Big Brother 19 Day 54 - Cody campaigns to Alex and Jason

August 13 2017

4:00-5:00 AM: Alex was woken up to cook hot dogs as part of her punishment from the veto competition. She then had to deliver them to each of the houseguests even though they were sleeping. When she brought one to Cody, he told her that he is never coming after her in this game. Alex said it’s not her. She said she is up against a wall. Cody asked if she is worried that people will come after her if she doesn’t put him up. Alex said obviously. She told Cody that a lot of people in there don’t like her. Cody asked Alex when she is going to draw the line. Alex said soon. She told Cody that he has never been her target. Cody told Alex to let him help her out in this game, seeing as the HoH competitions are going to be physical soon and he can win them. Alex said she doesn’t have the veto and she doesn’t get to vote this week. Cody said he is out if he is up there. Alex suggested that Cody try to campaign. She said there are two people with her and the rest are lying to her face. Cody asked Alex to consider it. Alex told Cody that she and Jason have nothing against him. She explained that Jason is the only person she worries about other than herself, and she is not going to put him in any jeopardy. Alex said Jason is the only person she wants to win more than herself. She told Cody she doesn’t want to put Jason’s game in jeopardy, so she wants him taken off of the block. Alex let Cody know she thinks he is a good guy but he has to convince everyone else. Cody said it’s not going to happen. Alex said everyone sees what Elena did today.

5:00-6:00 AM: When Christmas and Paul got up to use the bathroom, Alex headed downstairs to talk to Paul. She let Paul know that Cody woke up and followed her outside. She said Cody is trying to save his butt right now, but she said no and told him that she is all alone in this game and cannot help him. Paul gave Alex a high five. Alex said she told Cody she tried to give him a chance by bringing him upstairs, but there is nothing she can do. Alex headed back up to the HoH room. She said “Elena is a greedy whore who can’t keep her promises”. Alex said “don’t worry, Elena. I do. I promise you wont make top six cause I am going to send you home”. Alex said Elena can enjoy her $5,000 because that’s the last of it she is going to get. Alex said she wants $500,000.

12:00-1:00 PM: The have-not reveal took place. Alex said that in honour of Elena’s birthday, she promised that she would not make her a have-not. Alex said because her promises are worth more than any dollar amount and she doesn’t want to embarrass herself on television, she will not make Elena a have-not. Alex then revealed that the have-nots are the first four people eliminated from the HoH competition. Those four are Jason, Kevin, Mark and Paul. Paul headed straight to the diary room to ask for the have-not temptation key. He said he didn’t want to make Christmas has to stay on the bed with him while they are attached. In the have-not room, Alex told Jason and Mark that her word is her and she is not going to go back on it. She said you are nothing in this game once you go back on your word. Alex swore to God that she wasn’t going to take the $5,000 from Elena if she had won that. She told Mark she would have taken his trip instead. In the storage room, Christmas and Paul discussed that Kevin is being shady. Christmas said they can’t keep Elena longer than Kevin. Paul said no but Kevin is stirring things up. Christmas said Kevin is doing the same thing that Mark and Elena got called out for. Paul mentioned that Kevin says his word is his word, but he hasn’t actually done anything for anybody. In the bedroom, Mark told Elena that she might want to talk to Alex to smooth things over. Elena said she doesn’t want to but she was thinking about doing it today depending on how Alex is today. Elena said she won and Alex is not more entitled to the money than she is. Mark said people are not agreeing with Alex. Mark brought up that this season is a dud. He said the seasons that suck are the ones where there are groups like this. He compared it to season 16, though he said there were better characters on that season. Mark told Elena they have to have a serious discussion with Matt and Raven to make sure they are with them. Up in the HoH room, Alex told Jason about her overnight talk with Cody. She said she gave him a bit of false hope by saying that she would like to bone Elena and send her home, but she doesn’t have a vote this week.

1:00-2:00 PM: Mark asked Matt how he feels about things once Cody leaves. Matt said he has no idea. He told Mark he doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Matt asked Mark what he is thinking. Mark said the group up in the HoH room scares him. He mentioned there is Kevin, Paul, Alex and Jason, then Christmas and Josh are always with them as well. Mark told Matt he is not going after him or Raven. He said he can’t speak for Elena but he doesn’t think that she is going after them either. Matt said likewise. Mark said their only chance for longevity in the game is to go after someone in the HoH room. Mark said he sees it as 6 on 4 right now. Mark said that people will target he and Elena or Matt and Raven, then go after the couple next. Matt said he and Raven are obviously not coming after Mark and Elena. Matt added that he is not really going after anybody.

2:00-3:00 PM: Matt told Raven about his talk with Mark. Raven asked if Mark said he is not going to come after them. Matt said yeah. They both agreed that they would like to get Mark out before Elena. Matt asked Raven when they should take a shot at Jason or Alex. He said he is hoping they don’t have to do it, but that is going to be a huge decision. Matt said they would have to backdoor Alex. Raven told Matt that Jason will then come after them. Matt figures Jason would be scared. Raven said it would be a good move for her to make to take Alex out. Matt said his ideal eviction order is Mark, Elena and then Kevin. Raven suggested that Mark winning HoH may not be a bad thing. Matt asked if she means so that he can split up Alex and Jason. Raven said yeah. Matt told Raven that she and Paul are easily the biggest threats to anyone in the Final 2. Matt said Raven would beat Christmas, Jason, Josh, Kevin and himself in the Final 2. As for Paul, Matt thinks he would probably use his speech to give the game to Raven. Matt thinks Raven would have trouble beating Alex at the end. Raven said she would lose to Alex. Elsewhere, Mark told Elena about his conversation with Matt. Mark said he wants to win HoH and then sit down with Alex to make sure that Elena is good with her. Elena said Alex needs to go. Mark said Josh is worse for his game. He asked her if she would backdoor Josh if she won. Elena said no. Mark said he would rather see Paul go than Alex. Elena said she is okay with that but he wont go since he doesn’t have the votes to go. Mark wondered if they would have the votes if Kevin got nominated next to Paul. Elena asked Mark if he would backdoor Paul. Mark said no. He told Elena that he is going to nominate Josh and Paul.

3:00-4:00 PM: In the bathroom, Paul told Matt to use the veto on Jason. Paul said Alex wants Elena to be left on the block so she can squirm. They discussed that they have the votes to evict Cody. Matt let Paul know that Mark said he is worried about everybody that was up in the HoH room, including Paul. Meanwhile, Mark told Elena that Paul needs to go unless he has a serious conversation with him before HoH. Mark said that Paul attacking him in front of everyone for not defending Josh really opened his eyes. Mark said he will be forward with Paul if he wins, letting him know to go for the veto. Elena said she likes it. Mark told Elena he is going to make a deal with Alex and Jason if he wins HoH. He said he cannot get rid of Alex since she is not coming after him. He believes that Alex would stick to her word. Mark mentioned that he would make a one week deal to protect Elena as well. She said to make it two weeks. Back in the bathroom, Paul spoke to Christmas and Josh about Mark saying his worried about everyone in the HoH room working together. Paul said they are, but Mark needs to go. Christmas and Josh agreed. Elena and Mark continued discussing Elena taking the $5,000. Mark said she is looking at it as though Alex is mad she got punished, when Alex is really mad about Elena breaking her word. Mark suggested that Elena should talk to Alex for that reason. Mark said Alex is a very loyal person. Elena told Mark to stop saying it. She told him she is tired of hearing how loyal Alex is. Elena said Mark can win HoH and make the deal with Alex. Mark told Elena not to get an attitude with him just because he is being honest. Elena said he is being honest over and over. Mark pointed out that she just keeps rephrasing what she did. Elena said maybe.

5:00-6:00 PM: Elena told Mark she has a small feeling that Matt will use the veto on himself. Mark said Paul will not vote to evict Elena. Elena said he will. Mark said he doesn’t think so. Elena told Mark she thinks so and she has a feeling that she will be evicted over Jason if Matt saves himself. Elena said Cody and Mark would be her only votes. She told Mark that Matt will not keep her if he uses the veto on himself, since he is obviously on board with the plan to get her out. Mark said he knows for a fact that Paul is not on board. Mark explained that Paul does not want Cody in the house. Mark said he and Paul would press people so hard to keep Elena. Elena said Paul would not go out of his way for her. Mark insisted that Paul wants Cody out. Elena said she is next. Mark told her that he will win HoH. Mark and Cody discussed that this is a dud of a season. Mark said the memorable seasons are the ones in which people are going at each other, not going with the house. Cody said the house seasons are the worst. Mark said Alex is one of the only players he respects. He said he sees what Cody saw in her early on. Cody said that’s why he wants Alex to do something this week, given that he is old news and the safe target. Mark said maybe next year they will want a big season and bring back players who actually compete. After Mark walked away, Cody said “or maybe if you would have just stayed loyal from the start…”.

6:00-7:00 PM: Cody, Elena and Mark spoke in the APSR. Elena said she is concerned that Matt wont use the veto and then she will go. Cody said he is pretty sure he is still the juicier target. Elena said she will be the first one in jury with Cody unless she or Mark win HoH. Cody said that’s the only way that one of them wont be out next. Cody said nobody is going to cut a deal with Mark and Elena anymore. Cody headed upstairs to speak to Alex and Jason. He said if he goes up, he is going home. Alex said she doesn’t vote and they are just doing whatever keeps them safe. Cody asked if there is anyone else she could put up. Alex said it would have been Mark but he is safe. Cody said that playing it safe this week could screw them next week. Alex suggested that she and Jason are currently not on the pecking order, but they will get thrown on the block if they start screwing around. Cody said people are already looking at them. Jason asked what Cody has in mind. Cody admitted that they would have to be fighting the entire time since there is no safe route if you keep him. Cody asked how many more weeks they can go along with the house before pulling the trigger. Alex said she will pull the trigger after the double. Alex asked Cody what he is suggesting. Cody said Josh is the easy one. Alex said Josh has kept them in the game. Cody told Alex and Jason it would really be up to them because he doesn’t know who they are working with. Cody mentioned Mark and Elena have been disloyal to him from the start and he is not with them. Alex said she was hoping that everyone would swing to vote out Elena, but they are still scared of him. Cody reminded Jason that he kept him safe when he asked him to, plus he didn’t go against Alex even when Jessica had an issue with her. Alex said they are being betas since it is keeping them alive in the game. Cody said Alex has a reason to go after Elena now. Alex said she doesn’t vote. Cody said it’s about who you nominate next to her. Cody asked them to think about it over the next day before the veto ceremony. Cody assured Alex and Jason that he will be there for them if they decide to draw the line in the sand. Alex asked who Cody would go after first. Cody said he would take out Paul so that they could have control. Cody told Alex that everyone would run to her if Paul is no longer in control. Cody said Matt does whatever Paul tells him to do, while Raven will do whatever Matt does. On top of that, Cody said Christmas and Josh are with Paul too. Cody said it would be a difficult move to make numbers wise. Cody said they have to know that Paul is playing all sides and is playing a great game.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason mentioned to Cody that Jessica blamed Raven for hiding Alex’s cat ears. Cody said Raven really did do it. Jason said he will cut her head off. Alex told Jason they can talk about it if he wins an HoH. Cody said Raven started off as the sweetest girl. Jason said she is Satan. Both agreed that they are not a fan of hers. Cody asked what Matt and Raven have done in the game. Alex and Jason said they have done nothing. Cody let Alex know that Matt wanted him to backdoor her when he was HoH, and he was freaking out about it. Jason asked if Matt is a better competitor than he is showing. Cody said no. Cody brought up that he tried to throw the competition on Friday but Matt lost because he is an expert loser. Matt came upstairs and broke the talk up. Jason asked Matt if Cody has asked him for help at all. Matt laughed and said no. Alex said Cody threw Josh’s name out there. Matt said Cody has to try. Josh entered the room. Alex told him that Cody wanted to get him out this week. Josh asked if he can address Cody. Alex said no. In the have-not room, Jason told Kevin about Cody’s campaign. Kevin asked Jason if he wants to get really mad. He then let Jason know that Cody has a 5 year old daughter. Jason said Cody is a piece of sh*t then. Jason said it has to be BS. Kevin said there were two thing that Cody wasn’t going to tell anyone; that he has a daughter and that his brother died in a motorcycle accident. Kevin said Jason might have it up to get sympathy from him, seeing as his brother has died and he has six daughters.

10:00-11:00 PM: Feeds cut in in the middle of a talk between Cody, Alex and Jason. Alex told Cody they will be screwed if they keep him and it’s a double eviction. Cody said they would be rolling the dice on the first HoH but they would be guaranteed the second one. Alex said she and Jason would rather be betas and attack later on than go against their word. Alex told Cody that people are still salty about the way Jessica treated them and called them idiots. Cody said he liked it since Jessica actually had some balls in the game and it was refreshing to see. Cody explained to Alex and Jason that they wont have the numbers to make the move against Paul if he is gone, unless they bring Elena and Mark in. He said he understands their point of view. Alex said Paul has the whole house united right now and it’s not a traditional season since people aren’t fighting to win. Alex mentioned that they could potentially get Paul out if they are able to get enough people out first. When Cody went to the bathroom, Alex told Jason she is pretending. Christmas and Paul then made their way up to the HoH room.

11:00-12:00 AM: Alex told Christmas, Paul and Raven that Cody is a broken record and beating a dead horse at this point. Once Raven left, Alex told Christmas and Paul that Cody wants her to put Raven up so they can get Matt out. Alex said Cody told them that no one can win the game except for Paul, seeing as he has control over all of them. Alex said she and Jason told Cody they want to get Paul out too, but they are going to wait for their chance. Paul asked if he can go call Cody out. Alex said no. Alex also let them know that Cody said their season is going to be a dud. Paul said that’s because of Cody. Alex said Cody told her that he sees Paul winning the game and taking someone easy like Christmas or Josh to the end with him.

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