Big Brother 19 Day 55 - Cody is the replacement nominee

August 14, 2017

7:00-8:00 AM: When Alex woke up to do her task, Cody followed her outside. He let Alex know that Christmas was one of the votes to keep him. Alex said Christmas swears up and down that it wasn’t her. Cody said he only wants to protect the one person, but he doesn’t care about Christmas. Cody headed inside. He spoke to he cameras. He said he is trying. Cody acknowledged that he is screwed if he goes on the block as the replacement nominee. Cody asked Alex if anything has changed. Alex said she needs to talk to Jason alone. He then asked if anything looks like it will change. Cody said it’s fine if not, but he would like to have a heads up. Alex again said she wants to talk to Jason. When Jason heard that Cody said Christmas was the other vote to keep him, he went to Paul to let him know.

8:00-9:00 AM: Alex, Jason, Christmas, Paul and Josh chatted in the backyard. Josh said they should make Cody think he is staying, then blindside Elena by keeping her. Paul said he brought that up yesterday. They discussed which votes Cody thinks he can get. Alex said he thinks he can get Kevin and Jason for sure. Paul said Mark is the third but he doesn’t know who the fourth would be. Christmas said Cody is banking on the rest of them splitting their votes. Paul said it’s not going to happen. Alex brought up that something is going on with Kevin. Christmas said he is waiting to see what happens and where to fall. Josh said Kevin is not 100% loyal to them, but all they have to do is note it. Paul commented on being Kevin’s boy and Christmas being his girl, yet Kevin hangs out with Cody who is targeting them. Jason argued that Kevin will be fine with everything if they tell him that they are sticking to the plan. Josh said Kevin will be fine when Cody leaves, because he doesn’t care about the other four. Christmas said they have to get Mark and Elena out before Kevin. Alex agreed. Josh told Paul he needs to chill on trying to check Kevin and gunning for him. Josh said Kevin can go first down the line. Josh let Paul know that Kevin would say he is not going to have a 24 year old (Paul) tell him what to do. However, Josh said he doesn’t think Kevin is going to turn on them. Paul said he is not going to push Kevin, because the last thing he needs is for someone else to go rogue.

9:00-10:00 AM: Alex and Jason discussed that neither of them wanted to work with Cody by the time he won the Battle Back. They said it was too late. Jason said they would be fighting Cody since he would always want to be the captain. On the other hand, Jason said Paul is the leader when the group wants him to, but he will let someone else do it if the group doesn’t want him to lead. Alex said it’s stupid that Cody thinks they are strong enough to win but too dumb to win. Alex said the top five needs to be Christmas, Josh, Paul and the two of them. She said Kevin can make it to six. Jason said there is no way Kevin can go before Josh. Alex said yes. She told Jason that Kevin is playing him. Christmas and Paul joined them. Alex said Kevin is trying to play them. Paul said 100%. Christmas added that it makes her sad. Jason said Kevin just wants to make it seem like he is doing something. Paul said Kevin has put himself in a position where everyone is taking him to the Final 2. Elsewhere, Cody spoke to the cameras about needing Alex and Jason to go through with the plan to nominate Raven so they can get Matt out. Cody said he could try to get Mat to use the veto on himself, but that doesn’t leave him with a viable path to the $500,000. Cody thinks that move would only buy him another week.

10:00-11:00 AM: Downstairs, Jason asked Cody what he is thinking. Cody said it depends on what they are thinking. Jason said it ain’t over until it’s over. Cody told Jason to think big. Jason assured Cody that they are. Cody said he doesn’t think Alex and Jason have the numbers to get to the end if they take him out. Cody said if Alex is worried about being a target after this, he will ensure that he is the target. Cody said to tell Alex to go big because somebody is going to make a big move before Alex and Jason if they don’t do it now. Cody said Alex and Jason will be that big move. Cody told Jason that Kevin is the only one loyal to him other than Alex. Cody said he would hate to see Alex make a safe move when she is such a big player. He added that it’s not even safe since people will want to go after Alex and Jason during the double eviction. Raven came down and broke the talk up. Cody went to Elena to fill her in on his plan. Elena said she thinks she would be evicted if Raven goes up in Jason’s place. Cody said the votes to evict Matt would be Jason, Kevin, Mark and himself. Jason headed back to the HoH room. He told Matt and Raven that Cody was talking about getting the votes against Matt. Jason said the only reason they are entertaining Cody’s conversations is to make Elena sweat. Matt said he wants them to throw a vote at Elena to freak her out. Jason said it’s a good idea. Raven agreed. They plan to discuss it further later.

12:00-1:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, Matt used the Power of Veto on Jason. Alex then nominated Cody as the replacement nominee. Paul told Christmas and Jason that Kevin is the only one who is not happy. Jason said it’s because Cody tells Kevin that it’s going to be the Paul show, and he asks if you want the season to be all about Paul since he has everyone following him around. Jason admitted he thinks about it too because you don’t want it to be a dictatorship. Paul said that’s not what he is doing. Jason headed to the have-not room to let Kevin know that people are questioning why he isn’t happy. Kevin asked who is saying that. Jason said Christmas and Paul. Jason said he told them that Kevin just doesn’t like seeing somebody hurt. Kevin agreed and said he wants Cody to go and he will be voting him out. Jason headed up to the HoH room to tell Alex, Christmas and Paul about his talk with Kevin. Jason revealed that he dropped Christmas and Paul’s names to Kevin. Paul didn’t like that his name was thrown out there. He said now it will look like he is feeding people stuff about Kevin. Paul said he is going to put Kevin in check. If Kevin comes after him for it, Paul said “let’s go, old man”. Jason told Paul that Kevin loves him. Paul said Kevin is telling them all that “it’s you and me”. Jason said Kevin has not told him that. He said Kevin always mentions Alex and Paul as well. Kevin made his way upstairs. He said Cody wont be coming back this time and he will be leaving 7-0 unless they decide that giving a vote to Elena is a good idea. Kevin brought up that people come out to the yard to offer to make Cody food, yet nobody says anything about that. It was mentioned that Raven offered Cody food. Paul told Kevin not to humour Cody. He said Cody is trying to make him feel bad. After Kevin left, Alex said everything Kevin was saying was a lie. She mentioned that Kevin claimed he didn’t know Cody’s last name even though she told him it. She said he made the same joke this time when it was said as he did that time. Paul said Kevin is freaking out because he has made the same promises to everyone. Paul added that Kevin gets chummy with the enemies in case they win HoH.

1:00-2:00 PM: Alex told Jason and Josh that Elena is nervous. Alex said not to give a clear answer if she asks which way they are voting. Josh said he will tell her that he doesn’t know and he has to think about it. Josh asked why Kevin is acting so weird. Jason said they just have to be nice to him. Alex said it’s because he is being shady. Josh said he doesn’t like seeing Kevin like that. Alex told Josh not to feel bad for him, since he is acting shady because he is up to something shady. Kevin came upstairs. He voiced his frustration that people question him just because he says what’s up to Cody. Kevin then left the room. Alex and Josh discussed that Kevin is tripping. Alex, Jason and Josh talked about sticking to their six with Christmas, Kevin and Paul. Jason said they have to execute and take the showmances out. Alex and Josh agreed. Mark went for the have-not temptation. He picked the purple box. He was correct and is no longer a have-not.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Jason he is going to put Kevin in check today. Paul mentioned that Mark and Elena will put one of them, not Kevin, up if they win HoH. Paul said he is going to ask Kevin why he is messing up something good. Paul also voice his frustration with Mark. After Mark got off of slop, he let Paul know that he took a pillow from his bed. Paul said Mark is a prick and has been mentioning he won the vacation, had a good week, and can hopefully win HoH too. Paul said at least now they wont have to worry about Mark being in the have-not room and talking to Kevin. Paul said there will be nothing stopping them if they can get Cody and Mark out during the double eviction. Jason agreed. Paul said they will get to six then. Josh came by to say that both Mark and Elena are shady and greedy. Paul said he is getting Mark out next week. Josh said he will gun for HoH and make Mark’s life a living hell.

3:00-4:00 PM: Elena joined Jason, Josh and Paul. Paul brought up that Cody is being weird. Elena said Cody has obviously been talking to people this week. Elena mentioned she figured that Cody was trying to campaign against her. Josh said he is making some valid points. Paul added that Cody wants to do some crazy things. Elena asked like that. She asked if he wants her to get voted out. Paul said he doesn’t know. Elena asked Josh what Cody is saying. Josh said he doesn’t know. Elena said he mentioned that Cody made good points. Josh said he didn’t talk to him directly. Josh said he wants Cody out more than anyone in the house, but he is saying to not sleep on him. Elena asked if there is anything she needs to be worried about. Jason started to say that even if Cody rallies a vote or two or three, Elena is good. Paul asked who that would be. Elena questioned why Jason even talks. She said he did this to her last week too. Jason told Elena that Cody has been saying they can run the house if they keep him. Jason mentioned that Cody has said things such as he has a 5 year old daughter. Jason didn’t think it was the truth. Paul asked Elena if she knew that. Elena said it wouldn’t surprise her since Cody lied about everything else.

4:00-5:00 PM: Josh told Matt he heard from Jason that Mark wants to vote Matt out. Matt and Raven then relayed that information to Christmas and Paul. Paul told Alex and Kevin. Matt said Mark is the worst and he cannot believe how bad of a player he is. Matt told Christmas and Paul to tell Mark they are voting him out. Paul said he will say he doesn’t know what he is doing. Paul asked Jason about what Mark said. Jason clarified to Josh and Paul, and later Matt, that Mark didn’t say it. Jason said he told Mark that Cody said he would like to vote Matt out. Paul said they should assume Mark said it anyway, then use it as a reason to nominate him next week.

5:00-6:00 PM: Alex went to the have-not room to look at the pillows that Mark had on his have-not bed. Alex went off on Mark for dismantling her bed and taking her pillows. She said he could have asked her. Mark asked if she is kidding. Alex said they are not his to take. Alex followed Mark around, yelling and saying he doesn’t own this place. Mark went outside. Christmas, Paul, Jason, Josh and Kevin gathered in the have-not room with Alex. Many of them laughed about the fight. Alex said she told them she was bored. When Mark entered the room, Christmas called Mark out for taking a pillow off of her bed as well. Mark said he asked Paul last night if he wanted more pillows. Christmas said he still took the pillow. She said it’s not okay. Christmas said it’s a common theme that Mark takes without asking. Christmas added that apologizing afterwards does not take away from Mark continuing to do this. She said she doesn’t know how he thinks this is appropriate behaviour. Mark said he doesn’t know and proceeded to walk out.

6:00-7:00 PM: Josh told Mark he is sleeping in the bed with Elena. Mark said he is sleeping there. Josh said he asked last night. Mark said all three of them can sleep there then. Josh asked why Mark doesn’t sleep with his buddy Cody. Mark said Josh has been sleeping in that bed all summer, so he can. Josh said he will not sleep next to someone who is throwing his name around. Josh told Mark he can go cuddle with Cody since they basically do anyway. Mark then asked if Josh is that desperate to get in bed with a girl. Josh said he is not. He told Mark he doesn’t want to sleep next to him or Cody. Mark told Josh he should ask a girl if he can sleep next to her before he tells her that he is going to do it. Josh said if Mark wants to argue, they can go. Mark commented on how Josh has came in the room three times now. Mark said nothing has changed and he is going to sleep in the bed. Josh said nothing has changed and Mark can sleep out in the other room. Alex stepped in and said Josh should get to sleep there since he called it last night. Christmas chimed in as well, saying Josh called it. Christmas asked if Mark wants the bed or wants to sleep with Elena. She suggested that she will sleep with Elena and Josh can sleep with Mark. Mark agreed. Josh said he doesn’t want to sleep with Mark due to how big they both are. Josh said Mark stole all of the pillows and now he is trying to steal the bed. Alex started yelling at Mark that she wouldn’t have taken his pillows without asking. She said it’s an extension of her and that is her bed. Mark said Alex is in the HoH room and she can take the pillows when she is back downstairs. Paul said Mark took his pillow as well. Alex called him a pillow thief. Mark left the room. Elena told Mark that everyone is psychotic. She said not to let it get to him. Elena said they are not 100% right and neither is Mark, but she has had her things taken from her so many times. Mark questioned what is up with Christmas. He said people are so desperate not to be a target that they jump on. Elena said she hopes Mark wins HoH. Mark said Alex and Paul will be going on the block.

8:00-9:00 PM: Cody told Alex and Jason that he saw Paul as the biggest target and he kicked the door in. Cody said little did he know that Paul had an invincibility shield and an army. Cody told Alex that they all turned on him because of her. Alex asked why Cody didn’t put Ramses up instead of Paul. Cody said because he is not a giant pussy. Alex said they are always going to protect the vets. Cody said he didn’t come into the game to play it safe. Alex said they are not playing it safe. Talk turned to Raven. Alex let Cody know that Raven made it seem like Cody came for her and she turned him down. Cody said f*ck no. Cody sarcastically said he saw Raven and Jessica and said Raven is the one. Cody said he has been after Jessica since the start. Alex also told Cody that Raven said it’s a good thing they didn’t work out since Raven can’t have kids. Cody said he would never say that. Christmas, Josh and Paul came upstairs, so Cody left the room. Paul brought up that he is going to put Kevin in check tonight. Josh worried that Kevin would jump ship if Paul checks him. Christmas and Paul said that wont happen.

9:00-10:00 PM: Alex, Christmas, Jason, Josh and Paul discussed that Kevin told them all he made deals with Cody to protect them, but he left certain names out of the various conversations. Paul said he will check Kevin and he doesn’t care if Kevin comes after him for it. Paul said he is not risking sleeping on Kevin. Josh suggested it would only lead to Kevin joining a coup. Paul said he dares Kevin to do that. Josh said he thinks Cody and Kevin made a Final 2. Jason said Kevin’s last three votes have been with them. Alex said that’s because Kevin got checked so many times. Alex and Paul spoke alone. Paul told Alex she can trust Christmas and Josh 100%. Paul said he is thinking the eviction order should be Cody, Mark, Kevin and Matt. Paul asked if he should put Kevin in check. Alex said she would just see where his head is at. They talked about how Kevin would win the game if he makes it to the Final 2. They said he cannot get too far. Paul suggested getting Kevin out at 7 or 8. Paul said the best he can do is winning America’s Favorite, which wont happen, or get second place since he is the only vet. Alex said that’s not fair since Nicole won. Paul said that was a different jury. Paul said it would be tough to win unless it’s against Josh, but Josh will not make it. Paul said he would take Alex over Josh since she has done more, which is the same argument he used for taking Nicole over James. Paul said if they get to five with Christmas, Jason and Josh, he can get them to three with Jason. They agreed that that’s fair.

10:00-11:00 PM: In the kitchen, Paul spoke to Elena about Mark being in the hot tub with Cody. Paul said Mark told multiple people that he wants to keep Cody this week. Paul told Elena she can go ahead and relay that information. Paul said when he knows Cody is campaigning against him and Mark is trying to keep him, that’s when he draws the line. Paul added that Mark knew Cody was going to put him on the block in the first week. Paul then pulled Kevin aside to talk. Paul asked if Kevin is freaking out about him, since that’s what he heard. Kevin said he didn’t ever mention Paul. Kevin mentioned Jason saying Christmas and Paul asked why he is upset. Kevin told Paul he said there is no way Paul would do that. Paul said he and Christmas have her back. Kevin asked why Jason would say that. Paul said he may just be freaking out and getting paranoid. Paul brought up the deal that Kevin made with Cody. He asked if Cody said anything about turning on him, since he has been throwing him under the bus. Kevin said Cody knows better than that. Kevin said they are finished with Cody and it’s time to move on. Paul said he wanted to make sure that Kevin didn’t think he was throwing his name around. Kevin asked if Paul is crazy. He said he votes with him and did was he said on multiple votes. Kevin said he will thank Christmas for worrying about him but let her know that he is fine. In the bedroom, Christmas told Elena she is annoyed with Mark. She said she doesn’t know what to believe. She talked about Mark hanging out with Cody while she is on the block and her game is on the line. Christmas said she doesn’t get what Mark thinks will happen even if Cody stays. She questioned if he will be the new Jessica. Christmas talked about how Mark continues to put himself into positions that are questionable. Elena said when Cody comes around her, she finds reasons to leave.

11:00-12:00 AM: Up in the HoH room, Josh asked Mark if he is in on Cody’s plan to flip the house against them. Mark said no. He told Josh this was the first night he spent with Cody. Josh said Mark is guilty by association and his actions prove it. Josh questioned why Mark was so salty after the ceremony and booked it outside. Mark asked if he is salty because he went outside to tan. Josh asked if Mark is saying he has no idea what Cody has been doing. Mark said he doesn’t. Josh went on to say that the line has been drawn between them. Josh said he would have more respect if Mark would say he is with Cody rather than flip flopping. Mark insisted that he did not tell anyone not to put Cody up or not to vote Cody out this week. Josh said he is going to call Cody up there because he is sick of the BS. Josh went outside to talk to Cody. Cody said there is no point in being part of a conversation when he is going home this week. Cody said he is not playing the game this week. Josh asked if Cody is saying he hasn’t thrown anybody’s name around this week. Cody said no, and people are trying to stir things up if they are saying he mentioned Josh’s name. Josh started explaining that Mark is disloyal. Cody said he doesn’t need anyone to tell him what Mark did to him. Cody told Josh he is aware that Jessica is the only one who stood by him. Josh asked if Cody attempted to flip the house this week. Cody said he knew he was getting backdoored from the start. Mark came outside, then the rest of the houseguests followed. Josh said Mark has been playing both sides since Cody walked back in. Josh said everybody, including Cody, is on to him. Cody stepped in and said not to do that. Josh wanted Mark to be up front about wanting him out, rather than saying he voted him out because the house was saying they would. Mark asked why Josh would be surprised that he wanted him out when Josh called him out the week prior. Josh made it clear he wanted Mark to say it to his face. The two went back and forth before Mark headed inside. Cody told Mark not to send Josh out next, or else he has to spend six weeks with him. After things claimed, Cody spoke to the camera. He said that maybe somehow that will make Elena a target since Mark is a target. Cody wanted Jessica to know that he is missing her and trying his best to stay in the game, but he doesn’t think it’s working.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jason and Paul had earlier discussed that Cody’s story changed about the age of his daughter. Alex asked Jason why they don’t ask Cody about his daughter. Jason said it’s all BS. Jason said Cody is a piece of crap if he actually has a kid and acted like this, so he would rather believe it’s a lie. Alex said she might ask Cody about his kid next time they talk to him.

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