Big Brother 19 Day 56

August 15, 2017

1:00-2:00 PM: Alex, Cody, Jason, Kevin and Paul were in the kitchen when feeds cut in mid argument. Based on retells, Alex told Cody he can have some of her cereal, then he ate the whole box and said “f*ck you” to Alex while eating it, seemingly after she confronted him. Alex was yelling at Cody. Alex said they are trying to be nice to him and all he can do is be an ass. Cody said all he wants to do is enjoy the bowl of cereal. Alex said Cody could not even save her one bowl of the cereal that she let him have. Within minutes, all of the houseguests gathered around. Jason told Cody he is an idiot for being a dick to Alex. Cody thanked him. He told Jason he has done nothing for him in the game, though he saved Jason. Alex said he is trying to throw it in their faces because he doesn’t know how to play the game. Alex told Cody she is the only one being nice to him. Cody said he would prefer that they all hate him. Jason asked Cody if he is even from Iowa. Alex chimed in by asking “how is your kid? Do you even have one?”. Cody asked them to quit talking to him. Alex said no, cause if he wants them to hate him, they are going to make him hate them even more. Alex questioned if Cody even likes Jessica or if he used her for his game. Alex asked how many more lies Cody has to tell. Cody said he is done talking. Jason said now he knows that Cody is full of sh*t. Jason told Cody he now doesn’t feel bad about voting him out on Thursday. Alex said they know the person he is trying to protect, but go ahead because they will probably be next. Josh asked who it is. Cody said he has no idea. Alex said Cody is lying again. Christmas asked if Cody never had a ride or die other than Jessica. Cody said no. Christmas mentioned Mark’s name. Cody said Mark kind of went back on that one. Cody said they are absolutely lunatics. Christmas said they are lunatics that talk to each other and communicate. Christmas told Cody he shuts down and wont talk. Cody asked what the point is when he is going home. Christmas asked what the point of him even being there is. Kevin suggested that Cody should let people know what kind of person he is. He asked how Cody cannot like Alex or Christmas. Kevin added that it takes a real person to sit everyone down, explain himself and apologize. Cody said he doesn’t regret anything and he is not going to apologize for anything. Cody said he will be polite, courteous and not talk to anybody if that’s what they want. Paul said Cody can do whatever he wants. Alex said she thinks Cody is faking this and trying to make himself the target. Alex asked who Cody is trying to protect. Cody didn’t say anything. Paul questioned why Cody is trying to protect Elena. Elena said she would like to know that too. Cody said he doesn’t want to answer any questions.

2:00-3:00 PM: Cody promised to be polite, courteous and shut up. Christmas said they don’t want him to shut up. She said they want answers. Cody said he is going out the door. Christmas told Cody it doesn’t matter since they still want answers. Cody said nobody will believe anything he says anyway. Christmas said so what. Josh said that’s not true. Cody told Alex he didn’t mean to be a jerk. Christmas pointed out that that’s not an apology. Cody walked away. Josh questioned if Mark had knowledge of Cody trying to flip the house. Alex said most likely. Mark then came by to confront Alex about saying that when he has not had any conversations with people about putting someone else other than Cody up or about keeping him this week. Cody walked back out. Paul asked if Mark knew he was going up. Cody said he mentioned it once but Mark was very resistant to it. Josh asked Cody if Mark aligned with him when he returned. Cody said no. He told Josh it was just him and Jessica. Next up, Josh told Elena and Mark that he likes them personally but he is drawing the line with them in the game. Josh called them both untrustworthy. Elena asked how she is now untrustworthy. Josh said she always was but he needed the whole house to see it. Josh told Elena that taking the $5,000 proved it. Elena and Josh then went back and forth about the conversation they had in Josh’s HoH room prior to nominations. Elena denied having thrown people’s names out in the way that Josh is claiming. She said she told Josh that people like Alex and Paul are better competitors than her, so she doesn’t get why she is being nominated due to being a strong competitor who can win the veto. Elena raised her voice when Josh was cutting her off. Josh questioned why she is getting so upset if what he is saying is not true. Elena said it’s because he is accusing her of lying when she is not lying. Elena said Josh is twisting her words. Josh said on the bible and on his parents that he is not. Elena told Josh he doesn’t seem to understand that he misunderstood, so he actually believes that she said what he is claiming she said. Josh called Elena condescending and manipulative. Josh said he heard her words verbatim. Elena said Josh’s delivery of her verbatim is not verbatim, if he knows what that word means. Elena questioned Josh’s reasoning for nominating her, given that Christmas told her it was because she voted against him, but Josh said it was because she is a strong competitor. Christmas denied having said that. Josh said his reason was that she is a strong mental and physical competitor, plus she was a vote against him. Josh said Elena is disloyal and jumped ship on Mark again last night when he was talking to Cody. Christmas called out Elena for giving Alex a punishment when she promised not to. Alex said it’s her turn to yell. She questioned whether or not Elena promised not to curse her. Elena said they promised not to curse each other. Alex said they are a team and they are supposed to trust Elena. Alex said Elena went against the team and she has no respect for anyone. Alex then brought up what car Elena drives. Elena asked why that matters. Alex said because she is telling people she is broke. Alex told Elena she would have taken Mark’s prize from him, not the money from Elena, if it were the other way around. Josh and Elena then got back into it. Josh said Elena can’t even stand by her own showmance. Elena said Josh is purposely trying to make Mark feel bad. Josh asked if anyone has heard Elena jump ship on Mark. Christmas said 100%. Christmas brought up that Elena said if Mark wins HoH, she will distance herself because she doesn’t want to be associated with him. Elena said she is playing a separate game from Mark. Christmas argued that’s a technicality. Alex, Christmas and Josh all gave Mark props for sticking by Elena when she didn’t do the same for him. After Elena walked off, Alex, Paul, Raven and others discussed Cody’s behaviour. Alex thinks Cody did this to keep Elena in the game. Paul said Cody finally pointed out the behaviour he has been trying to point out since the beginning.

3:00-4:00 PM: Paul said it’s terrifying that he has lived with Cody for this many days and cannot tell anyone a single fact about him. Jason said he thinks Cody takes parts of people’s personalities and then adapts them. Raven said he uses them against people. Josh and Mark, in front of their fellow houseguests, agreed that they will be boys on the outside but they don’t like each other in the game. In the have-not room, Kevin spoke to Jason about how he wanted to say that Matt and Raven are the ones who kissed Cody’s ass more than anyone. Christmas and Paul joined them. Both said Matt and Raven would not say anything even though they were whispering things and were encouraged to speak up against Cody. Up in the HoH room, Paul told Alex, Jason and Josh that Matt and Raven are counterfeit but they are complacent. He was adamant that they cannot treat those two any differently even though they are on to them. Paul said he hopes they can get Mark out this week if it’s a double eviction. After that, Paul suggested nominating Elena and Raven. If Elena wins veto, he said they can put Matt up. They agreed that Matt needs to go before Raven. It was discussed that he will turn up once Raven goes. Alex spoke to Mark about Elena not treating him nicely. She said Elena didn’t want anything to do with Mark as soon as she saw that he may be bad for her game. Mark said the things that she said hurt.

4:00-5:00 PM: Alex and Jason talked about what happened with Cody. Alex said she thinks Cody did it on purpose. Christmas joined in and said Cody is making sure Elena gets to stay this week. Alex agreed. Alex asked if Cody has a kid. Jason said he doesn’t have a kid. Christmas said Cody neither confirmed nor denied. Alex thinks Cody ate all of her cereal on purpose because they had a conversation yesterday about her not liking when people take advantage of her stuff. Alex interpreted Cody eating it all as a power move. In the bedroom, Mark told Elena that all Christmas does is lie and chime in. Elena told Mark that she was told he knew about everything with regards to Cody wanting to target Paul. Elena said Paul threw him under the bus last night by saying he has more respect for her than to sit out next to Cody like Mark is doing while she is on the block. Mark told Elena that Paul made comments about her as well, saying he is surprised that Elena acts the way she does around him (Paul). Mark said Paul makes those types of comments to turn people against each other.

5:00-6:00 PM: Elena and Mark continued to discuss Paul. Elena said for him to stir the pot like he is is stupid. Mark said he keeps on stirring. Elena said she began to back away from Paul when he attacked Mark in front of everyone for not standing up for Josh. Mark said Paul chimes in every chance he gets. Mark said Christmas is the one he can’t stand the most, seeing as she is so fake. Elena said she is psychotic. Mark added that she has to be bipolar. Elena brought up that Alex said the person Cody is protecting will likely go next, then she later said it was her. Elena talked about people implying that Cody was campaigning against her yesterday, though they would not give details. Elena said they are the new Jessica and Cody, and Matt and Raven are the new Mark and Elena since they can’t interact with them out of fear of becoming the next targets. Mark told Elena that Paul is a piece of sh*t and he makes comments to put a divide between them. Mark said it was fine that Cody was upstairs with Jason and Alex, yet a war starts when he is outside with Cody. Elena told Mark he better put Alex and Josh up. Mark said he is putting Paul up. He explained that Alex has always been real with him.

6:00-7:00 PM: Elena told Mark that Paul is good and he makes everyone feel like he is only telling them information. Elena said it’s done to make them feel special. Elena said the reality is that Paul is saying different things to different people, spinning it along the way. Mark asked what Paul said Cody told him. Elena said Paul told her that Mark knew he was going up. Mark let Elena know that right after Paul talked to Cody, he came to him and said he could tell Cody is full of it since he said things in a different way this time. Out in the yard, Paul commented on how Mark and Elena are together again. Alex asked what’s up with that. Paul said he thought they were successful, but he guesses not. Paul figures it’s no longer the same between Mark and Elena. Jason thinks they are together because they don’t want to be alone. Josh asked the group not to chime in when he gets into an argument in the future. He said he doesn’t want it to come off as though it’s all of them against one person.

7:00-8:00 PM: Josh told Jason, Kevin and Paul that his intent was to make it clear to Mark and Elena that he is drawing the line. Josh said they don’t all have to chime in when someone is having an argument. Josh explained that they don’t want to look like a pack of wolves. Josh argued that people target them and they then pack together. However, he said their next targets are clear and there is no need to address them unless they are addressed. Up in the HoH room, Jason told Alex he doesn’t want her to yell at other people, because he doesn’t want her making herself a target. Jason said it’s time to chill since they have already cut people down. Jason told Alex to be the leader, not the dictator. Jason thinks it’s time for Alex to back off a bit. He said she can’t tell him that listening to all of that go on for an hour is at all entertaining. Jason called it an insanity tactic. Jason said everyone knows that Alex likes the rioting, so they want to impress her. Alex said they already made their stand and it had to be done. Moving forward, Alex said they have to get rid of Mark and Elena, then pretend that they are mad at Josh so Matt and Raven don’t see they are after them. In the have-not room, Josh told Paul they need to chill. He said it doesn’t look good when week after week the the house has the same target and uses the same style of execution. Josh suggested that certain people have been getting involved and making it personal, then it’s an attack. Paul told Josh to quit it with the attack thing, as it’s Big Brother.

8:00-9:00 PM: Paul talked to Josh about how he stuck his neck out for both he and Christmas, plus he put the blame for the $25,000 on Ramses. Josh said he knows who got it. Paul said he does too. Paul asked how Josh knows. Josh said Kevin told him. Paul said he will drop that bomb sooner or later, and he needs Josh to back him up. Josh said no. Paul said yeah. Josh reminded Paul that Kevin is a jury vote. Josh said Paul doesn’t care about that and neither does he. Paul said he didn’t ever care about that. Paul talked about Kevin using the money as a way to gain trust, as he is acting like he didn’t tell anyone else even though he did. Before wrapping up the conversation, Josh let Paul know that his top three is the two of them and Christmas. Paul said the same. Cody spoke to Elena. He said he doesn’t know how everything started today, considering that Alex told him he could eat her cereal. Cody said the others look to create justification so that whatever they do is right. Elena said it’s easier for them to put her up again next week when they create an issue. Elena said that defending yourself makes you a target in this house. She told Cody she will likely be seeing him in jury next week unless she or Mark win HoH. Upstairs, Paul told Alex that Kevin won the $25,000. Paul said that’s a bomb that they are going to drop later.

9:00-10:00 PM: Paul asked Alex if they should target Cody, Mark and then Matt. Alex said yeah. Paul asked when they should get Kevin out, because he is getting on his nerves. Alex said Kevin is getting on her nerves too. Paul suggested Cody, Mark, Matt and Kevin in that order. Alex agree. Alex asked when Kevin told Paul about the $25,000. Paul said Josh just told him, and Josh found out the minute the competition ended. Paul said that’s another reason to get Kevin out. Paul told Alex to know that Kevin is a liar. Alex said she is starting to wonder if Kevin has kids. Paul said he is too. Paul asked if they should tell Jason about the $25,000. Alex said yes. Paul then told Jason. He said Josh knew the whole time but he was scared to say anything. Paul said Kevin then confirmed it to him. Paul asked that they not tell Josh. After Paul left, Jason said he isn’t sure if Kevin actually won the money. Alex said it makes more sense for Ramses to have won it. She said Kevin might have told Josh as a joke, but Josh misunderstood. Jason said Kevin might have told Josh to see if he could trust him. Jason questioned why Josh would tell Paul about it. Alex said Josh thinks that Kevin is coming for him. Alex said she trusts Paul more than anyone but Jason, and she doesn’t think he would lie. They considered that Paul could be getting played. Alex and Jason agreed that it doesn’t seem reasonable that Kevin won the money. Jason said it’s irrelevant anyway since it served the purpose of getting Ramses out. Jason wondered if Paul is telling them this information because he is ready to get Kevin out. Jason also mentioned that Josh might want Kevin out. Alex said Josh doesn’t want Kevin out, though he wants protection if Kevin comes after him. Jason asked why Josh would go to Paul first when he says that they are his #1 and 2. Alex said they haven’t had a moment alone with Josh, so he will likely tell them later.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul told Elena and Mark that Cody is protecting one person and it’s not Elena. He left it at that and then walked away. Paul headed upstairs to talk to Alex and Jason. He said Kevin is trying to get rid of Josh since Josh knows he has the $25,000. Jason said he is having a hard time buying it that Kevin won the money. Paul asked why Kevin would say he has it if he doesn’t. Alex asked when Kevin said it. Paul said Kevin told him today that “you can thank me for bringing you back in the house”, and told him he is the only one who knows about it. Christmas joined Alex, Jason and Paul to discuss Kevin. They discussed various things such as that Kevin gets annoyed when Raven and Matt laugh at Paul’s jokes. Christmas said it’s because Kevin doesn’t like it that Paul is getting more attention than him. Paul brought up that Paulie's game blew up because of this lsat year, since he tried to make Final 2 deals with everybody. Paul said Kevin has no need to win things when he is banking on everyone taking him to the end.

11:00-12:00 AM: Mark told Elena he thinks that Kevin might be the one who Paul is saying Cody is protecting. Mark said Paul was looking at him and then looking at Kevin with weird eyes while they were playing pool. Mark told Elena that Paul is going to get his for all of his little comments, but they might need him for right now. In the bathroom, Jason told Paul he thinks that Kevin just wants someone to say he is their ride or die. Jason suggested that Paul could tell Kevin that. Paul said he is fine with doing it as long as people understand what he is doing. Jason talked about not wanting to have Paul do it if it’s back for his game. Paul said he doesn’t care about that since he can’t win anyway. Jason disagreed. Paul said there are 15 new players and all they have to say is that he played before. Jason said that seems like more of a reason to vote for Paul. Paul disagreed. He went on to talk about how he came back for everyone who enjoyed him, not for himself, so he is there for more than to win the game. Paul said there is a lot of pressure coming back and potentially letting down the fans who watched him last season. Paul mentioned that his reputation could be bad if he is doing something that the fans don’t like. Christmas said she is dealing with a similar issue, because she is terrified that her followers will think she is crazy. Christmas said she is going to have to deal with people seeing her getting into arguments and it possibly looking like she provoked them. Once Jason got Paul one on one, he told him not to sell himself short. Jason said Paul has every right to win the game. Jason told Paul he has as good or better of a chance than anyone. Paul said no. Jason said he would rather lose to Paul than be in the end with Cody. Paul said he appreciates that. Jason said he would be honoured to lose to Paul.

12:00-1:00 AM: Elena told Mark that Paul will be obsessed with them if they win HoH. Mark said he will decide if Paul goes up depending on how shady he is. He said he cannot nominate Josh or Christmas since they are not threats. Elena said they are literal blobs. In the APSR, Josh was crying about being drained due to the fighting on back to back days. Paul said he will look back at it and laugh. Paul let Josh know that he felt the same way last year since people were attacking him for no reason. Alex told Josh that the person who yells loudest is the one who is always wrong, as was the case with Elena. Josh said it hurts him to know that he hurt somebody. Christmas said none of Josh’s actions were deserving of the reaction he got. In the have-not room, Jason told Kevin to stop bringing up that Alex said Paul has to go. Kevin said she did say it at the beginning. Jason said he knows but she doesn’t want Paul out now. Jason told Kevin that Alex analyzes everything, such as Kevin saying he didn’t know Cody’s last name even though she told it to him. Kevin said he forgot it. Kevin said he doesn’t like Alex analyzing everything. Kevin told Jason that Alex is wrong. They discussed having a talk with her tomorrow.

1:00-2:00 AM: Paul told Alex and Jason that Kevin came to him and said those two are going to take each other to the end, so they have to stick together to the end. Paul said he told Kevin yeah, and now Kevin is feeling better. Paul brought up the conversation that Jason had with Kevin, because Kevin brought it up. Jason said now that they had the conversation, they don’t need to have it again. Paul said they need to take Christmas and Josh with the three of them. Paul assured them that he can get them to three if they make it to six. Paul told Alex and Jason to stick together even if he is out of the game. Jason said Paul is not going anywhere. Jason brought up that Mark is saying the same thing that Cody is saying that they wont have another chance to get Paul out if they don’t do it now. Alex said she didn’t know that. Jason said he told Alex. Jason and Paul said they are going to win HoH and put Mark up. Jason said Mark is putting up Josh and Christmas. Alex told Paul that they will save him as long as he is on the block against anyone but Jason.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul headed out to the hammock where Elena and Mark were. Mark asked if Paul is saying to be careful of Christmas. Paul said no. He told Mark to be careful about what he is saying, because people are saying he is trying to get him out of this house. Paul said Alex and Jason are very solid people. He said the same for Josh and Christmas, though he admitted they don’t get along with Mark. Paul let Mark know that multiple people are saying he is coming for him. Paul said he would not make this up, but he would not give any names. Paul told Mark he is not saying he believes it. Mark said he has never said that to anybody. Mark said it looks like he better win Thursday then. Paul said he hopes Mark does. He told Mark that if he was coming for him, Mark would know. Paul said if Mark wins HoH, he can find out if he is coming for him. Mark mentioned it’s funny how Matt’s name has disappeared. Paul said that’s something Mark has got to figure out. Paul told Elena that her paranoia is killing him, because he is actually fine. Elena said she is not going to roll over when Josh flips the dialogue of what they talked about twice. Elena said Alex also pointed her out as the next target in front of the whole house. Mark commented on how it’s a house thing and there is one target and one vote. Mark said people aren’t really getting that mad about pillows, but they are trying to put a target on someone’s back. Paul said he was not trying to do that. Mark told Elena and Paul there are two people other than them who he trusts, those being Alex and Jason. Paul asked if Mark really trusts him when he asks him if they are good 40 times a week. Mark said it’s because Paul keeps questioning if he knew that Cody was coming after him. Paul said it’s because Cody tells him different things every time. Mark said he has told Paul so many times that he didn’t know, yet Paul brings it up again and again even in front of people. Paul said it’s no longer a thing since Cody said it in front of people. Mark said Cody brought it up with 20 other different scenarios. Paul said that bringing it up was not done not to Mark’s benefit. Mark said he will find out on Thursday if he doesn’t win HoH. Mark pointed out that Paul didn’t trust them to tell them about the Josh vote. Paul said it was for their own good since they would have freaked out. Mark said Paul is not putting full trust in him when he wont let him know who is saying things. Paul said he has to look into it more because he has to protect his own game. Mark insisted that he is not saying these things to people. Mark told Paul he has only brought his name up once, which was to Matt when he let Matt know he is concerned about the group upstairs. Mark said he told Matt that they have to stick together because the group upstairs have the numbers. Paul asked if Matt agreed. Mark said yeah. Elena brought up that Matt isn’t planning on winning HoH anyway. Paul said Mark and Elena clearly have an issue with Christmas and Josh. Mark said he is not going after them. He said Josh is just noise to him now. Mark said he is winning HoH to make a statement. After Paul left, Mark said Matt is a piece of sh*t. He said Paul knew exactly what his conversation with Matt entailed. Mark said maybe Kevin isn’t always full of it. Elena said the moral of the story is that regardless of what Paul says, he is still with Alex, Jason and Kevin, and they are still after them. Elena said that group will then go after Matt and Raven, followed by the blobs (Christmas and Josh). Elena said the game plan has not changed, and Paul is just spewing. Mark told Elena his original plan sticks, cause Alex and Jason are the only chance he has. Elena said they are working with Paul. Mark said Matt and Raven are as well, as are Josh, Christmas, Kevin and themselves. Elena said Paul might not be coming after them right now, but it just depends where they are on his list. Mark said they are on the top of the list for everyone else. Elena agreed. Mark said Paul is not that good at the game but he got lucky with weak players.

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