Big Brother 19 Day 59 - Christmas wins HoH, nominates Jason and Matt

August 18, 2017

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned following the west coast airing of tonight’s episode. Christmas is the new HoH. Christmas nominated Jason and Matt for eviction. Paul let Christmas know that immediately after nominations, Kevin pulled Jason aside to say that this is perfect. Paul said Kevin suggested that Jason could stay on the block even if he wins veto, because they can just vote Matt out. Christmas and Paul wondered what Kevin’s issue with Matt is. Paul said it’s probably because Kevin doesn’t have Matt. Christmas wasn’t happy that Kevin is trying to change her agenda. Christmas mentioned it makes her nervous that things are so chill. Paul said someone will find a way to be a f*ck up. Christmas said like Kevin. Christmas added that Kevin does seem like he is chilling out a bit though. The tree near the front door is connected to the new temptation twist. There were various twists listed on it, including the following: Bounty on Your Head, Eliminate 2 Eviction Votes, Second Veto, Save a Friend, Can’t Play in Next HoH.

10:00-11:00 PM: Matt told Raven that Christmas should have nominated Alex instead of Jason. Raven argued that it doesn’t matter this week since Mark is the target. Matt said that’s what they want to happen but he is thinking in the worst case scenario. He pointed out that they want Alex out before they want Jason out. Matt said that down the line they can put Jason up with Kevin, saying they are targeting Kevin. After that, Matt said they could use the veto on Kevin in order to put Alex on the block. If nominations stay the same this week, Matt said he would have Josh, Paul and Raven’s votes, then it would come down to Christmas as the tiebreaker.

11:00-12:00 AM: Paul told Josh that Kevin is getting on his nerves. He pointed out that Kevin always wants to be the centre of attention. A few minutes later, Josh told Paul that Kevin is getting annoying but they cannot take him out right now. Josh told Paul he has to reel him in. Paul said it has to go Mark and then Jason. Josh said he is glad that Paul is on board. Paul said 100%. He explained that Alex and Kevin will never work together. Josh suggested that they would have to get Alex out right after Jason, seeing as she is going to turn it up. Paul disagreed. He said Matt or Kevin would have to go next in that scenario.

12:00-1:00 AM: Josh and Mark spoke in the kitchen. Josh talked about losing it after the fight with Elena, because he didn’t want to do that anymore. Mark said he thought this game was going to be easier. Mark said he thought he would have a few strong guys to work with, plus one or two girls to work with, and have fun. Mark said it was the complete opposite. Mark admitted that he messed up with Dominique. Josh said he is pretty sure that she is over it. Mark said he wishes that she hadn’t freaked out, seeing as she always kept him levelheaded. Mark said he doesn’t know why he couldn’t do the same for her. Mark mentioned that everything would have been different if Elena had won the wall comp, since Dominique wouldn’t have lost it like she did. Mark wondered what would have happened if Elena and Josh didn’t have a fight. He figured Jason still would have put them up during the double, though he said Jason might have tried to backdoor him instead. Josh said he really doesn’t know. Josh admitted that he was going to come for Elena since she tried to make him look like a liar. Mark talked about knowing that it will be easier once they are outside of the house, but he wants to stay and that’s why he wants his chip to get picked to play for the veto competition tomorrow.

1:00-2:00 AM: Christmas joined Josh and Mark. She told Mark she respects how he handled things. Mark told Christmas he hopes that she picks his chip for the veto competition. Mark then headed to bed. Christmas told Josh she likes him so much. Josh said the same. Christmas said Mark has gone though a lot. Josh said you can tell that Mark is genuine. Christmas mentioned that there will always be a bit of distrust. Christmas said she is fine with Jason going home if Mark wins the veto. Josh said they will have to let the week play out and see how it goes, because there are other shots that they have to take. Christmas isn’t sure which side Mark will go to if he wins the veto. Josh said they can grill him and ask if he wants to go further than next week. Josh suggested that Mark will jump to Christmas, Paul and himself. Josh said he is already doing it. Josh headed up to the HoH room. He talked to the cameras about Kevin screwing himself in this game. He said Jason did too. Josh said strike one was during his HoH week when he caught on to Jason having something with Mark. Josh explained that you only get one strike. Christmas joined Josh in the HoH room. Josh commented on how Jason and Mark have had a Final 2 since the beginning but it just now came up. Josh thinks they have each been playing separate sides. Christmas said Alex and Jason didn’t question her at all, which makes her nervous. Christmas and Josh discussed that Mark got the “Save a Friend” from the Tree of Temptation. Mark saved Paul. Josh said Mark is really smart and knows what he is doing. Josh pointed out that Mark has been doing a good job of reintegrating and doing damage control. Christmas asked Josh how Alex or Jason have done anything to Paul at this point. Josh said they have tried to flip the house against him. Christmas said Matt and Raven haven’t done anything to him, but they haven’t done anything at all. Josh told Christmas that if Mark and Jason go, Matt needs to go right after them. They discussed that Alex will work with them if they get Jason out. Christmas said Alex and Kevin would never work together, nor would Alex and Raven, so Jason and Matt need to go. Josh thinks Alex and Matt would work together if they have to. Meanwhile, Paul spoke to Matt and Raven in the kitchen. Paul asked if they feel super good with Christmas and Josh. They said yeah. Paul said he does too and he thinks that they are genuine. Paul told Matt and Raven that Christmas and Josh seem to want to go to Final 5 with the three of them. Matt asked how they will spin it to Alex if they have to get Jason out. Paul said Mark has to go. Matt agreed but said he means if Mark wins the veto. Matt thinks that it would be a tie in that case. Paul said it would be perfect since Christmas would have the blood on her hands from making that move then. Matt said if they get rid of Alex or Jason, they need to backdoor the other one right after. Paul went up to the HoH room. He said he has a super good talk with Matt and Raven in which they said they feel great about Christmas and Josh. Those two think that Matt and Raven are on board.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul told Christmas and Josh the good thing is that if they mess up and Alex or Jason win HoH, those two will take a shot at Matt and Raven over them. Paul said their main priority is getting Mark out. Paul said Kevin is not a good competitor and he will not start pulling out wins. Paul said they will be able to tie in Kevin if Jason leaves. Paul asked if they want both Matt and Raven with them, or Kevin with one of them. Josh said he wants Kevin. Paul said keeping a pair is dangerous. Paul said Kevin is likely going to try to set himself up with each of them, so they just have to say yes. They agreed that Jason needs to go before Alex. Paul said Jason might spaz out and take crazy shots once his security blanket is gone. Josh suggested going after Mark, Jason and Matt. Paul said Mark, Jason, Alex. If Alex wins HoH, he said they can have Alex take Matt out. Paul told Christmas that breaking her leg was probably the best thing that could have happened to her in the game. Christmas agreed. She said she got to sit in the corner and observe. Josh said he is ready to take Jason out. Paul said after Mark. Christmas said Mark is going on her HoH. Paul talked about Mark trying to appease the HoH by saving him when he knew that he would already be safe since Christmas is in power. Christmas and Paul discussed that Raven will gravitate to one of them if Matt is gone. As for Kevin, Paul said he will need to be backdoored when goes, or else he will get mean if he is on the block for a week. Josh asked if the three of them are thinking that taking Kevin and Raven to Final 5 is best. Paul said he thinks so. Paul told Christmas and Josh that Kevin asked if someone already won the $25,000, would they be able to win America’s Favorite still. Josh then told Christmas that Kevin won the $25,000. Christmas asked if he is saying that because Paul is leading up to it. Josh said no. He said he and Paul know and he is only not saying it because he gave his word. Josh asked Paul if he has the opportunity to win. Paul said of course he does. Josh said he wasn’t sure if Paul had to play for a different prize. Paul said he is an equal player just like everyone else. Paul said his stipend is the same too. Josh said he doesn’t believe that. Paul told them he cannot talk about it. Josh told Christmas and Paul that they can work both sides. Paul told him to never say that again.

3:00-4:00 AM: Josh told Christmas and Paul he has talked about trusting them since the beginning. They discussed that Kevin feels the need to own the room. Paul said Kevin either wants to be America’s Favorite or be the funny guy. They then talked about being annoyed by Matt and Raven. Christmas said they have gotten a bit better of late. Josh told Paul that Kevin said Paul loves to talk. Paul suggested that Kevin is the one who is always talking. Paul said he is going to drop Kevin’s own lines to him tomorrow, which he will hate. Paul said he will get under Kevin’s skin tomorrow and it will be great, saying things such as “I don’t know why they always call you dumb”. Paul thinks Kevin gets jealous. Paul said he thinks Kevin was ready to kill someone when he let Christmas go to the Outback dinner. He also thinks Kevin was not happy about he and Christmas being attached for 48 hours. Paul told Christmas that Kevin will implode if she keeps getting close to Alex. Josh asked why they are doing this now. Paul said because Kevin will implode. Paul said they can’t risk their relationship with Alex in order to avoid upsetting Kevin. Christmas said Alex is a far better player and competitor than Kevin is. Paul agreed. Paul said they need to make Kevin spaz out so that other people have a distaste for him and there is a target in front of them if at any point they need one.

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