not to get Cody out. He said the four votes they need to get him out are his, Christmas’, Raven’s and Josh’s.

11:00-12:00 AM: In the bathroom, Paul told Christmas, Jason and Josh that they cannot let Cody slip this week. Paul said Jason needs to get pulled off in order to get Elena a little scared. Josh said Cody is a more lethal player than Elena is. He said no one is fooled by Elena. Outside, Cody asked Kevin if what Elena did changed anything. Kevin said it should but he doesn’t know. Cody asked if Kevin has any pull over Alex and Jason. Kevin said he does and he will talk to them tonight to see what they say. Kevin said Cody’s best bet is to talk to Matt. Cody said Matt wont listen to him. Up in the HoH room, Alex told Josh not to let Elena know which way he is voting. Josh said Elena is trying to do damage control. Josh told Alex she can’t lose it even though she will aggravated throughout the week. Alex, Christmas, Paul, Jason, Josh, Matt and Raven spoke in the HoH room. Paul said they now have a reason to put Elena on the block next week. They talked about needing to get Cody out this week.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jason told Alex that Kevin said there is another person in the house with a child. Jason said Kevin then gave hints that implied he was talking about Cody. Jason thinks Kevin has been making things up and not even talking to Cody about them. Jason told Alex that Kevin dropped it after he said whoever it is needs to go. Alex asked why Cody would hid his kid when he is in a weird romance. Alex mentioned that they should call Cody out on it now that Kevin has been telling this story to everyone. Alex told Jason she can put Cody and Kevin in a room and say she heard Cody has a kid, to put Kevin in check. Jason said they have already figured Kevin out and they don’t need to do it.

1:00-2:00 AM: Mark told Elena they have to win on Thursday. He told Elena about his conversation with Kevin in which Kevin said he is one of the top three targets. Mark said Kevin also told him that what happened today with Elena definitely helped him. Mark said they have to win HoH and then lock down a 1-2 week deal with Matt and Raven or with Alex, Jason and Kevin. Elena said she thinks they can lock down Matt and Raven, but she doesn’t want to. Mark said they don’t have many options. Elena said she would like to get Alex out and work with Jason, though Jason is not going to like that. Mark said he doesn’t want to waste HoH on Christmas or Josh, but he can’t go after Matt, Raven or Paul. Elena told Mark to backdoor Alex. She suggested nominating Josh and Paul as pawns. Mark said he doesn’t know when Alex, Jason, Paul, Josh and Kevin became so tight. Mark said Jason doesn’t want to come after them but he may if Alex has something to say about it. Elena said she doesn’t want to work with Alex anymore. Mark said he did but Elena ruined that today. They talked about getting Alex out in order to free up Jason to work with them. Elena said she is kind of over Paul. Elena said Paul keeps telling her to trust him that there are agendas and certain people are after each other, but she thinks he is working with certain people and she is indeed his agenda.

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