Big Brother 19 Day 60 - Jason wins the Power of Veto

August 19, 2017

1:00-2:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Christmas, Jason, Matt, Mark, Paul and Raven. Jason was concerned that Christmas chose Raven to play over Alex. Paul said he doesn’t think it is anything to worry about. Paul mentioned that Raven probably asked Christmas to play or something. Christmas came by. She said she thought about it and they had some big players in the competition, so she picked a smaller one to give them a more diverse team. In the bathroom, Jason asked Josh why Christmas picked Raven to compete. Josh said he guesses it’s because Raven asked her. In the bedroom, Alex brought up that Kevin could be an undercover cop. She mentioned that he knows Derrick in real life. Paul said he probably knows about criminal life because he works around it, because there is no way he is a gangster and is naming names on national television. Paul said Kevin would not jeopardize his family by naming criminals on TV, because those people would kill his family. Paul figures the people named by Kevin are fellow cops. Jason told Alex that Kevin may be telling all of their secrets, which is why Christmas picked Raven over Alex. Up in the HoH room, Christmas and Paul discussed that Alex and Kevin will be after each other if Jason leaves. However, they agreed that getting Mark out is still the best case scenario this week. Paul let Christmas know that Jason was freaking out a little bit since she picked Raven to compete over Alex. Josh came by and said he told Jason that Christmas picked Raven because she had asked her to. They agreed to stick to that story. Josh brought up that Kevin asked him if they are going after Matt if Mark wins the veto. Josh said he told Kevin he thinks so but he doesn’t know. Christmas told Josh not to tell Kevin anything. Christmas said she really doesn’t want Mark to win the veto. Paul said he wont let Mark win. Christmas said Alex is a good ally right now and she wants to keep her happy too. After Mark, Paul said they have to get Jason or Matt out. He suggested nominating Kevin next to Jason in order to keep Alex happy, then the votes can go the other way to get Jason out. Elsewhere, Jason asked Alex why Christmas picked Raven. Alex said Raven asked her. Jason asked if they should take one of the temptations. Alex told Jason he is getting paranoid. She said they have the votes to stay. Jason said people are going to catch on to the fact that the two of them and Paul are together, then they will start clipping them. Alex said that’s why it’s important that one of them, Paul or even Josh win every HoH moving forward.

2:00-3:00 PM: This week’s have-not reveal took place. Christmas was tasked with choosing two houseguests to be the have-nots. Josh volunteered. When nobody else volunteered, Christmas chose Mark to be the other have-not. Mark commented on how Christmas is backdooring him and made him a have-not. Christmas mentioned that he can go for the have-not record. Mark said he can only do that if he stays in the house. Christmas also said Mark should think of all of the pillows that he will get. Alex said she will lose it and they will come to blows if Mark steals her pillows this week. In the storage room, Josh let Matt and Raven know that Kevin asked him who is next if Mark wins the veto. He added that Kevin asked if they are going to go after Matt. Josh said to know that he said probably even though he didn’t mean it. Josh said Kevin is nervous because everyone is onto him. After Josh left, Raven told Matt that means they wont have Kevin’s vote. Matt said it very well could be a 3-3 tie if the nominations stay the same. Matt said they need to win the veto.

3:00-4:00 PM: In the APSR, Jason told Kevin he feels like there is something fishy going on. Kevin asked if Jason thinks they are going to backdoor him or something. Jason said “you tell me”. Kevin explained that there are only six votes and then Christmas breaks the tie, so Jason is going to be fine since he has his vote, Josh’s vote, and Paul’s vote for sure. Kevin asked if Jason is actually nervous. Jason said he is not. Kevin told Jason not to be since he would never vote Jason out. Up in the HoH room, Raven told Christmas that Kevin asked Josh who is next. She said he asked if it’s Matt. Christmas said Kevin is losing his mind. Christmas said Kevin is about an inch away from getting backdoored. When Raven brought up that it could be a 3-3 tie if nominations stay the same, Christmas implied that she would keep Matt. Christmas said they all have to gun for the veto since Mark is too dangerous and he has to go. Christmas added that Mark also must have Kevin in his pocket. Christmas then headed down to the bedroom. Jason spoke to her about her choice to pick Raven to play. Christmas cleared things up for Jason. She said they are good even if Mark wins the veto. Christmas pointed out that they would get to break up a power couple if that happens. Jason said that needs to happen. Christmas went to Kevin next. She asked that he not speak about results of the veto competition until the veto competition has actually been played. Kevin said he doesn’t talk to anyone and there better not be someone putting words in his mouth. Kevin said he only spoke to Jason but he wont talk to anyone. Christmas said that’s what she is asking. Kevin asked what to do if someone asks him. Christmas said she wont dictate what to do in that scenario. Christmas headed back up to the HoH room to speak to Paul. Raven joined them. Christmas said Kevin is creating chaos. Paul said he is stirring the pot. Raven said he is stirring the pot. Paul mentioned that Kevin might even be the rogue votes since he likes to stir the pot. Christmas said she isn’t scared to throw Kevin on the block if Mark wins the veto and uses it. After Raven left, Paul said Raven comes everywhere. Christmas said she is a collector and she wants to go reassure Matt that he is fine. They talked about how what Kevin is doing is not the worst, given that it will fire Jason up to compete and it will lead to Matt wanting to go after Kevin. Paul said the worst case scenario is Mark winning the veto and using it on Jason. He told Christmas that Kevin would have to go in that case. Paul said best case scenario is Mark goes and the second best case scenario is Jason goes.

5:00-6:00 PM: In the have-not room, Alex told Jason that it could come down to a 3-3 split and things would be in Christmas’ hands. She said that will only happen if Kevin, Mark and Raven all vote against Jason. Alex said it’s Jason, Mark and Paul going for the veto today, given that everyone else is not a good competitor. Alex told Jason he is worthless if he loses to Matt. Jason said that’s what he was thinking too.

6:00-7:00 PM: Mark told Josh that people easily could have isolated him this week if they wanted to, but they didn’t. Mark thanked Josh for that. Mark mentioned that even if he had cut Cody, he would still be the last to have entered Josh’s group. For that reason, Mark said he is not naive to think that he would be in any better of a position than he is currently. Josh asked what Mark thinks is the reason that his game got messed up. Mark said the team that he picked didn’t win. Specifically, he mentioned the week that Elena dropped out of the wall competition as a turning point because Dominique left that week. Feeds went down at approximately 6:08 for the veto competition.

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Jason won the Power of Veto. Christmas mentioned to Alex, Matt, Raven and Paul that Mark said he is glad that he got to compete. Matt said Mark is going out with class. Christmas said she feels bad unlike with Dominique, Jessica and Cody. Afterwards, Paul told Matt and Raven that Jason has to go before Alex. Paul said they can tie in Alex and she can take a shot. Matt questioned who she would take a shot at. Paul explained that Jason and Kevin will remain connected, but Alex and Kevin will never work together. Matt said that’s a good point even though he still thinks Alex is the better competitor. Paul said they have both won the same number of competitions. Paul then spoke to Christmas about the need to go after Jason next. Christmas agreed. She said Jason is stepping up in competitions. Josh came by and said that Jason has to go. Paul said they already know that. Paul told Christmas that they have to stop talking about it because they cannot make it obvious. Paul then headed upstairs to talk to Jason. He said they are unstoppable. Paul said they all compete next week and they have got to pull out a win.

10:00-11:00 PM: Josh told Alex that Kevin is giving him the scariest, creepiest stares. Alex told Josh that they will get rid of Kevin, so don’t worry. Alex said Kevin is getting weird and she is getting annoyed with hit. Alex told Josh they need to win HoH so they can put Kevin, Matt and Raven in check. Josh commented on how this is the first time that Matt has performed well. Alex said he still didn’t beat Jason or Paul. Josh then told Jason that Kevin is giving him weird stares and it’s scaring him and creeping him out. In the kitchen, Mark told Christmas that he is mentally and emotionally drained. Christmas said Mark has been through a lot the past few weeks. Mark asked if there is any way that she could see him as an asset moving forward instead of backdooring him. Christmas said she likes the direct questions. Christmas said Mark has to know her hesitation due to their rocky relationship. Mark said it’s easy to go with the group. He told Christmas that if she feels it’s best for her game to do so, then do that. Christmas brought up the roller coaster with Cody. She said the origin of everything was the first week. Mark assured Christmas that he didn’t know she was going up, or else he wouldn’t have turned on Cody. Mark admitted he made his bed by being friend with Cody when he got back in the house. Christmas said Mark didn’t do anything to her like Cody did. Mark said if she can see him as an ally, he will be with her and Josh. Christmas said she will think about it. Christmas said she hopes Mark sees why she had to do it this way. Mark said he understands. Christmas said she thinks he can see that she is not excited about it. Christmas said Jason and Mark could do some serious damage if they are left in the game together. Mark said Jason kind of ruined that.

11:00-12:00 AM: Mark again asked Christmas to think about what he said to her. Christmas promised to think about it. Mark reiterated that he will be with Christmas and Josh until the end if she keeps him for whatever reason. Mark said it would be his second chance in the game. Mark told Christmas not to keep him if she thinks that it will put her in a worse position. Christmas said she feels for Mark since he has had a hard week. Mark said it’s fine. He told her that his fate was sealed depending on the outcome of this veto competition. Christmas said she is glad that Mark didn’t stop in the middle of it. Mark said he could never do that, even though he got smoked, because he is a fighter.

12:00-1:00 AM: In the bathroom, Christmas told Paul that Mark asked her to think about keeping him. She said she told him that she will think about it. Paul said no. Paul let Christmas know that he spoke to Alex earlier and she is wanting to take a shot at Matt next week. Paul said that means that they are still positioned the right way in the event that Alex or Jason win HoH.

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