Big Brother 19 Day 57

August 16, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Paul told Matt about his conversation with Mark last night. He said he questioned if Mark is coming after him, then Mark said no but he plans to win HoH and then make a statement. Paul let Matt know that Mark asked why Matt’s name is no longer being mentioned. Matt said it’s because he didn’t say or do anything. Matt said he hopes Josh wins and sends Mark home. Paul said he hopes so too. Paul explained that Mark’s demeanour last night was that he was coming after him. Paul told Matt that nobody can stand Kevin anymore. Matt said he doesn’t know exactly what happened. Paul said Cody was protecting Kevin. Paul said Kevin tells him that he has his back, yet he is hanging out with the guy who has been trying to flip the house against him. Paul then told Josh that he called Mark out last night. Paul said Mark told him that he is not going after Christmas or Josh since they are nothing. Paul then continued talking to Josh and Matt about Kevin. He said Kevin is rubbing everyone the wrong way and is talking about him. Paul said Kevin has been asking why people are laughing at his jokes. Paul said Cody has been protecting Kevin. Paul added that they underestimate how smart Kevin is. Matt told Josh and Paul it’s crazy how every time they get someone out, someone else becomes public enemy number one.

11:00-12:00 PM: The houseguests were let into the backyard in order to practice for one of the upcoming competitions. It was a large shuffleboard like game. Each of the houseguests were given eight practice shots before they had to go back inside on lockdown.

12:00-1:00 PM: Cody told Elena and Mark he is going to try to get the target off of their backs during his speech. Mark said he doesn’t have to. Cody didn’t mind. After Cody left, Elena said Cody is going to try to put the target on Alex and Jason. Paul checked in with Elena to ask if she and Mark are cool. Elena said they are fine. Elena brought up that Alex said she told her that she would vote Mark out if it’s best for her game. Paul asked if anyone said anything that he said. Elena said not that she knows of. Elena mentioned that she only told Paul that she was fully convinced Mark is not with Cody early on, then she said she would take Mark out herself if she finds out that he is lying. Paul said he didn’t tell anyone. Elena said she told it to Mark herself anyway. Paul asked if Elena thinks people are trying to split her and Mark up, plus put a distaste in his mouth for Mark. Elena said she has no idea. Elena mentioned she thinks she knows what the plan will be after Cody leaves, but she is going to wait to find out. Paul said they can talk whenever the yard is open and people back up.

1:00-2:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Matt said he can’t even be around Mark anymore. Paul told Matt that Elena just mentioned his name by saying she was talking to Matt and nobody has talked game to him. Paul said it didn’t even make sense to use Matt’s name in the context of the conversation. Paul told Alex, Christmas and Matt that Elena said Mark didn’t tell her he was coming after him, so why would he tell that to others. Paul wondered if Elena was trying to cover for Mark. Christmas said Mark didn’t tell Elena that he was in an alliance with Cody at the beginning either. Paul said he thinks Kevin and Mark are going to start to get closer now. Paul suggested that Kevin wants to align with strong men. After Mark leaves, Paul thinks the shady things that Kevin is doing will stop. Later, Alex told Jason that everyone is going after Mark. Jason said he is going to nominate Mark and Matt if he wins. Jason told Alex he plans to say in his speech that Matt took the veto from him, then later gave it back to appear to be doing him a solid. Jason said he sees right through that. Alex asked if Jason is really going to draw the line this soon. Jason asked why not. Alex told him they still need Matt and Raven as numbers. Both agree that they cannot stand Matt and Raven. Jason pointed out they are still carrying them along anyway. Alex said they have to.

2:00-3:00 PM: Paul told Matt and Raven that Elena is going to be nervous tomorrow. On top of that, Paul said Josh is going to drop a bomb on Mark after the eviction. Paul said people are now wanting to get Kevin out after Mark leaves, rather than going for Elena next. Paul then went to the have-not room with Jason. Paul commented on Kevin having told people the wrong dates on purpose to mess them up. Paul said Kevin came to him and said that they should study the correct dates together. Paul told Jason to keep making Matt and Raven feel good, because they think it’s still the five of them. Paul suggested going after Mark, then Matt, then putting Elena and Raven in order to backdoor Kevin. Jason told Paul about his plan to put Mark and Matt up. Paul told Jason to do what he wants. However, Paul explained that doing that will make it more difficult for them. Jason said he doesn’t want to do something that hurts the group. Paul spoke to Josh about Kevin. He said Kevin gets pissed when he is not the centre of attention. Josh said he feels bad about Kevin. Paul said Kevin is trying to get Josh out. Josh said he realizes that Kevin has wanted him out. Paul said he will be putting Kevin up and sending him home if he wins HoH not this time but next. Josh said Matt, Raven and Kevin don’t do anything. Paul agreed but said Matt and Raven haven’t done anything shady to him. Josh agreed. Paul talked about Cody telling Jason that he needs him out of the game. Paul said Cody told Kevin the same thing but Kevin is denying it. Paul then headed back to the APSR to talk to Matt and Raven. He told them that Kevin was asking why he is telling people the right dates. Paul said he needs Matt and Raven to keep laughing at his jokes. He suggested that they over exaggerate it because Kevin is going to blow up and they need him to do that. Paul said Kevin was probably always the cool guy and now he is pissed that he is not the centre of attention. Paul told Matt and Raven that Jason and Josh said they should skip over targeting Elena in order to go after Kevin once Mark leaves.

3:00-4:00 PM: Elena asked Cody what his plan for his speech is. She asked if they should just be surprised. Cody told them to be surprised. Mark said Cody can keep his gameplay consistent in terms of surprising them. Cody said he doesn’t want to say anything, otherwise he is going to have to go to the DR to talk about it. He said he is done talking to them. Elena told Cody that if people start messing with her, she is going to start throwing the food out. Mark said there will be a riot in the house if she does that. Mark said it would be hilarious.

4:00-5:00 PM: Elena told Cody she will die if Josh wins America’s Favourite. Cody said you just lose all hope if that happens. Elena said she will move to Canada since she can’t live in America if America votes for Josh. Elena said she is curious who will be in the Final 2. Cody said Paul along with Christmas, Josh or Kevin. Elena asked who Cody would vote for. Cody said probably Paul since all those idiots kept him. Cody then said he might just flip a coin because he doesn’t care. Elena said it will hopefully be her or Mark at the end. Cody said he would never bet on them. Elena said she wouldn’t either. Up in the HoH room, Alex told Josh that Kevin has tried to make Final 2 deals with each of them separately. She told Josh that’s why she is over it. Josh said Kevin obviously doesn’t have any of their backs if he is trying to hang with the enemy in Mark. Josh asked if they are going to get rid of Kevin or still take him to the top six. Alex said she doesn’t want to tell Josh anything that will get him in trouble. Paul said he plans to drive Kevin nuts. Josh asked why he is doing that now. Paul explained that it’s a slow build for Kevin to blow up.

5:00-6:00 PM: Matt told Raven he is so happy that he loves Christmas again. He said it broke his heart not to be around her, but he couldn’t deal with the way she was acting while on her medication. Matt said he doesn’t think that Elena will nominate either of them if she wins HoH. He expects her to nominate Josh next to either Christmas or Alex. Raven said Mark is going to get a piece of her mind if he nominates her. Matt said that’s probably the only team he will lose his cool. Matt brought up that Raven has cooked for Mark for the last 56 days. Raven said Mark also told her that he wouldn’t put her up. Raven thinks Mark might nominate Matt next to Josh. Matt said that would be a good move for Mark if he wants Josh out.

6:00-7:00 PM: Kevin told Jason he doesn’t care about anyone except for their four with Alex and Paul. Jason agreed. Kevin talked about understand that Alex and Jason are each other’s #1 but he wants to be next in line for each of them. Jason said he wants to win so bad but he doesn’t know how to win since he doesn’t know what’s coming. Jason said he will be banking on Alex, Kevin and Paul. In the have-not room, Paul told Jason he will throw HoH to him if it comes down to the two of them. Kevin asked if Paul will do the same for him. Paul said he will if Kevin wants.

7:00-8:00 PM: In the kitchen, Christmas asked Alex what she thinks Cody’s intention is. Alex said he wanted to make himself a bigger target because he is still working with Mark and Elena. Christmas asked if Cody is trying to protect Kevin. Alex said yes and mentioned that he didn’t want to name who the third vote for him was other than Christmas and Jessica. Christmas said she thought Mark was behind it. Alex told Christmas that Kevin was trying to get them all to make Final 2 deals with him last night. He said Kevin tried with Jason, Josh, Paul and herself. Christmas said Kevin wont talk with her about it since he doesn’t think that she is capable. Alex said he is hedging all of his bets. Alex talked about Kevin saying Christmas was protected by his deal with Cody even though it was only a deal for Jason, Kevin, Paul and herself.

8:00-9:00 PM: When Alex went to deliver a hot dog to Cody, she told him that she did a lot of good things for him in the game, such as making him dinner and never once lying to his face. Alex said she always talked to Cody when people were being mean, plus she gave him food and helped him out. As for what Cody has done for her, Alex said he made her a target and blindsided her by putting her on the block. Alex told Cody she has done a lot for him and he does not have to be an ass to her. Cody said he is sorry. Alex said that’s all she wanted. She then left. Alex reported back to Paul and the others that Cody, Elena and Mark are in the bedroom together, each reading their own bible.

9:00-10:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Alex said Kevin is getting so paranoid. Jason said he hasn’t looked up there for a minute. Alex told Jason it’s because she stared him down. Jason said Kevin is on their team, which Alex disagreed with. Jason explained that Kevin just wants to have a Final 2 with someone since he sees that everyone else has a buddy. Alex said Jason is being empathetic and stupid. Alex said Kevin wants someone to take him to the end. She added that he wants someone he can have control of. Jason told Alex that she will be the one sent home if they are on the block together, because people just view him as her little soldier boy. Alex said Jason will have to win then. He talked about how they would need to win the veto and then make the replacement nominee the target. Alex continued talking about Kevin, saying he is trying to get Mark on his side even though he hates Mark. Alex said they have to keep making Kevin paranoid, then prove that he is disloyal and send him home.

10:00-11:00 PM: Paul joined Alex and Jason in the HoH room. He said Kevin is either jealous or envious of something. Alex said Kevin is always talking poorly about Paul. Paul said Kevin freaks out when he and Jason are together, so they need to keep doing that. Jason told Alex she needs to take a pill, but Paul defended her and said she is not wrong about what she is saying about Kevin. Paul and Mark and Kevin are problems. As for Matt and Raven, he said they are annoying but they are not problems at the moment. Matt and Raven then joined them. They all agreed that Mark is their next target. Matt said he believes that they can make the Final 5 together if they are able to get Mark out next.

11:00-12:00 AM: Kevin asked Paul what he talked about with Alex. Paul said he was listening to music. Kevin asked if Paul has noticed that Alex calls Jason up to tell him something every day. Paul said it’s obvious that they are close. Kevin said it will be the two of them against Alex and Jason once they get down to four. Kevin said nobody is going to vote for Alex at the end, given that nobody likes her. Paul said that’s true. Kevin pointed out that Alex gets a little power and then she starts giving orders to everybody. Paul reported back to Alex/Christmas and Jason. He said Kevin was alone but he asked what he talks about with Alex and why Alex is always pulling Jason upstairs. Paul told Alex and Christmas that Kevin commented on Alex thinking she can tell people what to do when she gets in power. Christmas said Kevin’s paranoia is quickly escalating. Paul said they have to make Kevin complacent but also freak him out. Alex said she wants to see what happens when Kevin blows up. She thinks it will be good TV since he has been holding it in. Paul then told Jason about Kevin saying it will be he and Kevin against Alex and Jason. Jason said Kevin is scared.

12:00-1:00 AM: In the have-not room, Jason told Kevin they have to do their part. Kevin said he is doing it and he is being cool, but he was asking while Alex and Jason always talk. Jason mentioned Alex is cool but he doesn’t agree with all of the things she does sometimes. Kevin said he doesn’t think Alex should be HoH anymore. Kevin suggested that she becomes crazy while in power. Kevin told Jason that if he gets to pick have-nots, he will choose Elena, Josh, Mark and Matt. Elena and Mark had a similar conversation in the bathroom. Elena asked who Mark would pick as have-nots. Mark said Alex, Christmas, Josh and Paul, though he said it may be Matt in place of Paul depending on how his conversation with Paul goes. Earlier in the day, Elena had talked about potentially throwing some food away if people are bothering her. While she didn’t do that, before heading to bed, Elena dump the water out of one of the ice trays in the freezer.

1:00-2:00 AM: Alex watched the HoH spy screen while listening to music. While she watched, Elena grabbed the other tray of ice from the freezer and ran it under hot water to melt the ice cubes. Mark was always awake at the time. Elena let Mark know that she dumped one tray of ice earlier and one now. At one point, Elena and Mark heard noise from upstairs. Mark mentioned that Alex may have watched what Elena did.

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